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New Millennium Iron Corp. (NML: TSX-V)

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18.09.12 22:15

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Canada's Leading Onl

Iron Will

Though it is still a “small” junior miner, New Millennium Iron has heavyweight backing, huge resources and big production goals.

From its beginnings as a capital pool company in 2003, New Millennium Iron has grown into an emerging producer controlling one of the largest iron ore resources in the world – the Millennium range, a 210km long taconite belt in eastern Canada.

The company’s direct shipping ore (DSO) project in partnership with Indian steelmaking giant Tata Steel is first to development because of its smaller scale and relatively lower capital costs. When the DSO project goes into production by the end of the year, New Millennium will become an operating company with near-term cash flow.

In 2013, the company is targeting 2 million tonnes (Mt) in production, ramping up to full capacity of 4.2 million tonnes per year (Mt/y) in 2014. Tata Steel Europe, which has plants in the UK and Netherlands, has committed to 100 per cent of the offtake at market prices from the joint venture company, Tata Steel Minerals Canada (Tata Steel 80 per cent: New Millennium 20 per cent).

It’s a brownfield development located in the historic iron ore producing region of Northern Quebec and Labrador and had been previously operational until the market lost its appetite for lower quality of ore being produced by the operation.

Dean Journeaux, chief executive of New Millennium, gets his share of questions on this point – what makes him think he can do better today?

“The operator closed down the mine in 1982 because for one, the market was bad, but also, the product was not treated, not upgraded, running around 58 or 59 per cent iron. We are upgrading the run of mine ore grade to a 64.5 per cent iron, in other words, we are meeting today’s market requirements for quality, and of course, the price of iron ore has gone up quite a bit since 1982,” Journeaux says.

Tata Steel is arranging financing for up to C$300 million of the capital costs, with New Millennium responsible for 20 per cent of the excess.

weiter hier  

03.10.12 15:59

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2012) -

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces the Completion of Drilling of the Lake Perault and Sheps Lake Properties and Partial Drilling Results


New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML) announced today the completion of drilling at its 100% owned Perault Lake property and 80%* owned Sheps Lake Property. 48 holes were drilled in Perault Lake for a total of 3890.8 m. and 22 holes in Sheps Lake for a total of 1918.1 m. The combined total area of both Sheps Lake and Perault Lake is approximately 17.25 km² with an average thickness of 60 m, where the taconite is un-altered giving excellent Davis Tube concentrate ("DTC") recoveries with very low concentrate silica values (less than 2.00%) and high Fe values (>70.00%). These results highlight the potential for the production of direct reduction ("DR") grade pellet feed from these properties.

Currently drilling is in progress in the Howells Lake area. This area comprises 100% NML owned Howells Lake property and 80%* owned Howells River North property. The taconite occurring in this area is a stratigraphic continuation of the LabMag deposit and connects to the KéMag deposit in QC. NML in 2006 drilled one hole in the central part of the region which also confirms the continuity of the stratigraphic units (refer to NR 11-25). Assay results for certain holes have been received to date from the Howells Lake area. Two cross sections each from Perault Lake and Sheps Lake with the average assays are shown below.

Dean Journeaux, President and CEO of NML, said," This year's drilling results from Sheps Lake and Perault Lake indicate that we now have the potential to discover new significant deposits that would add to our growing resource base. The coarse liberating characteristics of the material and expected low SiO2 in the concentrate would lend itself to lower energy requirements during the concentrating process to produce DR grade pellets. The results from Howells Lake and Howells River North indicate a continuity of mineralization between LabMag and KéMag deposits. When we have the remaining results, we plan to undertake a resource estimate in order to obtain N143-101 compliant resource estimates."

Drill Results:

Table 1 provides the average drill core analysis and assay results received to date. (refer to Figure 1 & 2- Drill hole location plan). The Table includes drill core analysis results from Perault Lake and Sheps Lake and Howells River North (Howells Lake) areas, using a DTWR cut-off of 18.00%.
The half drill core samples, on average 6 meters in length were sent to Midland Research Center ("MRC"), an Independent Laboratory at Nashwauk, Minnesota, USA for testing and analysis. The core is assayed for total iron. The magnetite concentrate is produced using the Davis Tube method and given as Davis Tube Weight Recovery percent ("DTWR%"). The magnetite concentrate is assayed for iron and silica. Some selected samples will be analyzed for other elements. Based on the drill core analysis received to date, the Perault Lake taconite averages 30.24% Fe with 25.82% DTWR. The Davis Tube concentrate averages 70.52% Fe and 1.52% SiO2. The Sheps Lake taconite averages 30.73% Fe with 27.14% DTWR. The Davis Tube concentrate averages 70.71% Fe and 1.45% SiO2. Only a limited number of drill core results were received from the Howells River North (Howells Lake Area). The Howells River North averages 31.11% Fe with 29.22% DTWR. The Davis Tube concentrate averages 69.93% Fe and 2.20% SiO2. Four sections, 300 and 301 for Perault Lake and 320 and 330 for Sheps Lake respectively, with 3 drill holes respectively intersecting all taconite units, are shown in Figure 3 to 6 with average test and assay results.

