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11.07.13 13:08

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33EC proposes €1.4 billion to renew FCH JU through 2

EC proposes €1.4 billion to renew FCH JU through 2020

11 JUL 2013

The NEW-IG (New Energy World Industry Grouping), the leading European industrial association representing a major part of Europe’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry, with more than 60 members – half of them SMEs, has welcomed the European Commission’s proposal to renew and strengthen the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH) Joint Undertaking. It is one of five proposed research and innovation partnerships under Horizon 2020 and builds upon the success of the first generation of the programme from 2008-2013. Some 150 projects and over 430 industry and research organisations have won support under the annual, competitive calls for proposals issued by the current programme.
The Proposal for a Council Regulation on the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking creates the basis for a renewed public-private partnership aimed at expanding the use of clean and efficient technologies in transport, industry and energy. It aims to step up activities and move the sector forward with a budget of 1.4 billion euros until 2020, equally shared by the European private sector and European Union.
Pierre-Etienne Franc, Chairman of the Board of NEW-IG said, “We believe that a robust European programme for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen is the right tool to coordinate objectives, pool resources and advance the technology for the benefit of the European economy. This renewed political and financial support is a sign that Europe will strive to establish this technology as a key enabler for its future energy and transport roadmap. Joint priority setting and a long term perspective are key to enabling private investment in such complex, societal challenges.”
Màire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, added, "Thanks to the current Fuel Cells and Hydrogen partnership, you can take a ride on hydrogen-powered pollution-free buses in five cities across Europe. But much research and development is still needed to make this application of FCH technology widespread and those for clean energy production and storage commercially attractive. The EU and industry will continue to work together under this new initiative to help reduce the carbon footprint of our energy and transport sectors."
The strategic objectives of the renewed Programme are to:
Boost the share of FCH technologies in a sustainable, low-carbon energy and transport system
Enhance energy security in Europe (as opposed to dependence on other regions) at affordable prices for end-consumers
Ensure a world leading, competitive European FCH industry with research excellence leading to industry innovation, growth and jobs.
The implementation of the FCH JU programme of research, development and demonstration for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies for the period 2014 – 2020 is structured around two main innovation pillars in road transport and energy supported by cross-cutting research activities that integrate technologies supporting both energy and transport sectors such as standards, training and studies.
Henri Winand, CEO of Intelligent Energy concluded, “This public-private partnership is testament to the very real possibilities of hydrogen as an important energy vector for more sustainable and competitive energy systems. It is combined with an investment in jobs, economic competitiveness, energy efficiency and thus, an investment with environmental benefits too.”


- See more at: http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/news-events/...2020#sthash.tkX3rG7g.dpuf  

11.07.13 13:20

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Jede Wette Fuelcell ist hier

mit im Rennen! Hier geht es um Aufträge im Wert von 1 Miliarde

JULY 10, 2013
CT regulators reconsider $1B solar secret

Hartford Hospital, which will receive a unit similar to this 1.4-megawatt FuelCell Energy cogeneration unit installed at Central Connecticut State University, is one of only two of the 97 ZREC/LREC winners that has been publicly disclosed.
CEFIA seeks bids for $6M co-gen program
Skanska exits Chamber of Commerce over LEED dispute
SmartPower hires solar manager
Oil prices surge above $105
CT health centers get $1.6M for uninsured
The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority is reconsidering its plan to keep secret the winners of the state's $1 billion renewable energy credit program, after the Hartford Business Journal requested those identities be made public under a Freedom of Information request.
PURA on Wednesday reopened the case for the first round of the Zero-emissions and Low-emissions Renewable Energy Credit, or ZREC/LREC, program in response to HBJ's Freedom of Information Act request on June 20, according to a regulatory filing.
The six-year ZREC/LREC program seeks to proliferate renewable energy generation in Connecticut by providing funds through 15-year contracts for the electricity produced by installations using Class I renewables such as solar, fuel cells, wind, and hydro. Winners of those contracts are chosen in a competitive bid. Over the course of the program, installations will receive $720 million in ZRECs and $300 million in LRECs.
Because the program is administered by electric utilities Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating using ratepayer funds, PURA initially agreed to the utilities' request that most of the information about the winning bids be protected as proprietary and not disclosed to the public.
In December, CL&P and UI gave 87 ZREC awards, all to solar projects, and 10 LREC awards, all to fuel cell projects. The only information disclosed about the bidders were the city where the installation would be located, the size of the project, the type of technology used, and whether the bid was awarded a contract.
HBJ filed a FOIA request with the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, which oversees PURA, asking for the release of more information about the winning bidders, particularly the name of the applicant, the exact address of the proposed project, the business or agency that will host the project, the size of the renewable installation, and the technology used in that installation (solar, fuel cell, etc.). The HBJ request also asked for that information to be released in all future ZREC/LREC rounds.
The Office of Consumer Counsel previously requested this information be made public, but PURA denied that request on May 23.
In reconsidering its ruling, PURA notified CL&P and UI that they must refile all the information about the bidders from the first round with no information kept in secret except for the bidders' bank account numbers. That PURA notification also said CL&P and UI must disclose all the same information in future ZREC/LREC rounds. The PURA notification did not include the smallest category of ZRECs, which is not competitively bid.
After PURA goes through the necessary steps to reconsider its decision, the ZREC/LREC information should be released in the next few months, said DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain.
The only ZREC or LREC winners currently known to the public are ones who made their own announcements about their planned clean energy installations, namely a Hartford Hospital fuel cell project and a Hartford landfill solar project.  

