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Permex Petroleum Corp aka $OILCF

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20.12.21 20:25

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Permex Petroleum Corp aka $OILCF

Permex Petroleum, gelistet an der  OTC und ganz neu in Frankfurt

A Junior Oil and Gas Company

OTCQB Member Since 04/2019

Project highlights


21.12.21 11:44

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.

Latest news right here

News #1
If you're searching for more reasons as to why you should invest in Permex Petroleum Corp., feel free to watch our featured video "Debt Free & Double the Production for Oil & Gas Co."

News #2
Permex Petroleum is setting the tone for Permian consolidations in the oil and gas space while “other” BIG Permian transactions take place two weeks ago (Shell & Conoco). Read more about the most recent ConocoPhillips deal at

News #3
Permex Petroleum Corporation Executes Definitive Agreement to Acquire Transformational 7,800-Acre Oil & Gas Asset in the Core of Permian Basin of West Texas. Visit to learn more.

News #4

As Permex Petroleum continues to release videos and interviews, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at

News #5
For information on our SEDAR Filings, all Financial Statements and Management Discussion & Analysis can be found at Visit for more information related to Investor Relations.

News #6
If you're an investor or potential investor seeking to invest in Permex Petroleum stocks, visit to review our stock quotes & charts.

News #7

If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date on the latest news at

News #8

As of December 14th, 2021, Permex Petroleum Corporation Provides Operational Update & Announces New Listing.

Shares Commenced Trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Visit to learn more.


22.12.21 16:42

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Gerade auf Twitter eingetroffen

Clearfork Formation in Northwest Texas:​
Permex Petroleum has over 1000+ acres HBP (Held By Production) across three properties, productive at depths of ~2,900 – 3,200 ft.

#northwesttexas #northwesttx #texas #texasoil #oilcompany #gascompany #oilandgas #properties #oilproduc...  

27.12.21 14:49

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Neuer tweet...proved Developments


Here is a summary of our Proved Developed Producing reserves Royalty Interest Properties.

For more information, visit

#Oilandgas #oilandgascompany #royaltyinterest #properties #investment #investing #oil #gas #petroleum #crude #crudeoil #oilproducer  

29.12.21 15:30

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Company´s infos

Company Info

666 Burrard Street
Suite 500
Vancouver, BC V6C 2X8




Listing date
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Transfer Agent
TSX Trust Company


29.12.21 15:32

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Permex Petroleum News Releases

News Releases

Permex Petroleum Corporation Provides Operational Update and Announces New Listing

Permex Petroleum Corporation Confirms 24.5 Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent of Reserves on Its Permian Basin Assets

Permex Petroleum to Host Virtual Roadshow on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time

Permex Petroleum Corporation Announces Closing of Over-Subscribed Private Placement Offering for Gross Proceeds of C$714,700

Permex Petroleum Corporation Announces Private Placement Offering of up to C$540,000

Permex Petroleum Corporation Completes Transformational Acquisition of the Breedlove "B" Field in Martin County, Texas

Permex Petroleum Corporation Appoints J.P. Bryan and Jay Lendrum to its Board of Directors

Permex Petroleum Corporation Announces Grant of Stock Options

Permex Petroleum Corporation Executes Definitive Agreement to Acquire Transformational 7,800-Acre Oil & Gas Asset in the Core of Permian Basin of West Texas

Permex Petroleum Corporation Signs Transformational LOI to Acquire a 7,800-Acre Oil & Gas Asset in the Permian Basin of West Texas

Permex Petroleum Announces Additional Oil and Natural Gas Royalty Acquisitions in Texas

Permex Petroleum Announces Application for DTC Eligibility for Its Shares on OTCQB Market

Permex Petroleum Announces Midland County, Permian Basin, Oil & Natural Gas Royalty Acquisition

Permex Petroleum Announces the Closing of Previously Announced Strategic Divestiture

NR_Permex Petroleum Corporation is Unaware of Any Material Change

Permex Petroleum Corporation Changes Date of Annual General Meeting Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Permex Petroleum Corporation Announces Addition to Board of Directors

Form 7_Monthly Progress Report_January 2020  

04.01.22 15:12

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Neuer Permex Petrolum tweet

As of December 2021 updates, here is a summary of our assets.

For more information, visit to view our latest Corporate Presentation.
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05.01.22 15:07

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Neuer tweet ... @permexpetroleum

Permex's target areas (Permian Basin - San Andres) have some of the lowest break-evens of all US resources & conventional plays.

"San Andres wells can achieve breakeven when oil is as low as $29 per barrel" - David Williamson, Founding Partner  

12.01.22 17:39

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Neuer Permex Petroleum tweet

Here is a quick rundown of our Henshaw Property.

For more information, visit for more info.
#permianbasin #permexpetroleum #westtexas #oil #nm  
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11.02.22 15:22

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Neu auf twitter für Permex Petroleum


Permex Petroleum has been preparing to scale & for predicted growth.

Not only did we appoint oil and gas industry veterans J.P. Bryan & Jay Lendrum to Board of Directors, but we also closed over-subscribed private placement offering with gross proceeds of C$714,700.  

10.03.22 19:16

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.DAs liest sich sehr gut über Permex Petroleum

Way under the radar, is OILCF aka Permex Petroleum ... huge upward movement past couple days  

We need to get the word out. This little guy has sooo much potential.

@PermexPetroleum on twitter

Company Presentation  
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17.03.22 21:46

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Permex ist grün an allen drei Börsen



75P: FRA

17.03.22 21:48

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Short Permex Summary

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17.03.22 21:49

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.STRONG BUY für Permex

Overall Average: 88% BUY

Overall Average Signal calculated from all 13 indicators.

20 - Day Average Volume: 331,151 Average: 100% BUY

50 - Day Average Volume: 146,436 Average: 50% BUY

100 - Day Average Volume: 115,511 Average: 100% BUY  

06.04.22 09:41

542 Postings, 415 Tage Black_Gold_Investo.Permex Petroleum News

Permex Petroleum Corporation Reports Successful Production from Second Recompleted Well on New Mexico Property  

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