Good news zu LHSP

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08.12.99 15:23

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownMSFT und Ericson bringen E-Mail fähiges Handy, Spracherkennung mit LHSP! o.T.

08.12.99 23:05

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownheute + 20% :-))) o.T.

09.12.99 13:28

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownEricsson deal only tip of the wireless iceberg

Ericsson deal only tip of the wireless iceberg
By Stephanie Miles and Joe Wilcox
Staff Writers, CNET
December 8, 1999, 5:50 p.m. PT

Microsoft's alliance with Ericsson provides one of the first snapshots of how the wireless Internet industry will develop, but
the partnerships in this malleable market are far from set in stone.

In the not-so-distant future, cell phone users will access the Internet, corporate databases, e-commerce sites and email
accounts from their smart phones. And if these new phones really do turn out to be the true convergence devices the
computing industry has been breathlessly predicting for the last few years, huge opportunities will emerge.

Not only are consumers going to need fancier phones, gadgets and portable operating systems, but corporations and
e-commerce Web sites will likely have to beef up their computing operations to serve them. Software and hardware makers
will profit, but so will content providers, telecommunications carriers and IT (information technology) consultants.

Handsome profits for L&H, see also the JV for e-commerce with Intel.
FYI, Ericsson and MSFT are long and strong L&H strategic partners and allies.  

20.12.99 14:16

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownLHSP : 46,5 EUR in FFM

und weiter gehts!  

20.12.99 14:24

121 Postings, 8440 Tage mw280546,5 EUR in FFM

Wie wo was...?
- Bin ich blind oder was?

Oder meinst Du 26,5 Euro ... - na ob das aber dann ne tolle News ist???  

21.12.99 08:42

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownSchluß NASDAQ 48 1/16 USD :-) o.T.

21.12.99 09:01

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownRe: Good news zu LHSP

    - Fonds decken sich gehörig ein,
    - Shortratio 16%!!!!
    - Shortsqueeze?
    - News am kommen,
    - Sailports bald weltweit präsent (Kundennähe)
    - e-commerce per Handy mittels Spracherkennung und Sprachausgabe
    - I-net Portal in allen Sprachen per iTranslator
    - manuelles Übersetzungs- Geschäft
    - Allianzen mit vielen großen Herstellen
    - Beherrschen viele asiatischen Sprachen > China-Phantasie
    - ...  

21.12.99 13:11

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownzu LHSP aus Yahoo board m.t.

Watch this stock closely : LHSP
A short squeeze is about to start for this stock !

LHSP is world leader in speech recognition and language technology. Alliances with Microsoft, National Semiconductor,
Delphi. Joint venture of $30 million with Intel (see links below).

6 million shares short BELOW $45 (15% of free float!) !!
New 52 week high reached : 48 1/16
Ready for a fast ride up ? According to some analists, this stock could move to $75 or $85 in a couple of days when a short
squeeze happens.

Also great from a long-term prospect :
CNBC says price target in 12 months is $90

Final chance to get in before the short squeeze !

Interesting links about the company :
* Intel Joint Vecture:
* Delphi alliance :
* National Semiconductor alliance :
* Microsoft alliance :


21.12.99 14:42

131 Postings, 8548 Tage RossiRe: Good news zu LHSP

Sag mal slowdown, hast Du nur diese Aktie im Depot?

Deine Links sind ja wahnsinnig interessant, und ich bin über die fundamentalen Aussichten von Lernout&Hauspie auch überzeugt, aber wenn ständig nur einer diesen Talk vorantreibt ist auch langweilig.
Wo bist Du eingestiegen?
Ich bei 28 und 35

best invest

21.12.99 21:25

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownRossi...

Nur LHSP nö... aber der Rest ist relativ sicher Aufgehoben:

DWS Europ. Aktien O
DWS Dt.Aktien O
Euroland Small Cap
DWS Asiat. Aktien O
JB Spec.German Stock A

habe damit gute 30 % gemacht dieses Jahr, ohne Stress!

PS: ausser LHSP kümmer ich mich nur Um SWLDY (Smallworld)


22.12.99 14:14

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownGerüchte vom Yahoo- board

Anfang 2000 teilt sich LHSP in seperate Gesellschaften und geht damit IPO.
Die Mehrheiten sollen bei der L&H MutterGesellschaft bleiben.


23.12.99 08:45

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownLHSP Teilt sich bestätigt!

23.12.99 15:14

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownweitere News zu LHSP m.L

28.12.99 16:48

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownErste Fakten der Teilung:


Neue Lizenzen der L&H Technology & Solutions Division mit folgenden Firmen:

Huyndai Securities, Samsung Securities, LG Securities, Daishin Securities and Daewoo Securities, along with more than
    10 other securities companies, have selected L&H to develop client server solutions for on-line trading and automated
    dialogue systems that allow securities customers to receive stock quotes and trade.
    EPC Asia is expected to integrate L&H's automated attendant speech technology in its PBX system for the SOHO
    IBCC (International Business Computer Co., Ltd.) is expected to integrate L&H technologies in its video telephony
    solutions for e-commerce.
    NeoTelecom is expected to use L&H speech technology for its voice messaging system.
    LG Electronics has agreed to use L&H's TTS technologies.
    Intelligent Communications has agreed to use L&H's TTS technologies for use in e-mail reading and unified messaging
    Softech Advantage expanded their agreement with L&H to utilize L&H RealSpeak for their unified messaging platform
    for the Philippines.
    Softel Telecommunications Pte Limited, plans to deploy L&H's technologies in telecom applications in Singapore.
Delfi has licensed L&H's TTS technologies for use in Telephony applications.
    Intellex is expected to deploy L&H's speech recognition and L&H RealSpeak technology in call center applications.
    GenSoft has licensed L&H's RealSpeak software for use in several multimedia and telecommunications applications.
    Enter has licensed L&H's RealSpeak software for use in applications for the disabled.  

29.12.99 14:50

124 Postings, 8624 Tage slowdownsales of over $500 million in 2000!!

BRUSSELS, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Belgian speech technology firm Lernout & Hauspie
Chief Executive Gaston Bastiaens was quoted in a newspaper on
Wednesday saying he expected sales of over $500 million in 2000 with a "serious"
increase in profits.  

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