SILVERGATE CAP. (WKN: A2PCBX) Seriöse Krypto Bank

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04.03.23 23:36

2460 Postings, 903 Tage nicco_traderUmsätze

Ein Übernahmekandidat?

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silvergate_20230304.png (verkleinert auf 65%) vergrößern

04.03.23 23:44

2460 Postings, 903 Tage nicco_traderBonität

Noch kein Default, aber die Bonität ist sehr schwach.

Moody's downgrades Silvergate Bank's deposit ratings to Caa1 from Ba3; ratings on review for downgrade
03 Mar 2023  

04.03.23 23:52

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLaw#76 FDIC could take over at any time

Vermutlich übernimmt hier schon sehr bald die FDIC das Ruder:  "In the case of more immediate financial distress, the FDIC could take over at any time—generally on a Friday evening, to minimize disruption to the broader financial system. In this scenario, the FDIC could be looking for an acquirer now. Although Wells Fargo is rumored to be a candidate, Popeo warned that onlookers without direct knowledge are ill-equipped to speculate."  

05.03.23 13:09

1392 Postings, 5239 Tage rusi1FDIC

so wie damals bei WAMU, und diesmal bekommt wells fargo ein geschenk?  

05.03.23 16:19

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawBank run (cont.)

Circle managed to move reserves of USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin out of collapsing banking heavyweight  

05.03.23 16:19

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawWell, that escalated quickly

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that realy got out of hand fast.

$100 Billion Game-Changer: Silvergate, the crypto bank once described by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried as a major game-changer for the industry, is teetering on the verge of collapse—with one short-seller predicting the bank will implode this week. Crypto Could Be Heading Into Its Biggest Week Ever After Wild Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polygon And Solana Price Swings  

06.03.23 15:08

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate cut to $4

Silvergate Capital cut to Underperform at Wedbush on potential for liquidation. Target price gets cut to $4. Last week, SA Author Bram de Haas advised that "it's time to get out" of Silvergate (SI).  

06.03.23 17:18

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawbank to close within a week?

Silvergate short seller predicts crypto bank's demise within a week  

06.03.23 17:19

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate fallout

Block.One founder Brendan Blumer lost over $70M on Silvergate  

07.03.23 17:05

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawWhite House monitors Silvergate

White House Will ‘Continue Monitoring’ Silvergate Bank Reports: Press Secretary: "It is obviously only the latest company in the cryptocurrency field to experience significant issues," Jean-Pierre said  

08.03.23 13:08

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate Capital-Aktie: Krypto-Chaos!

Die insolvente Bank Silvergate und FDIC diskutieren Sanierungspläne: FDIC-Beamte schwärmen Silvergate Capital in verzweifeltem Versuch, einen Shutdown zu vermeiden. Die US-Regulierungsbehörden wurden zum Hauptsitz von Silvergate Capital Corp. geschickt, da die kryptowährungsfreundliche Bank darum kämpft, eine Lösung zu finden, um im Geschäft zu bleiben.  

08.03.23 17:43

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawGeorge Soros Bets Against Silvergate

George Soros’s Family Office Bets Against Crypto Bank Silvergate  

08.03.23 18:42

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawIs it curtains for Silvergate?

Is it curtains for Silvergate? We reckon Silvergate wishes it had never served as FTX’s bank.  It was an accident waiting to happen. Even without FTX’s implosion, there has been a stubborn crypto bear market and depositors may have steadily withdrawn their funds from the bank.  

08.03.23 19:00

1392 Postings, 5239 Tage rusi1zu #66

gibt es da keine meinungen?  

08.03.23 19:18

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLaw#66 Das ganze Ponzi-Kartenhaus wackelt

Silvergate short seller says he’s betting against Signature: ‘Binance is next’: Short seller Marc Cohodes loaded up on bearish bets of Silvergate, led by CEO Alan Lane (pictured). Now he's shorting Signature Bank.

08.03.23 19:23

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawBank run (cont.)

Binance.US does not maintain any customer funds at Silvergate. We started transitioning away from Silvergate at the end of 2022 and successfully completed the transition earlier this year.  

08.03.23 20:17

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawThis Is What Whales Are Betting On Silvergate

This Is What Whales Are Betting On Silvergate Capital: Someone with a lot of money to spend has taken a bearish stance on Silvergate Capital  

08.03.23 21:15

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate: It's Not a Friendly Visit

FDIC Investigators Are on the Premises of Collapsing Federally-Insured, Crypto Related Bank, Silvergate: It’s Not a Friendly Visit  

08.03.23 22:46

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate: the final curtain falls

Silvergate Slides on Plan to Wind Down Bank Operations and Liquidate  

08.03.23 22:53

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate Bank beginnt mit Liquidation

08.03.23 23:19

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawSilvergate fallout

“The stake, worth about $25 million, was a result of CITADEL SECURITIES’ market making operations”

Ken Griffin/Citadel hat seine Longposition in Silvergate verloren und nächstes wird er seine Shortposition in Credit Suisse verlieren.  

08.03.23 23:46

5068 Postings, 690 Tage JohnLawWho will be the bag holders? (cont.)

Who will be the empty bag holders? Thus, if Silvergate were to join the spate of major crypto industry entities that filed bankruptcy recently, it could leave the FDIC holding the (empty) bag, responsible for paying out deposit insurance on Silvergate’s FDIC insured accounts while the FHLB is first in line for any assets remaining.  

09.03.23 00:10

69 Postings, 1883 Tage Hakikat41Insolvenz?

Ojee, schnell raus alle hier. Rettet die Groschen.  

09.03.23 07:29

4411 Postings, 8011 Tage Steffen68ffmBank

Die gehandelten Aktien gehören aber der Capital Group und da ist die Bank nur ein Teil von.  

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