Global Alumina vor Auflösung!

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07.06.13 08:03

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Global Alumina vor Auflösung!

Bei Wallstreet-Online wird heiß diskutiert und hier kein Wort dazu?  

Global Aluminia soll Liquidiert werden und pro Aktie sind zwischen 0,165$ - 0,171$ an Auszahlung zu erwarten!  

Der Wert ist extrem Markteng und der Kurs nähert sich nur langsam der zu erwarteten Auszahlung an.

Was haltet ihr von der ganzen Sache.  

07.06.13 08:04

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Chart

07.06.13 08:20

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Global Alumina Announces Agreement to Sell Its Int

Global Alumina Announces Agreement to Sell Its Interests In Guinea Alumina Corporation

TORONTO, May 15, 2013 /CNW/ - Global Alumina Corporation (TSX: GLA.U) (the "Company" or "Global Alumina") announced today that it has signed a share purchase agreement ("SPA") with DM GAV Limited, a company established and owned equally by Mubadala Development Company PJSC and Dubai Aluminium, to sell all of Global Alumina's interests in Guinea Alumina Corporation Limited ("Guinea Alumina") to DM GAV. Pursuant to the SPA, DM GAV will make a US$2 million advance payment to Global Alumina on signing of the SPA and will pay an additional US$36 million upon completion of the transactions contemplated by the SPA ("Completion"), which is scheduled to occur on or before August 31, 2013. A copy of the SPA will be available on the Company's SEDAR reference page at

Coincident with this transaction, Global Alumina International Limited ("GAIL") and The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Pty Limited ("BHP Billiton") have agreed to terminate their share purchase agreement which was announced on November 1, 2012. Concurrent with this termination and execution of the SPA, DM GAV signed a share purchase agreement directly with BHP Billiton to buy all of BHP Billiton's interests in Guinea Alumina.

Conditions to Completion include no objection having been received from the Government of Guinea, completion of DM GAV's acquisition of BHP Billiton's interests in Guinea Alumina and Global Alumina's regulatory and shareholder approvals. These conditions must be satisfied by August 31, 2013 or the SPA may be terminated.

Global Alumina intends to use the US$2 million advance payment to fund accrued liabilities and ongoing corporate costs until Completion. Under the SPA, the Company has given limited representations and warranties some of which will survive for up to two years following Completion.

The Company plans to call a special and general meeting of its shareholders as soon as practically possible to approve the SPA and the transactions contemplated thereby.

A management information circular describing the background to, and terms of, the proposed transaction will be mailed to shareholders in advance of the meeting after due consideration by the Company's board of directors. The management information circular will also be made available on the Company's reference page at

About Global Alumina

Global Alumina is in a joint venture through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Alumina International, Ltd., with BHP Billiton, Dubai Aluminium and MDC Industry Holding Company LLC (as successor to Mubadala Development Company PJSC), to develop an alumina refinery in the bauxite-rich region of the Republic of Guinea. Global Alumina is headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick and has administrative offices in New York, London and Montreal. For further information visit the Company's website at

Forward Looking Information

Certain information in this press release is "forward looking information", which reflects management's expectations regarding the Company's future and business prospects and opportunities. Such forward looking information reflects management's current beliefs and is based on information currently available to management. Forward looking information involves significant risks and uncertainties, should not be read as a guarantee of future performance or results, and will not necessarily be accurate indications of whether or not or the times at, or by which, such performance or results will be achieved. If the assumptions underlying forward looking information prove incorrect or if other risks or uncertainties materialize, actual results may vary materially from those anticipated in this release. This forward looking information is made as of the date of this release, and Global Alumina assumes no obligations to update or revise it to reflect new events or circumstances except as required by applicable law.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Cella
Global Alumina
212 351 0010  

07.06.13 08:22

13227 Postings, 4789 Tage RudiniWie kommst Du

auf die 0,165 bis 0,171 $?

Haben die so viel Cash? Handelt es sich um USD oder CAD?  

07.06.13 09:33

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123US$

Laut W:O haben die so viel Cash. Durch einen Verkauf über 36 M Dollar.




07.06.13 09:43

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Am 02.07. ist HV!

Global Alumina to hold annual meeting July 2

2013-05-21 16:40 ET - News Release

An anonymous director reports


Global Alumina Corp. will hold an annual general and special meeting of its shareholders on July 2, 2013. The record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of and vote at the annual general and special meeting has been fixed as May 30, 2013.

At the annual general and special meeting of shareholders of Global Alumina, the shareholders will be asked to approve the recently announced sale of interests of Guinea Alumina Corp. that was announced on May 15, 2013. Further particulars regarding the special business to be considered, and the specific time and venue for the meeting will be provided in the management information circular and proxy statement that is expected to be sent to shareholders of record in early June."  