Drilling Plan (Refer to Figure 1 & 2):

Perault Lake:

The airborne anomaly located in this area is approximately 18 km long with an average width of approximately 1 to 1.5 km. The entire area was drilled on 2 and 1km spaced section lines with 2 to 3 holes on each line to check the magnetic anomaly. The logging and the partial drill assay results received to date indicate that the mineralized material occurring at the northern part of the property, 6 km long and 1.5 km wide shows higher concentrations of magnetite while the 5 km long central part shows partial oxidation of magnetite to martite (hematite). In the 7 km long south section, the oxidation appears to be more prevalent resulting in lower Davis Tube recoveries.

Sheps Lake:

The airborne anomaly covering this property is 5.5 km and 1 to 1.5 km wide. The drilling was carried out on 1 km spaced section lines with 3 holes on each line. The taconite occurring in this area is fresh and un-altered. The drill core analysis received to date shows good weight recoveries and quite low SiO2 levels.

The combined total area of both Sheps and Perault Lake is approximately 17.25 km² with an average thickness of 60 m, where the taconite is un-altered giving excellent Davis Tube recoveries with very low concentrate silica values (less than 2.00%) and high Fe values (>70.00%). In addition, the partially oxidized area holds potential for additional resources, which would be thoroughly investigated during resource modeling. Complete core analysis results for Sheps and Perault Lake are expected in the next two months.
Howells Lake, Howells River North:

The area outlined for drilling based on the 2010 airborne magnetic survey is approximately 7.0 km long and 3.5 km wide. The mineralized material occurs on either side of the Howells River. On the west side of the Howells River the mineralized material occurs in a single stratigraphic sequence similar to the LabMag and KéMag. On the east side the sequence is repeated due to a low angle thrust fault, which pushed up a complete sequence of layers (LC to LRGC) over the LabMag band. Only a limited number of drill core assays were received to date. The results are given in Table 1.  

23.10.12 15:04

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12News 23.10.2012

New Millennium Iron Corp. Update on Its Direct Shipping Ore Project and Production Plans to Increase to 6 mtpy
CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 23, 2012) -


New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML) announced today that ore production of sinter fine products, by Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited ("TSMC"), a joint venture between Tata Steel Limited and NML, is progressing well, with approximately 250,000 tonnes of production to date. The ore is grading over 63% Fe, and is being processed in a portable dry crushing and screening circuit before shipping (see news release 12-22 dated September 12, 2012). It is estimated that 300,000 tonnes will be produced in 2012. The installation of the dome structure is currently in progress. TSMC is on track to produce 2.0 million tonnes ("mt") in 2013 and to produce 4.2 mt per year ("mtpy") of sinter and super fines in 2014. TSMC is also developing plans to increase production to 6 mtpy in 2015 to maximize the use of the current facilities.

Dean Journeaux, President and CEO of NML, said: "We are at an important milestone in the Company's history with the beginning of stripping in August and ore production in September of this year. This will allow TSMC to prepare the mines to feed the processing plant next year. We are very pleased that TSMC has decided to proceed with this interim step in order to ensure an orderly start-up of production in 2013. TSMC's plans for a potential increase in capacity are also an important step for the future".

2012 Production Plan:

TSMC has received necessary mining permits from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to mine the deposits located in the Timmins area, close to the processing plant. A portable dry crushing and screening plant is in operation. Contracts have been awarded for drilling and blasting as well as mining and hauling the ore to the plant and to load rail cars.

The operation will continue until end October 2012 when about 250,000 tonnes of sinter fines and 50,000 tonnes of lump ore are expected to be produced. Mine development will continue through winter to meet the production requirement for the next year.

