Nettel Holdings - KGV 2004 bei etwa 0,4!

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10.12.03 07:31

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbNettel Holdings - KGV 2004 bei etwa 0,4!

Folgendes Status-Update kam eben rein:

Nettel Holdings Inc. Releases Status Update
Wednesday December 10, 1:00 am ET
Management Discusses the Last Six Months of Progress

PORTLAND, Oregon, Dec. 09, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nettel Holdings Inc. (OTC BB:NTTL.OB - News) is pleased to announce a six month status update on the Company's progress and various lines of business.

Since its inception over two years ago as a provider of residential and commercial long distance using VoIP, Nettel has diversified and expanded its operations substantially. Today Nettel, through subsidiaries and offices in the U.S, Russia, India, and Vietnam, provides a full range of services in telecommunications, software development, digital animation, and import-export of computers electronics, metals, commodities, and foods.

Over the past six months the Company has developed a strategy to reshape itself, taking stock of the dramatic changes occurring in the hi-tech industry. This strategy should enable us to grow and prosper in this environment.

The reshaping of Nettel Holdings involves six core businesses, these are:

Nettel Global Communication -- Nettel Global Communication is a high growth, cutting edge telephony company in the exploding VoIP industry. Current products and services include residential and commercial long distance, prepaid calling card, PC to phone, unified messaging, and teleconferencing.

For more information on Nettel Global Communication, please visit the website at -- With additional customer service and technical support offices recently added in Vietnam to handle the demand, has partnered with over 1,600 major VoIP network termination partners worldwide to access their network infrastructure. This allows to provide high-quality, low-cost ``any-distance'' call termination to over 250 countries and territories. We operate our own, or in cooperation with other providers, a network of VoIP gateways throughout the world. These gateways are located mostly in difficult-to-reach countries or regions and provide local termination of international calls. offers this service to any international carrier, which is interested in reliable and inexpensive completion of its traffic to the's On-Net destinations.

For more detailed information on, please visit the website at

Entec Software -- Based in Portland, Oregon, with programming offices in Vietnam, creates and develops software for small, medium, and large businesses. Entec has, or is currently, developing Accounting, Finance, Project Management, Inventory System, Database Management, Presentation Tools, E-mail, Voice Recognition, and Word Processing software.

For more information on Entec Software, please visit the website at

Talking Technologies -- Based in Beaverton, Oregon, with programming offices in Latvia, India, and Vietnam, is a next generation telecom application service provider. The Company provides our customers with ground-breaking, value-added voice services that are unique in their user utility, ease of application and use, presentation to users and cost advantage. Talking Technologies is making IVR technology more affordable and accessible to customers through standards-based technology. Talking Technologies next-generation IVR -- using VoiceXML enables companies to easily and quickly deploy automated phone services that can improve employee productivity, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and create new revenue opportunities. This IVR allows companies to extend existing or new Web applications to be accessible by any phone at the lowest total cost of ownership

For more detailed information on Talking Technologies, please visit the website at

Tougi -- Based in Seattle, Washington, with programming teams based Europe and Asia. Tougi is a developer of interactive entertainment software and technology for a variety of consoles and computer platforms. Currently employing over 25 full-time programmers, artists, animators and game designers, Tougi is dedicated to the business of developing computer games. Current and future projects are being developed for the following platforms: PC Games, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Playstation, PS2, Dreamcast, and Xbox.

For more detailed information on Tougi, please visit the website at

Nettel Trading -- Based out of Portland, Oregon, Nettel Trading's business scope covers import and export of computer electronics, machinery, equipment, instruments, light industry products, textiles and chemicals, seafood products and investment in different enterprises. Over the past year, Nettel Trading has established excellent connections and cooperative relations with over 1,000 companies in more than 40 countries and regions in the world. Through these important connections the Company has been able to branch into importing items necessary for advanced plant and production lines, key equipment and technologies, know-how in the fields of textiles, machinery, electronics, chemicals, light industry, building materials, transportation and agriculture.

