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MMJ PhytoTech Ltd too list onTSX-V via RTO

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28.09.16 22:36

4140 Postings, 3841 Tage chinaskyMMJ PhytoTech Ltd too list onTSX-V via RTO

Zitat:"Perth, Australia (ABN Newswire) - MMJ PhytoTech Ltd (ASX:MMJ) ("MMJ" or "the Company") is pleased to advise that it is set to unlock significant value for shareholders through the spin out of its core cannabis subsidiaries, United Greeneries Holdings Ltd ("UG" or "United Greeneries") and Satipharm AG ("Satipharm"), on the TSX-V.


- Strategic spin out of Canadian subsidiary United Greeneries and Swiss subsidiary Satipharm by way of a reverse takeover of the TSX-V listed entity Top Strike Resources (TSX-V; TSR)

- TSX-V listing of core cannabis subsidiaries will provide MMJ shareholders with exposure to rapidly expanding Canadian cannabis market

- Top Strike to pay C$2.5M in cash and C$37.5M in shares to MMJ

- MMJ management to be responsible for operations of the resulting TSX-V listed company

- Direct market comparisons to Canadian peer companies expected to unlock significant near-term shareholder value

- Top Strike to become a large-scale cannabis producer targeting supply to the Canadian medical and recreational market, which is estimated to be an C$8b market by 2024

- Black Spruce Merchant Capital to act as lead manager for the transaction providing extensive relationships into Canadian capital markets

MMJ has signed a binding Term Sheet with TSX-V listed company Top Strike Resources Limited (TSX-V: TSR) ("Top Strike"), for Top Strike to acquire 100% of the issued shares of UG and Satipharm respectively.

The transaction, which remains subject to a number of conditions, including shareholder approval, provides MMJ shareholders with exposure to the rapidly growing recreational and medical cannabis markets in Canada. Post spin out, MMJ shareholders will, through their shareholdings in MMJ, have an indirect ownership in a fully-financed, growth-focused cannabis company with two key operating brands in UG and Satipharm..... " ENDE Zitat


The aggregate sale price of UG and Satipharm (C$40 million) represents approximately 97% of MMJ's current market capitalisation (undiluted and based on a share price of A$0.24).  
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12.12.17 07:36

555 Postings, 1383 Tage MedicalInvestment in Late-Stage ACMPR Applicant Weed Me

Zitat:"MMJ PhytoTech Limited (ASX:MMJ)) MMJ ?is pleased to
advise that it has entered into an agreement to strengthen its
position inthe Canadian cannabis sector via
the proposed subscription of C$2 million in secured convertible debentures (?
Debentures?) in Toronto-based Weed Me Inc. ...The Debentures
are convertible in to shares and warrants in Weed Me based on a pre
- money valuation of C$ 10million. Post transaction,
MMJ will have a significantly increased exposure to the burgeoning Canadian
cannabis  sector,via its  59%  holding  in Harvest  One  Cannabis  Inc.  (TSXV:  HVST)
and its strategic  investment in near-term producer Weed Me. " iENDE Zitat


13.12.17 02:21

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage ReeccoOha..

Der Chart gefällt mir. Aktuell bei 0,43A$  

08.01.18 11:22

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchharvest one beteiligung...

...geht ziemlich richtung norden...
MMJ Kurs hat es bislang noch nicht großartig beeinflusst,
weder am freitag oder heute....

erfolgt das ein wenig verzögert? hat da schon jemand erfahrungen gemacht?


18.01.18 17:20

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage Reecco@123grinch

MMJ ist mmn. kein so gutes Zockerpapier wie die vielen anderen US uns CA Papiere. Jedoch viel breiter aufgestellt und somit Wertbeständiger.  

21.01.18 06:59

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage Reecco@123grinch

MMJ wird dir bald ein Grinsen ins Gesicht zementieren. Hab noch etwas Geduld.  

23.01.18 09:11

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchich habe geduld :)

24.01.18 22:44

860 Postings, 1873 Tage Zander2016Hallo 123grinch

Hier bist du auch eingestiegen.
Arbeite grad mal so die Aktien von Australien durch und so bin ich auf diesen Wert gestoßen.
Scheint ja gute Aussichten zu haben bei den Kontakten.
Kommt natürlich jetzt passend mit der Exportmöglichkeit.
Könnte ein Renner werden.
Aber man kann ja auch nicht alles haben.

