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08.03.13 08:20

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaDer CEO

weiß um die Dilution Problematik und es wurde auf einem CC auch sehr deutlich angesprochen. Ich denke, die Firma ist richtig auf Spur!  

12.03.13 18:18

771 Postings, 3255 Tage lewwerworschtGold

geht hoch, Colt geht runter...! Was bleibt, ist das Hoffen auf baldige Besserung des Patienten...:-)  

12.03.13 18:52

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaHier halte ich jede

Wette ,daß Colt den Market  in den nächsten 24 Monaten outperformed  

14.03.13 11:01

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaBeruhigend

zu wissen, daß der CEO knapp 5 Millionen Shares an der Firma hält!
Auch die anderen Direktoren sind große Holder!  

14.03.13 15:59

92 Postings, 2924 Tage UnnGurebeunruhigend

17.03.13 13:37

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienanach ca. 8 Minuten kommen

18.03.13 14:24

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaimmer weiter

Colt Announces Significant Changes in IR and Marketing Strategy
Trading Symbols:

MONTREAL, March 18, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Colt Resources Inc. ("Colt" or the "Company") (TSXV: GTP) (OTCQX: COLTF) (FRA: P01) announces today a new global Investor Relations and Marketing initiative designed to communicate more broadly and effectively the significant milestones recently achieved by the Company, which have resulted in establishing Colt as a leader in one of Europe's emerging mineral resource markets for gold and tungsten, Portugal.

"The Company has made the decision to immediately terminate all of its current North-American IR and communications relationships and has entered into a comprehensive agreement with Cooper Global Communications, LLC, ("CGC") a New York-based leader in global IR and communication services. The agreement is subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval. This change will provide Colt the opportunity to ensure that its message is more broadly conveyed to financial professionals on a world-wide basis with a principle objective of enhancing shareholder liquidity. Management will actively commit its availability to working with Cooper Global in implementing this re-launching of our IR and Marketing initiatives stated Nikolas Perrault, President and CEO."

In addition to the objectives stated above, this strategic change in Colt's IR and Marketing programs will result in significant cost savings to the Company. In consideration of the services to be provided, the Company has an agreement with CGC that commencing in March, 2013 the Company will pay CGC a monthly retainer of $15,000 USD for fifteen months, which may be cancelled after every 90 days with a 10-day notice.

About Cooper Global Communications, LLC
Cooper Global Communications is a boutique investor relations firm dedicated to providing high quality "hands-on" investor relations and media assistance provided by a highly-seasoned team of financial professionals. CGC was founded by Richard Cooper, a highly-respected Wall Street veteran with over three decades of experience in the investor relations industry and as a senior banker at Salomon Brothers Inc. Since its origins in 1990, CGC has achieved unparalleled success with over 250 private and public companies in the U.S. and global markets. CGC does not have any interest, directly or indirectly, in Colt Resources Inc. or its securities.

About Colt Resources Inc.
Colt Resources Inc. is a Canadian development company engaged in acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral properties with an emphasis on gold and tungsten. It is currently focused on advanced stage exploration and development projects in Portugal, where it is one of the largest lease holders of mineral concessions in gold and the largest in tungsten.  

21.03.13 16:52

903 Postings, 2917 Tage Nasenkalliwer drückt denn den Kurs

immer noch tiefer bei diesen mickrigen Umsätzen?  

21.03.13 17:09

8 Postings, 2773 Tage explorer76Newsflow

Sind denn eigentlich keine weiteren Bohrergebnisse zu erwarten? Ist ziemlich ruhig in letzter Zeit. Der Markt honoriert momentan, wenn überhaupt, nur die besten Neuigkeiten. Alles andere wird weiter abgestraft....und ohne Volumen geht sowieso nix. Ein strategischer Partner würde evtl. ein wenig Schwung reinbringen...