07.06.13 10:40

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123zu #5

Distribution of Cash and the Dissolution

Subject to adoption of the Dissolution Resolution, the Board anticipates that as soon as practicable after the Completion,
the Shareholders will receive between $0.165 and $0.171 in cash per Share, based upon 183,331,495 Shares issued and
outstanding, which amount will be paid in one instalment.  The amount of the payment shall be determined by the Board
after  repaying  the  Corporation's  debts  and  other  obligations  and  reviewing  potential  tax  and  other  liabilities  of  the
Corporation,  including  estimated  liabilities  as  at  April  30,  2013  ($1,042,512)  and  the  costs  associated  with  the  Sale
Transaction and the Dissolution (which are currently estimated to be between $1,438,800 and $2,383,260).  Although
management  of  the  Corporation  believes  that  the  estimates  of  the  liabilities  set  forth  herein  are  reasonable  based  on
information currently available to the Corporation, the actual amounts of such liabilities and resulting net proceeds may
differ from the estimates presented above, thereby affecting the amount of cash available to be distributed to Shareholders.  
The Board is not currently aware of any material items that could give rise to unforeseen tax liabilities or other liabilities
or  costs  which  would  materially  reduce  the  amount  of  cash  available  for  distribution  to  Shareholders,  but  there  is  no
assurance that this will remain the case.
The anticipated amount of cash to be distributed to Shareholders upon completion of the Sale Transaction was calculated
using the following estimates of: (i) the proceeds from the Sale Transaction; and (ii) all of the liabilities of the Corporation
that must be satisfied prior to the completion of the Dissolution:  

10.06.13 17:31

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Heute nochmal richtig günstig!

13.06.13 09:22

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Heute die letzten Stücke unter 10 Cent?

13.06.13 12:00

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Ist hier keiner dabei?

Glaubt keiner an die Auszahlung?  

03.07.13 16:12

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123News

Global Alumina holders approve Guinea Alumina sale

2013-07-03 08:40 ET - News Release

Mr. Michael Cella reports


Global Alumina Corp. has released the results of its annual and special meeting of shareholders held on July 2, 2013.

A total of 126,007,004 common shares were represented at the Meeting, representing 68.73% of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Company. All matters presented for approval at the Meeting were duly authorized and approved, as follows:

(i) election of all management nominees to the board of directors of the Company; (ii) appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as auditors of the Company for the ensuing year and authorization of the directors to fix their remuneration; (iii)approval of the previously announced sale by the Company of all of its interest in Guinea Alumina Corporation, Ltd. to DM GAV Limited (the "Sale Transaction"); and (iv) subject to the completion of the Sale Transaction, approval of the voluntary liquidation and dissolution of the Company (the "Dissolution") and the distribution to shareholders of the cash assets of the Company remaining after settlement of the Company's obligations and liabilities (the "Distribution").

In connection with the Sale Transaction, the Company has applied to the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") for the voluntary delisting of its common shares (the "Shares") from the TSX. Subject to regulatory approval and completion of the Sale Transaction, the Company expects that the Shares will be delisted from the TSX at the close of trading on July 11, 2013. As a result, and as described in the management information circular of the Company dated May 31, 2013, the record date in connection with the Distribution to determine the shareholders entitled to participate therein will be July 12, 2013.Additional information regarding the above matters, including the report of voting results thereon, are set forth in the Company's Meeting materials accessible on the Company's SEDAR reference page at  

03.07.13 16:24

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Bald gibts Cash für die Aktien!

04.07.13 15:38

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Jetzt muss man schon 12 Cent bezahlen!

Glückwunsch an alle die hier unter 10 Cent gekauft haben. Man konnte genügend günstige Stücke sammeln!  

08.07.13 14:48

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Unter 15,5 Cent gibt es keine Stücke mehr!

01.08.13 10:21

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Es gibt 0,169$ pro Aktie!

TORONTO, July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Global Alumina Corporation (the "Company" or "Global Alumina"), announced today that it has settled all of its debts and provided for all of its obligations and has forwarded US$31,021,884.60 of the remaining proceeds (the "Proceeds") relating to the sale of the Guinean refinery project to Computershare Trust Company of Canada ("Computershare"), its transfer agent, for distribution to shareholders. The Proceeds represent approximately US$0.169 per share, based upon 183,331,495 shares issued and outstanding, and is at the upper end of the range discussed in the management information circular of the Company dated May 31, 2013 (the "Circular").

The Proceeds will be distributed by Computershare as a return of capital to registered shareholders of record as of July 12, 2013. Non-registered shareholders holding shares beneficially through a broker or dealer should contact their broker or dealer regarding receipt of funds.

Global Alumina is proceeding to dissolve as expeditiously as possible. Additional information is contained in the Circular, a copy of which is available on Global Alumina's reference page on SEDAR,

About Global Alumina

Global Alumina recently sold all of its interests in a joint venture held through its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Alumina International, Ltd., to DM GAV Limited which is developing an alumina refinery in the bauxite-rich region of the Republic of Guinea. Global Alumina is headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick.

SOURCE Global Alumina Corporation  

28.08.13 12:00

4226 Postings, 4975 Tage Help123Geld auf meinem Konto!

Hat sich risikolos gelohnt!  

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