Grange Res- Australia's leading magnetite producer

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03.01.12 13:46

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 3/1

Grange Resources considers sale to ease project burden

From: Dow Jones Newswires
January 03, 201212:00AM

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GRANGE Resources is considering selling part of its stake in the Southdown iron ore project in Western Australia to help fund the proposed $2.57 billion export venture.

Chief executive Russell Clark said that if necessary, the Perth-based company would also sell part of Savage River, its already functioning iron ore mine in Tasmania.

Grange owns 70 per cent of Southdown and Japan's Sojitz holds the remainder.

The mine is expected to start operating in 2014 and produce 10 million tonnes of magnetite annually for at least 19 years.

Magnetite is a type of low-grade iron ore used to develop steel-making pellets, and is more expensive to produce than the conventional high-grade variant.

Sojitz is also in talks to sell part of its 30 per cent stake in Southdown to help share development costs, sources said.

"We recognise it's a big project and we're not a big company," Mr Clark said. "By selling down part of Southdown, up to 30 per cent perhaps, you immediately reduce your debt and equity requirements by that amount."

. .
There was no formal asset sale process under way at present, with the company likely to need most of next year to bed down Southdown's debt component because of Europe's rocky credit markets, Mr Clark said.

JPMorgan, which recently started coverage of Grange, places a value of $275 million on the Southdown asset. The estimated $2.57bn cost of developing the venture compares with Grange's market value of about $600m.

Grange said in October that Standard Chartered Bank had been appointed to advise on its debt requirements.

"I still believe the bulk of the funding will come out of Japan and China," Mr Clark said  

03.01.12 15:35

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackdanke heller

schön auch mal jmd anderen im thread zu sehen;)
bei gondinvest gibts den artikel auch auf deutsch:

"2,57 Mrd. Dollar Entwicklungskosten
Grange Resources plant Teilverkauf zur Finanzierung des Southdown-Eisenerzprojekts

Die australische Grange Resources (WKN 917447) denkt darüber nach, einen Anteil an ihrem Eisenerzprojekt Southdown in Western Australia zu verkaufen, um so einen Teil der auf 2,57 Mrd. Dollar geschätzten Entwicklungskosten aufbringen zu können.

Wie Russell Clark, CEO des in Perth ansässigen Unternehmens, erklärte, werde Grange auch einen Teil der bereits produzierenden Savage River-Mine in Tasmanien verkaufen, sollte dies nötig werden.

Grange hält 70% an Southdown, während die restlichen 30% bei der japanischen Sojitz liegen. Die Mine soll 2014 den Betrieb aufnehmen und 10 Mio. Tonnen Magnetiterz pro Jahr über mindestens 90 Jahre produzieren. Auch Sojitz befinde sich in Gesprächen über den Verkauf eines Teils seiner 30%, heißt es in der australischen Zeitung The Australian (Online-Ausgabe).

Die Analysten von JPMorgan, die vor Kurzem die Berichterstattung zu Grange Resources aufgenommen haben, beziffern den Wert von Southdown mit 275 Mio. Dollar. Den geschätzten Entwicklungskosten des Projekts von 2,57 Mrd. Dollar steht ein Börsenwert von Grange von rund 600 Mio. Dollar gegenüber. Das Unternehmen geht davon aus, dass der Großteil der Finanzierung des Projekts aus Japan und China kommen wird.."

gru0 black.jack  

06.01.12 09:33

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 6/1

Appendix 3BThu, 5 Jan 2012 18:28:00 +1000       1 day ago

Appendix 3B New issue announcement Appendix 3B Rule 2.7, 3.10.3, 3.10.4, 3.10.5 New issue announcement, application for quotation of additional securities and agreement Information or documents not available now must be given to ASX as soon as available. Information and documents given to ASX become ASX’s property and may be made public. Introduced 1/7/96.

Origin: Appendix 5. Amended 1/7/98, 1/9/99, 1/7/2000, 30/9/2001, 11/3/2002, 1/1/2003, 24/10/2005. Name of entity Name of Entity: GRANGE RESOURCES LIMITED ABN 80 009 132 405 We (the entity) give ASX the following information.

Part 1 - All issues You must complete the relevant sections (attach sheets if there is not enough space). 1 +Class of +securities issued or to be issued 2 Ordinary Shares to be issued (if known) or 422,593 Ordinary Shares maximum number which may be Number of +securities issued or issued 3 Principal terms of the +securities (eg, if options, exercise price and expiry date; if partly paid +securities, the amount outstanding and due dates for +convertible payment; if securities, the conversion price and dates for conversion) Not applicable + See chapter 19 for defined terms. 24/10/2005 Appendix 3B Page 1 Appendix 3B New issue announcement 4 Do the +securities rank equally in 5 6 allotment with an existing +class of quoted +securities? If the additional securities do not rank equally, please state: • the date from which they do • the extent to which they participate for the next dividend, (in the case of a trust, distribution) or interest payment • the extent to which they do not rank equally, other than in relation to the next dividend, distribution or interest payment Issue price or consideration Purpose of the issue (If issued as consideration for the acquisition of assets, clearly identify those assets) +securities all respects from the date of Yes $0.542 The shares are part of a three tranche allocation (this being the 2nd tranche) issued to employees for performance for the 6 month period ended 31 December 2010 in accordance with the terms of the Company’s Long Term Incentive Plan.

