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06.08.16 08:23

2556 Postings, 2576 Tage marroniCarvin

das der Dollar sinken soll, im Falle von Trump's Sieg, da würde ich keinen Cent drauf wetten. Trump will durch ein gigantisches Steuersenkungsprogramm, die amerik. Wirtschaft stärken, auch vertritt er vehement den Protektionismus. All das könnte den Dollar stark werden lassen!
Was dann aber aus der hohen Staatsverschuldung wird, weiß ich auch nicht, aber auf jeden Fall könnte das Wirtschaftsprogramm von Trump großes Echo in der Weltwirtschaft erhalten!  

06.08.16 21:07

1566 Postings, 2921 Tage Carvin_Mmarroni

Da hat wohl jeder sein eigenes Zukunftsszenario vor Augen. Warten wirs also ab und hoffen wir das Beste. Uns sind schließlich die Hände gebunden ;-(  

06.08.16 21:11

2556 Postings, 2576 Tage marroniwie denkst du denn?

Würde mich interessieren, weil ich gerade nämlich dabei bin mir ein Bild über Trump und seine Ziele zu machen!  

06.08.16 21:17

1566 Postings, 2921 Tage Carvin_MSpaßvogel

06.08.16 21:19

2556 Postings, 2576 Tage marroniwenn man klopft, bröckelt's ja :-)

07.08.16 01:01

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherEin paar Leckerlies!

AEZS-108 was less toxic and more efficacious than doxorubicin in inhibiting the growth of LHRH receptor–positive human endometrial and ovarian cancers xenotransplanted into nude mice.

Each treatment cycle consisted of 21 days in which AEZS-108 267 mg/m2 (equimolar to 76.8 mg/m2 of free doxorubicin) was administered on day 1 as a 2-hour intravenous infusion

A Phase II study of zoptarelin doxorubicin in EC patients showed activity, including those previously treated with platinum-taxane

The study is expected to include 500 EC patients progressing after prior therapy with platinum-taxane-based chemotherapy.

Dr. Richard Sachse

Potential benefits of this targeted approach may include enhanced efficacy and a more favorable safety profile with lower incidence and severity of adverse events, as compared to doxorubicin. If Zoptrex™ is approved as a therapy for endometrial cancer, we intend to develop it for these additional indications. In addition, based on the results of Phase 2 studies, we believe that Zoptrex™ holds promise to prove its efficacy for the treatment of ovarian and prostate cancer."

During the ASCO Annual Meeting, the Company provided an update regarding its progress with Zoptrex™ during one-on-one meetings with oncological key opinion leaders. Dr. Sachse described his interactions with ASCO attendees as promising, stating as follows: "I'm pleased and gratified by the continuing expressions of support for our work on Zoptrex™. The oncologists with whom we met were pleased to learn of our progress toward the completion of our Phase 3 clinical trial and seemed to be as excited as we are about the contribution that our new targeted oncology therapy could make to the treatment of one of the most severe forms of cancer."

Endometrial Cancer Highlights

Best Poster (# B17- 0067): The German study group for gynaecologic oncology (AGO = arbeitsgemeinschaft gynäkologische onkologie) represented by G Emons [9], University Hospital Goettingen, presented its results to the Phase II-study with a targeted cytotoxic LHRH- analogue (AEZS-108) in patients with LHRH – receptor positive endometrial cancer: protocol AGO-GYN 5, AGO-study group. Endometrial cancers (EC) commonly express receptors for luteinising hormone releasing hormone (LHRH). AEZS-108 is a targeted cytotoxic drug where [D-Lys(6)]-LHRH is linked to doxorubicin. Efficacy and toxicity of AEZS-108 was assessed in endometrial cancer. A promising clinical benefit rate of 72% was shown. OS after single agent AEZS-108 is similar to that reported for modern triple combination chemotherapy, but was achieved with distinctly lower toxicity.


07.08.16 09:33

2556 Postings, 2576 Tage marronicenty

schönes abgehangenes Fleisch :-))  

08.08.16 03:23

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherDry-Aging!

Efficacy and Safety of AEZS-108 (LHRH Agonist Linked to Doxorubicin) in Women With Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer Expressing LHRH Receptors

A Multicenter Phase 2 Trial (AGO-GYN5)

The overall response rate was 23%. Two (5%) patients had a CR that lasted at least 8 months and 23 months. Eight (19%) patients had PR. Twenty (47%) patients met the criteria for stable disease, resulting in a clinical benefit rate of 70%. Nine (21%) patients had progressive disease, and 4 patients were not evaluable (1 noncancer death before cycle 2; 3 patients with tumor assessments not evaluable for reviewer). Both patients with CR and 6 women with PR had type I disease. One patient with PR had a serous EC and another had a clear cell EC. Thus, of the 10 patients with objective responses, 8 had type I and 2 hadtype II disease.

Grades 1 and 2 endometrioid cancers are type 1 endometrial cancers. Type 1 cancers are usually not very aggressive and do not spread to other tissues quickly.Type 1 endometrial cancersare thought to be caused by excess estrogen. They sometimes develop from atypical hyperplasia, an abnormal overgrowth of cells in the endometrium (see the risk factors section).

