GBR ideal für Daytrader

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25.02.12 14:11

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekeyGBR ideal für Daytrader

Ticker: GBR
Preis: $3.70
Shares Out (Mil) 1.95
Float (Mil) 1.03
KEIN INVESTMENT aber guter DATRADE wenn Volumen reinkommt!!


01.03.12 21:35

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekey$9.00 ist hier sehr schnell möglich.

$9.00 ist hier sehr schnell möglich. Aktuell $3.31  

01.03.12 22:48

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekeynur ein Float von 514k

01.03.12 23:08

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekeyGBR bei $20 fair bewertet

Habe nochmal nach den Fundamentaldaten geschaut und festgestellt, dass das Unternehmen extrem unterbewertet ist.
Eigentlich wäre GBR bei $20 fair bewertet aufgrund ihrer vast land assets.

- extremely low public float 200k-500k being captured

- stock undervalued by all metrics mostly due to ARK bank loan being covered

- vast land assets net worth $20+/shr liquidation

- low key management with high insider ownership 73.58%

- small hedge fund ownership  

02.03.12 16:05

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekeystill und leise

Der Float war vor dem letzten November 8k filing noch bei 1.05M
Die Insider haben also weitere 500k Aktien still und leise vom Markt weggekauft!  

02.03.12 16:11

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekeyrough idea of land assets

At  an pps of $3.40-  rough idea of land assets net worth 70k acres @ $15k/acre..that results into a value of $1.05B.
GBR is showing $6.6m in mkt cap right now!  

14.03.12 17:45

2824 Postings, 8978 Tage thekeyA Highly Undervalued Utica Shale Play

New Concept Energy: A Highly Undervalued Utica Shale Play
$5 million market cap low-float play New Concept Energy (GBR) currently owns mineral rights to 20,000 acres in Athens and Meigs Counties in Ohio and in Calhoun, Jackson and Roane counties in West Virginia. These counties are in the heartland of the emerging Utica Shale energy play. Utica Shale is the natural gas giant below the Marcellus Shale. The Utica Shale is thicker than the Marcellus, it is more geographically extensive and it has already proven its ability to support commercial production. The 20,000 acres are both surrounded by and interspersed with hundreds of existing wells, of which 121 producing wells are owned by the company.

On February 17, 2012 Magnum Hunter Resources (MHR) acquired 12,186 net acres of Utica Shale from an undisclosed seller for $24.8 million. This equates to $2,035 per acre, and makes the acreage owned by GBR valued at 40.7 million dollars - that is 8 times their current market cap!

As of New Concept Energy's most recently filed 10-k (2010), the company had 18,271 million in stockholders equity. If you divide this by the total shares outstanding of 1.947 million shares, this gives it a 2010 book value of $9.38/share. Based on the recent purchase of Utica acreage from Magnum Hunter, I am expecting even higher stockholders equity once the 2011 10-k is filed.

As an example of the value, let's compare book value to one of its peers Magnum Hunter Resources . Magnum Hunter Resources book value based on their (2011) 10-k, is $3.75/share. On March 8, 2012 the stock closed at $6.66 per share which is 77% higher than 2011 book value. This tells me that New Concept International is currently trading at a tremendous discount, and should be trading north of $16.60/share.

This is a small float stock. The total shares outstanding are 1.947 million, and as of March 7, 2012 form 13-D, 868,898 shares are owned by insiders, so the float is only 1,078,102.

Disclosure: I am currently long GBR, and am looking to add more.  

28.01.21 20:55

24163 Postings, 7639 Tage harry74nrwGoiiiillll

Die Rache der Kleinanleger  

28.01.21 22:02

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Muss mal recherchieren  

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