MIDEX GOLD CORP ein Zock? Oder die Zukunft?

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15.11.10 16:54

719 Postings, 4971 Tage WekeMIDEX GOLD CORP ein Zock? Oder die Zukunft?

Bei der aktuellen entwicklung von Rohstoffen, sind auch immer mehr Rohstoffexplorer wie dieser hier gefragt als "Hebel". Mal sehen heute sieht das ganz ja schon sehr gut aus! Was meint ihr wo geht dir Reise hin?  
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15.11.10 16:58

719 Postings, 4971 Tage WekeHier ist der Zeitverzögerte Chart

15.11.10 16:59

14 Postings, 4764 Tage HallsideMore UPDATES - Read below folks $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

More UPDATES - Read below folks

$MXGD SGI is pounding the table for .005 before a BREAKNECK move to .01 - Bang the drums guys and gals http://disclaim.it/f/8po8


$MXGD a break above .005 could see .01 come in a flash, the BULLS are gearing up & the price action is on FIRE http://disclaim.it/f/8p-o


$MXGD the gains here are coming by the second and looking to get more XTREME by the minute


$MXGD on everyone's lips today, bound to hit more radars today and this week. The WAVE to profits is here


15.11.10 17:03

2356 Postings, 5170 Tage jacomelohusch husch den push rausjehaun

15.11.10 17:03

14 Postings, 4764 Tage HallsideAnschnallen - Es geht los - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

15.11.10 17:05

14 Postings, 4764 Tage HallsideGold bald 1700 USD .- 52 week High 0,75 USD -Perle

15.11.10 17:08

14 Postings, 4764 Tage HallsideEmmenser Kaufdruck $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

15.11.10 17:09

14 Postings, 4764 Tage HallsideTIME TO MOVE BACK TO .06

15.11.10 17:15

14 Postings, 4820 Tage renechenMal sehen wie weit es noch gehen kann

Bin erstmal eingestiegen jetzt aber hoch hier!  

15.11.10 17:19

2356 Postings, 5170 Tage jacomelots ts echt frech sowas

15.11.10 17:20

2356 Postings, 5170 Tage jacomeloEmmentaler is och schmackhaft emmenser is och geil

15.11.10 20:34

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsIch bin dabei

15.11.10 20:36

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsLöschung

Zeitpunkt: 01.12.10 13:54
Aktionen: Löschung des Beitrages, Nutzer-Sperre für immer
Kommentar: Doppel-ID - einer dauerhaften gesperrten Pusher-ID



15.11.10 20:37

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsBei der nächsten News sid wir bei 0.10 +++

An die POwer Hour denken $  

15.11.10 20:41

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsL2 - Snapshot - Very tight - nach 0,005 dann 0,50

15.11.10 20:46

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsAb 21.00 Power Hour - Bis die Tage $$

15.11.10 20:54

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsNEW HOD breached .0044

NEW HOD breached..>!!! .0044  

15.11.10 20:55

12 Postings, 4764 Tage Velvets0,0045 Printed

15.11.10 21:05

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsUnd Boooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm $$$

15.11.10 21:13

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsNew Hod - 0.75 Wir kommen $

15.11.10 21:15

719 Postings, 4971 Tage WekeHier der Rt chart...


Hört mal bitte mal auf so blöd rumzuspamen !  

15.11.10 21:28

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsIst Geil - So kann man auch reich werden $ hehe

15.11.10 21:33

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsNo more Chance for 4iers-Slap that Ask .Dark Green

