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06.04.21 13:11

13 Postings, 667 Tage Mihir patel04respect

I never would have thought that, but you were really right. Respect ;-)

Is still completely incomprehensible from my point of view, but often this is the stock market.

Since you were right here, what do you mean now how it will go on?  


06.04.21 13:22

13 Postings, 667 Tage Mihir patel04help

this message already has a 3-day beard.

Depesche, that's the stock guru who is nowhere invested and will not invest anywhere and still gives his mustard everywhere. Stop is not right, he also gives recommendations: "Alhambra": there it goes (yes, downstairs) and "Barrick Gold" (was also a grip in the toilet). I miss the comments from zrsmlina, there was at least some juice behind them.  

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