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Calypte und die Zeit nach AIDS2004 in Bangkok

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05.07.04 15:03

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_ICalypte und die Zeit nach AIDS2004 in Bangkok

Hallo beisammen !

Nachdem ich der Meinung bin, dass für Calypte und uns allen Investierten in wenigen Tagen neue Zeiten anbrechen werden, habe ich mir erlaubt einen neuen Thread zu eröffnen.

Ich denke, in Bangkok wird der neue Rapid-Test endlich vorgestellt. Wenn es tatsächlich so sein sollte, dann werden wir in spätestens 1-2 Wochen einen schönen einstelligen $-Kurs haben.

Nur noch mal zur Erinnerung:
PUBLICATION DATE des neuen Rapid-Logos 09.07.04 !!! Das ist in 4 Tagen. Wozu braucht Calypte ein neues Rapid-Logo !? Überlegt mal ! Ich denke da werden bald fette NEWS erscheinen ! Zugegeben, dass denk ich schon ne ganze Weile, aber wenn das mal keine geile Quelle ist !?

Publication in Trade Marks Journal

              Journal        Page         Publication Date
First Advert   6520                        27.02.2004
Registration   6538                        09.07.2004

(beim Link auf die kleine Nummer links oben klicken!)


Uns allen viel Erfolg mit Calypte !!!


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5031 Postings ausgeblendet.

24.10.05 17:44

1145 Postings, 6284 Tage Brokersince1994Ich bin ja gespannt wie alle gucken werden, wie

Calypte die Zulassung bekannt geben wird ind China..

; )



24.10.05 17:59

22 Postings, 5971 Tage Franz_WEs sieht so aus, als wenn die Kritiker

wieder Recht bekommen:

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24.10.05 18:21

4721 Postings, 7715 Tage BiomediHm, es wird dringend Zeit fuer eine gute Meldung! o. T.

14.11.05 14:25

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_Ii´m back from the Caribean Sea ....

Long and Strong ! Auf zwei starke letzte November-Wochen !!!!!!


14.11.05 14:56

1145 Postings, 6284 Tage Brokersince1994Welcome back Kade ; )

hast du dich gut erholt?



14.11.05 17:23

4721 Postings, 7715 Tage BiomediJa willkommen Kade. Wo warst Du?

Meinen Wintertrip soll doch Calypte finanzieren. Wie lange soll ich da noch warten? Es wird kalt hier!  

15.11.05 15:53

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IJa hallo Ihr,

war drei Wochen auf den Virgin-Islands.

Übrigens die ersten kleinen Rapid-Sales wurden getätigt !

"we began making limited international shipments of our rapid HIV-1/2 tests and generated a small amount of revenue from those sales during the third quarter. This marks an important milestone and we hope to be able to follow through with additional country approvals and international shipments."

Beste Grüße  

15.11.05 16:43

3817 Postings, 6071 Tage SkydustAuch Hallo...kommen hier in den letzten

letzten November 2 Wochen irgendwelche Zahlen..weiss einer was darüber?

Schon mal Danke sag, falls jemand was weiss!  

17.11.05 12:38

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IIn Fra RT 0,172 ! What´s UP ? o. T.

17.11.05 13:10

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IWie Calypte - sehr interessant !

Some of you might be interested in reading a study on VPHM. It's interesting because it resembles our situation. Before you read this take a look at a 5 month chart of VPHM.

ViroPharma (VPHM) is a biotech firm established eleven years ago to develop a cure for the common cold. The FDA rejected pleconaril (the company?s cure for the cold virus) in 2002 and was forced to reduce employee count from 435 to 35. They began looking for a product to sell as a revenue stream when Piper Jafray approached VPHM with the US rights to market Vancocin. Vancocin is used to fight a bacteria found in the colon called C. difficile. When ViroPharma noticed Vancocin sales were increasing each year since 2002, they bought the rights last November for $116 million. The market value of ViroPharma at that time was about $50 million. Seeing the opportunity to make financial gain over this boon, they raised the price for Vancocin three times for a total of 80%. Sales in 2005 are expected to grow to $120 million and the Company will be profitable for the first time in their eleven year history. The upward trend in the price changed dramatically in May of this year when the company announced 2005 first quarter net income of over $17 million compared to a net loss of $16.6 million for the same period in 2004. In six months the pps went from $1.67 to $24.36 with a market cap high of $1.4 billion. As sales continued to increase the company took important steps to reduce its debt by purchasing 2007 convertible notes and later completely eliminating its debt for 2009. Within 6 months it traded for a 52 week high on November 7th of $24.36. Along the way analysts also helped to lift the stock to its recent highs. On November 9th things began to change when the New York Times printed an article describing the possibility of competition introducing a generic version of the drug. The stock began to drop and the company held a CC under the pretense of discussing clinical results of a drug in development called HCV-796. During the CC investors queried management about the issue of generic drugs competing with Vancocin. Management assured investors that to market such a drug would take at least 4 years to complete, giving ViroPharma time to reap plenty of profits. Because ViroPharma is a one product company, bears have recently taken advantage of the threat of competition and moved in. The stock is continuing to drop and today it traded at $16.48.

