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Lynas die neue Chance

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17.11.21 12:23

7799 Postings, 4391 Tage hammerbuyWas nicht so doll ist

Russland fängt auch an eigene Förderstätte zu installieren  

18.11.21 14:54

966 Postings, 4984 Tage Chris2009Kommende Woche...

....wäre eine Korrektur überfällig!  

18.11.21 21:38

7799 Postings, 4391 Tage hammerbuyna aussie ?

hättest auf mich gehört - ( ich weis da du immer noch reinschaust )... :-)  

22.11.21 08:36

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Ein stabiler Trend...

scheint sich da zu entwickeln....    :-)

22.11.21 23:54

966 Postings, 4984 Tage Chris2009Sieht.....

...gut aus im Depot!

Jetzt ganz entspannt ins neue Jahr gleiten!  

26.11.21 10:53

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79in DownUnder -3,5Prozent...

Hier bei uns heute völlig übertriebene Kursbewegung...

Erholt sich bis heute Abend wieder auf -3%...

In DownUnder startete zu Handelsende hin eine Erholungskorrektur.  

29.11.21 00:19

966 Postings, 4984 Tage Chris2009News vom 28.11.2021

9 November 2021
Lynas Rare Earths 2021 Annual General Meeting  
Address by Kathleen Conlon, Chairman

As  your  Chairman, I’m very  pleased  with the  outcome  of  the  2021  financial  year  which  delivered  
strong results for shareholders.

Operational  improvements  implemented  in  prior  years,  together  with  a  continued  focus  on  cost  
control, meant that we were well positioned to capture the benefits of strengthened market demand
and market pricing.  This resulted in a record annual Net Profit and increased sales revenue for the

The  safety  of  our  team  members  is  always  paramount  and  health  and  hygiene  protocols  were  
reinforced and strengthened at both operating sites during the year.  

The second half of the year was particularly challenging for our Malaysian team as the country dealt
with a 3rd wave of COVID-19. I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Lynas Malaysia
team members who put in an extraordinary effort to ensure our operations could continue in very
difficult conditions.

Following  the  end  of  the  financial  year,  Lynas  participated  in  the  Malaysian  Government’s  

Public/Private COVID-19 Immunisation program and 99.9% of our Malaysian employees are now
vaccinated.  Pleasingly,  case  numbers  across  the  country  have  fallen  as  vaccination  rates  have  

Globally,  the  demand  for  electric  vehicles  and  wind  energy  accelerated  during  the  year  and  high  
demand for high performance magnets led to increased demand for Lynas’ NdPr product family and
mixed Heavy Rare Earths.  

The  Lynas  2025  growth  vision  represents  Lynas’  plan  to  grow  with  the  market  and  meet  this  
accelerating market demand for Rare Earths. In September 2020, Lynas completed a $425 million
equity  raise  to  fund  the  Lynas  2025  foundation  projects  which  are  the  Kalgoorlie  Rare  Earths  
Processing Facility and the associated upgrades at Lynas Malaysia.

Work on the new Rare Earths Processing Facility in Kalgoorlie progressed well throughout the year
and Amanda will provide an update on this in the CEO presentation.  

In  addition,  in  July  2021,  Lynas  was  awarded  a  $14.8  million  grant  as  part  of  the  Australian  
government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative. This grant will be used to commercialise an industry-
first Rare Earth carbonate refining process that was developed by Lynas’ own R&D team and will
be installed during the construction of the Kalgoorlie Facility.


Lynas Rare Earths Ltd   Level 1, 45 Royal St., East Perth, WA 6004      Page 2

We  continue  to  see  heightened  customer  and  government  interest  in  securing  reliable  and  

diversified Rare Earths supply for growing industries. As the only significant producer of separated
Rare Earths outside of China, Lynas is ideally positioned to play a role in sustainably addressing

this supply chain challenge.

Lynas always aims to have a positive impact on our people, our communities and the environment
and we strive to improve our performance today, and set ourselves more challenging targets in the
longer term.  

This  is  reflected  in  our  commitment  to  providing  our  stakeholders  –  including  shareholders,  
customers and communities – with the information they need to assess our Environmental, Social
and Governance – ESG – performance.  

This  year  we  reviewed  our  sustainability  reporting  and  released  an  enhanced  ESG  Report  that  

focuses  on  the  key  performance  metrics  that  matter  most.  We  adopted  the  common  metrics  
identified by the World Economic Forum to make it easier to compare our performance with that of
industry leaders around the world.  

Lynas  recognises  the  challenges  of  climate  change  and  the  role  we  play  in  assisting  the  energy  
transition  by  supplying  Rare  Earth  materials  to  manufacturers  of  green  technologies  like  wind  
turbines and electric vehicles.  

In September this year, Lynas confirmed its commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative and

we look forward to sharing our Science Based Targets with you once they have been verified by the
global body.

In closing, on behalf of the Board I would like to thank our teams here in Australia and in Malaysia
and thank you, our shareholders, for your continued support of Lynas.

While  the  challenges  of  the  pandemic  are  likely  to  remain  in  the  short-term,  we  are  focused  on  
delivering on our Lynas 2025 growth vision to build value for shareholders and ensure that Lynas is
well positioned to capitalise on the growing and strategic market in which we operate.  

I would now like to invite Amanda to address the meeting.



Lynas Rare Earths Ltd   Level 1, 45 Royal St., East Perth, WA 6004      Page 3

Authorized by: Sarah Leonard, Company Secretary

Media Relations:    Investor Relations:  

Jennifer Parker or Lauren Stutchbury
T: +61 8 6241 3800
Daniel Havas
VP Strategy & Investor Relations


29.11.21 00:22

966 Postings, 4984 Tage Chris2009Soll nicht 09.11. heißen sondern 29.11.

29.11.21 08:20

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Bin hier ganz entspannt...

29.11.21 10:20

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79oh Mist... bin eingeschlafen...

gähn... ist was passiert...?  ;-)))  

29.11.21 16:23

177 Postings, 4243 Tage Jürgen Birke@Lucky79: Und ob!

Du hast eine schöne Nachkaufgelegenheit verpasst ;-).


29.11.21 16:38

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Keine Sorge...

30.11.21 08:09

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Mit Schwung zur 6 vorm Komma..

Schade, dass Aussy nicht mehr hier ist...  ;-)  

01.12.21 12:55

7799 Postings, 4391 Tage hammerbuyGaratulation

an Lynas- wie haben Achtjahreshoch ... seit 2013 war Lynas Kurs nicht mehr so hoch wie heute ,,,.


01.12.21 17:37

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79... und wie... :-)

01.12.21 18:15

966 Postings, 4984 Tage Chris2009Kann man so sagen.....

...laufen lassen und schmunzeln!!!  

01.12.21 21:29

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Aussy beißt auf Glas...

02.12.21 08:17

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky796... wir kommen..!

02.12.21 18:30

379 Postings, 2393 Tage MedigenialImmer diese 6-Geschichten...;-)

02.12.21 22:20

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Alles dreht sich jetzt um 6

Euro...  :-)  

08.12.21 08:51

58258 Postings, 2954 Tage Lucky79Bald haben wir die 6...

08.12.21 09:16

379 Postings, 2393 Tage MedigenialAktueller Handelsstreit mit China sollte das

begünstigen m.M. nach  

08.12.21 18:52

232 Postings, 463 Tage NutzernamevergebenVerdoppelung ohne Problem möglich

09.12.21 14:37

232 Postings, 463 Tage NutzernamevergebenMacht einfach nur Spass hier

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