Nach 80%-Absturz nun Chance auf Rebound ?!

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58 Postings, 3286 Tage trader-loveNach 80%-Absturz nun Chance auf Rebound ?!

Card Activation  Technologies, Inc. is a Chicago-based company that owns the patent  rights to a proprietary payment transaction method used for processing  gift cards and other debit purchase transactions. The company is  actively seeking to license its patent to the thousands of retailers,  gas stations, phone companies and others that utilize the patented  payment method.

Mr. Bob Kite, President and  CEO of Card Activation Technologies Inc. (Pink Sheets: CDVT), stated  today, "I wanted to take a moment to update you as to the status of the  lawsuit involving our company and Stored Value Solutions, n/k/a Ceridian  Stored Value Solutions, Inc. As most of you will recall, SVS filed an  action in the Federal District Court in Delaware claiming that the '859  patent owned by Card Activation Technologies is invalid. Trial was  scheduled for April 25, 2011. Unfortunately, right before trial was to  commence, the judge in the Delaware Court asked that the attorneys  provide additional briefing on issues and subjects raised by the Court.  This necessitated a delay in the trial date. The current schedule is for  all additional depositions and briefing to be completed by the  attorneys on or before June 10, 2011. We expect a hearing to be held  with the Court concerning all issues shortly after June 10. We also  expect a trial date to be set shortly thereafter. We remain confident in  our position that the '859 patent is valid and that we will prevail in  this litigation."


Nach 80% Minus in vier Handelstagen ist denke ich nun die Zeit reif für eine technische Gegenreaktion. Ich werde heute hier mitmischen. Anbei der Chart:



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Um 15.30 Uhr gehts los:


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58 Postings, 3286 Tage trader-loveEs gibt 177,7 Millionen Aktien

also recht überschaubar.  

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58 Postings, 3286 Tage trader-loveAuch die US-Forenteilnehmer

gehen von einer Bodenbildung und einem anschließenden Rebound aus:  

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