Gold Explorer mit neuer Discovery und unter Cash

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26.04.13 15:21

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diemGold Explorer mit neuer Discovery und unter Cash

Regals Marktkapitalisierung beträgt gerade ungefähr winzige 3,5 Millionen australische Dollar. Der Explorer hat dabei noch über 6 Millionen AUD in der Kasse. Absurde Konstellation , die bei den Juniors aktuell wieder öfters zu sehen ist. D.h. das Unternehmen ist an der Börse gerade mit -2,5 Mio. AUD bewertet, alle Projekte, Bohrerfolge, Cash etc. gibt es umsonst.


Bloomberg Profile:

Regal erzielte ganz gute Ergebnisse im aktuellen Bohrprogramm (siehe bsp. News von Ende März unten). Die 1. RE soll im 3. Quartal 2013 kommen: 


Further High Grade Intersections at Kadutu Support Accelerated Drill Programme

• Excellent drilling progress continues at Kadutu with nineteen (19) holes completed for ~3,500m
• Broad, high grade zones of gold mineralisation intersected over a distance of approximately 500m along strike
• Significant assays results received from five (5) new holes include:
o NGODD026: 46.1m @ 5.40g/t Au (includes 2m @ 93.45g/t Au)
o NGODD027: 8.35m @ 4.01g/t Au
o NGODD030: 23.62m @ 3.66g/t Au (includes 6.11m @ 8.52g/t Au)
• Mineralisation remains open at depth and along strike
• A second drill rig has been mobilised to commence infill drilling at Kadutu on 50m spaced section lines
• Maiden resource estimate scheduled for third quarter 2013 if resources potential continues to be confirmed

The Directors of Regal Resources Ltd (“Regal” or “the Company”) (ASX:RER) are pleased to provide an update on exploration drilling activities at the Company’s flagship Ngoy Project, located in South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)..


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14.05.13 19:23

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 1. Quartal 2013 - Highlights, #9


Ngoy Project:
• Fourteen (14) drill holes were completed for a total 2,533m and assay results received for five (5) drill holes.
• Significant results received include:
• NGODD026: 46.1m @ 5.40g/t Au (includes 2m @ 93.45g/t Au)
• NGODD027: 8.35m @ 4.01g/t Au
• NGODD030: 23.62m @ 3.66g/t Au (includes 6.11m @ 8.52g/t Au)
• Drill results confirm the continuity of mineralisation along strike and down dip and support the geological model.
• Interpretation of assay results and core logging indicate that mineralisation has been intersected over a 500m strike and that the mineralised system remains open along strike and down dip.
• A second diamond core drilling rig was mobilised to the Ngoy Project.

Matala Project:
• A Phase I, 2,000m drilling programme has been planned to test the extent and grade of hard rock
mineralisation identified from channel sampling (includes 17m @2.51g/t Au) at the Kanana Prospect.
• Reconnaissance exploration commenced to investigate extensions to the 17km long soil anomaly previously
delineated at Matala mineralisation and to investigate artisanal gold workings.

• The Company finalized the funding agreement with Afrimines for US$7 million for an additional 10% interest in Regal SK SPRL, a DRC registered company controlled by the Company.
• Regal become a member of AAMIG and engaged an international consultancy group to assist in
implementation of Corporate and Social Responsibility plans and policies.
• The Company undertook business development activities to identify and review new gold and copper project
opportunities that have potential to create significant shareholder value. 




27.05.13 15:48

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 13

South Kivu

The South Kivu Project is located at the southern end of the Twaingiza-Namoya gold belt (Banro Corp ~11Moz). The region is broken into two segments separated by the Simunambi River and comprises the north-eastern and south-western blocks with the northeastern area having a northeast structural orientation and the south-western area having a west-northwest orientation. The entire permit area is intruded by granites or varying ages with a number of granites of Late Proterozoic age (~970 Ma) known to be responsible for tin, tungsten and columbite-tantalite and gold mineralisation positively identified.

Since the commencement of exploration across the South Kivu Project in 2010, more than 12,000 stream sediment, soil and rock chip sample shave been collected across the permit area with 13 targets identified (12 gold, 1 tin)..



27.05.13 15:50

1227 Postings, 3817 Tage Vzt83Flirtet mit dem 52W Tief... soviel zum Thema...

30.05.13 23:44

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 16

Frage: Wie viele Junior-Explorer in Kanada und Australien tun das? ;)