For more detailed information on Nettel Trading, please visit the website at

Performance in the last six months since the merger

Nettel Trading Corporation

-- 3rd quarter 2003, Nettel Trading exported over 45 forty foot
   containers of computers and electronics overseas.
-- Received order for products and services worth $127 million.  
   The majority of these orders should be filled by third quarter
   of 2004.
-- Profit generated from Nettel Trading operations has continued
   to provide the needed funding to finance Nettel Global
   Communication, Entec Software, Talking Technologies, Tougi,
   and into 1st quarter of 2004.

Nettel Global Communication

-- Received purchase order for over $38 million worth of prepaid
   calling cards from several nationwide distributors.  The first
   batch of prepaid calling cards will be delivered to distributors
   by the middle of January 2004.

-- Completed the relocation, installation and upgrading of bandwidth
   capacity to a redundant OC-48 connection
-- Commissioning an additional three Cisco AS5800 models for
   placement on the network.
-- Since June 2003, has received orders for over $164 million worth
   of wholesale minutes from domestic and international carriers.
-- Over the past three months, learned that lack of
   quality customer service and technical support has been a problem
   in fulfilling many of these orders.
-- In response to increasing requests from clients concerned about
   personal technical support and customer service,
   has recently completed the hiring and training of 17 additional
   customer service and technical support personnel.
-- Once the new customer service and technical support department is
   in full operation, the Company will be able to start fulfilling
   orders.  To date the Company has successfully completed and
   received payments on a few of these orders.

Outlook and Forecast

Looking ahead, we are on track for solid full-year performance. The long-term strategy is to remain focused on the core skills of providing telecommunication and software development services, and to seek opportunities for strategic partnerships in these areas.

Nettel Global Communication -- Based on current orders and market condition, estimates revenue generated from Nettel Global Communication could be over $40 million for the year 2004 with profit margins of 9-12%. -- Based on current, pending orders, and market conditions estimates revenue could be well over $150 million with profit margins of 2-4% in 2004.

Entec Software -- A plan to spin off Entec Software into a publicly traded company by the second quarter of 2004 is being discussed with management. Based on current orders, industry averages, and current market conditions, estimated revenues for Entec Software could be over $7 million, with profit margins of 65 -- 85% for 2004.

Talking Technologies -- Based on current orders, industry averages, and current market conditions, estimated revenues for Talking Technologies in 2004 could be over $5 million with profit margins of 65 -- 85%.

Tougi -- Based on current orders, industry averages, and current market conditions, estimated revenues for Tougi could be well over $10 million with profit margins of 75 -- 90%.

Nettel Trading -- Nettel Trading revenues fall into two categories: Import and export of metals and commodities, we have booked over $127 million in revenue with profit margins of 2-4%. Revenues from exporting of computers and electronics, we expect to book well over $6.5 million in 2004 with profit margins of 59-68%.

The reshaping of Nettel Holdings, which has taken place over the last six months and continuing through the 4th quarter 2003, is essential to delivering future value to our shareholders. Although much has already been achieved, there are still many challenges ahead. We intend to pursue growth in each of our strategic core businesses both from within and where appropriate, through acquisitions. We have no shortage of opportunities and are actively pursuing the ones we feel will add value to the Company.

Safe Harbor

Except for historical information contained herein, the statements in this news release are forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause a company's actual results in the future to differ materially from forecasted results. These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, the company's ability to attract qualified management, raise sufficient capital, and effectively compete against similar companies.

         Nettel Holdings, Inc.
         Sam Brewer
         (503) 222-6018

Source: Nettel Holdings, Inc.  
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14.12.03 11:38

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbTalking Technologies

Also theoretisch soll heute die HP von Talking Technologies starten.

Derzeit findet man dort übrigens folgende Information als Beispiel für das, was die dort machen:

Here is an example of a VoiceXML application that is recently developed by our team of programmers in Moscow, Russia

December 2, 2003,  Talking Technologies introduces ability to send and receive email over the telephone.  Talking Technologies uses the power of speech recognition to access your email account by simply dialing, speaking and listening. Compatible with IMAP and POP mail systems, Voice Email Appliance plugs into your existing mail system to allow email access for your employees or partners anywhere, anytime.

