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13.03.11 23:55

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasSCHWER-Gewichte in SILBER

Dieser Discussions-Faden soll voll und ganz das Thema SILBER - wie auch die damit zusammenhängende STABILITÄTS-Frage verschiedener WÄHRUNGEN fassen...

Und was die Hervorbringung des Silbers angeht, so wollen wir uns hierbei jeweils
auf die SCHWER-Gewichte in diesem Edel-Metall concentrieren; also zum Beispiel
auf jene Papers, wie sie derzeit aus der unten angefügten Chart-Vergleichung ersichtlich sind.

Bei Bezugnahme auf fremde Ausarbeitungen ist stets auf correcte QUELLEN-Angabe
zu achten.  
Angehängte Grafik:
actueller-chart-vergleich-zum-thema-silber.png (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern

14.03.11 00:10

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasEric SPROTT: Silver is UNDERVALUED:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

14.03.11 01:23

1055 Postings, 5161 Tage bounce1AUSSI Silberwerte - day after




Don't let go! Never give up - it's such a wonderful life. Handeln auf eigenes Risiko!

14.03.11 01:35

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasDer BusinessInsider zur Rolle TOKYO's:

Mar. 13, 2011, 7:27 PM
Gold And Silver Explode Higher, As World Awaits Tokyo Open

"The big event for MONDAY is the opening of the Nikkei at 9 TOKYO time, 8 PM ET.

In the meantime, the big winners are gold and silver. The YEN initially exploded higher on the repatriation/liquidation trade (Japanese companies selling everything to get yen for the recovery), but there has been some pullback"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

14.03.11 03:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasSowohl Investoren, als auch Vorsicht...

Sowohl neue Investoren, als auch gesteigerte Vorsicht bei denen bereits Investierten bringt nach Ansicht des's Geoff CANDY der jüngste "sharp run" in SILBER hervor:

Posted:  Friday, 11 Mar 2011
Silver's sharp run brings investors and caution
By Geoff CANDY:

"GRONINGEN -  Last Friday the silver price was fixed in London at $34.43 per ounce, this Friday the fix came in at $34.10.

While the weekly move is roughly flat, what it fails to reflect is the surge through the $36 per ounce level for the first time in over 30 years to a high of $36.70 and the subsequent drop back toward the $34 level.

It also fails to reflect the flood of headlines that were precipitated by the move, exacerbated by the gold:silver ratio moving below 40:1 for the first time since 1998.

There is no doubt that silver is rather popular at the moment. Not only has the price of the metal risen significantly over the last 12 months, but demand continues to grow. According to the US Mint, 6,422,000 American Eagle one-ounce silver bullion coins were sold during January 2011, nearly 50% higher than any prior month in the Mint's 26 years of published sales.

And, while not quite as extreme, the demand has remained strong in February, with the Mint reporting that silver bullion sales came in at 3,240,000 silver ounces for the month, up from the 2,050,000 silver ounces sold during February 2010"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

14.03.11 06:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasPreis-Verhältnis Gold zu SILBER:

March 10, 2011 12:59 pm EST
What’s Next For The Gold/Silver Ratio?

"History repeats itself. Somebody important said so.

Many silver traders and investors regard the gold/silver ratio now and think that old maxim is being proved again.

The white metal's been, er, white HOT recently. Silver's gotten expensive—not just in dollars, but in terms of gold. And as silver's price has raced higher, the gold/silver ratio has plummeted.

The ratio, which describes silver's buying power by dividing the per-ounce price of gold by that of silver, has averaged 60:1 over the past 35 years, meaning it's taken 60 ounces of silver to purchase one ounce of gold. Though with silver's most recent push to the $36/oz level, it now takes much less.

The gold/silver ratio broke below 40x this week, sending silver bulls into a tizzy.
A decline in the gold/silver ratio is seen as bullish for metals, a notion borne out by the last four decades of price action. Since 1977, there's been a negative correlation of 83 percent between the ratio and silver's price.