While observing VPHM the thought occurred to me that Calypte might be positioned to profit similarly. Both are biotech companies having been in product development for years. Both are just beginning to sell products with huge upside potential. Each one has financed operations using equity and debt. Long term debt is significant ? Calypte - $150 million, ViroPharma - $236 million. ViroPharma has an exclusive market; Calypte will have the only oral HIV assay in China. Each own products that can save lives and improve patient care. Up to this point conditions are very similar. What are the differences? ViroPharma has only one product (weakness), Calypte will have several (strength). ViroPharma has one market (weakness), Calypte - international and domestic sales (strength). ViroPharma?s O/S is 59 million (strength), Calypte?s is 181 million (weakness).

With just the possibility of $120 million in sales VPHM climbed to a market cap of $1.4 billion. That is an incredible stretch but we all know favorable market conditions produce these high numbers. Calypte?s price with a market cap of $1.4 billion would be $7.73 ps.

10.01.06 13:07

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IEin Gutes Neues nachträglich ;-) o. T.

10.01.06 14:17

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IJoelö, wo bleibt die Charttechnik ?

Die Widerstände, die du hier seit Wochen postest und anpreist, waren ja gestern hammerhart. LOL  

12.01.06 14:30

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_ICHINA-News !!

Calypte Announces Submission of Application to Chinese SFDA
For Approval of its Aware(TM) OMT Oral Fluid HIV-1/2 Rapid Diagnostic Test
LAKE OSWEGO, Ore., Jan 12, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- Calypte Biomedical Corporation (Amex: HIV) today announced that it has received notification from the Beijing Drug Administration (BDA) that its application for approval in China of its Aware(TM) OMT (Oral) HIV-1/2 rapid test has been formally accepted. The Company submitted its application to the BDA on December 27, 2005. According to Chinese drug registration regulations, the BDA is responsible for receiving applications on behalf of the State Food and Drug Administration of China (SFDA). Formal acceptance means that the BDA has completed an initial review of the application and deems the application to be sufficiently complete and in compliance with regulations to allow the application to advance into the formal review process.

Roger Gale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Calypte said, "China is one of the countries that may experience a significant spread of HIV unless the government can follow through on its plans to curtail the growth of this problem. China has an acknowledged testing gap and has officially announced plans to offer voluntary HIV testing to its entire 1.36 billion-population, with particular emphasis on certain key groups, for which we believe our test is particularly appropriate. We believe that the only effective way to manage such testing thresholds is to utilize trained non-professionals to administer a program based on safe, non-blood or alternative fluid -- oral fluid -- testing."

Dr. Ron Mink, Chief Science Officer of Calypte added, "With the acceptance of our application by the BDA, Calypte has accomplished a key milestone in obtaining approval to sell our Aware(TM) HIV 1/2 OMT Rapid oral fluid product in the Chinese market. We believe that this product will have great appeal in China by virtue of its superior performance, competitive cost and advantages afforded by the use of oral fluid samples over other products available now or anticipated in the near future, in China."

About China:

China has a population of approximately 1.4 billion. According to a joint China, World Health Organization and UNAIDS epidemiological survey there were a reported 840,000 adults and children in China living with HIV/AIDS in 2003. Some experts have predicted that the number of infections by 2010 might exceed 15 million. The annual AIDS testing level is currently estimated at 1.5% of the population but is expected to grow -- partially due to a formal focus on mandatory testing in large markets such as population control, prisons and immigration and partially due to the Chinese government's program to offer voluntary HIV testing to its entire population.

About Calypte Biomedical:

Calypte Biomedical Corporation is a US-based healthcare company focused on the development and commercialization of diagnostic testing products for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases. Calypte specializes in novel tests such as the HIV-1 BED Incidence EIA and is engaged in developing and commercializing new diagnostic test products for the rapid detection of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, several of which do not require blood samples. Calypte believes that there is a significant need for rapid detection of such diseases globally to control their proliferation, particularly in lesser-developed countries, which lack the medical infrastructure to support laboratory-based testing. Calypte believes that testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infectious diseases may make important contributions to public health, and could increase the likelihood of treating those with undetected HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Statements in this press release that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Those statements include statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of the Company and its management. Such statements reflect management's current views, are based on certain assumptions and involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results, events, or performance may differ materially from the above forward-looking statements due to a number of important factors, and will be dependent upon a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the Company's ability to obtain additional financing, if and as needed, and access funds from its existing financing arrangements that will allow it to continue its current and future operations and whether demand for its test products in domestic and international markets will generate sufficient revenues to achieve positive cash flow and profitability. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances that occur after the date hereof or to reflect any change in the Company's expectations with regard to these forward-looking statements or the occurrence of unanticipated events. Factors that may impact the Company's success are more fully disclosed in the Company's most recent public filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), including its annual report on Form 10-KSB/A (No. 2) for the year ended December 31, 2004 and its subsequent filings with the SEC.