7 Dates of entering 5 January 2012 into uncertificated holdings or despatch of certificates 8 Number +Class Number and +class of all +securities quoted on ASX 1,154,359,727 (including the securities in clause 2 if applicable) Ordinary Fully Paid + See chapter 19 for defined terms. Appendix 3B Page 2 1/1/2003 Appendix 3B New issue announcement 9 Number Number and +class ....
Change of Director`s Interest NoticeThu, 5 Jan 2012 18:26:00 +1000       1 day ago

Appendix 3Y Change of Director’s Interest Notice Appendix 3Y Change of Director’s Interest Notice Rule 3.19A.2 Information or documents not available now must be given to ASX as soon as available. Information and documents given to ASX become ASX’s property and may be made public. Introduced 30/09/01 Amended 01/01/11 Name of entity: GRANGE RESOURCES LIMITED ABN: 80 009 132 405 We (the entity) give ASX the following information under listing rule 3.19A.2 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section 205G of the Corporations Act.

Name of Director Date of last notice Russell St John Clark 5 July 2011 Part 1 - Change of director’s relevant interests in securities In the case of a trust, this includes interests in the trust made available by the responsible entity of the trust Note: In the case of a company, interests which come within paragraph (i) of the definition of “notifiable interest of a director” should be disclosed in this part. Direct or indirect interest Nature of indirect interest (including registered holder) Note: Provide details of the circumstances giving rise to the relevant interest. Direct Not applicable Date of change No.

of securities held prior to change 5 January 2012 1,823,159 – Ordinary Shares 1,500,000 - $2.05 Options expiring 6 March 2012 1,500,000 - $3.00 Options expiring 6 March 2012 1,500,000 - $3.50 Options expiring 6 March 2012 Class Number acquired Number disposed Value/Consideration Note: If consideration is non-cash, provide details and estimated valuation Ordinary Fully Paid Shares 159,807 Nil Nil + See chapter 19 for defined terms. 01/01/2011 Appendix 3Y Page 1 Appendix 3Y Change of Director’s Interest Notice No. of securities held after change 1,982,966 – Ordinary Shares 1,500,000 - $2.05 Options expiring 6 March 2012 1,500,000 - $3.00 Options expiring 6 March 2012 1,500,000 - $3.50 Options expiring 6 March 2012 Nature of change Example: on-market trade, off-market trade, exercise of options, issue of securities under dividend reinvestment plan, participation in buy-back Shares were issued following the vesting of the 2nd tranche of shareholder approved performance rights relating to the Managing Director’s performance for the six month period ending 31 December 2010.

Part 2 – Change of director’s interests in contracts Note: In the case of a company, interests which come within paragraph (ii) of the definition of “notifiable interest of a director” should be disclosed in this part. Detail of contract Nature of interest Name of ....  

11.01.12 05:11

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 11/1

Grange Resources has upgraded the resource at its Southdown magnetite iron ore project near Albany following a $8.3 million drilling program.

The company said its total mineral resource at the project had increased from 654mt in December 2010 to 698mt last month.

Managing director Russell Clark said the initial results of the drilling program had confirmed and improved the quantity and confidence of the mineral resource at Southdown.

"The increase in measured resources is expected to flow into improved ore reserves, which will boost financiers' and investors' confidence in the overall project," he said.

Grange is expected to release the findings of a definitive feasibility study for Southdown before the end of March.

The project is a joint venture between Grange (70 per cent) and Japan's Sojitz (30 per cent).

Grange is majority owned by China's Shagang Group (66 per cent)

The company has existing operations producing magnetite pellets in north west Tasmania.
Grange shares up 2.5 cents, or 4.9 per cent, to 53.5 cents at 11am.  

16.01.12 23:55

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackQuarterly Report for 3 Months Ended 31 December

Highlights for the December Quarter 2011 included:
• Continued excellent safety performance at Savage River and Southdown. 17
months of no Lost Time Incidents (LTI) achieved.
• Improved cash, term deposits and trade receivables position of A$226.7
million and no net debt at the end of the quarter.
• Pellet prices remained strong during the quarter averaging US$198.9 per
• Direct operating cost per tonne of pellets produced reduced to A$89.65 per
tonne for the quarter, a 30% reduction on the previous quarter.
• Inaugural two cent dividend paid.
• Highest quarterly concentrate and pellet production for 15 months.
• Savage River production achieved two million tonnes of concentrate in 2011,
per previous guidance. Pellet production for the year was 1.98 million
• Phase I of Savage River East Wall recovery plan successfully concluded,
with production and unit costs returning to “normal” levels.
• Southdown project DFS continues, with completion due first quarter 2012.
• Southdown Mineral Resources increased and confidence improved.

komplett zu lesen hier:

gruß black.jack  

18.01.12 05:13

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 18/1

Grange forecasts 15% output boost January 18, 2012 07:57 AM

Grange Resources Limited (ASX:GRR) is expecting a 15 per cent boost in production this year because of improved mining conditions at its Savage River mine in Tasmania.

In the 2011 calendar year the magnetite producer’s Savage River mine generated two million tonnes of concentrate.

Production was given a boost with a strong end to the year; Grange achieved the highest quarterly production for 15 months in the December quarter.