11.07.13 14:22

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33analyse short von

12.07.13 13:23

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Biomass Magazine

IN THE LAB: NREL researcher Guido Bender works in the gas manifold corridor for cell testing in the Fuel Cell Test and Development Laboratory at NREL.

Biogas-powered fuel cells hold great promise for their ability to transform waste streams directly into electricity, with zero emissions. Far from new technology, dating back to 1839, fuel cells are becoming one of the popular methods of generating cleaner energy not only for automobiles and space craft, but also for residential, commercial and industrial sites. Today, companies such as AT&T, Coca-Cola Co., Apple and The Kroger Co. are utilizing biogas-powered fuel cells to generate energy for television studios, data hubs, distribution centers and administration offices.

Tony Leo, vice president of application engineering and new technology development of FuelCell Energy, says the top benefit of biogas-powered fuel cells is the ability to transform a waste stream directly into electricity to offset grid purchases. Even for facilities that are flaring biogas for electricity or powering a combustion-engine generator, fuel cells produce more electricity per unit of biogas with zero emissions, he says.

In addition to utilizing waste for energy, Leo says other benefits include heat generation and self-sufficiency. The exhaust of a fuel cell is roughly 750 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be fed back into a digester to maintain heat or support faster material breakdown. Additionally, the heat may be used for hot water systems, absorption chilling systems or sold to neighboring facilities. Fuel cells enable a facility to become energy self-sufficient, Leo says. “We like to describe this as building one’s own micro-grid, where in instances the grid goes down, you can keep your facility operational.”

How It Works

A fuel cell is basically electrolyte material, sandwiched between positive and negative electrodes, that utilizes chemical reactions, rather than combustion, to produce energy. To generate electricity, outside air flows through piping. Upon contact with a negatively charged cathode, oxygen atoms acquire extra electrons, thus becoming ions that diffuse through the electrolyte material. The oxygen ions travel to the positively charged anode, where they react with the hydrogen in the fuel, shedding extra electrons that travel out of the fuel cell as electricity.

To provide an idea of how much gaseous fuel is utilized in one of these fuel cells, Leo says when its DFC3000 unit is running at full capacity, the fuel cell consumes roughly 565 cubic feet of biogas per minute. If the fuel cell ran at full capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it will utilize nearly 300 million cubic feet of biogas over the course of a year.

Biogas Sources

As more fuel cells come on line, a growing demand for sustainable fuel will stimulate growth in biogas utilization. Leo explains in the near term, wastewater treatment facilities represent the largest market potential in biogas because the anaerobic digesters already exist at many sites. One such biogas project is in Fountain Valley, Calif., where a fuel cell is powered by digester gas from a wastewater treatment facility. This system produces roughly 300 kilowatts (kW) of electricity and also pipes the exhaust through a catalyst, which results in a hydrogen stream that can be used to fuel vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

In the long term, however, wastewater applications will be in the minority. “If you look at how much of this resource is available, it’s actually a fairly small amount per capita,” says Mike Penev, senior chemical engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Considering the number of people and the amount of wastewater flowing into the facility, he says, “how much energy is generated is actually not a very large amount.” Other sources of biogas have more plentiful supplies, such as dairy farms and landfills, he adds.

