HIGHVELD STEEL,wer hoch fällt steigt auch wieder?

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17100 Postings, 6794 Tage Peddy78HIGHVELD STEEL,wer hoch fällt steigt auch wieder?


WKN: 868190   ISIN: ZAE000003422    

Was ist los mit dem Stahlwert aus Südafrika?

Ohne News fällt Aktie ins Bodenlose.
Weiß jemand was über HIGHVELD STEEL was den kursrutsch erklärt oder ist es einfach eine "vergessene Perle"?


02.10.06 06:24

17100 Postings, 6794 Tage Peddy78Aktie wieder auf dem Weg nach oben.


15.10.06 21:11

17100 Postings, 6794 Tage Peddy78Immer noch interessant,ein Wert der Highveld

Nur so ein Wert kann auch wieder Tief steigen.  

17.12.06 19:05

17100 Postings, 6794 Tage Peddy78+20 bzw. + 10 % seit vorletztem bzw. letztem Post.

Halt ein Stahl"Wert".  

15.10.13 15:04

269 Postings, 3803 Tage Almen3Q 2013 Operational Results

11 October 2013 - Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium - 3Q 2013 Operational Results

The below comments explain material variances between Q3 2013 and Q2 2013:

1) General: During July and August iron making furnace electricity input was constrained to offset the impact of peak electricity tariffs (25 hours per week). This resulted in lower liquid iron production, which in turn affected steel and vanadium slag production. During this period rolling of structural and flat products continued without interruption, through reducing the inventory of cast steel. During August the slab caster was out of operation for an extended period to effect major maintenance. The outage overran the planned schedule resulting in below plan production of liquid iron, cast slab, rolled flat products and vanadium slag during September.

2) Q3 ore production at the mine was impacted by equipment availability problems and the introduction of quality improvements.

3) Reduced MVO/Nitrovan output due to lower slag availability, a result of the need to meet the company's contractual slag supply volume to Hochvanadium.

4) Reduced local market demand and an increase towards export markets resulted in a lower weighted average steel price in Q3.

5) The average weighted LMB pricing ($/kg V) reduced by 13% from Q2 to Q3.


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