21.03.13 17:40

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaDie Strategie wurde komplett umgestellt

Bohrergebnisse werden rar werden.
Man geht den Weg der größtmöglichen Profitabilität.
Und da gibt es nur zwei oder drei Firmen die mit Colt mithalten können.  

22.03.13 14:36

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaes zeigt sich immer mehr

daß die Thread Überschrift nicht stimmt :-)  

25.03.13 20:06

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienabis in den

späten Nachmittag war ich heute der einzige Käufer!:-)  

25.03.13 20:29

92 Postings, 2924 Tage UnnGureDu hast es falsch verstanden


26.03.13 10:26

8 Postings, 2773 Tage explorer76Insiderkäufe

Mar 25/13 Mar 25/13Useche Gutierrez, Aurelio Antonio Direct Ownership Common Shares Acquisition in the public market     10,000   $0.280
Mar 25/13 Mar 22/13Useche Gutierrez, Aurelio Antonio Direct Ownership Common Shares Acquisition in the public market10,000$0.280
Mar 25/13 Mar 22/13Perrault, Nikolas Indirect Ownership Common Shares Acquisition in the public market72,000$0.279
Mar 25/13 Mar 21/13Useche Gutierrez, Aurelio Antonio Direct Ownership Common Shares 1Acquisition in the public market     4,000   $0.270

26.03.13 11:46

237 Postings, 3262 Tage allgaeuer@viena

Hast heut nochmal richtig zugeschlagen ?  

27.03.13 14:15

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaBloomberg Interview

Henrique Simoes de Almeida

Bloomberg News
Lisbon, Portugal
mobile: +351 917-654-444
fixed:  +351 213-40-4634
email:  halmeida5@bloomberg.net


Colt Seeks ?Rapid Payback? From Portuguese Gold Mining Project
2013-03-27 10:32:54.149 GMT

By Henrique Almeida
    March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Colt Resources Inc., a gold
explorer, is confident the high-grade deposits found near the
surface of its flagship Boa Fe Montemor mining project in
Portugal will soon help turn it into a profitable operation.
    ?People chase projects deep in the jungle but here we have
a potentially world-class mining district unfolding right in
Portugal,? Chief Executive Officer Nikolas Perrault, 45, said
in an interview. ?Because of the high-grade nature of the open
pits, we?re looking at a potentially very rapid payback.?
    Colt, based in Montreal, took over the Boa Fe Montemor
mining project in 2011 after previous owner Tamaya Resources
Ltd. filed for bankruptcy. It has since invested close to $10
million to confirm and validate extensive historical work
carried out by previous operators and to advance the project
toward a mine development phase. Colt plans to bring the mine
into production in 2015, according to Perrault.
    ?The Boa Fe Montemor project is just the tip of the
iceberg and we believe the area has the potential to develop
into a world-class mining district,? Perrault said yesterday.
?Our high confidence in the Boa Fe mining project and high gold
prices is what is allowing us to move toward mine development.?
    Colt plans to develop the Boa Fe Montemor project on its
own and finance the mine?s exploration from cash flow as opposed
to issuing new shares.
    ?Our idea is obviously to minimize dilution,? said
Perrault, who has a stake of about 3.26 percent in Colt.

                        Tungsten Project

    The company owns nine mining concessions in Portugal and is
in talks with several potential partners for its tungsten
project in the north of the country, he said.
    Tungsten is a metal used to harden steel in ballistic
missiles and in drill bits and is also mined in countries
including Russia, Bolivia and Peru.
    ?We?ve advanced the tungsten project to the point where
it?s now ready for a joint-venture strategy,? Perrault said.
?We have very active discussions ongoing with several groups
right now for the next phases of development of our tungsten
project,? he said without providing details.
    Colt will provide more details about Boa Fe Montemor when
it issues a preliminary economic analysis about the mining
project next month, Perrault said.  