With Voice Email Appliance your associates and partners can listen to emails in real time and respond to them using voice over a telephone. Telephone callers can retrieve, reply to, and send email using voice. Completely speech-driven and hands-free, Voice Email Appliance is a time and effort saving alternative to difficult-to-use and expensive mobile communication devices.

Not only can you listen to, send, and reply to email, you can also manage your email account using voice commands. Voice Email Appliance lets you deal with urgent emails while driving between meetings, stuck in traffic or traveling -- missing an important message or returning to an overflowing inbox will be a thing of the past  

15.12.03 09:13

5883 Postings, 6167 Tage tafkarguten morgen mattb

ich bin am freitag abend erstmal mit kleinem verlust (ek ,54 vk ,50) rausgegangen. irgendwie habe ich das gefühl, dass die abwärtsbewegung bei kleinem volumen und solang in amiland nichts passiert noch bis mitte/anfang ,40 gehen kann. da steige ich wieder ein. bleibe definitiv am ball ...

greetz, tafkar  

15.12.03 09:33

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbnun ja..

Gut möglich, dass es erstmal eine Seitwärtsbewegung gibt bis wahrscheinlich im Februar die Zahlen zum 4.Quartal kommen - oder es dauert bis zum Ergebnis für Quartal 1? Ich bleibe jedenfalls drin; nicht das ich was verpasse!  

15.12.03 09:38

5883 Postings, 6167 Tage tafkarnettel bleibt ganz oben auf der watch

aber meine intention beim kauf war eher auf kurzfristig angelegt.
da mein mittelfrist-depot voll und der otc-anteil nahezu komplett im minus ist, mach ich da erstmal halblang.
je nach kursverlauf gehe ich noch vor weihnachten/neujahr wieder rein.

mit welchem ek bist du denn drin (wenns nicht zu indiskret ist)?

greetz, tafkar  

16.12.03 07:32

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbIm Minus..

... EK so Mitte der 50er nach einmal nachkaufen.

Heut' wird's erstmal runtergehen: In USA nur 0,54 $ zum Schluss. Na ja - wenn's keine außergewöhnlich (schlechten) Nachrichten gibt, werde ich sowieso bis zum 1.Quartalsergebnis 2004 halten. Da MUSS man dann einen deutlichen Umsatzsprung sehen, sonst wird das nichts.  

16.12.03 18:24

5883 Postings, 6167 Tage tafkar0,43/0,59 in usa ... das nenn ich mal n spread o. T.

10.01.04 23:37

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbDie Erklärung!? - jetzt rauf

Insgesamte 4 größere Aktionäre haben die Gelegenheit der Prognosen für 2004 genutzt und Nettel-Aktien verkauft. Aber: Es handelte sich nicht um echte "Insider", sondern entweder um Altaktionäre ohne Funktion, oder um Personen, die von Nettel in den letzten Monaten mit Aktien bezahlt wurden. (s. Bei den geringen Umsätzen reichte diese Menge aus um den Kurs unter Druck zu setzen. Nun wurde am Freitag bei relativ hohen Umsätzen ein schöner Sprung um 14 % auf $ 0,65 geschafft - das Ende der "Insider"-Verkäufe und der Beginn des schon früher von mir erwarteten Kurssprungs?
Wenn meine Schlussfolgerungen stimmen, dürften die Penny-Stock-Zeiten vielleicht schon ab nächster Woche der Vergangenheit angehören. Also beobachten!  

12.01.04 09:32

1433 Postings, 6342 Tage jovischaut mal

Press Release Source: Nettel Holdings, Inc.

Nettel Holdings Completes Installation of New Customer Service and Technical Support Call Centers in the U.S. and Vietnam.
Monday January 12, 2:30 am ET

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 11, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nettel Holdings Inc. (OTC BB:NTTL.OB - News), Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges (NT7, WKN 727487) today announced the completion of its new customer service and technical support call centers in the U.S. and Vietnam.

The new call centers were designed with assistance and input from clients of, Nettel Telecom International, and Nettel Trading.

The initial two months of setting up the call centers were used to equip them with the latest computers and telecommunications equipment. The third and fourth months were spent training management and staff on operation of the new equipment and call center techniques and procedures. Our carefully selected staff of 31 call center members was screened from over 400 applicants.