26.01.18 09:43

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchhi zander

:) ja hier bin ich auch dabei

es gibt tolle australische aktien, viel spaß beim stöbern  

29.01.18 12:34

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchaktuell trading halt

29.01.18 13:56

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage ReeccoWurde aber auch Zeit

Kommt bestimmt wieder eine tolle Firma mit Gesundheitsprodukten ins Portfolio.  

30.01.18 06:43

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchNews

MMJ PhytoTech (ASX: MMJ) has made another strategic investment in a Canadian pot company – this time, in Dosecann, which has a 45,000 square foot pharmaceutical production facility in the pipeline.

In addition to the facility, Dosecann plans to obtain licensed dealer status by May to import and export cannabis, as well as gain licensed producer status to take advantage of the incoming recreation use laws in July this year.

Under the agreement, MMJ will purchase C$2.5 million worth of secured convertible debenture units in Dosecann. The debentures are convertible into shares and warrants in Dosecann and have a pre-money valuation of C$11.5 million.

“We are very pleased to be presenting this latest investment opportunity, as we believe Dosecann’s experienced management team and aggressive expansion plans have the potential to create considerable value for our shareholders in the near-term,” MMJ managing director Andreas Gedeon stated.

Dosecann has scheduled the first stage which comprises 20,000sq ft of the planned 45,000sq ft pharmaceutical production facility for completion in June.

Once the GMP-compliant building has been completed, it will contain a level nine security vault, research and development and extraction lab, as well as filling, packaging and distribution capability including import and export capabilities.

Mr Gedeon said the acquisition was part of MMJ’s strategy to increase its exposure to Canada’s rapidly maturing Canadian cannabis sector.

“We believe this investment in Dosecann, coupled with our existing holding in Harvest One, is a significant step towards achieving this objective,” Mr Gedeon added.

Harvest One Cannabis
MMJ’s interest in Harvest One Cannabis (CVE: HVST) equates to more than 53 million shares.

Harvest One has two primary subsidiaries United Greeneries, which has a production facility for growing cannabis for Canada’s medical marijuana sector and Satipharm, which is developing cannabis-based and pharmaceutical-grade products.

Weed Me
In late December, MMJ also hooked a stake in another private Canadian pot stock Weed Me after purchasing C$2 million convertible debentures in the company.

Weed Me aims to become a licenced cannabis producer after its completed fitting out its 8,000sq ft growing facility.

According to MMJ, Weed Me has developed unique cultivation techniques to carry out a low cost and robust operation.

Shares in MMJ were sitting at A$0.53 in mid-afternoon trade – up almost 5%  

17.04.18 04:15

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage ReeccoKomischer Wert

News sind Top, Quelle:
leider ist der Kurs nur durchschnittlich.  

22.10.18 23:35

14 Postings, 1464 Tage KIBAMMJ Phytotech

MMJ das neue Auxly von Australien. Sehr Interessant. Die werden was. Gruß KIBA  

22.11.18 12:33

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchab heute wieder handelbar

04.12.18 09:19

1162 Postings, 1641 Tage 123grinchgestern nochmal nachgelegt

29.08.20 02:52

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage ReeccoNews

MMJ Group Holdings investee Harvest One completes sale of United Greeneries licensed cannabis cultivation business

Endlich ist man den Geschäftsbereich mit Mr. Gedeon entgültig losgeworden. Jetzt kann das neue Management und MMJ die Pflege-und Vitalprodukte von Harvest One weltweit vermarkten..

@KIBA:  Hoffentlich nicht. MMJ's Geschäftsmodell hat nix mit THC und Geldwäsche zu tun.  

30.09.20 17:57

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage ReeccoNach soviel rot..

endlich Mal ein grün. Lol  

09.11.20 12:26

6527 Postings, 1881 Tage ReeccoNur weil jeder heut postet

MMJ Group Holdings Ltd (ASX:MMJ) (OTCMKTS:MMJJF) investee Harvest One Cannabis Inc (CVE:HVT) anticipates sales volumes, net revenues and adjusted EBITDA to improve this fiscal year due to a full year of new cannabis 2.0 derivative products sales in Canada, improvements in gross margin and a continued focus on reducing costs.

Harvest One?s initial Cannabis 2.0 product offerings include a selection of pain relief topical creams, oils and vape pen cartridges.

TORONTO, Oct. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WeedMD Inc. (TSX-V:WMD) (OTCQX:WDDMF) (FSE:4WE) (?WeedMD? or the ?Company?), a federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran finance executive Lu Cacioppo, FCPA, CA, to its Board of Directors (the ?Board?) and chair of WeedMD?s Audit Committee.

WeedMD?s Color Cannabis Vaporizers Make Strong Entry in Ontario

24.12.20 02:14

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