Project's Progress:

TSMC advises that the DSO Project is on track to produce 2.0 mt in 2013. Most of the necessary agreements are in place, and development and construction activities are on-going to achieve the estimated production targets of 4.2 mtpy by Q4, 2013 and 6 mtpy in 2015, as summarized below:

MOU regarding the rail tariff with TSH. TSMC has invested $4.0 million for the track rehabilitation program in 2011. Another $4.5 million is being invested in 2012,
QNS&L transportation agreement concluded,
Agreement reached with KéRail, an independent operator, for 20 km spur from the plant yard limit to Schefferville,
Five hundred and five ore cars delivered (100 t capacity),
Use of deep water dock to be constructed in Sept-Îles to ship 5 mtpy, for which TSMC has agreed to invest $12M,
Construction of the dock has commenced,
Awarded contracts for drilling, blasting, mining, operation of screening plant and transportation of the products to the rail yard for shipment,
Start of delivery and installation of the major process equipment in Q4, 2012 and remainder in Q1 & Q2, 2013,
Start of commissioning of the equipment in Q3, 2013,
Negotiations are underway to conclude interim transportation arrangements for the last leg of the logistics chain between Arnaud Junction near Sept-Îles to the Port of Sept-Îles' to an existing terminal at Pointe-Noire until the deep water dock is available, expected in mid-2014.
Capital Cost Estimate:

During the feasibility study, (as of February 2011), the gross capital outlay for the Project, including leasing and financing, was estimated at US$ 428.5 million or (C$475 million at that time) for 4 mtpy of products (see news release 10-02 dated February 25, 2010). TSMC's current estimate to complete the Project to produce 4.2 mtpy of sinter and super fines is about C$560 million including estimated requirements for working capital, and escalation but excluding estimated requirements for equipment leasing and mine closure rehabilitation.

The cost increases can be largely attributed to the following major factors: changes in the project's scope, unexpected soil conditions, steel fabricated dome structure, increased EPCM cost, and increased cost of construction. Cost escalation expected to complete the project has now been included for inputs such as equipment, fuel and construction costs. NML will be required to contribute 20% of the equity portion relating to the initial capital costs in excess of $300 million, or approximately $16 million. The Project is expected to be financed with 30% equity and 70% debt.  

05.11.12 19:25

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2012)

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces the Appointment of Rock Gagnon as Vice-President, Process and Plant Engineering
New Millennium Iron Corp. NML
11/1/2012 6:00:05 AM
New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces the Appointment of Rock Gagnon as Vice-President, Process and Plant Engineering


New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or "the Company") (TSX:NML) announced today that it has appointed Rock Gagnon as Vice-President, Process and Plant Engineering. Mr. Gagnon brings 19 years of experience in design and operation of mineral processing plant and in process design for ferrous, base and precious metals.

Since 2005, Mr. Gagnon worked as an independent consultant assisting New Millennium Iron Corp, Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited ("TSMC") and some engineering firms in different project developments, mainly in iron ore processing, including process improvement reviews for Tata Steel and Kudremukh Iron Ore Company.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gagnon worked for COREM in Quebec City as a researcher where he mainly focused on improving comminution technologies. Prior to this, Mr. Gagnon worked for Met-Chem Canada as principal metallurgist and participated in many projects and studies in Canada and worldwide. Mr. Gagnon spent three years at the Troilus Division, Chibougamau, of Inmet Mining Corporation, during the final phase of construction, startup, debottlenecking, process improvements and plant expansion.

Mr. Gagnon holds a BA in mining engineering from the Laval University in Quebec. He will be based at NML's corporate office in Montréal, Canada.

Dean Journeaux, NML's President and Chief Executive Officer, said "I am pleased that Rock has agreed to join the NML core team, full time. His expertise in iron ore mineral processing, his practical experience in plant design and operation as well as in consulting will be most valuable to us as we are completing our Feasibility Study for the Taconite Project jointly with Tata Steel. Being an international leader in the development of iron ore processes and crushing, Rock will help us maximize the potential and economic performance of our resources and projects."  

14.11.12 11:24

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Marketwire - Nov. 13, 2012 NML

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2012


New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML) announced today its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012. The following review of the Company's financial performance is based on the unaudited Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis ("MD&A"), which have been filed on the SEDAR website at

Progress continued in the third quarter on NML's three major iron ore project initiatives, two of which are being carried out with strategic partner and shareholder Tata Steel Limited.

Tata Steel Minerals Canada Ltd. ("TSMC"), in which NML has a 20% ownership interest, has made the following advancements on its Direct Shipping Ore Project ("DSO Project"): (1) Initial mining, crushing and screening of saleable ore at Timmins operating site; (2) advancement of the construction phase, including progress on erection of the dome that will house the processing plant; (3) signing of a long-term agreement with Genesee & Wyoming Inc. and KéRail Inc. for haulage of product to the Tshiuetin Rail Transportation interchange near Schefferville, Québec; and (4) announcement of TSMC's participation in the new multi-user, deep water dock facility at Sept-Îles, Québec.