Antwort: Über 80%



06.06.13 11:34

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# Neue Bohrergebnisse

New Significant Drill Results Extend Mineralisation at Kadutu Prospect, DRC



Ngoy Project – Kadutu Prospect
• Assay results received for 14 additional holes NGODD031 to NGODD044 drilled as part Kadutu Phase II
drilling programme
• All holes, with the exception of two, intersected gold mineralisation
• Significant assay results received include:
- NGODD033: 5.90m @ 2.44g/t Au
- NGODD037: 3.40m @ 11.96g/t Au
- NGODD038: 18.80m @ 1.99g/t Au (includes 4.60m @ 6.21g/t Au)
- NGODD039: 16.70m @ 2.38g/t Au (includes 8m @ 4.36g/t Au)
- NGODD040: 18.30m @ 1.38g/t Au
• The Phase II drilling programme at Kadutu has been completed with a total of 32 holes drilled for
approximately 5,750m
• A drill rig is being maintained on site on standby in readiness to start the Kadutu Phase III programme once
all results for Phase II are received and analysed
• The drilling programme has confirmed a strike continuity of the mineralised structure over a length of 750m
and to a depth of more than 150m
• Mineralisation remains open both along strike and at depth
• Drilling has identified high grade, plunging shoots within the overall mineralised structure
• Mineralisation at Kadutu appears to widen towards the south possibly linked with mineralised splay faults subsidiary to the main controlling structure 



11.06.13 10:19

1227 Postings, 3817 Tage Vzt83Autsch... aua... waren die BE wohl

nicht so gut...


12.06.13 11:30

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem#20

BE waren ganz ordentlich. Oder was findet du daran genau schlecht? ;-)

Baisse im Juniorsektor hält halt an..



02.07.13 10:32

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 19, 18

Nächste Tranche Bohrergebnisse soll in den nächsten 6 Wochen kommen

Phase II wurde abgeschlossen. Nach Erhalt und Interpretation aller BEs wird die Phase III gestartet: Infill + Step Out Bohrungen

1. Ressourcenschätzung für Kuduktu und Co auf Ngoy wird immer noch auf das 3. Quartal '13 anvisiert; könnte knapp werden, denke eher 4. Quartal


02.07.13 10:49

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 22 ff. - Regional Explorationsprogramm

Regional Exploratio

• The Company has commenced regional work programmes over those parts of the 14 permits held by Regal SK not previously explored in detail • A separate follow up programme to further investigate anomalous results identified from earlier regional programmes is underway with the purpose to maintain a pipeline of targets for drill testing

• Reconnaissance exploration on PR4816 (contiguous to the Matala East permit where a 17km long high tenor soil anomaly delineated) has identified artisanal hard rock workings



05.08.13 12:09

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# Weitere Bohrergebnisse vom Hauptbohrziel

Kadutu Final Drill Results Received Includes:
12.55m @ 10.49g/t Au, 12.40m @ 14.41g/t Au



05.08.13 12:11

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 24

Ziemlich gute high-grade Ergebnisse, ein paar der besten Bohrlöcher überhaupt, die auf Kadutu gebohrt wurden. Phase II nun fertig. Erste RE wird lt. Management bis Anfang Q4 folgen.

"..High grade gold mineralisation intersected in each of the following holes includes the best results received for the entire programme.

- NGODD048: 4.50m @ 4.89g/t Au
- NGODD049: 12.55m @ 10.49g/t Au
- NGODD050: 12.40m @ 14.41g/t Au (includes 7.65m @ 22.48g/t Au).."  

05.08.13 12:12

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 25

High-grades + Kontinuität bestätigt:

".The results of the completed Phase II drilling programme have continued to confirm the high grade nature of gold mineralisation at the Kadutu Prospect as well as the continuity of the mineralisation both along strike and down dip.."

05.08.13 12:13

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 24,25 - Management sehr zufrieden

"..The Directors of the Company are highly impressed by the drill results from the Phase II programme and are especially encouraged that the recent programme has ended in such a positive way.

Some of the highest grades reported for the drilling programme were intersected in the last set of holes drilled.."  

05.08.13 12:19

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# 24, 25, 28 - Map II, Lon Section, Tiefe etc.

05.08.13 12:23

4186 Postings, 3994 Tage carpe_diem# Aktuelle Goldminen-Messe in AUS

Diggers and Dealers in down under

In Kalgoorlie findet die jährliche Minenkonferenz statt. Das Diggers and Dealers - Treffen steht unter dem Bann der schwache Märkte für Goldaktien. Doch es kann auch positive Überraschungen geben.

Vom 4. bis 7. August treffen sich – wie jedes Jahr Anfang August – Hunderte Minenvertreter, Broker, Analysten und Investoren zur Diggers & Dealers-Konferenz im Bergbau-Städtchen Kalgoorlie.

Die westaustralische Goldsucher-Metropole ist seit mehr als 100 Jahren ein Dorado für Glücksritter. Auch heute noch steht der Super-Pit, eine der größten Tagebau-Goldminen der Erde für den Edelmetall-Reichtum des Gebiets. Bei einer Ausdehnung von 1500 Metern Breite, 3500 Metern Länge und derzeit fast 600 Metern Tiefe werden dort von Barrick Gold und Newmont Mining in einem Gemeinschaftsunternehmen jährlich rund 850.000 Unzen Gold produziert..


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