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01.04.14 11:08

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeups kaufe ein e

01.04.14 11:18

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showme1000%vielleicht auch mehr

01.04.14 12:06

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmegestern eingestiegen

mit couple shares we see  glta  

01.04.14 17:45

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeschau ma ma

gruss aus Danbury ,CT  USA
gleich um die ecke is fcel  

06.04.14 18:36

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeDeal with holcim is a fact

So count all holcim plants in.We are now partner of a massive company.over 50 billion.

06.04.14 18:40

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeLaFarge

MVTG in a nut shell, has a recently patented electrochemical reactor, called and ERC,  that converts the green house gas air polutant, that is causing global warming and that is blamed for climate change, CO2, carbon dioxide, into a liquid commecial chemical product called formic acid, that sells for $1,500/ton, and can be used in the second patented invention that MVTG is comercializing which is a new generation of low cost fuel cell that runs on formic acid!

MVTG has a JV deal with the billion dollar cement manufacturer (who has a CO2 exhaust problem, like all cement manufacturers) called LaFarge, to build the first pilot plant for the ERC. The Lafarge MVTG ERC pilot plant is funded and is expected to be built and operating this year.

08.04.14 22:47

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmePatent


Here are links to the actual issued UK fuel cell patent and the India ERC issued patents!!!

The patents are pending world wide!!!

The first two have just recently been issued!!!

Here is the Fuel cell patent issued, an entire new generation of low cost fuel cell!

Here is the first issued international patent on the ERC that converts CO2, The Green House gas that causes global warming, carbon dioxide into a liquid fuel, formic acid!

These are links to entire patent file, about 100 pages in all!


10.04.14 02:36

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmerun wild

Mantra's management expects to see tangible results of these meetings in the coming days and weeks.   

10.04.14 05:41

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeso keiner da

10.04.14 06:18

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmethe

MRFC is an unconventional fuel cell that uses a mixture of fuel and oxidant, thereby greatly reducing the complexity and cost of the fuel cell system. Ideal for portable applications, the MRFC is cheaper, lighter, and more compact than conventional fuel cell technologies  

10.04.14 22:03

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmena geht doch 60 cent

vielleicht der kick  

11.04.14 11:15

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeschau ma was

Heute geht die 70 koennten fallen (:  

16.05.14 09:52

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmena geht doch

16.05.14 15:25

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeihub

Nautiflyer    Friday, 05/09/14 04:42:46 PM  
Re:  Ecomike    post# 23251  
Post #   of 23431    

Every now and then... an opportunity presents itself. It's a matter of taking that opportunity, and making the best of it!
Having said that, it was my distinct pleasure to visit with both Larry Kristof and Senior Process Engineer Amin Aziznia here in Dubai this evening. I was in the most wonderful position of being able to ask questions with the CEO of Mantra regarding the business strategy, and the Senior Engineer on the technical aspects of Mantra's technology.
I struggle to come up with the right description of our conversations... other than to say.. I believe more than ever... we are on the right track!
It's hard to comprehend the business and capitol investment interest that may be very close to coming to fruition... especially here in Dubai and Asia...
From the technical side... I believe we may have MORE ideas and technology at our doorstep yet to be unveiled.
For those who don't know him... Larry is a great guy with enthusiasm and energy that is directed solely at making this entity succeed. His concern for the average investor (like me)... is unfounded. As a family man... and focused on making the world a greener place... and making at profit while doing it.. you couldn't ask for a greater champion.
My questions and conversation directed towards Dr. Aziznia, were met with a coy smile.. a wonderful wit, and a knowing knowledge and confidence that this technology is on the right track!
Yep... If I could read between the lines... I think there may be more out there than we suspect... But we'll wait in see.
I know both Larry and Dr. Aziznia have their plates full for the upcoming days here in Dubai... they are seriously working overtime... and have a lot of contacts and meetings to attend.
"Thanks" can't convey the opportunity and appreciation from this little investor to meet with Larry and Dr. Aziznia.... I just wish I could have asked a million other questions from all the other curious and more knowledgeable folks out here on the board.
Exposure is the key... and we are finally getting it... the music has just started, enjoy the Mantra rock opera.

Tom in Dubai  

18.05.14 14:38

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeso erstes ziel erreicht

Naechstes  1.5 od 2 $  

05.06.14 10:11

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeMantra Trades on Promise of Innovation

Mantra Trades on Promise of Innovation

How often do we see the crowd rooting for the underdog?  You could hear the cheers forMantra Energy (MVTG:  OTC) last week at the Marcum Microcap Conference in New York City.  Mantra is a developmental stage company pursuing technologies to harness carbon dioxide for energy.  Of course, the company has no revenue and therefore no earnings. Indeed, its technologies are so unique and as yet at such an early stage some might find them almost fanciful.   Yet for some investors, a fanciful underdog is even better than another.   

Mantra sees itself as a technology incubator, building on intellectual properties the company bought from the University of British Columbia.  The company is perfecting what they call the electro-reduction of carbon dioxide.  The idea is to use electrochemistry to convert carbon dioxide to usable products such as formic acid.  A wide range of end products depend on formic acid, such as preservatives and antibacterial agents in livestock feed and materials for de-icing runways.  Another important product might be formate salts, which are increasingly being considered as chemical carriers in hydrogen storage and transportation. 

Turning a waste from industrial processes  -  a nasty one at that with far reaching climatic impact  -  into a useable product could have very impressive economic attributes.  The cost of carbon dioxide capture could be partially or fully covered by sales of the commercially viable products.  Mantra management believes the economics of its carbon capture and recycling solution attractive.

At least one company has already been convinced.  Lafarge Canada (LFRGY:  OTC) has agreed to work with Mantra with a pilot project at Lafarge’s cement plant in Richmond, British Columbia.  The pilot plant will have the capacity to convert 100 kilograms of carbon dioxide per day to formate salts. 

Also under development is what Mantra calls its Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell (MRFC).  In conventional fuel cells it is necessary to incorporate expensive membranes in the design prevent the fuel and oxidant from mixing.  In Mantra’s fuel cell the fuel and oxidant are allowed to mix, eliminating the cost and weight of membranes.  A variety of fuels can be used, including the formic acid that Mantra hopes to produce from its carbon capture and recycling technology.  Manta does not expect its fuel cell to have as much efficiency a conventional fuel cells, but the MRFCs are expected to have higher volumetric power densities.

Mantra has many steps to complete before reaching revenue stage.  Even more time will probably be needed to reach profitability and positive cash flow.  Before then the stock will trade on investor’s willingness to back an underdog if not confidence in management’s ability to execute on its strategic plans.  The company recently received a vote of confidence from a group of investors who infused $1.7 million in new capital into the company.  The company is using the money to take care of a few outstanding obligations and begin assembling the pilot plant.  

11.06.14 13:23

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeSiemens


Siemens bereitet bislang unbestätigten Angaben zufolge zusammen mit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aus Japan ein gemeinsames Angebot für Alstom vor. In den Gesprächen gehe es um eine Übernahme der Alstom-Sparte Energietechnik, heißt es, für die sich auch der US-Konzern General Electrics interessiert.

04.12.14 19:50

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmebraucht zeit

20.04.15 17:02

590 Postings, 3594 Tage showmeso ein

kanns net glauben    

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