15.11.10 21:40

12 Postings, 4764 Tage VelvetsExplosion $

17.11.10 09:08

4 Postings, 4763 Tage CASDERGuten Morgen Liebe MXGD er

17.11.10 09:14

4 Postings, 4763 Tage CASDERMXGD - Midex Gold Corp. - Merger News $$$$ + Uplis

MXGD - Midex Gold Corp. - Merger News $$$$ + Uplisting zur AMEX $$$$

MXGD - In Stuttgart und USA handelbar.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 16/11/10 -- Midex Gold Corp.(OTCBB: MXGD) and Talison Lithium Limited ('Talison') are pleased to announce the completion of the previously announced plan of arrangement (the 'Arrangement') for the merger of Midex Gold and Talison. Effective immediately, Midex Gold and Talison have now merged.
At December 10,2010 Midex Gold Corp. will be Uplisted to teh US - AMEX Exchange with the Ticker Symbol: MXGD.
Talison ordinary shares will commence trading on the TSX under the symbol 'TLH' at the market open tomorrow, November 17,2010
Midex Gold Corp. CEO: Morgan Magella said today: We are very succesfull with Gold and Diamands.We have fgounded Gold, Diamonds and now Lithium for Global Market and merged Today with the worldwider Largest Lithium Producer, Talison, TLHOur Crown Jewel - the Magembe Property
'It was very clear to our management team that from the day we engaged in discussions on a potential merger with Talison, we shared the same long-term vision of the Gold,Diamonds and Lithium sector and its growth potential. We are excited to now work with, and become part of, the Talison team and feel very strongly that our shareholders will prosper in the long-term from the new merged company and its aggressive growth strategy.'
A possible Buyout from Midex Gold Corp. will follows.This will be a profitable Investitagation for a shareholders.
Talison CEO Peter Oliver stated: 'Talison is excited to have completed the merger and looks forward to accelerating the development of the highly prospective 'Midex Magambe' project. Talison is already the largest lithium producer in the world and the largest supplier of lithium concentrates into the growing Chinese market. The merged company offers shareholders exposure to the current production of lithium concentrate and the upside growth of future lithium carbonate production from both the hard-rock and brine projects to satisfy the demand for lithium products destined for the global electric vehicle market.'
Further details regarding Talison or Midex Gold Corp.and the details of the Arrangement can be obtained.Full details of the merger of Midex Gold and Talison will be released, also press release also available on SEDAR. A presentation of the transaction highlights can be accessed at the Midex Gold Corp.Com and Talison websites.
About Midex Gold Corp.
Midex Gold Corp. is positioned to take advantage of Tanzania's rich mineral resources by developing a select portfolio of near-term gold and diamond production projects. With the company's network of strategic relationships with senior mining professionals and government officials in Tanzania, it is poised to identify key mining concession targets that are ready to be developed.
Our Crown Jewel - the Magembe PropertyThe Magembe Property is part of a two-kilometre buffer zone created to surround the Williamson Mine (aka Mwadui) when it was developed in the 1940s and 50s. This buffer zone was formed to prohibit the mining of near-surface diamond deposits in the area immediately adjacent to the mining operation. The Williamson mine is owned 75 per cent by De Beers and 25 per cent by the government of Tanzania, and has a production history that spans six decades. The Williamson pipe covers 360 acres and was considered to be the largest economically exploitable pipe in the world. The mine is the original source of pink diamonds and has produced notable stones including a 54-carat flawless pink diamond and a 388-carat diamond found in 1990. South African-based Petra Diamonds is currently negotiating to purchase the mine.
Midex Gold's unique and multi-skilled team of professionals is in the process of acquiring and developing the company's precious mineral projects. These professionals have years of experience developing junior exploration companies and mines, some of which now have major roles in the global mineral industry. Management also has well-established relationships with prominent industry consultants who will help build the company.
Corporate Ethics Midex Gold is committed to operating under strict legal and ethical standards of all jurisdictions it works within, as well as to improve working conditions and remuneration for its Tanzanian geologists and laborers.
About Talison Lithium Limited
Talison is the leading global producer of lithium. Talison mines and processes the lithium bearing mineral spodumene at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations in Western Australia. Talison has an extensive, well established global customer network and a leading position in the growing Chinese market. In addition, upon completion of the Arrangement, Talison now has an extensive lithium brine exploration project in Region III, Chile. Talison's 'Salares 7' lithium project is made up of seven salars (brine lakes, and the surrounding concessions) that are prospective for sub-surface lithium and potassium. Five of the seven salars are clustered within 155 kilometres and are 100% owned by Talison and its Chilean partner.
No securities regulatory authority has either approved or disapproved of the contents of this news release. This press release is for information purposes only.
Forward-Looking Statements
This release contains 'forward-looking statements' which reflect the current expectations of the companies. These statements reflect management's current beliefs with respect to future events and are based on information currently available to management. Forward-looking statements involve significant known and unknown risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Many factors could cause actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements that may be expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Should assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements prove incorrect, actual results, performance or achievements could vary materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements contained in this release. Although the forward-looking statements contained in this release are based upon what the companies believe to be reasonable assumptions, the companies can not assure investors that actual results, performance or achievements will be consistent with these forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this release and the companies do not assume any obligation to update or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances.
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Midex Gold Corp.
Morgan Magella
+32 7 4532 78564
Investor / Corporate InformationMidex Gold Corp.
Email: morganmagella@yahoo.ca
Investor Information
NASD Exchange OTC BB
Talison Lithium Limited
Peter Oliver
+61 8 9263 5555
FD - Media
Kim O'Halloran
Vice President, Corporate Communications
(312) 553-6733

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