CEO Russell Clark has described the year as “a challenging but ultimately successful” one.

Shares in Grange Resources lifted 1.83 per cent yesterday, closing at $0.555.

In the first half of the 2011 calendar year Grange Resources posted a net profit of $58 million.  

19.01.12 11:40

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackchart

grange hat sich die letzten tage/wochen toll entwickelt und das möchte ich auch mal im chart festhalten.. die letzten chartbilder die ich hier reingestellt hatte waren ja nicht so erfreulich..

Der Kurs den der Typ in FFM taxt ist der absolute schwachsinn.. pennt der?

gruß black.jack  
Angehängte Grafik:
grr12.png (verkleinert auf 81%) vergrößern

20.01.12 08:27

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackschönes interview heller

versuche mich mal mit einer zusammenfassung..

also erstmal geht russel clark auf die highlights des vergangenen quartals ein..
muss ich wohl nicht mehr viel zu sagen. excellelente sicherheits performance!! (danke an die top ausgebildeten arbeiter und das gute managment) + starke produktionsrate und 30% geringere kosten (im vergleich zum vorh. quartal, durch wiederaufnahme der produktion in der nord-pit) erste dividendenzahlung (an. rate of ~8%)!

Zu den Aussichten..
Grange Res. möchte in diesem jahr zwischen 2,4Mt und 2,5Mt concentrate bzw pellets produzieren. R. Clark schätzt die durchschnittlichen kosten auf ~100$/t..
Er möchte noch nichts verprechen, doch er geht davon aus das es auch dieses jahr eine dividendenzahlung an die aktionäre gibt (evtl erwarten uns die news hierfür schon ende februar im jahrebericht)
ende dieses quartals ist die DFS für southdown fertig und kommt wohl im Q2 auf den markt! Ebenfalls ende dieses quartals können wir uns auf ein re-estiminate für die eastern resource freuen.. (targeting overall resource about 1Bt)

Im Laufe dieses Jahres wirds auch neuigkeiten betreffend des financing zu southdown geben.

so das war die grobe zusammenfassung!

vllt noch kurz zur bergbausteuer aus dem q-bericht:
"During the quarter, the Company received confirmation from the Minister for Climate Change
and Energy Efficiency that the production of magnetite concentrate will be eligible for assistance
under the Jobs and Competitiveness Program in the moderately emissions-intensive category.
Grange continues to work with the Department of Climate Change regarding its submission for
transitional assistance for the production of iron ore pellets."

wir werden sehen wie sich das ganze dann aufs operative geschäft auswirkt..

gruß black.jack  

08.02.12 14:00

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackzum mögl. finanzierungsmix..

hab ich was interessantes auf hotcopper gefunden..

auszug vom beitrag "merrills on the quarterly" vom user "gamezone":
"Dividend policy and Southdown finance update
(i) Dividend outlook +ve. We expect a further 2c/share dividend in Feb. We expect GRR to distribute ~25% of free cash flow generated at Savage River. (ii) Southdown project update. Debt markets are proving tougher and it is reasonable to assume we will also see some capex creep. Debt could come from a number of Chinese development banks with GRR looking for $800m-$1bn equity. 20-25% share will be from cash holdings with the balance likely being: 1) equity sell down at JV level and 2) sale of portion in Savage River. Least preferred option, in our view = raising equity on market."

zum kurs: grange hält sich gut über der 0,6aud marke. sieht nach ner kurzen verschnaufpause aus.. wie im vorherigen post erwähnt, erwartet uns schon bald wieder (positiver) newsflow..

gruß black.jack  

10.02.12 05:17

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 10/2

General Presentation - Albany - February 2012Fri, 10 Feb 2012 12:18:00 +1000       1 hour, 55 minutes ago

Australia’s leading magnetite producer Southdown Magnetite Project Russell Clark Managing Director & CEO February 2012 Disclaimer The material in this presentation (“material”) is not and does not constitute an offer, invitation or recommendation to subscribe for, or purchase, any security in Grange Resources Limited (“GRR”) nor does it form the basis of any contract or commitment. GRR makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this material. GRR, its directors, employees, agents and consultants, shall have no liability, including liability to any person by reason of negligence or negligent misstatement, for any statements, opinions, information or matters, express or implied, arising out of, contained in or derived from, or for any omissions from this material except liability under statute that cannot be excluded.

Statements contained in this material, particularly those regarding possible or assumed future performance, costs, dividends, production levels or rates, prices, resources, reserves or potential growth of GRR or, industry growth or other trend projections are, or may be, forward looking statements. Such statements relate to future events and expectations and, as such, involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results and developments may differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward looking statements depending on a variety of factors.

February 2012 Slide 2 Company Snapshot Grange Resources is Australia’s leading magnetite producer and the only commercial producer of magnetite pellets in Australia, combining both mining and pellet production expertise. • ASX 300 Company, Market Capitalisation ~$700 million • A producer of premium iron ore • Cornerstone shareholder (46%) and major customer: • Jiangsu Shagang – China’s largest private steel mill • Southdown JV partner (30%) • Sojitz Corporation, a large Japanese trading company February 2012 Slide 3 Grange’s position is supported by quality assets in Tasmania and Western Australia. Southdown Project (70%) Savage River (100%) Northwest Tasmania Annualised production rate of 2.4Mtpa pellets Mine life to 2030 Owner-operated open pit mine, 83km slurry pipeline, coastal pellet plant and port Dedicated infrastructure – no third party charges Extensive operating experience applicable to Southdown development Slide 4 February 2012 The Southdown Project A Joint Venture between Grange Resources (70%), an ASX 300 Australian Public Company, and Sojitz (30%), a global trading company based in Japan.