On NML's Taconite Project, advancement of the wide range of feasibility level work under a Binding Heads-of-Agreement with Tata Steel continued on the large LabMag and KéMag deposits, expected to be completed at year-end. Also, Project logistics were supported by NML's previously announced investment in the multi-user iron ore loading dock now under construction at the deep water port of Sept-Îles, Québec.

On NML's third project, exploration continued at other Millennium Iron Range taconite properties that are controlled by NML and which represent potential opportunities for additional strategic partnerships. In this regard drilling was completed at both NML's 100% owned Perault Lake property and 80% owned Sheps Lake property, and initial results were presented. The Corporation has also started drilling at 100% owned Howells Lake and 80% owned Howells River North as well as additional drilling at KéMag.

Also as previously announced, NML is among a group of mining companies participating in feasibility study of a new railway and terminal handling facility to service mining projects in the Labrador Trough. The study is being carried out by Canadian National Railway Co. and will enable NML to fully assess the transportation options available to its projects.

Subsequent to the quarter, NML presented an update on the DSO Project's 2012 production plan, the overall Project progress and the capital cost estimate. NML also announced the appointment of Mr. Rock Gagnon as NML's Vice President, Process and Plant Engineering. In addition, NML and TSMC together have been named Developer/Miner of the Year for 2012 by the Newfoundland Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

For the three months ended September 30, 2012, the Company realized a net loss of $3,086,000 ($0.02 per share) compared to a net loss of $1,849,000 ($0.01 per share) for the comparative period in 2011. This loss represents expenses of $3,489,000 (2011 - $2,107,000), net of investment income of $247,000 (2011 - $258,000), other income of $6,000 (2011 - Nil) and service fee revenue of $149,000 (2011 - Nil). The most significant expense items were stock based compensation of $1,112,000 (2011 - $1,628,000), general and administrative expenses of $1,779,000 (2011 - recovery of $204,000), market development expenses of $208,000 (2011 - $318,000) and professional fees of $244,000 (2011 - $351,000). NML's general and administrative expenses for the quarter included an allocation for the payments from Tata Steel Global Minerals Holdings PTE Ltd. ("Tata Steel") for its option on the LabMag Project and KéMag Project as well as an adjustment for prior periods. The net result for the quarter was that general of administrative expenses increased by $568,000 in comparison to a reduction of $1,012,000 for the corresponding period in 2011.

The Company's working capital at September 30, 2012 is $68,114,000 (December 31, 2011 - $109,214,000). The net loss for the nine months ended September 30, 2012, is $6,876,000 ($0.04 per share) compared to a net loss of $7,429,000 ($0.04 per share) for the comparative period in 2011. This loss represents general and administrative expenses of $8,330,000 (2011- $8,622,000) partially offset by service fee revenue of $586,000 (2011 - Nil), investment income of $863,000 (2011 - $593,000) and other income of $6,100 (2011 - $600,000). Again, the most significant components of the general and administrative expenses were: stock based compensation of $3,843,000 (2011 - $4,318,000), general and administrative expenses of $2,491,000 (2011 - $1,016,000), professional fees of $791,000 (2011 - $2,544,000), and market development expenses of $670,000 (2011 - $689,000). Included in the general and administrative expenses for the nine months ended September 30, 2012, NML recorded a reduction of expenses in the amount of $500,000 (2011 - $1,012,000) for payments received from Tata Steel.

As at September 30, 2012, the Company's mineral exploration and evaluation assets increased to $50,896,000 from $35,919,000 as of December 31, 2011, or by $14,977,000. The components of mineral properties at September 30, 2012, were: mineral licences of $2,778,000, drilling of $32,224,000, resource evaluation of $24,230,000, environmental of $13,263,000 and amortization of property and equipment of $95,000, net of tax credits and mining duties of $10,111,000 and the Tata Steel payments of $11,583,000.

Tata Steel Minerals Canada Awarded Miner of the Year for 2012

Tata Steel Minerals Canada and New Millennium Iron have been recognized with the “Miner of
the Year Award” by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Minerals and Petroleum
(CIM), Newfoundland and Labrador on 3rd Nov 2012 in St John’s. The Award was received by
Mr. Bob Martin, founder and former president of New Millennium Iron, Mr. Lee Nichols,
Chairman of New Millennium Iron and Mr. Rajesh Sharma, CEO & Managing Director of Tata
Steel Minerals Canada Limited. This award is in recognition and acknowledgement of significant
strides made by the company and also commencing production in a new iron ore mine in
Labrador in 2012.
This prestigious Mineral Industry Award was presented at the 2012 Mineral Resources Review,
during the Gala Awards Dinner held on November 3rd, 2012 in St. John’s. Mr. Allan Cramm,
President of CIM Newfoundland, presented the 2012 Industry Award, as mineral industry
representatives from across the province and country gathered in St. John’s for the annual
Mineral Resources Review Conference and Trade Show, eastern Canada’s largest mineral
industry event.  

