Solar Enertech - nun Einsteigen ? Ich denke schon!

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16.01.08 13:21

521 Postings, 6305 Tage noiseLangfristinvest

Bin zu 0,65 wieder drin, und nun halt ich sie.  

17.01.08 18:01

216 Postings, 5879 Tage yosemitenoise, sehr gute entscheidung...

es ist nur wichtig, was bei den Amis passiert! siehe news...

das ganze gesuelze z.b. bei w:o mit all´ den dummschwaetzern dort beinhaltet ueberwiegend negativgequatsche und verschleiert die enormen chancen von SOEN dadurch . es gibt nur einige wenige mit guten analysen, die sich aber immer wieder durch user mit mangelnder inteelektueller qualitaet in rechtfertigungen verlieren. sehr schade eigentlich.

"Pinnacle Digest: Solar EnerTech Sparks Interest from Leading Energy Site
Wednesday January 16, 2008 04:45:24 EST
Jan 16, 2008 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX News Network) -- is a performance-driven online financial magazine with a consistent and disciplined approach to the market. With our growing network of experienced professionals we strive to bring investors the only multi-dimensional online investing magazine. Yesterday's news from Solar EnerTech Corp.(OTCBB:SOEN) announcing that on January 11, 2008, they sold 24.3 million shares of their common stock and 24.3 million Series C Warrants to purchase shares of common stock for an aggregate purchase price of $21.4 million has led to further research by our team in order to determine if we will select them as our next Featured Company. Only Pinnacle members will be notified if we select them as our next equity target.

Why is our research team interested in Solar EnerTech?

Our team has had tremendous success in bringing forward companies in the energy sector in 2007 and we are following Solar EnerTech's development to see if they have what it takes to be our next equity of choice. We are looking for energy plays with a market cap under 50 million dollars. Solar EnerTech certainly has that. A tight capital structure is crucial when selecting speculative plays.

The second reason is due to Solar EnerTech's decline in share value over the past month. They could be a potential "bottom feeder" investment opportunity if they can continue to develop and keep overhead costs down.

Although we haven't determined if we will select Solar EnerTech as our next Featured Company quite yet, we do plan on continuing our research exclusively on our site. If they continue to develop to our satisfaction we plan on bringing them to the attention of all our investors as our next opportunity in this very important sector.

To recap, The Company intends to use the net proceeds from the offering for working capital and general corporate purposes, including the financing of its recent $21.8 million purchase order with Sky Solar and the installation of a second 25Mw production line.

We will be reviewing Solar EnerTech's development and its potential ramifications on their future; further information and the entire article will be available on our site as well as an exclusive Chat Board dedicated to their shareholders. All Solar EnerTech shareholders are encouraged to share their thoughts on this equity with one of North America's largest online investor communities. Within one week we will be announcing our next Featured Company which we only do four times every year. Join our informative and complimentary online financial magazine at

About Pinnacle Digest Once a member of you will be able to access our complimentary full-length research reports on selected companies, our weekly volumes, our exclusive Chat Boards with our proprietary quality control and much more. This service is designed for the retail investor and is entirely free.

We pride ourselves in having a multi-purpose online magazine and encourage you to join our community.

PinnacleDigest has no vested interest in the company mentioned herein. This source of information is from an unbiased perspective. If you wish to become a member of you will be gaining access to articles similar to this one and many other useful services we know you will find valuable. Keeping you educated and up-to-date with the market is one of our main purposes. Our approach in achieving this goal and our ability to consistently deliver high quality investment material is what defines our business model."  

08.02.08 08:28

1575 Postings, 7488 Tage ÖlmausSolar EnerTech Announces 2008 First Quarter Financ

Solar EnerTech Announces 2008 First Quarter Financial ResultsTicker Symbol: U:SOEN

   MENLO PARK, Calif., Feb. 7 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Solar EnerTech Corp.  (the "Company") today announced results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2008.

   For the fiscal 2008 first quarter ended December 31, 2007, Solar EnerTech reported total revenue of $4.8 million compared to no revenue in the same period of the prior year. The revenue result is in-line with first quarter revenue guidance announced on December 28, 2007. The Company recorded $2.2 million in solar cell and module sales with the remaining portion coming from the resale of raw materials. Module sales were sold mainly to customers in Europe. The Company incurred a negative gross profit of $466,000 for the first quarter ended December 31, 2007 primarily due to low manufacturing volume.

   Total operating expense for the fiscal 2008 first quarter was $4.3 million compared to $2.6 million in the prior year period. First quarter operating expense included a $2.4 million non-cash stock compensation charge related to the hiring and retention of key executives. The increase in operating expense was due to an increase in sales and marketing activities and general and administrative expense to support overall growth. The Company also incurred a loss on debt extinguishment of $362,000 related to the conversion of certain Series A convertible notes into common stock and the settlement of all promissory notes with the Company's common stock.

   The Company incurred interest expense charges of $278,000 associated with Series A and B convertible notes as well as gains of $1.1 million and $115,000 associated with the change in fair market value of compound embedded derivative liability and warrant liability, respectively.

   Net loss for the fiscal 2008 first quarter was $3.9 million, or ($0.05) per share, compared to a net loss of $2.6 million, or ($0.03) per share in the same period of the prior year.