Note that Grange has 66% Chinese ownership, with the largest shareholder (47%) being Shagang, China’s largest private steel mill. February 2012 Slide 5.
goole Übersetzung --------------

Allgemeine Vorstellung - Albany - Februar 2012 Fr, 10. Februar 2012 00.18.00 1000 1 Stunde, 55 Minuten

Australiens führender Magnetit Produzent Southdown Magnetite Projekt Russell Clark Managing Director und CEO Februar 2012 Haftungsausschluss Das Material in dieser Präsentation ("Material") ist nicht und stellt weder ein Angebot, eine Aufforderung oder eine Empfehlung zur Zeichnung oder zum Kauf von Sicherheit in Grange-Ressourcen Limited ("GRR") auch keine bilden die Grundlage für einen Vertrag oder eine Verpflichtung. GRR übernimmt keine Gewährleistung oder Garantie, weder ausdrücklich noch implizit, hinsichtlich der Genauigkeit, Zuverlässigkeit oder Vollständigkeit dieses Materials. GRR, seine Direktoren, Mitarbeiter, Vertreter und Berater, übernimmt keine Haftung, einschließlich Haftung für jede Person auf Grund von Fahrlässigkeit oder fahrlässigen Falschangaben, für Aussagen, Meinungen, Informationen oder Fragen, ausdrücklich oder impliziert, die sich aus, enthalten sind oder abgeleitet sind oder für Auslassungen aus diesem Material mit Ausnahme der Haftung aufgrund eines Gesetzes, das nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann. Die Aussagen in diesem Material enthaltenen, insbesondere diejenigen in Bezug auf mögliche oder erwartete zukünftige Performance, Kosten, Dividenden, Produktionsmengen oder Kurse, Preise, Ressourcen, Reserven oder potenziellen Wachstum des GRR oder Branchenwachstum oder anderen Trend Projektionen sind oder sein können, als zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen. Solche Aussagen beziehen sich auf zukünftige Ereignisse und Erwartungen und als solche unterliegen bekannten und unbekannten Risiken und Unsicherheiten. Die tatsächlichen Ergebnisse und Entwicklungen können daher wesentlich von den explizit oder implizit in diesen zukunftsgerichteten Aussagen abhängig von einer Vielzahl von Faktoren. Februar 2012 Slide 2 Company Snapshot Grange Resources ist Australiens führender Magnetit-Produzent und die einzige kommerzielle Hersteller von Magnetit-Pellets in Australien, die Kombination beider Bergbau-und Pellet-Produktion Know-how. • ASX 300 Unternehmen, ~~~V Marktkapitalisierung $ 700.000.000 • Ein Anbieter von Premium-Eisenerz • Cornerstone Aktionär (46%) und Großkunden: • Jiangsu Shagang - Chinas größter privater Stahlwerk • Southdown JV-Partner (30%) • Sojitz Corporation, ein großen japanischen Handelshaus Februar 2012 Slide 3 Grange die Position wird durch qualitativ hochwertige Anlagen in Tasmanien und Westaustralien unterstützt. Southdown Projekt (70%) Savage River (100%) Nordwesten von Tasmanien Annualisierte Produktionsrate von 2.4Mtpa Pellets Bergwerk Leben bis 2030 Besitzer betriebene Tagebau, 83km Gülle-Pipeline, Küsten-und Pellet-Werk Port dedizierte Infrastruktur - keine Gebühren Dritter Umfangreiche Bedien- erleben für Southdown Entwicklung Slide 4. Februar 2012 Die Southdown Projekt ein Joint Venture zwischen Grange Resources (70%), eine australische ASX-300 Public Company und Sojitz (30%), ein weltweit tätiges Handelsunternehmen mit Sitz in Japan. Beachten Sie, dass Grange 66 hat % Chinesen Eigentum, mit dem größten Aktionär (47%) als Shagang, Chinas größter privater Stahlwerk. Februar 2012 Folie 5.  

13.02.12 08:47

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 13/2

THE state's environmental watchdog has outlined a tough set of conditions for Grange Resources' plans to build a desalination plant near Albany.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) today released its review of plans by the Perth-based resources company to build and operate the Cape Riche desalination plant.

The plant – to take up about 65ha of land - will be located 5km west of Cape Riche, with the seawater and pump station about 500m east of Cheyne Inlet. A brine outfall pipeline will be located on the south side of Cape Riche.

It is expected to supply an increased 12 gigalitres of water each year to Grange’s Southdown magnetite iron ore project, about 90km from Albany.

EPA chairman Paul Vogel said today that given the “pristine local environment”, the authority had recommended a raft of conditions.

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Grange welcomes Albany Port expansion


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“This proposal has the potential to impact marine fauna and habitats, marine water quality and terrestrial flora and fauna through activities including blasting to construct the intake channel and clearing of vegetation for the pipeline construction,” Dr Vogel said.