A small number of endometrial cancers are type 2 endometrial cancer . Type 2 cancers are more likely to grow and spread outside the uterus, they have a poorer outlook (than type 1 cancers). Doctors tend to treat these cancers more aggressively. They don’t seem to be caused by too much estrogen. Type 2 cancers include all endometrial carcinomas that aren’t type 1, such as papillary serous carcinoma, clear-cell carcinoma, undifferentiated carcinoma, and grade 3 endometrioid carcinoma. These cancers don’t look at all like normal endometrium and so are called poorly differentiated or high-grade. 

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. Object name is onc01010-0669-t03.jpg

Second-Line Chemotherapy Experience

Although chemotherapy has shown an important role in high-risk disease, substantial room for improvement exists. Combination regimens are the most active, but in measurable disease populations responses are observed in only ∼50% or patients, and a complete response is infrequently observed. Both the PFS and survival times have been improved, yet the 5-year survival rate for patients with advanced/recurrent measurable disease patients is <10%, and for those with stage III disease it is typically around 50%–60% [19, 20, 22, 25]. After primary therapy with combination regimens, the efficacy of second-line chemotherapy is particularly limited (Table 3). Antimicrotubule agents have shown the most promise. In a population in which 91% had received doxorubicin–platinum chemotherapy, paclitaxel produced a RR of 25%; the epothilone B analog ixabepilone produced an RR of 12% in a population in which 94% had received prior paclitaxel [16, 28]. Interestingly, docetaxel, which had shown activity in paclitaxel-treated breast and ovarian cancer patients, produced an RR of only 8% (80% had received prior paclitaxel) in patients with advanced/recurrent endometrial cancer [29]. After failure of primary chemotherapy, there is no established active second-line agent in this disease. Understanding the processes by which tumors develop resistance is critical, and defining which patients have the best chance to respond to established or novel therapies is our greatest challenge.

Efficacy and Safety of AEZS-108 (LHRH Agonist Linked to Doxorubicin) in Women With Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer Expressing LHRH Receptors

A Multicenter Phase 2 Trial (AGO-GYN5)

Fifty percent of patients progressing on AEZS-108 therapy received carboplatin/paclitaxel as the next line of treatment. This might have also contributed to the good median OS observed in our trial but cannot have influence on the TTP. On the contrary, 8 patientshad received carboplatin/paclitaxel treatment before AEZS-108 therapy. Two of these had anobjective response, and 3 achieved a stable disease on AEZS-108 treatment.

high-grade ? (Typ2)Treatment of Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Carcinoma with Doxorubicin in Patients Progressing after Paclitaxel/Carboplatin

Our goal was to investigate the activity of doxorubicinin the second-line setting in patients who progressed after paclitaxel/carboplatin adjuvant treatment

Methods: We conducted a retrospective analysis of patients with recurrent endometrial carcinoma who were treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center from 1995-2009, and who received paclitaxel/carboplatin adjuvant chemotherapy followed by second-line doxorubicin therapy at time of recurrence

Results: At the time of recurrence, all 17 patients were treated with doxorubicin as second-line therapy. No patient achieved objective response of stable disease. The median PFS of this cohort following doxorubicin treatment was 2.1 months (95% CI: 0.95-2.7) months. Median OS was 5.8 months (95% CI: 1.0-15.0 months).

Conclusions: Among patients with advanced endometrial carcinoma who had received adjuvant paclitaxel/carboplatin, treatment with doxorubicin at time of disease recurrence failed to achieve any objective responses and was associated with a very short (2 months) time to progression. Doxorubicin may be considered inactive as second-line therapy in this endometrial carcinoma population

Discussion:Our findings suggest that doxorubicin’s utility in the second-line setting for advanced/recurrent endometrial carcinoma is limited, but prospective testing of this agent is warranted. In the near future, an open-label randomized phase III trial of second line AEZS-108 (doxorubicin linked to LHRH analog) versus doxorubicin in patients progressing after platinum/taxane-based chemotherapy will be open to accrual, and will define the activity of second-line doxorubicin in malignancy. Although our retrospective analysis is limited by evaluation of a small number of patients, we feel that patients with recurrent endometrial carcinoma should be encouraged to consider clinical trials of novel therapies in recurrent endometrial carcinoma since there is no standard second-line therapy with established efficacy.

Das kann doch nur was werden!


08.08.16 03:57

5274 Postings, 4526 Tage GropiusTop, centy !

08.08.16 20:00

5274 Postings, 4526 Tage GropiusDie News von heute, ein weiterer Schritt...

in die richtige Richtung.

AEZS sieht auch hier noch erhebliches Steigerungspotenzial sowie Nachfragesteigerung seitens der Kliniken.