Landfills are a third source of biogas that can be purified to power fuel cells. Penev explains the methane in landfill gas can be purified by removing sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes to produce fuel that may be utilized within a fuel cell. “I know there are some landfill-to-energy projects, though I don’t think any of them are running fuel cells,” says Genevieve Saur, engineer and hydrogen systems analyst from NREL. “I think they’re generally combusting the landfill gas.”

Another source for biogas fuel may lie within the food and beverage processing industry. Leo indicates the food and beverage processing plants are a promising short-term market, but only on a small scale. Instead of feeding off biogas from the waste of an entire city, these projects get their biogas from a single factory, he adds, but the cost and energy self-sufficientcy gains to be had by these factories are materially significant to the bottom line.

Growing Market

Fuel cell deployments have been steadily rising, especially in the U.S. and overseas, in places where air pollution and fuel access are larger concerns, such as Los Angeles, Penev says. “They have so much pollution per capita that they don’t allow additional power generation to be put online unless the quality of the exhaust basically contains no pollution.” He adds fuel cells, in general, have practically zero criteria pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter. This has made fuel cells more popular in heavily population areas in California and the Northeast, where more of the nonattainment areas exist.

Internationally, Penev says most of the fuel cell utilization that he knows of is occurring in South Korea. “As I understand it, they don’t have a native natural gas supply and they end up importing all their natural gas,” he explains. “And, for the natural gas they ship into the country, they want to get every last Btu out of it.” To accomplish that, he adds, South Korea has invested in very efficient technologies that can utilize natural gas to produce electricity.

Future Possibilities

In terms of project size, multimegawatt fuel cell projects running on natural gas currently represent the biggest growth spot for stationary fuel cells, Leo notes, adding that the biomass and biogas markets stand to benefit from these types of projects, since higher volume production of fuel cells will continue to drive down the project cost of smaller-scale installations.

By building bridges with fuel cell users, biogas producers may help strengthen the market. Leo says, by working with trade organizations such as the National Fuel Cell Research Center, biogas producers can help build relationships with fuel cell users and producers. He recommends interested biogas producers seek out and speak with facilities that currently operate fuel cells.

Biogas producers may want to look into the costs of upgrading the biogas into hydrogen fuel for automobiles. “Most of the large auto manufacturers are coming out with hydrogen fuel cells within a 2015 to 2017 timeframe,” Penev explains. “There’s a least half a dozen manufacturers coming out with hydrogen cars.” There are currently two ways to produce hydrogen fuel, he says, one of which is accomplished from natural gas. Some states, like California, require certain portions of it to be derived from renewable resources.

Yesterday, 12:26 PM  

16.07.13 07:23

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33wow die Shortquote schwillt

immer weiter an ! na das gibt ein feuer wenn news kommen.  

16.07.13 13:15

72 Postings, 3655 Tage Meichidanke Bäcker

Erstaunlich wo du die Infos immer herziehst!
Weiter so, vielen Dank!  

16.07.13 14:57

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Stromriesen wollen offenbar Kraftwerke abschalten

Energiewende: Stromriesen wollen offenbar Kraftwerke abschalten - Wirtschaft | STERN.DE
Wegen starker Konkurrenz und dem Boom bei Ökostrom wollen viele Energieversorger offenbar zahlreiche konventionelle Kraftwerke abschalten.

17.07.13 06:04

579 Postings, 3787 Tage LoboMaloes kann nicht mehr lange dauern

 und FCEL wird mit den Neuigkeiten herausrücken, um wie viele MW sich das Vertragsvolumen in diesem Jahr noch erhöhen wird. All die guten Informationen, die Bäcker uns gegeben hat, weisen darauf hin und dann wird es den shorties an den Kragen gehen. Dieser Boden ist doch eine sehr komfortable Startplattform. 


17.07.13 17:14

1056 Postings, 4863 Tage wamu2009@ all

Schöne käufe gerade kann keine news finden !!!!!!!!  