Since June 2003, subsidiaries of Nettel Holdings have received orders of over $164 million for wholesale minutes to domestic and international carriers, over $38 million worth of orders for prepaid calling cards from Nettel Telecom International clients and over $127 million worth of orders from Nettel Trading clients.

However, due to lack of quality customer service and technical support, management decided in August 2003 to temporarily postpone processing the majority of those orders until the customer service and technical support issues were resolved.

With the completion of the new call centers,, Nettel Telecom International, and Nettel Trading staff have started processing back orders as well accepting new orders.

Here are some of the highlights of the new call centers:

-- Staff of 31 fulltime well-trained customer service and technical
support personnel.

-- Customer service and technical support personnel are available 24
hours a day 7 days a week to provide customer service for, Nettel Telecom International, and Nettel Trading.

-- In addition to handling customer service and technical support,
the staff is also trained to accept and process orders for wholesale minutes orders, Nettel Telecom
International wholesale prepaid calling card orders, and Nettel
Trading`s vast variety of orders ranging from metals and
commodities, to computer electronics.

-- The new call centers are well equipped with the latest computers,
telecommunication equipment, furniture and fixtures to support a
staff of over 200 customer and technical support personnel in the

-- Due to the size of our customer base, reaching over 100
countries, our call centers can now provide help and accept
orders from customers in eight different languages; Chinese,
English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and

More information about Nettel Holdings` new call center is available on Nettel Holdings website at

na, ist das nix?
mal schaun was heut passiert...

Gruß an alle

12.01.04 09:38

4313 Postings, 6218 Tage Carpman@Jovi: Das ist cool! Wird Aufschwung geben! o. T.

12.01.04 10:41

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFEschon +26% und

ich bin seit heute auch dabei.  

12.01.04 11:00

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbDas war sehr wichtig!

Denn ab nun kann das riesige Auftragsvolumen abgearbeitet werden. Die angepeilten mehr als 300 Mio Umsatz in 2004 rücken damit näher - und das KUV für 2004 von derzeit 0,03 nun auch...  

12.01.04 11:24

5883 Postings, 6167 Tage tafkartrotzdem bloß nicht blind kaufen. das spielchen

hatten wir nämlich schön öfter: der kurs in deutschland steigt unverhältnismäßig, die amis ziehen aber nicht mit. die höheren volumina der letzten tage in usa lassen zudem darauf schließen, dass einigen die news bekannt war. also vergesst den euro-umrechnungskurs nicht ganz: 1,289 heißen derzeit: 0,50 euro!

greetz, tafkar  

12.01.04 11:31

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbJa, Tafkar

Wird interessiert wie drüben die Eröffnung ausfällt. Aber wir hatten schon am letzten Freitag einen starken Kursanstieg in Verbindung mit deutlicher Steigerung des Volumen (am Freitag so viel wie an den 6 Handelstagen zuvor zusammengenommen).
Ich glaube das nun klar ist, dass die Aufträge erfüllt werden können und die Prognosen realistisch sind. Deshalb wird es, wenn noch nicht heute, in den nächsten Monaten deutlich hochgehen.  

12.01.04 11:49

155 Postings, 6162 Tage mattbKorrektur

Wird interessant...  

12.01.04 11:58

1433 Postings, 6342 Tage joviich weiß nicht

ob das schon jemand gepostet hat, daher setz ich mal rein, falls es schon da war überlest es einfach!


We strongly believe that NTTL will be one of the BIGGEST percentage gainers that we have ever profiled at  That’s a strong statement, but our research and due diligence indicates that NTTL will be a dominant world leader in the burgeoning and dynamic VoIP industry due to its infrastructure, exceptional management team, and its leading position.  It appears realistic, with what has already been “booked” and the increasing demand for its services, that this Company can and will, in fact, surpass $300 million in total revenue by year end 2004. This kind of incredible growth could well equate to EPS of around $0.80 per  share and justify NTTL share prices of around $16/share over the next year or two.  Currently the shares trade at less than 60 cents and the market cap is only $9 million, suggesting an extremely undervalued and depressed situation. The float is very tight which bodes well for near term fast upside appreciation as shareholder demand increases. We are very enthused about the growth potential of this Company on both a near, medium, and long term basis and look for this to be a HUGE WINNER!