“The conditions the EPA has recommended include measures to maintain marine water quality and minimise impacts to marine habitats and fauna.”

Also included in the conditions is the management of fauna entrapment as a result of trenching, as well as preventing the spread or introduction of dieback and weed species, he said.

Dr Vogel said other key factors considered were the processes surrounding the decommissioning of the mine site as well as the impacts on the social surrounds.

“The EPA visited Cape Riche last year and understands the area is highly valued by the community for its indigenous heritage, environmental values and recreational use,” he said.

“This proposal is unlikely to significantly impact the social surrounds, however, conditions will require that exclusion zones ensure walking corridors along Cape Riche are not completely blocked off at any time during construction.

“The proponent has also committed to minimising any impact, including establishing a 24-hour complaints line.”

The EPA report is open for a two-week public appeal period.

Southdown is a joint venture between Grange and Japan’s Sojitz, and is expected to cost $2.57 billion to develop.

Shares in Grange were down 1c, or 1.68 per cent, to 58.5c at 1148 AWST.
Die staatliche Umwelt-Watchdog hat eine harte Gruppe von Bedingungen für Grange Resources 'Pläne für eine Entsalzungsanlage in der Nähe von Albany bauen skizziert.

Die Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) hat heute ihren Überarbeitung der Pläne von der Perth-basierten Ressourcen Gesellschaft zum Bau und Betrieb der Cape Riche Entsalzungsanlage.

Die Anlage - die Aufnahme über 65ha Grundstück - wird 5 km westlich von Cape Riche befinden, mit dem Meerwasser und Pumpstation ca. 500 m östlich von Cheyne Inlet. Eine Sole Vorfluter-Pipeline wird auf der Südseite von Cape Riche befinden.

Es wird erwartet, dass sie so einen vermehrten 12 gigalitres von Wasser zu versorgen jedes Jahr an der Grange Southdown Magnetit-Eisenerz-Projekt, etwa 90 km von Albany.

EPA-Präsident Paul Vogel sagte heute, dass angesichts der "unberührten lokalen Umgebung", die Behörde habe eine Reihe von Bedingungen empfohlen.

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Grange begrüßt Albany Hafenerweiterung


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"Dieser Vorschlag hat das Potenzial, Fauna und Habitate, marinen und terrestrischen Wasserqualität Flora und Fauna durch Aktivitäten wie Sprengungen, um den Ansaugkanal und das Clearing von Vegetation für den Pipelinebau konstruieren auswirken", so Dr. Vogel sagte.

"Die Bedingungen, die EPA hat empfohlen, Maßnahmen zur Meerwasser Qualität zu sichern und die Auswirkungen möglichst gering zu marinen Lebensräume und Fauna."

Auch in den Bedingungen enthalten ist das Management der Fauna Einschluss als Folge der Grabungen sowie die Verhinderung der Verbreitung oder die Einführung von Waldsterben und Unkrautarten, sagte er.

Dr. Vogel sagte anderen wichtigen Faktoren betrachtet waren die Prozesse rund um die Stilllegung der Mine sowie die Auswirkungen auf die soziale umgibt.

"Die EPA besuchten Cape Riche im letzten Jahr und versteht das Gebiet hoch wird von der Gemeinde für seine indigene Erbe, Umwelt-und Erholungsnutzung Werte geschätzt", sagte er.

"Dieser Vorschlag ist unwahrscheinlich, dass erhebliche Auswirkungen auf die soziale umgibt, wird jedoch Bedingungen verlangen, dass Sperrzonen Fuß Korridore entlang Cape gewährleisten Riche nicht vollständig ausgeschaltet zu jeder Zeit während der Bauarbeiten gesperrt.

"Die Befürworter hat auch zu minimalen Auswirkungen, einschließlich der Errichtung einer 24-Stunden-Beschwerden Linie verpflichtet."

Der EPA-Bericht ist für eine zweiwöchige publikumswirksame Zeitraum offen.

Southdown ist ein Joint Venture zwischen Grange und Japans Sojitz, und wird voraussichtlich $ 2570000000 kosten zu entwickeln.

Die Anteile an Grange sank 1c, oder 1,68 Prozent auf 58.5c bei 1148 AWST.  

16.02.12 02:47

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackSouthdown.. Hit One Billion Tonnes

Southdown Magnetite Project Resouces Hit One Billion Tonnes

Grange Resources Limited (“Grange” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that, following the completion of an A$8.3 million drilling program, the Mineral Resources at the Southdown Magnetite Project (“Project”) have been increased by 75 per cent to 1.2 billion tonnes.

Grange Managing Director, Russell Clark, said: “We recently announced an upgrade to the resources on the Western Tenements of the project. We have now completed the analysis of the drilling on the Eastern Tenements and are pleased to advise that the resource for the project now exceeds a billion tonnes.”

“The drilling program was undertaken along the full 12 kilometre strike length of the mineralisation and comprised 85 holes with 22,727m of drilling. The increase in the Mineral Resource will provide greater confidence in the longevity of the Southdown Project, well beyond the life envisaged in the feasibility studies, which have been focused on the Western Tenements.”

kompletter text + tabelle zu lesen hier:  

29.02.12 01:40

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jacklesestoff..