17.07.13 19:10

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Vorstand kaufr kräftig

op Buys by Directors: Rolls's $183.5K Bet on FCEL
Comment Now Follow Comments
The directors of a company tend to have a unique inside view into the business, so when directors make major buys, investors are wise to take notice. Presumably the only reason a director of a company would choose to take their hard-earned cash and use it to buy stock in the open market, is that they expect to make money — maybe they find the stock very undervalued, or maybe they see exciting progress within the company, or maybe both. So in this series we look at the largest insider buys by company directors over the trailing six month period, one of which was a total of $183.5K by John A. Rolls, Director at FuelCell Energy Inc (NASD: FCEL).  

17.07.13 19:38

1056 Postings, 4863 Tage wamu2009@ all

Bid Ash Letztgehandelten Öffnen Zurück Schließen
01.32 01.33 13.20.42 EST 1,29 1,28
Tagesspanne 52-Wk Reichweite Durchschnittl Volume EPS P / E
1.26 bis 01.34 Uhr 0,83-1,64 2,66 Mio. -0.23 N / A
Marktkapitalisierung Hervorragend Schweben Dividende / Rendite Ex-Div Datum
253.52M 192.06M 155.28M N / A N / A
Short Interest Short% von Float Innen B / S Inst.% Besitzer Austausch
9,41 Mio. 6,1% 1.10m 21% NASDAQ
Support 2 Support 1 Pivot Preis Widerstand 1 Resistance 2
1,2267 $ 1,2733 $ 1,3067 $ 1,3533 $ 1,3867 $

Möchte mich auch bei Bäcker 33 bedanken für deinen tollen einsatz,wir werden hier noch viel freude haben.  

18.07.13 14:21

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Small Bombs Under $10

19.07.13 11:02

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33es läuft in die richtige

Richtung : On Tuesday, the board of the World Bank decided that it will halt the financing of coal-fired power plants and will allow it only under rare circumstances.

The only funding for coal-fired power plants the World Bank will allow is to countries that have no other feasible alternatives to coal. The organization wants to ensure that impoverished countries are not left behind simply because they don’t have the money to phase out the use of fossil fuels.

This stance is particularly upsetting to China and Brazil, two countries that rely heavily on coal-fired power plants to provide electricity to their exploding populations.

In the past, the World Bank has drawn criticism since it urges global actions to lower carbon emissions while simultaneously giving large sums of money to coal-fired power plants…two concepts in direct opposition.

The World Bank updates its Energy Sector Directions paper every 10 years, and the newest one is in support of hydroelectric power.  This support is markedly different than the organization’s stance in the 1990s, when it recommended abandoning hydroelectric projects, instead pushing for wind power.

Advocacy Groups like International Rivers strongly believe that the World Bank ignores valuable solutions to reduce fossil fuel dependence.

However, things may be changing. Under the direction of new President Jim Yong Kim, who happens to be a scientist, the World Bank has launched its most aggressive campaign against climate change. Kim insists that it is impossible to eradicate poverty without acknowledging and addressing global warming.  

22.07.13 11:45

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Indien

RBI to treat loans to ultra power projects as secured debt - The Economic Times
The Reserve Bank of India has allowed loans to new ultra mega power projects (UMPPs) to be regarded as secured debt.

22.07.13 17:21

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33mal was neus von Versa Power

22.07.13 18:20

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Technical analysis

22.07.13 18:21

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Fuelcell charttechn.

Fuelcell Energy (FCEL) Trading Signals. Get Buy sell hold recommendations, technical analysis, trading strategy.

24.07.13 07:31

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33World's Largest Money Managers Bullish On Alternat

World's Largest Money Managers Bullish On Alternative Energy …

This entry was posted by Corinne Wessel on July 23, 2013 at 8:28 am

World's Largest Money Managers Bullish On Alternative Energy …
Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE:ADM), B456 Systems Inc (NASDAQ:AONEQ.PK), Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ:CPST), FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:FCEL), First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR): World's …

See The Origional Video Or Article Here: http://homeenergyhq.com/...ney-managers-bullish-on-alternative-energy - See more at: http://homeenergyhq.com/...on-alternative-energy#sthash.3SmoJEk5.dpuf  

24.07.13 11:41

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Studie

National Energy Technology Laboratory Publishes Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Studies | Department of Energy
A compilation of studies examining cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells is available on the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory website. The report, entitled Recent Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode Studies, provides a concise, portfolio-wide synopsis of cathode research conduct ...

