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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaASTI - Ascent Solar Tech. /// Mega News $

Ascent Solar Technologies /// News
ISIN: US0436353090
Symbol: ASTI

NEWS $ ASTI - Ascent Solar Tech. - WKN: A12ATN - News
ISIN: US0436353090 News $$$

Ascent Solar Awarded GSA Schedule 56; Products, Including MilPak E, Now Available for Purchase by the US Government

Ascent Solar Technologies

THORNTON, CO and WASHINGTON, DC--(NewMediaWire - Dec 2, 2015) -  Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTI), a developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art, flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules integrated into the company's EnerPlex™ series of consumer products, announced today the Company was awarded a Schedule 56 contract, beginning December 15th, 2015, by the General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement division of the United States Federal Government.

The contract enables Federal customers, including all four branches of the U.S. Military, Federal Agencies and others, to easily purchase a range of Ascent Solar products including: the MilPak E and EnerPlex products such as the Kickr IV and Kickr II.

"Ascent's GSA Schedule 56 contract unlocks a large and previously untapped potential revenue opportunity. The military applications for Ascent's lightweight and durable solar products are numerous, particularly considering the MilPak platform; but there are a multitude of other applications for Ascent's products ranging from disaster relief to use by the U.S. Forest Service," said Rafael Gutierrez, Senior Vice President and COO of Ascent Solar.

The granting of the GSA Schedule 56 contract is the result of a rigorous process. The GSA carefully assesses companies to determine their ability to deliver products and/or services to the Federal Government on a sustained basis. The completion of this process identifies the recipient as a preferred vendor for the Federal Government and one which is authorized to conduct commercial operations directly with Federal Agencies.

Beginning December 15th, Federal, State and local agencies may obtain information about Ascent Solar GSA Schedule 56 products at (search for Solicitation No. 7FCI-F8-03-0056-B) or by contacting Ascent Solar via

About Ascent Solar Technologies and EnerPlex:

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. is a developer of thin-film photovoltaic modules with substrate materials that are more flexible, versatile and rugged than traditional solar panels. Ascent Solar modules can be directly integrated into consumer products and off-grid applications, as well as aerospace and building integrated applications. EnerPlex is the Company's brand of consumer products and is a division of Ascent Solar. Ascent Solar and EnerPlex are headquartered in Thornton, Colorado. For more information, go to and

Forward-Looking Statements:

Statements in this press release that are not statements of historical or current fact constitute "forward-looking statements." Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other unknown factors that could cause the Company's actual operating results to be materially different from any historical results or from any future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. In addition to statements that explicitly describe these risks and uncertainties, readers are urged to consider statements that contain terms such as "believes," "belief," "expects," "expect," "intends," "intend," "anticipate," "anticipates," "plans," "plan," to be uncertain and forward-looking. The forward-looking statements contained herein are also subject generally to other risks and uncertainties that are described from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Ascent Solar Technologies

Investor Relations
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Media Relations
Sean Leous
+1 646 863-8998

Investor Relations
Adam Holdsworth

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaCompany Website:

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaUS Board, Link:

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaASTI . Los Gehts $$$

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaASTI - WonderFul $$$

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaTop 8 Solar Powered Drone (UAV) Developing Compani

Top 8 Solar Powered Drone (UAV) Developing Companies :

No. 1 - Airbus (QinetiQ)

No. 2 - Boeing Phantom Works

No. 3 - Google (Titan Aerospace)

No. 4 - Facebook (Ascenta)

No. 5 - AeroVironment / NASA

No. 6 - Lockheed Martin

No. 7 - Bye Engineering Silent Falcon: powered by ASTI  tech            AscentSolar

   Quote: First Solar-Electric UAV Goes Into Production | ... › … › Air
   Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies (SFUAS), a former subsidiary of Bye Aerospace, Inc., working in close collaboration with Ascent Solar, has announced that it has ...
   Ascent Solar Takes Flight Aboard Silent Falcon™ ...
   ... along with Silent Falcon ... announced the successful first flights of the production Silent Falcon™ Unmanned ... Chief Technology Officer of Ascent ...

No. 8 - Atlantik Solar  

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaAscent Solar Technologies(ASTI)Awarded GSA.Contrac

Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) Awarded GSA Schedule 56 Contract:


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11045 Postings, 4182 Tage wennichdaswuesteTermin (15.12.) rückt nah, denke es könnte steigen

am 15.12. Termin ! .....dann gibt es mehr Infos zum großen Deal mit der Regierung ......sehr spannend ,  Könnte und sollte steigen im Vorfeld , dann gute Infos und ASTI ist sehr stark UNDERVALUED  

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829 Postings, 3237 Tage InterHorstna hoffen wir mal

ne Kursverdopplung sollte drin sein....  

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage Basysa@wenn...,Sehe es genausoi $$$$ ASTI

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaGem.News:Beginn Contact 15.12.15 mit US Government

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaIn USA Kaufen $

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaIch Freue mich auf Montag.Grilltag $$$

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage Basysa$$ASTI$$ .... Ascent Solar (ASTI) Stock: Worried

$$ASTI$$ ....

Unbedingt Lesen $$$$%%%$$$$$ Den ganzen Artikel

Link: Dazu:

Auschnitt aus dem Tet

Ascent Solar (ASTI) Stock: Worried About Declines? Don’t Be!

Go Long For Bug Gauins

GLTA Longs $$$  

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633 Postings, 3416 Tage BasysaMy Target: 3,00 - 4,00 US$+++ GTC On Long $$$

Und Kaufe garanbtiert nach $$$ ASTI in the Way to Sky $$$  

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11045 Postings, 4182 Tage wennichdaswuesteDanke für die guten Infos immer , super

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