27.03.13 18:34

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaNews

Colt Provides Update on Private Placement

Trading Symbols:  


MONTREAL, March 27, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Colt Resources Inc. ("Colt" or the "Company") (TSXV: GTP) (OTCQX: COLTF) (FRA: P01) announces today that it expects the final portion of the private placement with the previously-announced, by way of a press release on February 6, 2013, Asian-based strategic investor to be concluded on or about April 18th, 2013. The Company has received an executed subscription agreement for $5 Million CAD from an investor which is a newly constituted Hong Kong-based resource investment fund, along with written confirmation this week that funds are expected shortly with an explanation that the delay has simply been administrative in nature and as a result of the Chinese New Year Holidays and by the recent major elections in China. This final tranche of the private placement will be under the same terms as the previously-announced private placement, that is a price of $0.45 per share.

The common shares issued by the Company will be subject to a four-month hold period in accordance with applicable Canadian securities laws. Completion of the final tranche of the private placement is subject to the receipt of all necessary regulatory, including the TSX Venture Exchange.

The Company is also pleased to announce that it plans to release a Preliminary Economic Analysis (PEA) for its Boa Fé gold mining project towards the end of April, followed by a PEA on its Tabuaço tungsten project in May.

This press release does not constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities in the United States. The securities have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or any state securities laws and may not be offered or sold within the United States unless an exemption from such registration is available.  

27.03.13 18:36

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienader wichtige Teil der News

The Company is also pleased to announce that it plans to release a Preliminary Economic Analysis (PEA) for its Boa Fé gold mining project towards the end of April, followed by a PEA on its Tabuaço tungsten project in May.

Da wird man schon mal wichtige Zahlen über die Wirtschaftlichkeit des Projectes sehen!  

28.03.13 09:56

8 Postings, 2773 Tage explorer76Northland Research sieht auch positive Tendenzen

n  Colt expects the final portion of the private placement, announced 06/02/13, to be completed on or about 18/04/13.
n  The CAD$5m subscription agreement from a recently constituted Hong Kong-based resource investment fund was delayed due to administrative issues associated with the Chinese New Year and recent elections in China.
n  This final tranche of the private placement is under the same terms as the previous private placement at 45c per share.
n  The PEA for the Boa Fé gold project is expected towards the end of April.
n  The PEA for the Tabuaςo tungsten project is expected in May.
NORTHLAND UK VIEW: The outstanding portion of the private placement has acted as a drag on Colt Resources’ share price recently and its resolution should see Colt able to move forward. With PEAs expected for both the Boa Fé gold project and the Tabuaςo tungsten project in Q213, there is good opportunity for the shares to move up from the current low levels.


02.04.13 13:06

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaThom Calandra hat

gestern auch erstmals geschrieben, daß er nun "Hard Facts" erwartet und keine Ankündigungen.  

06.04.13 21:43

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienacomment

Thus: If Portugal's Colt Resources follows up on what looked to be a couple of months ago some $5 million from Hong Kong investors at 45 cents a share, well, I am a believer. If not, Colt is no longer for 'safe' investors; even, I must state, with the company owning what I believe are gold, tungsten and winery\vineyard assets in Portugal that exceed the current market cap. Nothing is safe from dilution except pure, unadulterated water. We shall know shortly in the case of Colt.  

09.04.13 19:08

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaheute

nehmen sie den Verkäufer raus....  

09.04.13 19:52

141 Postings, 3134 Tage hdaadmIch bin

mit ein paar Aktien dabei, "winery\vineyard assets in Portugal" klingt doch ganz solide. Getränkeaktien sind ja schön defensiv. Vor der nächsten Verwässerungsrunde oder wenn mein Kursziel erreicht wird, bin ich natürlich wieder draussen.  

10.04.13 09:47

2504 Postings, 5369 Tage vienaIch habe mal

einen neuen Thread angefangen , da es jetzt vom Explorer zum Produzenten geht

10.04.13 17:56

141 Postings, 3134 Tage hdaadmColt ist ein MUS in jedem Depot.

;) I Love it  

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