15.11.12 11:33

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Energie und Bergbau-Magazin

New Millennium Iron Corp.

sehr gute Zusammenfassung über NML


danke an Ironfahrrad


03.12.12 17:09

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Eisenerz Chancen


Kanadische Eisenerzfirmen trotz schwacher Preise mit Chancen

Eine ganze Reihe von Eisenerzfirmen im kanadischen Labrador Trough wollte von den hohen Eisenerzpreisen der jüngeren Vergangenheit profitieren, doch mittlerweile ist die Euphorie größtenteils verflogen. Dennoch bestehen nach Ansicht von Analysten auch attraktive Kaufchancen.

Der Labrador Trough geriet erneut in den Fokus der großen Produzenten wie Rio Tinto (WKN 855018) oder ArcelorMittal (WKN A0M6U2) als die Urbanisierung in China und Indien Anfang des Jahrhunderts die Nachfrage ankurbelte. Für die Stahlhersteller, die seit Langem vom Angebot von Vale (WKN 897998), BHP Billiton (WKN 908101) und Rio Tinto abhängig sind, sollen neue Projekte in Kanada helfen, das Angebot zu diversifizieren.  Die chinesische Heibei Iron and Steel Group hat einen Deal mit Alderon abgeschlossen, während Wuhan Iron and Steel eine Vereinbarung mit Century und Adriana Resources (WKN A0F7EL) abschloss. New Millennium Iron (WKN A1JB2V) und die indische Tata Steel brachten ihr erstes gemeinsames Projekt im September ans Laufen.


05.12.12 20:04

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12sinsala

der absolute Top-Pick unter den kanadischen Eisenerzfirmen im Labrador  Trough ist mit großem Abstand New Millennium Iron. Eine tiefergehende  Analyse finden Sie hier (4. Post in dem Forenthread):


Man muss besonders hier herausheben, dass die damalige  Machbarkeitsstudie zu dem großen Taconite Projekt auf einem  Eisenerzverkaufspreis von NUR 90$/t beruhte und dabei die Internal Rate  of Return (IRR) immer noch bei 21% lag. Andere Eisenerzfirmen haben mit  sehr viel höheren Verkaufspreisen kalkuliert und haben nicht gerade  deutlich bessere IRRs.

Bei anvisierten operativen Kosten von ca.  21$/t Eisenkonzentrat und 27-30$/t Eisenpellet kann man auch bei einem  Eisenverkaufspreis von 90$/t rentabel arbeiten.

Ende diesen Jahres  wird die Machbarkeitsstudie zu dem großen Taconite Projekt  veröffentlicht werden. Dann hat Tata Steel 90 Tage Zeit, um eine  Investitionsentscheidung zu treffen (oder zu vertagen oder zu versagen).

Das  aktuell in Produktion befindliche DSO-Projekt ist bis Ende 2013 im  Ramping-up-Process und soll auf bis zu 6 mio. T/Jahr an Produktion  hochgefahren werden. Anvisierte operative Kosten: 32,50$/t Fe.

Weitere Infos unter dem oben angegebenen Link.



13.12.12 13:49

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12China lechzt nach Eisenerz

Daher bleiben die internationalen Eisenerzproduzenten, die in Australien und Amerika gute Projekte besitzen interessant. Neben den Branchengrößen wie Vale, BHP Billiton und Rio Tinto gibt es aber auch eine Reihe kleinerer Unternehmen, die sich der Anleger genauer anschauen kann.  Aufstrebende Eisenerzproduzenten sind beispielweise

Fortescue Metals (ISIN: AU000000FMG4), Champion Iron Mines (ISIN: CA15854B1004), Baffinland Iron Mines (ISIN: CA0566201079), Cuervo Resources (ISIN: CA22983R1055), Cap-Ex Ventures (ISIN: CA1390971093), New Millennium Iron Corp. (ISIN: CA64753V1067), Arrowstar Resources (ISIN: CA04281R1029) und Oceanic Iron Ore Corp. (ISIN: CA67524Q1081).


17.12.12 18:39

57 Postings, 3757 Tage ironfahrrad1Nun kann es wieder aufwärts gehen
Latest news

December 14, 2012: Today an important milestone in the construction of the plant was achieved. All 38 trusses of the dome were erected successfully overcoming many difficulties including weather. The momentum continues with the effort now directed towards the dome end walls and foundations for main process plant.  