12.01.06 14:33

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IRT FRA 0,205 o. T.

12.01.06 14:36

1439 Postings, 5924 Tage Nebelland2005Extremer Kursanstieg!!

Mal sehen was in den USA  heute geht.

14:33:33  0,210  +42,86%  
 Taxe  Stück  
Bid:  14:33:36  0,190  0  
Ask: 14:33:36  0,215  0

12.01.06 14:49

1439 Postings, 5924 Tage Nebelland2005Weils so schön ist hier nochmals ein RT :-))))

Kursdaten  12.01.2006  Stuttgart  
14:33:33  0,210  +42,86%  
 Taxe  Stück  
Bid:  14:48:17  0,230  0  
Ask: 14:48:17  0,250  0  

12.01.06 14:52

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IRT 0,23 Euro in FRA ! o. T.

12.01.06 15:19

15130 Postings, 7301 Tage Pate100wie ist denn nun diese News zu bewerten?

wie geht es china weiter?  

12.01.06 15:27

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IErst Submission, dann Approval ! o. T.

12.01.06 15:36

15130 Postings, 7301 Tage Pate100wann kann man denn frühstmöglich

mit einer Zulassung rechnen?

19.01.06 14:08

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_INEWS - Over the Counter-Test ! o. T.

19.01.06 14:09

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_INEWS

Calypte Introduces Over-the-Counter Rapid Oral HIV Test
          Aware(TM) OMT (Oral Fluid) HIV-1/2 Rapid Diagnostic Test
                   Registered in the United Arab Emirates
LAKE OSWEGO, Ore., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Calypte Biomedical Corporation (Amex: HIV) today announced the introduction of an over-the- counter (OTC) version of the Aware(TM) Oral Fluid HIV-1/2 Rapid Diagnostic Test. Calypte expects to initially launch the sale of this product in over-the-counter markets in the United Arab Emirates, where the product has been registered, and then plans to distribute it throughout the entire Middle East as additional registrations and/or approvals are obtained.

The OTC Aware Oral Fluid HIV-1/2 Rapid Diagnostic Test will be distributed by Joseph and Gionis, Calypte's exclusive distributor for 22 Middle Eastern countries with a population of approximately 465 million people. According to the December 2004 UNAIDS report, there are between 230,000 and 1.5 million adults and children living with HIV within this region, of which nearly half are women.

Mr. Roger Gale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Calypte stated, "We are extremely pleased to launch our newest product, an Aware Oral Fluid HIV-1/2 Rapid Diagnostic Test designed for use in an over-the-counter setting. We believe that this product will add another tool to increase detection and combat the spread of HIV virus and that the combination of an over-the-counter product with safe, oral fluid detection is well suited to reach the greatest number of individuals within the Middle Eastern countries. We look forward to a productive relationship with our newest distributor, Joseph and Gionis, as it continues to utilize its expertise in regulatory pharmaceutical and governmental affairs to facilitate the regulatory process in additional countries within its territory."

Mr. Gale, concluded, "Our launch of this over-the-counter product coincides with Arab Health, the largest Healthcare Exhibition in the Middle East, being held in Dubai, January 22-25th. We have already shipped the initial order to Joseph and Gionis in conjunction with this Exhibition and we believe we have sufficient inventory in stock to satisfy anticipated initial sales of this innovative product."


19.01.06 14:19

2202 Postings, 6383 Tage Kade_IRakete ! Frankfurt RT 0,23 Eur, USA Pre 0,31 ! o. T.

19.01.06 14:25

27 Postings, 5725 Tage Der_wahre_Joeluach du schande, in den aribische emiraten...

ts ts ts..

meldung wieder mit "erwartet", "pant"

...Calypte expects to initially launch the sale of this product in over-the-counter markets in the United Arab Emirates, where the product has been registered, and then plans to distribute it throughout the entire Middle East as additional registrations and/or approvals are obtained....

meine herren, was pumpen die das ding wieder...


wer hätte den nochmal mit diesen ausstiegskursen gerechnet? nach diesen pumps habt ihr über 200.000.000 shares am markt.

denkt daran: alle gaps werden geschlossen!!! wenn ihr mit 0,32$ aufmacht, seid ihr heute abend wieder bei 0,27$...

fallt nicht immer auf den selben dreck rein....

19.01.06 14:27

27 Postings, 5725 Tage Der_wahre_Joeluwarum denn nicht in china?

die haben doch viel mehr einwohner...

wetten: wer zuerst verkauft, bekommt den besten kurs, danach fällt das ding wieder wie ein stein.

heute abend habt ihr dann wieder 15.000.000 gehandelte teile und nur 3,8% plus...  

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