Aeterna Zentaris Inc. (NASDAQ: AEZS) (TSX: AEZ) (the “Company”) today announced that it is expanding its promotion of APIFINY®, the only cancer-specific, non-PSA blood test available to assess the risk for the presence of prostate cancer, into the important Florida market pursuant to its exclusive promotional agreement with Armune BioScience, Inc. (“Armune”), the owner of the product. The expansion into Florida follows Armune’s receipt of a clinical laboratory license from the State of Florida.

“Our sales and marketing teams are well positioned to leverage the opportunity in the Florida market. We believe APIFINY® provides significant value in aiding clinicians to more accurately determine the optimal clinical pathway for men at risk of prostate cancer by means of its non-PSA based measurement of risk for the presence of prostate cancer. APIFINY® helps meet the needs of achieving value in today’s shifting healthcare environment that involves improving outcomes and patient experiences while lowering overall costs,” commented Jude Dinges, Chief Commercial Officer of the Company.

“We are excited to enter the Florida market with the recent approval of our laboratory license by the State of Florida,” said David Esposito, President and Chief Executive Officer of Armune. “With over 7,000 tests ordered since the launch of APIFINY®, we anticipate significant demand being generated from the Florida market. Given the current concerns of PSA testing throughout the world, APIFINY® is well positioned to offer clinicians additional information in the assessment of prostate cancer risk. In addition, we are confident that APIFINY® will help to address our healthcare system’s demand for improved outcomes at lower costs.”  

08.08.16 20:55

5274 Postings, 4526 Tage GropiusWenn ich es richtig interpretiere,...

...dann gibt es in Florida seit Einführung 7000 Testnachfragen mit der Hoffnung auf Steigerung.

Bei ca, 20 Mio. Einwohnern in Florida, werden sich doch 7000 Patienten auffinden !

Ca. 3% allein sterben an Prostatakrebs !
Rund 26 Prozent aller bei Männern jährlich neu auftretenden Krebserkrankungen betreffen die Prostata !

Und Florida ist das Rentnerparadies !
20% sind älter als 65 !
Los gehts bei PK ab 40 !

Nehmen wir mal spaßeshalber mit Mischkalkulation die 25% von 20 Mio, macht 5 Mio.
Wenn nur 10 Prozent einen Test machen , sind es 500 Tausend nur in Florida !


08.08.16 21:00

5274 Postings, 4526 Tage GropiusSorry, aber wir Jungs sind nicht allein !

Also steht die Hälfte im Raum !

Aber dies sollte ausreichen, um die 7K mit Florida in Verbindung zu bringen.  

08.08.16 21:05

4202 Postings, 3619 Tage MoneyplusSelbst wenn es

nur 2 % wären (= 100.000) kommt bei einem Einzelpreis von USD 300 - 400 schon ein schöner Umsatz zusammen.

Und ich schätze mal, dass davon mind. 30 % Gewinn hängen bleiben (wenn nicht sogar mehr, da müßte man mal die Produktions- / Vertriebskostenstruktur kennen ?)  

08.08.16 21:28

3797 Postings, 3262 Tage warkla2eine Sache noch

es gibt ca. 10 Mill. Aktien.
Wie viele sind im Handel 50%-30-10%?
Sollte mal wirklich was kommen dann wird es eng.
Dann sind Kurssteigerungen möglich die sich hier keiner
vorstellen kann!!!  

08.08.16 21:38

5274 Postings, 4526 Tage GropiusSchau mal

Und feste Hände, gibt es lt. Handelsverlauf auch genügend.


08.08.16 21:55

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherGO AZE, GO!

08.08.16 23:35

5004 Postings, 4459 Tage philipogo aze go!

ja ja bitte........aber in die richtige richtung........  

08.08.16 23:51

5274 Postings, 4526 Tage GropiusWollen wir es hoffen !

Obwohl die Zahlen nun strategisch nicht ausschlaggebend für meine Entscheidung sind, da die Spekulation nun auf die P3-Phasen liegen.

Positive Entwicklung , wie heute in der News sind natürlich herzliches willkommen .

Ansonsten kennen wir den Ca. Cashbestand so wie die Burnrate .

Sollten die besagten Einnahmen signifikant zukünftig gesteigert werden können, bzw. durch Alleinstellungsmerkmal sich gut vermarkten, wäre es für das Fundament sehr hilfreich .


09.08.16 17:46

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherWow!

Eben hatten wir ein "All today high" :-)

Kurzer Insiderwitz!


09.08.16 17:48

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherUnd auch noch verk...

" All todaytime high" :-)  

09.08.16 17:56

2556 Postings, 2576 Tage marroniisses nich schön

heute kommt man noch so scheinbar locker rein! Aber morgen....sieht's anders aus?  

09.08.16 18:00

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsuchermarroni

Schauen wir mal! :-)  

09.08.16 18:01

5004 Postings, 4459 Tage philipo@marroni

abwarten was morgen uns der tag bringt.mußte eben mal meine lese brille holen weil ich nicht glauben wollte das wir 2,5%in plus das wahr???wink


09.08.16 18:07

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherNa, na,

09.08.16 18:10

4543 Postings, 3321 Tage centsucherHat wohl

mit den kleinen Tranchen bei  ESVK2007 gefunzt!  

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