Grange Resources - Full Year Results Overview (31 Dec 2011)

Grange Resources - Appendix 4E as at 31 Dec 2011

Grange Resources - 31 Dec 2011 Financial Statements


Das EPS für 2011 beträgt 18,78ct!
am 27.04 gibts ne dividende von 0,03aud pro share!
Der Markt würdigt die dividendenankündihung mit nem netten start, bei hohem volumen..

gruß black.jack  

29.02.12 05:03

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernebenfalls vom 29/2

Grange up on record profit

The West AustralianFebruary 29, 2012, 9:10 am


Grange up on record profit

Shares in Grange Resources jumped after iron ore pellet producer posted a record full-year profit of $216.6 million and announced final unfranked dividend of three-cents-a-share.

The result was achieved on revenue of $410.4 million.

While iron ore pellet sales were down on the previous year on lower production at its Tasmanian operations, the company benefitted from a 30 per cent increase in the average sale price of its pellets.

Grange Resources managing director Russell Clark said the company had produced 1.98 million tonnes of iron ore pellets in 2011, making it Australia's biggest magnetite producer.

Grange said the definitive feasibility study for its Southdown magnetite project near Albany was near completion. The resource at the project had increased to one billion tonnes.

The company nearly doubled its cash reserves in the period to $203.1 million and said it had no net debt.

Grange is 66 per cent owned by China's Shagang International Holdings.
Grange shares were up four cents, or 6.78 per cent, to 63 cents at 9.05am.  

01.03.12 12:58

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackgrange resources

erstmal danke heller fürs reinstellen. immer eine freude russel clark im interview zu hören, sehr interessant.. übrigens antwortet er auch immer auf email anfragen persönlich..

so nochmal kurz zum financial year 2011. EPS von 18,8ct + dividene von kummuliert 5 cent. was für ein jahr!! allerdings muss man sich genauer angucken wie das eps zusammengesetzt ist. drin enthalten nämlich 52,1M$ aus 2010 (Revenues also include $52.1 million associated with sales made under interim pricing arrangements in 2010.) und ein fetter tax benefit (Recognition of a $107.1 million benefit as a result of a merger of the Grange Group’s multiple tax consolidated groups on 6 January 2011. This merger benefit is non-cash and will be realised over the remaining life of the Group’s operations in Tasmania.)

zieht man diese "sonderfaktoren" ab bleibt immernoch ein starkes ergebnis irgendwo um die 10 cent pro share herum. dann noch die dividende bei der man auf ne rendite im bereich von 8-10% für 2011 kommt! das kann man sich mal auf der zunge zergehen lassen..

gucken wir auf 2012..

Savage river: die marge wird wohl änlich sein wie in 2011. allerdings nicht so volatil innerhalb des jahres...  2,3 - 2,4Mt sollen produziert werden bei kosten um die 100$/t und die verkaufspreise schätzt russel bei ~180/185 $/t.
das minen leben wurde bis 2030 verlängert und es läuft bereits ein neues bohrprogramm (long plains) das evtl nochmal ~fünf jahre dranhängt..

southdown: die resource wurde kürzlich erweitert.. nun werden die nächsten schritte die permit fürs desalination plant (siehe #37) und die veröffentlichung der DFS (in den nächsten monaten geplant!
Danach im zweiten halbjahr wirds dann interessant was die finazierung anbelangt..


hier nochwas zum gucken,
das neue corp. video:

und das community video:

gruß black.jack  

12.03.12 23:43

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackchange of interests

einmail hier, verkauf durch RGL holdings:

(ist aber schon etwas her, da zu ~0,71aud, wurde erst jetzt gemeldet)

und hier:

verkauf durch russel clark. angeblich aufgrund von steuerverbindlichkeiten.. nur spekulation.
natürlich darf auf mal ein manager traden, trotzdem komisches timing so kurz vor der BFS..

nunja bin weiter guter dinge für GRR! und bald gibts ne nette dividende und viel wichtiger: eine hoffentlich überzeugende BFS!!

gruß black.jack  

14.03.12 13:22

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackvolumen

heute absolutes rekord-volumen in australien, 41,179,028 gehandelte shares! davon 15M in einem ausserbörslichen trade!

guckt euch mal den intraday von grr an

bin gespannt wer da verkauft oder kauft.. im zusammenhanng mit den meldungen im vorigen post, könnte es sein das shagang weiter verkauft? oder bauen sie ihre position wieder auf?

nur spekulation.. meldung müsste bald kommen (wenn sie diesmal nicht solange brauchen)

gruß black.jack  

16.03.12 00:28

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jackauf hotcopper gefunden..

March 15, 2012, 5:16 PM

Kobe Steel Buys into Western Australia Iron Ore Project

By David Winning

Japan’s Kobe Steel has stepped forward as the buyer of a 9.9% stake in the 2.57 billion Australian dollar (US$2.69 billion) Southdown iron ore project in Western Australia state, after concluding a deal with trading house Sojitz.

Kobe Steel has also secured rights to take 1.5 million tons of magnetite, a lower grade of iron ore, from Sojitz and will use this to supply its Kakogawa steelworks in western Japan’s Hyogo prefecture.

Deal Journal Australia reported late last year that Sojitz was in advanced talks to sell part of its 30% stake in Southdown to share development costs, and was handling the transaction in-house.

