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LIP 2. Hoechste Lithium Konzentration Amerikas

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6 Postings, 883 Tage Hajduk SplitLPI

LPI SP has been lagging behind its peers over the recent lithium boom, now its finally starting to get some traction. Heres some reasons to invest in them if you are new and aren't too sure.

Maricunga ProjectUpdated Stage 1 DFS in Jan, 20tpa of LCE for over 20 years
Stage 1 NPV of US1.3B
51% ownership
Chile's political situation looks good, recent comments by Minister of Mining has quashed any speculation of nationalisation of lithum/copper
This isn't even considering Stage 2, potential is huge!!
Using a very discounted lithium price in the DFS, no offtake has been signed yet, so can capitalise on the very high lithium price

WA AssetsAssets in exploration in Greenbushes and Pilbara
These are going to be a spun-off into their own asx listing, DeMergeCo.
LPI holders will receive free shares in this new company.
Further details to be announced soon.

Upcoming Releases
Offtake agreement with Mitsui
FID for Maricunga
Stage 2 Maricunga Update
WA Assets Update
Confirmation of project finance for Maricunga  

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