24.07.13 13:19

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33European

European Commission launches new $1.8 billion fuel cell and hydrogen research initiative

23rd Jul, 2013

The European Commission has announced that it is launching a second phase of the first Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH) Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) set up in 2008.

The new Fuel Cells & Hydrogen 2 Initiative, with a proposed combined 50:50 EU-industry budget of €1.4 billion (US$1.8 billion), will continue to develop a portfolio of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies to the point of market introduction. The new FCH 2 JTI is expected to start in 2014 and will end in 2024.

Specific objectives for the FCH 2 JTI include:
Reduce cost of fuel cell systems for transport applications by a factor of 10;
Increase electrical efficiency of fuel cells for power production by 10%;
Demonstrate the viability of large scale hydrogen production from electricity generated from renewable energy sources.
The EU expected contribution for the FCH JTI will come from the Horizon 2020 programme budget. The private contribution of €700 million will consist of both in-kind contributions in calls for proposals activities and of complementary actions implemented in addition to the calls, contributing to the objectives of the initiative.

The first phase (budget €940 million) had already brought together over 1100 participants: 183 research organisations; 387 universities; 111 enterprises excluding 256 SMEs and other organisations.


- See more at: http://www.ipmd.net/news/002335.html#sthash.ycYib83j.dpuf  

24.07.13 13:27

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Global Smart Housing Equipment Market 2012-2016

Global Smart Housing Equipment Market 2012-2016 - WNCT
9 On Your Side is your source for news, ECU Sports, Storm Team 9 Weather, Politics, and Social Media for eastern North Carolina.

24.07.13 15:00

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33Briefing

FuelCell Energy, Consolidated Edison, Cia Energetica de Minas Gerais, and NextEra Energy Early Briefing and Review
LONDON, July 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Editor Note: For more information about this release, please scroll to bottom. On Tuesday, July 23, 2013,.

25.07.13 08:19

3656 Postings, 7033 Tage Bäcker33A new reason to use fuel cells

 A new reason to use fuel cells for data centers: fire prevention — Tech News and Analysis
Fire prevention is the latest benefit of using fuel cells in data centers, according to data center giant Equinix, a German project developer and fuel cell maker Fuji Electric.

25.07.13 10:02

1056 Postings, 4863 Tage wamu2009Shortys haben alles im griff

Settlement Date Short Interest Avg Daily Share Volume Days To Cover
 7/15/201315,330,460 1,771,904  8.651970          §
 6/28/201314,410,740 4,506,318  3.197897          §
 6/14/2013 9,966,283 4,398,999  2.265580          §
 5/31/2013 9,408,391 5,393,792  1.744300          §
 5/15/2013 9,356,633 1,169,040  8.003689          §
 4/30/2013 9,544,625 1,627,651  5.864049          §
 4/15/2013 8,974,782   751,775 11.938122          §
 3/28/2013 8,463,376   625,293 13.535056          §
 3/15/2013 8,553,661 1,089,638  7.850002          §
 2/28/2013 8,464,094   772,448 10.957494          §
 2/15/2013 8,076,072   741,439 10.892429          §
 1/31/2013 8,211,829 1,144,235  7.176698          §
 1/15/2013 8,524,179 2,241,208  3.803386          §
12/31/2012 8,827,634 1,398,138  6.313850          §
12/14/2012 9,660,474   997,738  9.682376          §
11/30/2012 9,689,238   654,153 14.811883          §
11/15/2012 9,231,078 1,658,725  5.565165          §
10/31/2012 8,818,933   540,438 16.318122          §
10/15/2012 8,691,732   723,478 12.013817          §
 9/28/2012 8,414,499   745,385 11.288796          §
 9/14/2012 8,844,985 1,346,914  6.566852          §
 8/31/2012 9,341,215 1,149,872  8.123700          §
 8/15/2012 9,433,562   798,651 11.811870          §
 7/31/2012 9,827,969   813,837 12.076090          §
 7/13/2012 9,853,369   919,914 10.711185          §

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