v     Company is well positioned to benefit tremendously in one of the largest and most dynamic growth industries in the world

v     NTTL infrastructure is in place and Company has significant lead time over competitors by 2+ years

v     Revenue growth could well exceed $300 million in calendar year 2004 with resultant high net income, leading to sharply higher stock prices

v     Holding company concept provides multiple sources of revenue

v     Currently, Company has booked $215 million and is adding necessary personnel and technology to handle explosive growth

v     Committed management team has extensive expertise, successful business acumen, and has implemented strategies to grow NTTL into and IP telecommunications and technology giant

v     Stock is severely undervalued and possesses extraordinary upside potential based on strong Company fundamentals




12.01.04 13:08

4313 Postings, 6218 Tage CarpmanNeue Analyse zu Nettel heute erschienen:

12.01.04 13:30

5883 Postings, 6167 Tage tafkarlangzeitler weggehört: ich kann nur jeden, der

heute bis übermorgen mit nettel geld verdienen will, davor warnen, bei den aktuellen kursen über 0,60 in deutschland einzusteigen. das volumen ist viel zu niedrig, als das dies einen nachhaltigen anstieg bedeuten könnte.

mal zum vergleich: heute bisher 35.000 stück. beim letzten status update: 550.000 stück.
und auch die langzeitler sollten überlegen, ob sie nicht besser den amistart abwarten.

greetz, tafkar  

12.01.04 19:44

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFE+23% auf 0,80$

bei gutem Volumen in Usa, das sieht sehr gut aus  

12.01.04 21:01

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFEkontrakte

Nettel Holdings Receives Service Contracts Valued In Excess of $80 Million per Year from Idial Networks, BMCI and Core Networks.
Business Wire, July 18, 2003

Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

VANCOUVER, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 18, 2003

Nettel Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:NTTL), today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary had signed service agreements to provide Idial Networks (OTCBB:IDNW, News,,) BCMI and Core Networks ( with more than $80 million worth of aggregate value-added telephony call routing services on an annual basis.

Recently, the Company has also received contracts valued at $135 million per year from Calluniversal, GPA and Info-tel as well as other contracts from PHD Telecom and Astel Telecom.

As of last week, Nettel has begun to receive payments towards a number of the previously-signed contracts. has increased its network bandwidth capacity to a fully redundant OC 48 connection and is currently working with over 1,600 major VoIP network termination partners worldwide.

Michael Nguyen, Chairman and CEO of Nettel Holdings, commented: "We are very pleased to have entered into these service agreements with Idial Networks, BMCI and Core Networks. As we continue to grow, we strongly believe that Nettel will gain additional clients and be able to generate unprecedented revenues and profits for our shareholders in the near term."

About iDial:

iDial Networks, Inc., (, is an application service provider in leading communication technologies, provides a wide range of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, Internet-activated applications and products that bring affordable telecommunications services to users around the globe. The company is building a next generation VoIP and TDM network based on carrier class technologies from Cisco Systems and Microsoft.

About Core Networks:

Core Networks (CNI) ( is located at 60 Hudson Street, 13th Floor, New York City. CNI switches support both TDM and IP traffic. Their investments in DS3 hubs allow immediate line provisioning. These systems allow CNI to provide consistent and reliable service. The network architecture and technology advancements combined with their monthly quantity usage afford CNI the opportunity to network deliver services via satellite, fiber optics and dedicated private lines. CNI provides switched access service for switch-less resellers. They can also manage call routing for the customer to ensure the best quality routes.

About BCMI: BCMI (Breeden Management Company, Inc.) is a Texas-based company that provides wholesale VoIP services to carriers.

Die Kontrakte stammen vom Sommer, wie hoch is die Möglichkeit das die Verträge
in diesem Quartal bei den Zahlen ihre Wirkung zeigen?
Ein Umsatz von ca. 500.000 auf rund 80 Mio würde ja eine
extreme Kurssteigerung nachsichziehen oder meint ihr nicht?  

