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Vivus vor der Übernahme?

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18.11.09 12:49

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momVivus vor der Übernahme?

seit den letzten Spekulationen im September sind viele Gewinne realisiert worden.
Ich glaube jetzt wo der Kurs etwas zurück gekommen ist ist wieder eine sehr gute Kaufmöglichkeit vorhanden.

Wie man sehen kann werden seit September große Volumen der Aktie bewegt, das könnte ein Signal sein das bereits einige große Positionen aufgebaut worden.
Ich bin bei diesem Wert schon 2003 eingestiegen und habe alle Höhen und Tiefen mitgemacht. Meiner Meinung nach wird sich bei diese Aktie noch viel bewegen und 20$ sollten im ersten Quartal 2010 drin sein.

Dies ist keine Kaufempfehlung, nur meine Meinung an alle Investierten viel Glück.

hier noch ein Link zum Profil  

07.01.10 16:07

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momnews

Vivus(VVUS Quote) said Thursday that its weight-loss drug Qnexa helped reduce sleep apnea in patients enrolled in a small mid-stage study.
Patients treated with Qnexa experienced a 69% reduction in the number of sleep apnea events compared to patients who were treated with a placebo, said Vivus. The Qnexa-treated patients also lost more weight and lowered their blood pressure more than patients treated with a placebo, the company added.
Sleep apnea is a condition by which a person's airflow is partially or completely blocked during sleep.
"These positive Qnexa data are encouraging, as there are currently no drug treatments available for the condition. Having a safe and effective oral pharmacologic therapy available to treat obstructive sleep apnea would be a welcome addition for patients," said Dr. David Winslow, the study's primary investigator.  

11.01.10 14:54

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momweiter gehts mit positiven news

Biotech News on Cusp of J.P. Morgan Confab: BioBuzz
By Adam Feuerstein   01/11/10 - 08:24 AM EST   Loading Comments... Add Comment
Stock quotes in this article: AMAG , VRTX , BCRX , ITMN , VVUS , VPHM  
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (TheStreet) -- TheJ.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference kicks off this morning and per tradition, biotech firms mark the occasion with news-filled press releases -- lots of them.
AMAG Pharmaceuticals(AMAG Quote) pre-announced fourth quarter Feraheme sales of $12 million and $13 million -- nicely above Street expectation of around $9 million. Furthermore, the company said that only about $1 million in sales of the intravenous iron replacement came from recognition of previously disclosed $11.5 million in deferred revenue. In other words, Feraheme demand was better than expected.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals(VRTX Quote) narrowed the timeline for the release of top-line results from its first phase III study of the experimental hepatitis C drug telaprevir to the second quarter. Previously, Vertex had said to expect the data in the first half of 2010.
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals(BCRX Quote) signed two new international marketing partners for its H1N1 flu drug peramivir, but the company failed to announce any new stockpiling contracts.
More from Adam Feuerstein Cyclacel's Cash Hunt for Cancer StudiesFDA to Blame for Mannkind Delay?Biotech Stock Mailbag: Novelos Therapeutics Market Activity Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated| VRTX DOWNBiocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.| BCRX UPInterMune Incorporated| ITMN UPMerck Serono has been brought on to try to sell peramivir in Europe and Russia while Hikma Pharmaceuticals will sell peramivir in the Middle East and North Africa, excluding Israel. Despite the new marketing partners, BioCryst has been unable to close any significant stockpiling contracts for peramivir outside the U.S. Some BioCryst bulls were hoping the company would announce today the approval of peramivir in Japan, however that doesn't appear to be happening quite yet.
InterMune(ITMN Quote) said it was changing the way it doses its experimental hepatitis C drug RG7227 (formerly ITMN-191) to patients. Moving forward, InterMune will use a lower dose of RG7227 that is "boosted" with the addition of a drug known as ritonavir in order to make its effect last longer in patients' bloodstreams. As a result, InterMune said boosted RG7227 can be administered twice a daily or perhaps once a day. The company will be altering ongoing studies of RG7227 in hepatitis C to include the addition of the ritonavir boosting agent.
Vivus(VVUS Quote) said its experimental erectile dysfunction drug works within 15 minutes of dosing, according to a new analysis if previously released results of a phase III study.
Viropharma(VPHM Quote) said 2010 sales guidance for its hereditary angiodema drug Cinryze of between $145 million and $165 million. The company said it will be profitable in 2010 but would not offer detailed earnings guidance until later in the first quarter.  