“In the future, high-grade iron ore will decrease and iron ore prices are forecast to remain high,” Kobe Steel said in a statement Thursday. “By participating in this project, Kobe Steel will be able to further increase its iron ore interests. This will help Kobe Steel secure necessary resources and increase the competitiveness of its steel business.”

Magnetite is more common than the hematite that comprises much of the global trade in iron ore, but is more expensive to produce. Whereas hematite has an iron content of more than 60% and can be used directly in blast furnaces when making steel, the iron content of magnetite is often below 50% and it needs to be processed first.

The remaining 70% interest in Southdown is held by ASX-listed Grange Resources, which is also exploring the potential to bring in a new investor to help fund the project.

In a statement Jan. 3, Grange said it “anticipates considering a range of equity funding options to fund its Southdown project interest. Asset sales may potentially be one of the elements in the project finance mix.”

The Southdown project aims to start up within three years and produce 10 million tons annually for at least 19 years. Grange says early studies suggest it would be able to produce magnetite concentrates with an iron content of 69% for less than A$60 a ton, which would then be turned into iron pellets costing less than A$75 a ton excluding shipping from Australia to a Malaysian pellet plant.

anderer link zum thema:

gruß black.jack  

16.03.12 10:41

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernNews vom 16/3

Grange gets Japanese backing for Southdown

Peter Klinger Business Editor, The West AustralianMarch 16, 2012, 6:33 am


Grange gets Japanese backing for Southdown

Grange Resources' plan to get a $2.6 billion magnetite project near Albany off the ground has received a big boost after one of the world's biggest steel mills, Kobe Steel, agreed to become a major investor.

Kobe is thought to have paid in the order of $50 million for an indirect 9.9 per cent stake in the Southdown project. In the process Kobe has broken up the Chinese steel industry's control of WA's billion-dollar magnetite sector.

Kobe's investment is a subsidiary of Japanese trading house Sojitz, which owns 30 per cent of Southdown. Perth-based Grange Resources owns 70 per cent.

The Japanese giant, which has pellet plants suited to processing Southdown's 69 per cent magnetite concentrate, will also commit to buying 15 per cent of the project's 10 million tonne a year output. The Southdown offtake will increase Kobe's control over its iron ore supply from 7 per cent to 20 per cent.

Neither Kobe nor Sojitz would disclose the value of the Southdown buy-in, which analysts have put at $50 million to $80 million. Kobe will have to foot its pro-rata share of Southdown's development cost.

News of Kobe's move on Southdown came as WA's biggest iron ore producer, Rio Tinto, sold its minority shareholding in Grange, ending a long association with Southdown.

It is understood Rio was behind massive trading in Grange on Wednesday as it offloaded 18 million shares, at 60¢ each, for $10.8 million. The stock went to institutions and should enhance the free float of the tightly held Grange.

Grange managing director Russell Clark would not comment last night on the share trading.

But he welcomed Kobe to Southdown, describing it as "a very positive step" for the ambitious project.

"I think the broader message is that Southdown is a great project and we have a great strategic partner who recognises that," he said. "Kobe have a pellet plant so receiving high-grade concentrate from Southdown is a positive for them."

The project includes the Southdown mine, a 100km slurry pipeline to Albany, a desalination plant and 280km electricity transmission line. Grange also wants to build a 7mtpa pellet plant in Malaysia, although likely some time after Southdown is completed.

Grange is expected to finalise a definitive feasibility study for Southdown by next month and get environmental approval for the desal plant by May.

The Southdown partners want to make a final investment decision by the end of this year to enable them to be producing concentrate by 2015.
Grange shares fell 4¢ to 59.5¢.  

20.03.12 01:22

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jack@heller

dann scheint ja auch das geheimnis um die 18M shares gelüftet zu sein.. zitat auf deinem post: "It is understood Rio was behind massive trading in Grange on Wednesday as it offloaded 18 million shares, at 60¢ each, for $10.8 million. The stock went to institutions and should enhance the free float of the tightly held Grange."

scheint als ober der vermehrte freefloat sich schon bemerkbar macht^^ knapp ne stunde is der handel offen und schon ein volumen von 23,2M!

hier noch was auf hotcopper gefunden:

"Grange Resources Ltd (GRR)
Share Price: $0.60
Recommendation: BUY
Price Target $1.06

• Kobe Steel acquires 33% of Sojitz Resources & Technology - the holder of Sojitz Corporation’s 30% interest in the Southdown Project
• This will give Kobe Steel a 9.9% indirect interest in the Southdown Project
• Kobe has also agreed with Sojitz Corporation to off take 1.5Mt of magnetite concentrate for use at Kobe’s Kakogawa Works pellet plant
• Kobe’s release mentions only the Southdown project and not any other investments/assets
• No price is disclosed but industry commentator has reported an investment amount of ¥25B (cA$285M)

What does it mean
• Press reports some months ago alluded to a potential sell-down by Sojitz so in one sense this shouldn’t be a great surprise
• GRR has flagged it is considering a sell-down of its 70% share in the project as one option for funding its equity share of the $2.6B project
• The Southdown project DFS is expected at the end of this quarter
• Kobe’s investment at this time is a strong support signal for project’s viability
• In our valuation, GRR’s share of the Southdown project only comprises 25¢/share ($289M) of our $1.06 price target
• The current GRR share price understates our valuation of GRR’s Savage River operation (66¢/share) and substantial net cash position (14¢/share)
• Even a conservative read-through of the Kobe announcement highlights strong Southdown project support and, potentially, substantial valuation upside for GRR
• We retain our BUY recommendation and $1.06 price target