12.01.04 21:07

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFENettel kooperiert mit ITXC

schon seit Sommer und ich habs erst jetz gefunden, naja besser spät
als nie.
ITXC ist ja auch im VOIP-Markt tätig und in der Vergangenheit öfters
bei "Der Aktionär" auf der Empfehlungsliste gewesen.

Nettel Holdings Signs Service Agreement to Provide Wholesale Long Distance Terminations to ITXC Corp.
Business Wire, July 21, 2003

Business Editors

VANCOUVER, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 2003

Nettel Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:NTTL), today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary has signed a service agreement to provide wholesale long distance termination services to ITXC Corp. (

These major contracts are in addition to the ones previously announced with Calluniversal, GPA, Info-tel, BMCI, Idial Networks, Core Networks, PHD Telecom, and Astel Telecom that have an aggregate value in excess of $220 million per year. Nettel Holdings anticipates receiving additional contracts with similar carriers in the near term.

The Company has recently received money deposits from a number of customers and successfully performed the services under these contracts. has increased its network bandwidth capacity to a fully redundant OC 48 connection and is currently working with over 1,600 major VoIP network termination partners worldwide.

About ITXC Corp.

Founded in 1997, ITXC Corp.(R) is one of the world's largest carriers based on minutes of international traffic. The company sells wholesale long distance voice services that are carried over the company's own global VoIP network -- -- which transmits millions of minutes every day between more than 175 countries worldwide.

Based on minutes of international voice traffic carried, ITXC ranks as one of the world's leading voice carriers: According to TeleGeography 2003, ITXC holds approximately 20% of the international Voice over IP (VoIP) calling market, making it the global market share leader. ITXC was also named the Fastest Growing Technology Company in North America by the 2002 Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500 ranking. URL:

About Nettel


12.01.04 22:25

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFESchlusskurs 0,805$

und das im bid.
Ask bei 0,82
und Volumen lag bei stattlichen 840.000
und wir wissen ja das bei Nettel nur 1,7 Mio Aktien im FreeFloat sind bei
insgesamt 16 Mio aussenstehenden Aktien.

Marktkapitalisierung knapp über 10 Mio, also immer noch sehr günstig
wenn man die Verträge/Umsatzprognosen als Maßstab nimmt.
Bin weit davon entfernt die Höchstkurse von W:O als Maßstab zu nehmen
aber 100% sollten meiner Meinung machbar sein, kurzfristig 20% hab ich schon:)  

13.01.04 02:00

3006 Postings, 7239 Tage patznjeschnikiMoin Jungs

schaut doch mal in meinem Thread zur Internettelefonie vorbei und macht ein kleines Portrait zu NTTL oder so, würd mich freuen.



13.01.04 15:14

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFEGutes Volumen in D

bei 134.000 in Fra auf 0,68 Euro.
Ok, kaufen halt wieder Leute teurer aber was will man machen.

15.01.04 14:43

5883 Postings, 6167 Tage tafkarnach leichter konsolidierung gestern + vorgestern

sollte heute in amiland die 80er marke wieder angegangen werden.

greetz, tafkar  

16.01.04 18:53

2870 Postings, 6232 Tage HiGhLiFEIm Grunde alles Sache

der nächsten Q-Zahlen.
Es steht ausser Frage das sich keiner damit zufrieden geben wird wenn mikrige
Zahlen rauskommen sollten.
Bei einem derzeitigen Auftragsvolumen von über 300 Mio$ sollten in diesem
Quartal schon rund 50-80 Mio$ erzielt werden, alles andere wäre sicherlich
ne Enttäuschung.
Falls diese Größenordnung tatsächlich erreicht werden kann, würde die Aktie
sehr positiv reagieren, bei nur 16 Mio aussenstehenden Aktien und niederiger
MK sind die Grundvoraussetzungen für ein Kursfeuerwerk gegeben.
Da das Unternehmen in dieser Form erst kurz existiert, kann man
sich über die Seriösität kein genaues Bild machen, dass werden
die Ergebnisse aber bald zeigen.
Ein risikoreiches aber interessantes Investment, eine kleine
Position is sicherlich zu empfehlen, da VoiP der Zukunftsmarkt für
die Telekom-Branche ist.
Warten und Tee trinken.  

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