Many investors now wonder if gold's multiple is headed back down to its HISTORIC
(200-plus-year) equilibrium of 16x"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:  
Angehängte Grafik:

14.03.11 09:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasGold und Silber: Was für ein Paar!

Gold and Silver: What a Pair!
Analyzing Gold/Silver Ratio to Identify Pairs Trading Opportunities

"Record gold and silver prices have created a stir in the market, with many pundits now placing their bets on silver as this decade’s “new gold.” In this study, we look at the relative attractiveness of gold and silver, which may help identify pairs trading opportunities".

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieser Anmoderation:

Und zum vollen BERICHT geht es dann HIER:
Allerdings wird dafür eine Anmeldung verlangt...
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

14.03.11 09:03

17202 Postings, 6177 Tage MinespecInflation an Silber Threads.....

14.03.11 09:30

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasTaugen Gold & Silber als Indicatoren?

Mit der Frage, in wie weit die Gold- und Silber-Preise dazu taugen, die RICHTUNG der Wirtschaft anzusagen oder zu überprüfen, hat sich der Auctor David I. TEMPLETON auf "Seeking Alpha" beschäftigt:

March 12, 2011
Using Gold and Silver to Evaluate the Direction of the Economy

"Given what seems like a parabolic increase in gold and silver prices, many investors are attracted to these metals as investment opportunities. We have a difficult time evaluating whether these metals are overvalued or undervalued. The difficulty arises from the fact these metals do not generate any cash flow. We value investments we make for our client accounts based in large part on the cash flows generated by particular investments. Consequently, at this point in time we do not have a direct allocation to either gold or silver for our client accounts.

On the other hand, we do evaluate gold and silver prices as they are an important input into our analysis of the future direction of economic growth. Gold tends to be a safe haven investment for investors with events like those occurring in the Middle East impacting the price of gold. During times of improving economic activity though, silver tends to outperform gold due to silver's wider industrial use compared to gold; hence, driving up the price of silver. Since mid-2010 silver has outperformed gold. The first chart below shows gold and silver prices along with the gold/silver ratio. In the second chart, the gold/silver ratio is plotted with U.S. industrial production"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

14.03.11 15:30

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasHier jetzt 'mal etwas META-Physik:

Written on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 5:38am
Relatively Low Upside Potential in the Precious Metals & Minerals Industry Detected in Shares of Silver Wheaton (SLW, CDE, BVN, PAAS, SWC)
By David DIAZ:

"Below are five higher priced stocks (share price over $20) in the Precious Metals & Minerals industry with the lowest upside potential. Upside potential represents potential gains between the current stock price and the projected average analyst target.

Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW) has a potential upside of 14.4% based on a current price of $41.93 and an average consensus analyst price target of $47.96.

Coeur d'Alene Mines (NYSE:CDE) has a potential upside of 20.3% based on a current price of $33.13 and an average consensus analyst price target of $39.86.

Cia de Minas Buenaventura (NYSE:BVN) has a potential upside of 21.7% based on a current price of $43.53 and an average consensus analyst price target of $53.00.

Pan American Silver (NASDAQ:PAAS) has a potential upside of 24.3% based on a current price of $35.96 and an average consensus analyst price target of $44.70.

Stillwater Mining (NYSE:SWC) has a potential upside of 35.3% based on a current price of $21.92 and an average consensus analyst price target of $29.67.

SmarTrend currently has shares of Coeur d'Alene Mines in an Uptrend and issued the Uptrend alert on February 07, 2011 at $25.01. The stock has risen 32.5% since the Uptrend alert was issued".

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieser Einschätzung:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

14.03.11 21:27

331 Postings, 5328 Tage zack26hey

ich hab mal ne frage...bin selbst nur in minen investiert und würde mir aber jetz gerne paar barren unters kopfkissen legen,was würded ihr sagen wo ich die am besten kaufe,online,bank,sparkasse??? wieso ist cook island silber günstiger als zb. heraeus?? wo bekomme ich die barren in paar jahren am besten wieder los,online oder bank??

