CANNABIS SCIENCE - Revolution oder Verblendung ?

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16.02.15 11:17

48 Postings, 3503 Tage Franky H.prädikat wertvoll

wer bei diesen Sentiments an Cannabis Science festhalten will ist in meinen Augen der pure Optimist. Nichts deutet darauf hin, dass es hier noch was zu holen gibt.

Ich werde zwar mit Verlust aussteigen, aber dafür habe ich ne Lektion gelernt..  

17.02.15 11:27

2525 Postings, 3732 Tage pregowarum aussteigen!

Ich weis ja nicht welche Summe Du hier investiert hast.
Aber ich bleibe da ganz locker und warte mal ab was passiert.
Potenzial steckt mit Sicherheit in diesen Sektor.
Habe aber nur soviel drin dass ein Verlust nicht ganz so tragisch wäre.  

25.02.15 20:48

965 Postings, 3200 Tage Kampfschwein300Cannabis Aktienfonds

Ich habe jetzt mal bei der Sparkasse, Commerzbank, Deka-Fonds nachgefragt wegen Cannabis Fonds leider bieten bzw. finden die keine Fonds. Wenn jemand von euch einen kennt könnt ihr mir bitte mal den Namen sagen

Danke :)  

26.02.15 02:28

67 Postings, 2919 Tage Japan_maxlCannabis Fonds

Ich habe meinen Finanzberater vor ein paar Tagen beauftragt einen C-Fonds zu suchen. Gerne kann ich dir dann sagen ob er fuendig wurde.  

26.02.15 10:33

7829 Postings, 6128 Tage louisanermarijuanastocks

26.02.15 20:23

965 Postings, 3200 Tage Kampfschwein300@Japan_maxl:

Das wäre echt cool von dir  :)


05.03.15 17:13

7 Postings, 2835 Tage snowingwarum...

...nicht bei cannabis auf altria springen? US02209S1033 die verdienen sich grad daran eine goldene nase  

05.03.15 20:26

965 Postings, 3200 Tage Kampfschwein300Wie meinst du das ?

Altria Group machen doch Zigaretten?  Oder verkaufen die jetzt auch Joints ?  

10.03.15 17:20

1023 Postings, 4736 Tage tomek201076Gestartet!

Nicht den run verpennen  

10.03.15 20:26

965 Postings, 3200 Tage Kampfschwein300warum sollte

Cannabis science jetzt steigen? News?  

27.03.15 20:37

965 Postings, 3200 Tage Kampfschwein300Von der Cannabis-Messe in Spanien

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Choosing to present its products to the world at this year's Spannabis Fair, held March 20-22 in Barcelona, Spain, Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCQB: CBIS) immediately began meeting with representatives of businesses and organizations interested in providing the products to their customers from across Spain.

"It was a huge success," stated, Mr. Mario S. Lap, European President of Operations. "This is the initial exposure we want for the successful launch of our brand in Europe letting the world know about us and our product pipeline. We are very excited to be in a position to simultaneously release our products in several new consumer spaces enabling us to now take orders on a wholesale level."

Over three days, Spannabis 2015 attracted an estimated 50,000 visitors from around the world - and it was a very busy event for Cannabis Science. While Mr. Lap was taking initial product orders and meeting with prospective customers, the company's multilingual European operations team answered numerous questions about Cannabis Science and its products from private individuals and companies and organizations from across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

"Interest in the company and our products was tremendous," said Mr. Lap. "I have met with a significant number of new prospective customers and a number of our targeted area representatives responsible for purchases for their respective Companies, all of whom are interested in our products in some form or another."

Under current Spanish regulatory structures, attendees interested in the product consisted of three main types of clientele:

Cannabis companies that provide growing solutions, lighting and seeds that are now emerging to play an important part in the medical cannabis sector.
Membership-only Spanish cannabis social clubs. In 2013, nearly 170,000 Spaniards started consuming cannabis. Cannabis Science sees this as a large addressable market that can be educated about the benefits of medical cannabinoid formulations and medicines.
Organizations run by patients and doctors seeking to provide quality cannabinoid-based medical products to patients across Spain.
Spanish media coverage:  

01.04.15 21:45

965 Postings, 3200 Tage Kampfschwein300News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCQB: CBIS) today announced it has entered into a one-year agreement with Derwin A. Wallace to provide financial and investor relations services for the Company. Mr. Wallace will focus on developing and expanding the Company's financial communications with the institutional and retail investment communities and initiate coverage from research analysts through a comprehensive financial and investor relations program.

"I am committed to putting all of my financial and operational resources to work to help expedite company processes, and I am looking forward to speaking with our shareholders about the multiple drug development programs, product releases and patient education systems strategies in motion," said Mr. Wallace.

"I expect my efforts should help speed up project results and grow the operational cash flow in a faster time frame," he added. "A number of key projects are underway, such as the Spain and California product releases, Netherlands pre-lab discussions, London, Italy and Africa drug development projects, Colorado and Washington State formulation releases, and Michigan State and NY State initiatives. Projected potential revenues reflect these projects. That, coupled with smart strategic moves the Company is making, indicates the future of medical cannabis is here, and all this doesn't even 'scratch the surface' of the real growth potential of this Company."

Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, President & CEO of Cannabis Science, Inc., said the new agreement "reflects our commitment to our shareholders to create shareholder value by setting into motion the $5M – $25M and larger capital raises required to take the Company and our suite of products to the next level. With so much going on in the world of medical cannabis and such rapid change, investors and analysts need to be able to make rapid, educated decisions.  Adding Mr. Wallace to the team is our most significant, recent step in accomplishing just that, and Mr. Wallace has the experience and expertise to help us tell our story in a professional and transparent manner."

Prior to contracting with Cannabis Science, Mr. Wallace accumulated more than 15 years of investor relations experience at companies including Home Depot, Cox Cable, First Data, and ResCare. As an investor relations professional, Mr. Wallace has extensive experience communicating with and educating institutional investors, retail investors and research analysts, including those interested in the medical cannabis industry. In 2014, Mr. Wallace decided to bring his investor relations experience to the cannabis sector and assisted in creating the Cannabis Investor Conference and founded the Cannabis Investor Webcast. Mr. Wallace holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Keller Graduate School of Management and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from DeVry University.    

"The drug development and contemplated growth programs that are underway strongly suggest a path of events and milestones of immense proportions," said Mr. Wallace. "The multitude of projects the Company has underway is spellbinding to say the least, categorizing and creating a timeline is the only way to stay adequately informed. It is astounding the amount of work this Company has put in over the years to get to this point, and it inspires me to join an organization with that level of commitment."  

27.04.15 16:12

395 Postings, 4238 Tage Kaja76Achtung, Achtung ...

ein neuer Zacken des Sägefischs bildet sich aus!  

27.04.15 16:15

584 Postings, 5169 Tage danielbellamyHi Katja

Wäre jetzt ein guter Einstieg ?

27.04.15 17:03

395 Postings, 4238 Tage Kaja76Es kommt auf Deine Anlagestrategie an ...

24.06.15 08:27

465 Postings, 5098 Tage KommuDie Aktie ist nur

Schall und Rauch. Die sollten uns mit guten Dope auszahlen und gut ist!  

25.06.15 12:49

584 Postings, 5169 Tage danielbellamyGut

dass ich die Blühten bei 0,07 verkauft habe ;;;uff  

23.07.15 11:55

395 Postings, 4238 Tage Kaja76Jetzt wird der Markt

von der deutschen Seite aufgeraucht!  

07.08.15 11:18

1602 Postings, 3360 Tage fritz123kann

man hier noch etwas erwarten?  

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