Mark Cotton
Petra Capital Pty Ltd "

gruß black.jack  

21.03.12 09:14

1622 Postings, 4750 Tage heller-goisernBlack Jack

Das sehe ich genau so .Hier die News von Heute.
Investor Presentation - AJM Iron Ore Conf - Perth 21 MarchWed, 21 Mar 2012 16:50:00 +1000       1 hour, 21 minutes ago

Australia’s leading magnetite producer Russell Clark Managing Director and Chief Executive AJM Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast 20-21 March 2012 Pan Pacific Perth, WA Disclaimer The material in this presentation (“material”) is not and does not constitute an offer, invitation or recommendation to subscribe for, or purchase, any security in Grange Resources Limited (“GRR”) nor does it form the basis of any contract or commitment. GRR makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this material. GRR, its directors, employees, agents and consultants, shall have no liability, including liability to any person by reason of negligence or negligent misstatement, for any statements, opinions, information or matters, express or implied, arising out of, contained in or derived from, or for any omissions from this material except liability under statute that cannot be excluded.

Statements contained in this material, particularly those regarding possible or assumed future performance, costs, dividends, production levels or rates, prices, resources, reserves or potential growth of GRR or, industry growth or other trend projections are, or may be, forward looking statements. Such statements relate to future events and expectations and, as such, involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results and developments may differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward looking statements depending on a variety of factors.

March 2012 Slide 2 Company Overview Grange remains Australia’s leading magnetite producer. An ASX 300 company, with a large well managed long term cash producing mining operation, a strong balance sheet, no net debt, and paying dividends - and a larger magnetite project at DFS offering even more value in the future. March 2012 Slide 3 The future for iron ore Iron ore, coke & limestone in Blast Furnace 101 Hot gasses out Hot gasses out Hot air in Molten iron out March 2012 Slide 4 Hot air in Molten slag out Iron units in = Iron units out Blast Furnace 101 50% - 80% Sinter • Sinter is made from “fines” • “Pilbara fines” 62% Fe (reducing) • New products from new producers: • Special fines 58% Fe • Value fines 57.5% Fe 20% - 50% Lump and Pellets • Lump 63% Fe, • Pellets up to 67% Fe (low contaminants) • Availability of lump is falling Fines Grades are falling Contaminants are rising Costs are rising Molten iron out March 2012 Slide 5 Questions? • ....  

26.03.12 02:20

713 Postings, 4718 Tage black.jacksouthdown

Australia’s largest iron ore pellet producer, may seek talks with steel mills in Asia including Kobe Steel Ltd. (5406) to invest in its A$2.6 billion ($2.7 billion) Southdown project.

Grange will consider several funding options for the project, including a stake sale, by the end of April, Russell Clark, chief executive officer of the Perth-based company, said today by phone. Grange, which owns 70 percent of the project in Western Australia, could sell another 30 percent stake, he said.

Kobe, Japan’s fourth-largest mill, this month agreed to buy an indirect 9.9 percent stake in Southdown from Sojitz Corp. (2768) for 25 billion yen ($298 million). Steelmakers including Kobe and ArcelorMittal (MT), the world’s biggest producer, are looking to secure iron ore and coking coal resources as increasing purchases by China and India tighten global supplies.

“We have spoken with Kobe, but we haven’t committed on any formal process,” said Clark in an interview. “One of the outcomes of our definitive feasibility study could be that we elect to divest some of the project, and then we would be targeting” companies such as Kobe, he said.

Kobe Steel spokesman Ryuichi Nakagami declined to comment.

Grange, whose biggest shareholder is Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., China’s largest closely held steelmaker, rose 1.6 percent to 62.5 cents at the close of trading in Sydney. Kobe bought its stake in Southdown by acquiring a 33 percent stake in a Sojitz unit that holds a 30 percent stake in the project.

‘Strategic Partner’

A number of Asian companies could potentially look at taking a stake in Southdown, Clark said.

“It needs to be a strategic partner with deep pockets and a need for” a long-term sales accord, he said yesterday. “Kobe is a good fit.”

The Southdown mine, located 90 kilometers (56 miles) northeast of Albany Port, is slated to produce about 10 million metric tons of iron ore a year starting 2015, according to Grange. The company also produces iron ore pellets from the Savage River mine in Australia’s Tasmania state.

Southdown’s estimated A$2.6 billion cost may rise “slightly” following the completion of the financial study, Clark said. The company said last month it expected the definitive report to be finished this quarter. Grange also is considering building a A$941 million pellet plant in Malaysia, he said.

“What we want to do is to get some cash flow from concentrate sales happening, and then look at the market and see whether or not a pellet plant makes sense,” Clark said. “Kobe bought into Sojitz’ share last week and they’re looking for pellet feed.”

Grange, targeting a final investment decision for Southdown at the end of the year, expects to complete debt funding with Chinese and Japanese development banks as well as export credit agencies, he said.  

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