MFG zack  

14.03.11 22:22

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasENDEAVOUR-Zahlen am 22.3. vorbörslich:

14.03.2011 13:02  
Endeavour Silver to Release Q4, 2010 Financial Statements on Tuesday March 22, 2011; Teleconference Scheduled for the Same Day

"VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/14/11 -- Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR)(NYSE: EXK)(DBFrankfurt: EJD) plans to release its Fourth Quarter, 2010 financial results on Tuesday March 22, 2011 prior to the market open.

A conference call to discuss the results will be held at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 PM Eastern Time) on the same day, Tuesday March 22, 2011.
To participate in the conference call, please dial the following:

--  800-319-4610 Canada and USA (Toll-free)
--  604-638-5340 Vancouver Dial In
--  1-604-638-5340 Outside of Canada&USA
--  No passcode is necessary

A replay of the conference call will be available for seven days by dialing 1-800-319-6413 in Canada&USA (Toll-free) or 1-604-638-9010 outside of Canada and USA. The required pass code is 4890 followed by the # sign"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 00:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage Teras5 Reasons why SILVER Prices MOVE:

Die Auctorin Andrea TSE hat sich auf "The Street" mit der Frage befasst, was SILBER in BEWEGUNG hält. - Etwas LÄNGERER, sehr LESENS-werter Artikel; in's Besondere die dortigen Passagen zur MANIPULATION, in welchem Zusammenhang dann auch - wen wundert's! - der Name JPMorgan CHASE auftauchen muss:

03/14/11 - 07:07 AM EDT
5 Reasons Why Silver Prices Move
By Andrea TSE:

"NEW YORK (TheStreet ) -- Silver prices hit a new 31-year high last week, settling at $36.04 an ounce. This was the bullish signal many traders were waiting for and price targets now range from $35 to $45 for 2011. Voracious investment demand and turmoil in the Middle East-North Africa region have been pivotal to silver's pop, but doesn't tell the whole story"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 00:14

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasDer oben citierte "The Street"-Artikel...

Der oben citierte "The Street"-Artikel scheint ein Gemeinschafts-Werk zu sein; denn 'mal wird als Urheberin Andrea TSE angegeben, nur wenig später dann Alix STEEL.

Beider Namen sollte man sich merken; denn wenn "The Street" bezüglich banquerottierter Finanz-Institution zwar mehrmals Quatsch verbreitet hat, so erscheint mir dieser SILBER-Artikel doch durchaus solide.

Andere Meinungen?
LG: Teras.
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 00:55

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasAlte JESUITEN-Mine wieder am Start?

"VANCOUVER, March 14 /CNW/ - NSGold Corporation (TSXV: NSX) has signed a
binding letter of intent ("LOI") whereby it can acquire 100% ownership of the
Dios Padre Property located in the Municipality of Yecora, State of Sonora,
Mexico, including the historic Dios Padre Silver Mine located approximately
260 km east of Hermosillo.
          §    Historic Resource Estimates
          §    The Dios Padre Silver Mine has been the subject of numerous reviews and
evaluations, including Mackay & Schnellmenn (1966)1, Konkin (1996)2 and Free
(1997)3.  The historic resource estimates were summarized in a 2002 report by
David A. Bending, M.Sc., P.Geo. (Geological Report and Summary of Field
Examination, Dios Padre Mine - David A. Bending 2002) as follows"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:

In diesem Zusammenhang ebenfalls Hilf-reich:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 01:36

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasFette GOLD- und SILBER-Gehalte...

Fette GOLD- und SILBER-Gehalte will man Regel-mäßig bei jenen Explorers und Miners sehen und auch NACH-prüfen können, die demnächst als ÜBERNAHME-Candidaten auf dem Speise-Zettel eines Major Player's auftauchen könnten:

14.03.2011 23:05  
Sulliden Drills High-Grade Gold and Silver at Shahuindo-Intersects:
2.34 g/t GOLD and 53.6 g/t SILVER over 23 Metres...

"TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire) -- 03/14/11 -- Sulliden Gold Corporation Ltd. ("Sulliden", or the "Company") (TSX: SUE)(OTCQX: SDDDF) is pleased to announce new drilling results from its 100%-owned Shahuindo Gold and Silver Project in northern Peru. The results continue to demonstrate the growth and continuity of the mineral system along the currently defined 3.8 kilometre strike length of the deposit, which remains open in all directions and at depth.

Significant gold and silver intercepts from this group of exploration results are highlighted below. Complete results are reported in Table 1. An economic cut-off grade of 0.17 g/t in gold oxides was established by AMEC in the NI 43-101 Preliminary Assessment (see December 8, 2009 news release).

Significant GOLD drill intercepts:
--  Hole SH10-153 in the West Zone
   --  1.28 g/t Gold over 21.0 meters including 6.79 g/t Gold over 3.0 metres
   --  2.34 g/t Gold over 23.0 metres including 6.07 g/t Gold over 4.9 metres
--  Hole SH10-154 in the Central Zone
   --  0.87 g/t Gold over 123.5 metres including 2.06 g/t Gold over 26.6 metres
   --  2.23 g/t Gold over 24.7 metres including 6.80 g/t Gold over 6.4 metres

Significant SILVER drill intercepts:
--  Hole SH10-153 in the West Zone
   --  53.6 g/t Silver over 23.0 metres including 176.6 g/t Silver over 4.9 metres
--  Hole SH10-167 in the West Zone
   --  41.9 g/t Silver over 51.0 metres including 104.1 g/t Silver over 12.0 metres
--  Hole SH10-172 in the Central Zone
   --  55.1 g/t Silver over 36.0 metres including 158.3 g/t Silver over 9.2 metres"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 02:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasUkrainer kaufen SILBER statt Gold:

Ukraínians buying SILVER instead of Gold:

"KYIV, March 15 /UKRINFORM/. Decline in people's incomes has forced the Ukrainians to finding cheaper channels of investing - last year, individuals and companies reduced purchases of gold up to 6.8 tons and stepped up buying silver up to 8.6 tons, UKRINFORM reported citing Kommersant-Ukraine.

Compared to 2009, sales of gold in bullions and coins fell by 21%, while that of silver rose by 57%. Experts believe that the reorientation to SILVER is due to too high price
of gold in bullions and coins.

"Gold rose in price, and only wealthy investors can buy it, for people's incomes mainly decreased. One should invest only in gold in large bullions," Industrialbank CEO Leonid HREBINSKY has said.

"In addition, gold has shown strong growth rates, while silver still has room for growth," he emphasized"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieser interessanten Nachfrage-Verschiebung:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 02:45

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasSILVER out-pacing TECH-Stocks?

Mit der interessanten Frage,
wann SILBER die TECH-Stocks ÜBERHOLT haben wird, befasst sich folgender Artikel:

"Since the 2009 stock market bottom the overall market has rebounded strongly, and some favorites in the tech space have provided exceptional returns. The table below shows the returns of some of these stocks from March 9, 2009 to March 11, 2011. Included in the list are (PCLN), SanDisk (SNDK), Netflix (NFLX), Apple (AAPL), (CRM), Juniper (JNPR), and (AMZN). Also included in the table is iShares Silver Trust (SLV), the most popular silver ETF. Notice how these seven tech stocks have outperformed SLV since the stock market bottom in 2009. Three of the stocks have more than doubled the performance of silver.

In order for silver to take investors’ attention away from popular investments like tech stocks, it's going to need to do one or both of the following things going forward:

1. OUTPERFORM other popular investments like TECH stocks;
2. Trend HIGHER while other asset classes are going LOWER.

A recent example of the second item above occurred when oil continued higher in 2008 while most other asset classes had already started trending lower. The advance in oil ended up accelerating before it topped because it attracted capital away from asset classes that were not only underperforming oil but were also trending lower.

When SLV broke out of a multi-year consolidation in August 2010 into a strong advance, it also started outperforming other asset classes, including many of the tech stocks mentioned above. The next table shows that since August 1, 2010 only Priceline has outperformed SLV"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:  
Angehängte Grafik:
2011-02-silver-going-to-outperform-tech-stocks.gif (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern

15.03.11 07:30

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasFette GOLD- und/oder SILBER-Gehalte...