16.01.10 11:42

606 Postings, 4688 Tage Leo35@ no-mom

na sind wir die einzig Investierten hier??

Meines Erachtens ist Vivus ein echt potentieller Highflyer für 2010. Erfolgreiche PIII Daten für einen Wirkstoff gegen Übergewicht -hmmm, wer will mehr. Wer sich letztes Jahr mal Human Genome Sciences angeschaut hat der weiss was ich meine..:-) In jedem Fall wirds spannend hier, seeeeeehr spamnend.


22.01.10 14:18

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momSales could exceed a billion

hier kann man den artickel nachlesen

@leo auch meine meinung  

22.01.10 16:39

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momich kauf nach bei kursen von 9,xx$

01.03.10 15:45

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momes ist vollbracht Qnexa zugelassen

 By Val Brickates Kennedy

BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- Vivus Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!vvus/quotes/nls/vvus (VVUS 8.92, +0.52, +6.21%) said early Monday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has accepted its application to market its new anti-obesity drug Qnexa. The agency is expected to issue a decision on whether to approve the product by Oct. 28. Shares of Vivus were up over 4% at $8.76 in pre-market trading


20.03.10 21:42

10 Postings, 7996 Tage traeumeraktuelles Chart zu Vivus

04.05.10 18:53

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradokleiner lichtblick

wenigstens ist vivus heute ein kleiner lichtblick in meinem depot....  

05.05.10 09:21

606 Postings, 4688 Tage Leo35na schön

dass es doch noch ein paar Investierte hier gibt.

15. Juli wird spannend, aber wie es asuschaut, steigt der Kurs vorher auch schon ganz ordentlich an, ich steht jetzt schon 110 % imPlus, vielleicht rette ich schon mla den Einsatz, denn wenn was schiefgeht hier, dann wissen wir ja auch alle wie das ausgeht.

Viel Glück allen (rechtzeitig) Investierten!! 


05.05.10 10:38

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradonicht viel los hier

ja hier ist erstaunlich wenig los, na ich bin auch im moment am überlegen ob ich generell momentan aussteig, und bei vivus ist es schwer....
jetzt kommt die entscheidende phase der aktie, und da ist das generelle marktumfeld net so wichtig
allerdings bin ich ein gebranntes kind durch gpc biotech seinerzeit.  

05.05.10 15:03

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momDr Miller benannt als vice Präsident 13% up

VIVUS Grants Stock Option to New Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 4, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- VIVUS, Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!vvus/quotes/nls/vvus  today announced that, in accordance with NASDAQ Listing Rule 5635, Michael P. Miller, the Company's new senior vice president and chief commercial officer, was granted an Inducement Grant by the Company's Board of Directors on April 30, 2010. This Inducement Grant consists of a stock option award covering 400,000 shares of common stock and was granted outside of the Company's 2010 Equity Incentive Plan and without stockholder approval pursuant to NASDAQ Listing Rule 5635(c)(4). The option grant has the following terms: the option has been classified as a non-statutory stock option, has an exercise price equal to the fair market value on the grant date, has a 10-year term and will vest over four years with 25 percent of the shares subject to such option vesting one year after the commencement of Mr. Miller's employment with the Company on April 26, 2010 and 1/48th of the shares subject to the option vesting monthly thereafter, subject to Mr. Miller's continued employment with the Company through each such date. This Inducement Grant will have accelerated vesting pursuant to the terms of the Change of Control Agreement by and between the Company and Mr. Miller, which was previously reported by the Company on April 30, 2010.  

06.05.10 09:08

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradojuhu

weiß jemand was los ist hier?  

06.05.10 13:49

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-mom@ elbarado

was meinst du denn??  