20.12.12 13:06

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12News vom 20.12.12

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces the Completion of Drilling for the Year 2012 and Additional Drilling Results for Howells River North and Howells Lake Properties

New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML)  announced today the completion of drilling for the year 2012. Drilling  was carried out at several of its properties in the Millennium Iron  Range ("MIR") (see Table 1 for details). The program started on March 2  and was completed on October 22, 2012. During this period 153 holes were  drilled for a total of 17,312.6 m. The areas drilled in 2012 are shown  in Figure 1. Additional drill results of the Howells Lake area (see  Table 2), comprising the 100% NML owned Howells Lake property and the  80% (1) owned Howells River North, now confirm that this area is a  stratigraphic continuation of the LabMag deposit and connects to the  KéMag deposit in Québec. The combined area of Howells River North and  Howells Lake is 24.5 km² with varying thicknesses due to a low angle  thrust fault in the east side.


31.12.12 13:07

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12News vom 31.12.12

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces Status Update for the Taconite Feasibility Study

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 31, 2012) -


New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML) announced today the progress of the Taconite Project Feasibility Study ("FS") it is carrying out jointly with Tata Steel. An interim report has been submitted by the Study Manager ("SM"). Certain sections remain to be completed. The SM wishes a further period to complete its internal corporate review process, which includes technical aspects and finalization of the capital cost estimates. NML and Tata Steel have agreed to the SM's request.

Dean Journeaux, President and CEO of NML, said, "The Feasibility Study has progressed steadily and is now at the point where we can see its completion. The Study has been comprehensive and the SM has been thorough in recognizing the project's great scale and incorporating that into their interim report. We look forward to receiving the SM's final draft report at which time Tata Steel and NML can plan for the release of the Feasibility Study."

NML will make a further announcement once the final report is received.  

21.01.13 15:23

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Marketwire - Jan. 21, 2013

New Millennium Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid

New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML)  announced today that is has made the necessary filings, and received the  necessary approvals to conduct a normal course issuer bid ("NCIB")  through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX").

The  TSX accepted the Corporation's notice to conduct the NCIB to purchase  outstanding common shares on the open market, in accordance with the  rules of the TSX. As approved by the TSX, the Corporation is authorized  to purchase up to 5,000,000 common shares, representing approximately  2.8% of the currently issued and outstanding common shares of the  Corporation. As of today's date, there are 179,471,646 common shares  outstanding. On any trading day, NML will not purchase more than 46,091  common shares, other than through block purchase exceptions.

The  Corporation is authorized to make purchases during the period from  January 23, 2013 to January 22, 2014, or until such earlier time as the  NCIB is completed or terminated at the option of the Corporation. Any  common shares the Corporation purchases under the NCIB will be purchased  on the open market through the facilities of the TSX, at the prevailing  market price at the time of the transaction. The Corporation has  appointed Haywood Securities Inc. as its broker to conduct the NCIB  transactions. All common shares acquired under the NCIB will be  cancelled. During the 12 months preceding January 23, 2013, the  Corporation did not repurchase any common shares.

Management of  the Corporation believes that from time to time the market price of the  NML common shares may not reflect their underlying value and that, at  such times, the purchase of common shares for cancellation will increase  the proportionate interest of, and be advantageous to, all remaining  shareholders. In addition, the purchases by NML under the NCIB may  increase liquidity to the Corporation's shareholders wishing to sell  their common shares.


23.01.13 17:56

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Aktienrückkauf

New Millennium Iron sendet die falschen Signale aus

Im Allgemeinen begrüßen es Analysten, wenn börsennotierte  Gesellschaften ankündigen, eigene Aktien zurückkaufen zu wollen. Anders  bei dem Eisenerzproduzenten New Millennium Iron (WKN A1JB2V)...

Anfang dieser Woche hatte das in Calgary ansässige Unternehmen  veröffentlicht, dass man plane, bis zu 5 Mio. eigene Aktien am Markt  zurückzukaufen - das würde zum derzeitigen Kurs rund 6,6 Mio. CAD  kosten. Wie die Analysten von Desjardins Securities ausführen, verfügt  New Millennium über ausreichend Kapital für diese Maßnahme. Allerdings  sei dieses bislang für die Entwicklung der DSO- (Direct Shipping Ore)  und Takonitprojekte des Unternehmens im Labrador Trough vorgesehen. Nun  fragen sich die Experten, ob der Rückkauf bedeutet, dass diese Projekte  auf Eis gelegt werden.