Fette GOLD- und/oder SILBER-Gehalte sind ja, wie in obiger #16 hinlänglich erinnert,
die unabdingbare Voraussetzung dafür, demnächst als ÜBERNAHME-Candidat auf dem Speise-Zettel eines Major Player's auftauchen zu können:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
ARC Exploration identifies more high grade gold-silver mineralisation in Indonesia:

"Indonesian explorer ARC Exploration (ASX: ARX) has intersected more broad zones of high grade gold-silver mineralisation in trenches at the Soro Prospect in East Sumbawa.

The encouraging gold results indicate possible feeder structures that include 2 metres at 35.4 g/t gold. Another six trenches have been completed within part of a large gold soil anomaly measuring over 1000m by 500m. Four of these trenches intersected gold mineralisation.

The longest intersection of 38m at 2.88 g/t gold includes 2m at 35.4 g/t gold and occurs in a trench located about 30m west of the previously reported trench that received 38m at 1.41 g/t gold. The gold mineralisation is hosted by silicified limestone and is open to the southwest.

These new results build on the company's previous work released in February 2011 and significantly extend the area of gold mineralisation at Soro and highlight the potential for high-grade mineralised structures.

The Bima Exploration tenement covers 250 square kilometres and has excellent infrastructure with a network of sealed to graded roads traversing almost all of the tenement area.

Soro is a new prospect and Arc are still working to understand the controls on gold mineralisation in the area. Trenching has only tested a small part of the large gold in soil anomaly so there is significant potential to extend surface gold mineralisation well beyond the existing trenches.

The company is now extending soil sampling to the south to test for extensions to the known gold mineralisation"...

Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 08:30

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage Teras"Down over 1.5 Percent" - Hossa!

Wie man für lumpige 1,5 Procente überhaupt ein' AAUFHEBENS zu machen vermögte, wo doch meine ganz gewöhnlichen Papers oft 20 Procente hin und her schwanken, wird mir wohl ewig ein RÄTSEL bleiben. - Doch hatte ich Euch ja versprochen, mich hier auf SILBER zu concentrieren; nun also, sei's drum:

On Tuesday 15 March 2011, 11:54 AM
Silver loses sheen, down over 1.5 pc on weak Asian cues

"New Delhi, Mar 15 (PTI) Silver prices fell by 1.52 per cent to Rs 53,153 per kg in futures trading today, as investors engaged in reducing their positions amid a weakening trend in Asian trade.

At the Multi Commodity Exchange, silver for delivery in May fell by Rs 821, or 1.52 per cent, to Rs 53,153 per kg, with a business turnover of 341 lots.

Similarly, the white metal for delivery in July declined by Rs 810, or 1.48 per cent, to Rs 53,957 per kg, clocking a turnover of 341 lots.

Market analysts said profit booking by speculators in tandem with a weak trend in Asian trade on demand concern following last week''s devastating earthquake in Japan.

Meanwhile, silver prices moved down by 1.6 per cent to USD 35.36 an ounce today in Asian trade".

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieser ergareifenden Nachricht:

Nicht zu vergessen auch der erschütternde Nachsatz:
"There are no comments yet"...
Ja, bitte schön, WIE auch?

Kopfes-schüttelend allezeit:
Der olle Teras.
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

15.03.11 19:40

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasDAS sind Silber-Gehalte

Silver Mines
Drilling Report

To: Company Announcements Officer
Australian Securities Exchange

15th March, 2011



-DDH011 intersects 3.95m @ 916g/t Ag, 0.9% Cu, 0.16% Pb and 3.42% Zn from 94.6m

-DDH006 intersects 3.0m @ 408g/t Ag, 0.59% Cu, 2.54% Pb and 1.93% Zn from 81.7m and;                        6.0m @ 275g/t Ag, 0.39% Cu, 0.39% Pb and 2.19% Zn form 96.15m