   Mr. Leo Young, Chief Executive Officer of Solar EnerTech commented, "Our performance in the first quarter met our projections and we are making steady progress increasing sales of solar cells and modules. As we move into the second quarter, we are focused on scaling up our production capabilities and further developing our R&D initiatives.

   We are in the process of expanding the size of our manufacturing operations and have moved our solar module manufacturing equipment to our new 21,000 square foot facility located near our existing plant within the Jinqiao Technology Park. This line is expected to be fully operational after the Chinese New Year holiday. As part of this expansion, we have also installed a new testing center for solar module efficiency. These measures will improve our production capabilities and provide us with the necessary space to install a second solar cell production line.

   We are also making progress in our joint R&D efforts with Shanghai University. This included the successful implementation, on a testing line in the lab, of a new patent-protected technique that will enable us to decrease wafer thickness, increase the conversion rate of solar cells and reduce silicon consumption. Our joint R&D efforts have also resulted in continued progress on second generation thin film materials and a new processing technology for third generation nano-architectured photovoltaic materials and devices, both of which are expected to have a significant impact on the Company's future products."

   Financial Outlook

   For the fiscal 2008 second quarter ending March 31, 2008, Solar EnerTech expects revenue to be in the range of $7 million to $8 million. The Company expects approximately 80% of sales will be generated from modules sales with the remaining portion coming from the resale of raw materials. The Company's contract with Sky Solar (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd, which was announced on December 18, 2007, is scheduled to begin delivery during the fiscal second quarter ending March 31, 2008 with ongoing delivery expected in the fiscal third and fourth quarters ending June 30, 2008 and September 30, 2008.

   Mr. Young continued, "We were pleased to have completed another round of financing in January raising $21.4 million. The proceeds from this offering will be used for working capital to fund expansion of production, customer order fulfillment and the installation our second 25Mw production line, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the calendar year.

   Overall, we are encouraged with the outlook for our business in fiscal 2008 as we continue to make healthy progress with our business development and R&D initiatives. We expect to increase our manufacturing capacity to 50 Mw, improve our solar processing techniques and further develop new, highly innovative solar products, which can benefit our profit margin and reduce operating costs. We are off to a good start in fiscal 2008 and are well positioned for future growth ahead," concluded Young.

   About Solar EnerTech Corp.

   Solar EnerTech is a photovoltaic ("PV") solar energy cell manufacturing enterprise based in Shanghai, China, where the Company has established a sophisticated 42,000-square foot manufacturing plant in Shanghai's Jinqiao Modern Technology Park. Currently, the Company is capable of producing 25Mw of solar cells from its existing production line and the company has plans to install a second 25 Mw production line to better utilize capacity and to meet expected future customer demand.

   Solar EnerTech has also established a Joint R&D Lab at Shanghai University to research and develop higher efficiency cells and to put the results of that research to use in its manufacturing processes. Led by one of the industry's top scientists, the Company expects its R&D program to help bring Solar EnerTech to the forefront of advanced solar technology research and production. The Company has also established a marketing, purchasing and distribution arm in Northern California's Silicon Valley.

   Safe Harbor Statement

   Statements contained in this press release, which are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are based largely on current expectations and are subject to a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors beyond our control that could cause actual events and results to differ materially from these statements. These statements are not guarantees of future performance, and readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which are relevant as of the date of the given press release and should not be relied upon as of any subsequent date. Solar EnerTech undertakes no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements.


   Bill Zima or Dan Joseph

   ICR Inc.

   203-682-8200 (Investor Relations)  

08.02.08 16:48

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Wäre halt nicht schlecht in deutsch .........  

08.05.19 12:29

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26.11.19 18:30

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ob das Papier mal wieder in Deutschland handelbar ist??  

09.09.20 17:39

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07.10.20 16:11

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07.10.20 18:21

2362 Postings, 2897 Tage UhrzeitSolarwechselrichter 2020

Auswirkungen von Covid-19 auf den Markt für Solarwechselrichter 2020 – Analyse nach Branchentrends, Größe, Wachstum, Entwicklung und Prognose der Top-Länder bis 2027  

08.10.20 08:37

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Gehandelt Aktien  

12.10.20 08:39

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Bis heute 500% in plus  

24.11.20 08:33

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gestern wieder 1 Million Stücke gehandelt  

24.11.20 19:42

2362 Postings, 2897 Tage UhrzeitWann kommen die Quartalszahlen

Warum kann ich nicht www.Solar
Oder eine andere Seite bitte um Hilfe  

25.11.20 18:42

57 Postings, 1543 Tage Depotenergiewas ist in USA los?

hat irgendjemand eine Ahnung warum die Aktie in USA steigt?
Auch heute wieder starke Umsätze. Bis  19hr bereits über 700.000 Stücke.  

25.11.20 19:22

2362 Postings, 2897 Tage UhrzeitAlle wollen Geld

Bin seit 2 Jahren da bei
Das sind gut aus  

01.12.20 16:37

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1.200000 Millionen Stück  

28.12.20 20:21

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30.12.20 14:43

2362 Postings, 2897 Tage UhrzeitKaufen oder verkaufen Bank welche bitte

Hallo kann mir einer sagen wo man die Aktie kaufen oder verkaufen kann welche Bank macht das bitte  

31.12.20 20:55

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