Und Desjardins ist auch der Ansicht, dass  der Markt die Ankündigung nicht positiv beurteilen wird. Denn sie deute  an, dass die Entwicklung des Takonitprojekts auf dem Spiel stehe, wenn  das Management nicht mit Ausgaben für dieses rechne.

Die Analysten  gehen davon aus, dass New Millenniums Anteil an den Investitionskosten  für die zwei Projekte rund 970 Mio. Dollar beträgt, von denen 40 Mio.  Dollar schon dieses Jahr fällig werden sollten. Ende September verfügt  das Unternehmen ihren Angaben zufolge über liquide Mittel in Höhe von  11,75 Mio. Dollar und über weitere, kurzfristig angelegte 65,8 Mio.  Dollar.

Kleinere Minenfirmen legen eher selten Aktienkaufprogramme  auf, da sie in der Regel nur geringe Umsätze generieren und sich auf  die Exploration und Entwicklung ihrer Projekte konzentrieren müssen.  Allerdings ist New Millennium in einer besseren Position als viele  Konkurrenten, da die Produktion auf dem DSO-Projekt des Unternehmens  bereits angelaufen ist.


02.02.13 09:20

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12vom 30.01.2013

New Millennium Announces Release of the Quebec Certificate of Authorization for Direct Shipping Ore


11.02.13 16:18

318 Postings, 3548 Tage zaubermaus12Marketwire - Feb. 11, 2013

New Millennium Reports Initial 3.58 Billion Tonnes Resources at Sheps Lake and Perault Lake

New Millennium Iron Corp. (TSX:NML) today announced the resource  estimation for its 80%(1) owned Sheps Lake and 100% owned Perault Lake  properties in Newfoundland and Labrador. Data collected from its 23-hole  (1,920.1 meter) in Sheps Lake and 50-hole (3,890.8 meter) in Perault  Lake, 2012 drilling program have resulted in NI 43-101 compliant mineral  resource estimates, at a cut-off grade of 18% DTWR, of 3.58 billion  tonnes of Indicated Mineral Resources and an additional 795 million  tonnes of Inferred Mineral Resources as shown in Table 1 below.


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9042 Postings, 3931 Tage Gaertnerinder wirkliche Meilenstein ...

ist seit 3 Tagen bekannt,
und auf der Homepage des Unternehmens nachzulesen:

Die Machbarkeitsstudie für die zu bauende Bahnlinie durch CN ist durch:

"... New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML) announced today that the Canadian National Railway Co. ("CN") has suspended the feasibility study for the construction of its proposed rail line and terminal handling facility ..."

zu erwarten, aber positiv, dass wir hier die Ansage haben ...

Grüße, gaertnerin  

15.02.13 11:48

9042 Postings, 3931 Tage Gaertnerinso ist das mit den Erwartungen ...

manchesmal werden sie eben auch nicht erfüllt ;-))

sorry für (meine persönliche) Fehlübersetzung.

Die Machbarkeitsstudie wird unter den aktuell herrschenden Bedingungen nicht weiterverfolgt ...

“... The study has been progressing steadily over the past several months.  However, the current market realities have resulted in anticipated delays with mine development projects in and around the Labrador Trough.  A joint review of the project together with the mining companies indicates that mine construction schedules and diverging needs for each specific individual project will make it difficult to obtain the critical volumes of iron ore necessary to support the building of new rail and terminal infrastructure by CN,” the railway stated in a release this morning. ... "

Nichts desto Trotz
weiterhin viel Glück allen Investierten & Nichtinvestierten.  

12.03.13 14:15

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New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces Tata Steel Minerals Canada's Positive Agreements with Labrador Iron Mine Holdings Limited for Its Direct Shipping Ore Project

New Millennium Iron Corp. ("NML" or the "Corporation") (TSX:NML)  announced today that Tata Steel Minerals Canada ("TSMC"), in which NML  has a 20% interest, has entered into a multi-faceted framework agreement  with Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Limited ("LIM") that favourably  impacts the Direct Shipping Ore ("DSO") Project owned and operated by  TSMC. The agreement involves cooperation in transport and port  infrastructure development as well as transactions for development of  LIM's Howse deposit and TSMC's Timmins 4 deposit. Both companies will  enjoy the benefit of cost synergies from the rationalization of various  aspects of their respective iron ore operations. The companies intend to  enter into definitive agreements to formalize this agreement in due  course.