-DDH009 intersects 3.0m @ 261g/t Ag, 0.31% Cu, 1.30% Pb and 1.20% Zn from 23.8m

-DDH008 intersects 2.0m @ 196g/t Ag, 0.26% Cu,  1.25% Pb and 1.23% Zn from 21.6m and;                        2.0m @ 180g/t Ag, 0.1% Cu, 0.68% Pb and 0.85% Zn from 37.2m

-DDH007 intersects 6.0m @ 167g/t Ag, 0.18% Cu, 0.83% Pb and 1.53% Zn from 137.9m

- Deep drilling at Main Shaft workings confirms existence of lode structure at depth >250m                               - Additional results from remaining holes are awaited

Silver Mines Limited (ASX:SVL, PLUS:SVLP) is pleased to announce that is has received the results for six of the eleven recently completed diamond drill holes at the Webbs Silver project. Results have also been received for diamond drill holes previously completed which targeted deeper mineralisation beneath the Main Zone old workings. All results are shown in Table 1"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieses Ausschnitts:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

16.03.11 00:30

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasPhil Streible: Japan Sells Gold for Cash:

Mon 03/14/11 17:01 PM EST

"NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Phil STREIBLE, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock, breaks down what JAPAN's earthquake means for GOLD prices in the SHORT term":
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

16.03.11 01:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasGold und Silber kauft man...

Das Beispiel JAPAN hat erneut daran ERINNERT, dass Gold und Silber =FÜR= die Krise,
und eben nicht =IN= der Krise eingekauft werden, wie von Börsen-fernen Kräften
gerne immer wieder behauptet...

In meiner Einschätzung werden die Japanischen Gold- und Silber-Verkäufe die Preise derer beiden Krisen-Metalle jedoch jediglich KURZ-fristig dämpfen.

LG: Teras.
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

16.03.11 01:10

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasStreiche "jediglich", setze: lediglich...

Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

16.03.11 08:00

Clubmitglied, 37820 Postings, 5793 Tage TerasDie SPINNEN, die "Dinos":

15.03.2011 13:36 Releases the Quetzalcoatl Silver Amulet Necklace

"HONG KONG, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- has announced the releasing of a Quetzalcoatl Silver Amulet Necklace. It has to do with the event 2012. The doomsday is approaching fast and it has already started showing signs of its coming too. The Maya long count calendar will run out of days on 21st Dec, 2012 and it is supposed to be the day when the world witnesses its end. The Maya were very proficient at astrology. They even predicted their own civilization's overrunning by foreigners and also accurately predicted the world wars. Old Chan Kin, the respected spiritual leader of the Lancandon Maya once predicted that once the last Mayan dies, the world would eventually end. He died back in 1996, aged 150 years. But for the sake of the safety of his children and family he left the Quetzalcoatl Silver amulet necklace created by locals and told them that the people who possess it would be blessed by the ancient Maya God.

"We, for the sake of your children and family's safety and well-being have been able to get 2012 pieces of amulet necklaces through some channel. The intricately designed necklace holds special powers which would keep you and your family safe and sound from all the bad things, and you will see rest and peace prevailing in your life. Only limited stock makes it all the more alluring and a must to buy proposition," the marketing manager of DinoDirect was quoted as saying.

Apart from showering its really beneficial magical powers upon possessors and their families, this enchanting silver pendant with Maya God amulet flows naturally down a wearer's neckline. The meticulously crafted pendant comes with captivating designs and superlative materials used in its construction. Made of alloy and silver, this pendant necklace can be adorned for a longer time and requires minimal maintenance. It looks simply fantastic and embellishes a high taste. It is just a perfect gift for sweethearts, friends, family and a token of love, care and expression.

Not all people can go aboard, but with this enchanting and magical pendant one can double the chances for survival. Stock has begun to run out, but DinoDirect has been able to manage this amazing product after toiling hard and putting in much effort, just for the benefit and safety of mankind"...

SOURCE / LINK / QUELLE dieser angesilberten Segens-Verheißung:
Den Vorhang AUF, der Krimi geht weiter...

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