Getting paid by YouTube

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5497 Postings, 6600 Tage ostseebrise.Getting paid by YouTube

It used to be that the best anyone who posted a video on YouTube could hope for was their requisite Warholian 15 minutes of fame. But now, the Google (GOOG)-owned subsidary is finally willing to share some of the online advertising wealth with users.

YouTube announced Thursday that it was adding several of its most well-known users, people such as LisaNova, HappySlip and smosh to a group of professional partners - such as CBS (CBS), GE’s (GE) NBC and Warner Music Group (WMG) - that receive a cut of ad sales generated on YouTube.

So does this mean that anyone uploading something on YouTube has a chance to rake in big bucks?

It would be great if managing editor Allen Wastler and I can count on a check from YouTube after posting a highly entertaining video earlier this week about privately held company Flip Video, a company I recently wrote about that has a new camera that lets people easily upload videos on YouTube. Allen and I star in another video in which we share our thoughts on this year’s season of “The Sopranos.” [...]

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