04.07.13 19:35

845 Postings, 3204 Tage K1-SportNew vom 4.07.13

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces Tata Steel Minerals Canada's Positive Agreement with the Iron Ore Company of Canada Regarding the Shipment of its Direct Shipping Ore Products  

11.07.13 19:12

845 Postings, 3204 Tage K1-SportMarketwired - July 11, 2013

New Millennium Iron Corp. Announces Loading of the First Train by Tata Steel Minerals Canada With Direct Shipping Ore Products  

18.09.13 10:43

845 Postings, 3204 Tage K1-SportNews NML

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada (Marketwired ? August 16, 2013) ? New Millennium Iron Corp. (?NML?, the ?Company? or ?Corporation?) (TSX: NML) (OTCQX: NWLNF) announced today that Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited (?TSMC?) and the NunatuKavut Community Council (?NCC?) signed a Cooperation Agreement for the Direct Shipping Ore (?DSO?) Project.

TSMC is a joint venture between Tata Steel Limited and NML, which have 80% and 20% interests, respectively. TSMC is developing iron ore deposits in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. TSMC is part of Tata Steel Group of companies. Tata Steel Group is among the top ten global steel companies with crude steel capacity of over 26.5 million tonnes per annum (mtpa). Tata Steel has over 80,000 employees across five continents and is a Fortune 500 company.

NCC stated in a press release dated August 14, 2013, ?NCC is the aboriginal organization representing the Southern Inuit of Labrador. The Southern Inuit of Labrador number approximately 6,000 and have asserted Land Rights to a vast area of Labrador. The aboriginal organization from Labrador and the mining company have been in negotiations for many months to form an agreement that addresses issues of concern for NCC and provides socio-economic benefits to NCC and its people. The agreement covers environmental protection, employment, and business opportunities including financial benefits. It also commits TSMC to make every reasonable effort to ensure that contractors hired to work on the DSO Project also comply with the agreement where warranted.?

?Companies know they have to deal with our real concerns,? says Todd Russell, NCC President, in the same press release. ?This is another indication that we can do so in an air of mutual respect.? Russell adds ?It?s about building right relationships, and this agreement will work to achieve just that.?

Rajesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of TSMC, said, ?We are very happy to sign this agreement with NunatuKavut Community Council, which attests our desire to continue building positive relations with the communities. This is in line with the Tata Group?s philosophy of considering the community as an integral part of its business. The signing of this agreement is an important milestone in the journey of TSMC.?

Dean Journeaux, President and Chief Executive Officer of NML, said, ?NML is happy to see that TSMC has made this agreement with NCC. It is a continuation of the many steps that contribute to achieving NML?s stated vision and goal of further developing and benefitting the people living in its project areas. The Millennium Iron Range projects will benefit from the availability of qualified local people for operating and management roles.?

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada (Marketwired ? September 17, 2013) ? New Millennium Iron Corp. (?NML? or the ?Corporation?) (TSX:NML) (OTCQX:NWLNF) announced today that Tata Steel Minerals Canada (?TSMC?), in which NML has a 20% interest, has made the first shipment of products from its Direct Shipping Ore (?DSO?) Project.

The vessel MV Sterling with a cargo of approximately 77,000 tonnes of iron ore sinter fines departed from the Iron Ore Company of Canada?s terminal facilities in Sept-Îles, Québec, on September 14th. Shipments through the Sept-Îles terminal are an interim step as TSMC awaits the completion of the arrangements for access to its new Pointe Noire Dock. The vessel will discharge in Europe for Tata Steel Europe?s plants.

Dean Journeaux, New Millennium President and CEO, said, ?This is a singular milestone for NML and its shareholders as TSMC officially enters the iron ore market with its first shipment. Production and rail haulage from the DSO Project are now well established and seaborne shipments have now begun.?  

24.10.13 23:10

9042 Postings, 3931 Tage GaertnerinDer Eisenbahnanschluß ...

...für die DSO  Projekte  Timmins  (hin zum Hafen) von  NML/ TSMC

  erfolgt von LIM's neu errichteter Erz-Aufbereitungs-Anlage Silver Yard aus

und ist bereits praktisch abgeschlossen ...

Es wird hier seehr eng zusammengearbeitet - siehe auch die Stellenanzeigen für die einzelnen Projekte von LIM/TSMC ...

" ...  Zone D & E- Rail Loop and Link to TSH:

Empty trains will enter the loop and loaded before resuming the return trip back to the Port. The Rail Link starts at the end of the loop and is 16 km long. It will join LIM’s tracks going through Silver Yard which connects to the TSH Railway.

Current status:

  • The rail contractor has started rail construction on the rail loop and laid out material and set track on the center spur to the QC border and the Silver Yard .
  • All material for the rail has been stockpiled along the center spur
  • The objective is to complete the Rail Link in Q4 2013   ... "


Dann kann es hier ja pünktlich zur Eröffnung des neuen Hafen Geländes

ab März 2014 losgehen...  :-))


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