06.05.10 15:10

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradonews

na ich kann nichts an news finden
und wir sind um ca. 30 prozent in ein paar tagen gestiegen  

06.05.10 15:31

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momnews

erstens ein neuer Senior Vice Präsident ist benannt worden
der hat viel Vorschußlorberen bekommen
und heute tartet die Roadshow in Europa um das Produkt vorzustellen  

06.05.10 15:40

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momsiehe hier

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 5, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- VIVUS, Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!vvus/quotes/nls/vvus (VVUS 11.89, -0.12, -0.10%) today announced that new data on Qnexa(R), an investigational drug candidate, will be presented at EuroPRevent 2010, the annual congress of the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, organized by the European Society of Cardiology, in Prague, Czech Republic. Kishore Gadde, MD, director of obesity clinical trials at Duke University and a lead investigator, will make two presentations based on the results of the CONQUER (OB-303) study, which studied the effects of Qnexa on overweight or obese patients with two or more co-morbidities over 56 weeks. On May 6, Dr. Gadde will make a poster presentation entitled, "12-Month Weight Loss and Antihypertensive Benefits With PHEN/TPM CR in Overweight and Obese Subjects With Hypertension," followed by a moderated poster presentation on May 7 entitled, "12-Month Weight Loss and Triglyceride Changes With PHEN/TPM CR in Overweight and Obese Subjects With Hypertriglyceridemia."

"We are thrilled to be sharing the Qnexa hypertension and lipid clinical data with our medical and industry colleagues in Europe at this prestigious congress," stated Peter Tam, president, VIVUS. "Earlier in the week, Dr. Oparil shared the pooled antihypertensive 28-week Qnexa data with her cardiology colleagues at the American Society of Hypertension. Dr. Gadde's presentations at EuroPRevent 2010 will feature data highlighting the effects of Qnexa on weight-related co-morbidities with our colleagues in Europe. We look forward to being a part of this and other key clinical meetings."  

06.05.10 15:57

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradodanke für die info

na wenn das schon solche kurssteigerungen bringt, dann freu ich mich schonmal auf die hoffentlich erfolgreiche zulassung, müsste ja bis spätestens 28.10.2010 durch sein
na und vielleicht streckt dann ja ein ganz großer pharmariese seine fühler bald aus
na schaun wir mal wie es weitergeht  

10.05.10 15:40

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-mompress release

May 10, 2010, 8:00 a.m. EDT · Recommend · Post:  

VIVUS To Present at Four Upcoming Investor Conferences
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- VIVUS, Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!vvus/quotes/nls/vvus (VVUS 11.44, +0.69, +6.42%) today announced that VIVUS management will present an overview of the company at four investment conferences during the month of May.

   The conference presentation schedule is as follows:

   The Ninth Annual JMP Securities Research Conference
   Presented by: Timothy Morris, chief financial officer
   May 11, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. PDT
   Ritz Carlton, San Francisco, CA

   Bank of America Merrill Lynch Health Care Conference
   Presented by: Timothy Morris, chief financial officer
   May 13, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. EDT
   The Grand Hyatt, New York, NY

   Rodman & Renshaw 6th Annual Global Healthcare Conference
   Presented by: Barbara Troupin, M.D., senior director medical affairs
   May 18, 2010 at 3:15 p.m. BST
   Grosvenor House Hotel, London, UK

   2010 Citi Investment Research Global Health Care Conference
   Presented by: Timothy Morris, chief financial officer
   May 26, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. EDT
   Grand Hyatt, New York, NY

A live audio webcast and 30-day archive of the presentations will be available at

About VIVUS  

12.05.10 09:04

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-momsl nachziehen nicht vergessen

12.05.10 12:57

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradosl nachziehen

man kommt ja gar net so schnell nach mit den sl nachziehen, so wie unsere visus steigt.....  

18.05.10 19:36

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbaradorakete

und sie fliegt weiter......  

19.05.10 11:16

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-mombesser kann es nicht laufen

19.05.10 11:19

2507 Postings, 4169 Tage elbarado@no-mom

ich kann  dir gar net sagen wie sehr diese aktie meine nerven beruhigt in den turbulenten zeiten....  

19.05.10 14:49

814 Postings, 4413 Tage no-mom@elbarado

stimmt ein grünes zeichen sollte man im depot haben
bin auch noch bei vonage drin die ist in den letzten wochen auch gut gelaufen
kannst du dir ja mal anschauen.....
hier der link  

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