Range Res. - Der Mega-Deal des Jahrhunderst????

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23.07.07 03:24

11 Postings, 5834 Tage by.schablitzkiRange Res. - Der Mega-Deal des Jahrhunderst????

Ich fang mal an!!!
Dieser Wert scheint an hohe Sprengkraft zu verfügen!!!
Wenn es hier verschlagen hat, weiß wohl um was es geht!!
Schreibt mal eure Meinungen!!!

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15.08.07 20:08

68 Postings, 6710 Tage rofinvielen dank...

hallo ihr beiden, vielen dank für die info!!

was ist hier denn der grund??

15.08.07 22:24

676 Postings, 6135 Tage ptm61rofin

da sind News angekündigt. Ich hoffe für alle Investierten, dass es die erhofften News einer Übernahme sein werden.


15.08.07 22:27

68 Postings, 6710 Tage rofinptm61

alles klar, wäre ja mal schön.........
vielen dank

19.08.07 16:47

12846 Postings, 5990 Tage d007007007Hat noch wer was

von News oder Übernahme gehört? Kurs ist ja recht übernahmefreundlich?!  

22.08.07 09:22

68 Postings, 6710 Tage rofinRange wird wieder seit gestern gehandelt,

mit leichten abschlägen,ist wohl doch keine übernahme im
wieso war die aktie denn jetzt ausgesetzt??
bei den abschlägen der letzten wochen,ist man wohl auch nicht auf
öel gestoßen......................


22.08.07 11:50

49 Postings, 5968 Tage Ebuag @all FAX an Range Resources

Hallo, Range R-Aktionäre
mein Kumpel hat ein FAX an RR geschickt:

Uwe Böhm

Range resources

34 Parliament Place



Monday, 20 August 2007

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

would you be so kind as to answer my questions:

Do you really have the licenses of the oil stocks in Puntland (Somalia)?

What is the reason of the suspension of the official quotation?

How long will the suspension last?

Thank you for a quick answer and please excuse my bad English.

Best regards

Uwe Böhm

--- Bis jetzt keine Antwort

Gruß Ebuag

27.08.07 20:22

68 Postings, 6710 Tage rofinHeute über 20 Prozent im Plus...

ist ja sehr schön,wenn es so weitergeht!!!

14.09.07 09:16

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconCPR Report potential 10.4 billion barrels of oil

FYI....Australian Financial Review 14/09/2007


Angehängte Grafik:
block28.jpg (verkleinert auf 64%) vergrößern

14.09.07 09:34

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconRange shares to trading on the AIM market



Latest News
Competent Persons Report – Sproule International Limited

Prepared for the purposes of the proposed admission of Range’s shares to trading on the AIM market...  

20.09.07 11:37

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconIntersuisse Recommendation Spec buy

21.09.07 10:03

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconRRS Announcement - AIM listing Oct.

24.09.07 12:14

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconRRS UP 32% ON BIG VOLUME

24.09.07 12:19

6409 Postings, 6185 Tage OhioRange .. 0,42 €

na ja wurde ja auch mal zeit  

24.09.07 12:57

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconJa hat es begone....

Ja hat es begone....

24.09.07 13:03

14 Postings, 5741 Tage Platoicon0,46

26.09.07 09:12

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconRange AIM Listing Date 22 Oct 2007

26.09.07 11:46

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconAfrica Oil negotiating JV with RAK Gas of the UAE



Range's partners Africa Oil meanwhile are negotiating to bring in
third partner, RAK Gas of the United Arab Emirates.//

//Nor is Range letting the dispute get in the way of its plan to take out a listing on London's Alternative Investment Market, which it said on Monday was on track for the end of October.//

//Range, and its Swedish-backed Canadian-based partners Africa Oil, are closing in on drilling in January their first well in the prospective Nogal Basin of Puntland. That would mark the restart of exploration drilling since oil majors such as Amoco, Chevron and Conoco fled the country in 1991 as civil war broke out.//


05.10.07 07:23

14 Postings, 5741 Tage PlatoiconRRS AIM LISTING INFORMATION-START trading 22/10/07




23.10.07 11:21

61 Postings, 5980 Tage MaxxPowerRRS

Range Resources Ltd (ASX Code: "RRS" and AIM Code: "RRL") ("Range") is pleased
to advise that its shares were today admitted to trading on the AIM market of
the London Stock Exchange.

London is a significant global centre for the funding of natural resource
projects, particularly in Africa.  The AIM listing will enhance the profile of
Range with international investors, provide such investors easier access to
Range's securities and broaden Range's potential investor base for capital
raisings that may be required to support its exciting oil and gas and minerals
exploration activities in Puntland.

RFC Corporate Finance Ltd is acting as Range's Nominated Adviser and respected
London broker Fox-Davies Capital Ltd is acting as Range's AIM Broker.

Range's ordinary shares will continue to be listed on the ASX.   All Range
shares can be traded on either the ASX or AIM, however, shareholders should
ensure that their shares are held on the appropriate registry before trading in
either market.  Shareholders should consult with licensed stockbrokers on the
ASX and AIM and/or Range's share registrar, Computershare, to transfer shares
between Range's Australian and UK registry


23.01.08 14:32

12846 Postings, 5990 Tage d007007007Sollten nicht die Tage wichtige

Gespräche stattfinden?  

01.02.08 11:19

61 Postings, 5980 Tage MaxxPowerRANGE RESOURCES LTD - Quarterly Report

31 January 2008

             QUARTERLY REPORT FOR PERIOD ENDING 31 DECEMBER 2007              

The Board is pleased to provide the following commentary to be read in
conjunction with the Appendix 5B.


 * Admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange
 * Completion of seismic reprocessing program by Africa Oil
 * Completion of Rights Issue and Placement to Option holders

A major highlight during the quarter was the successful admission of the
Company's shares onto the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. The AIM
listing will significantly enhance the profile of Range, providing
international investors easier access to Range's securities and broadening the
potential investor base of the Company for capital raisings that may be
required to support its oil and gas and mineral exploration and development
activities in Puntland.

With this in mind, the Company completed a placement of approximately 18m new
ordinary shares at an issue price of 22 pence each (AUD$0.50) through
London-based broker Fox Davies Capital Limited. New shareholders were targeted
throughout the United Kingdom/Europe to broaden the shareholder base and
enhance liquidity on the AIM market. Gross proceeds of approximately £4m were
raised which will be used to fund ongoing exploration costs in Puntland and
working capital requirements of the Company.


During the quarter Africa Oil Corp. completed a comprehensive seismic
reprocessing program, including review and integration of all geophysical and
geological data on the Nogal Block. The program validated and refined the
previous exploration targets established by the former concession holder and
enabled Africa Oil to proceed with the proposed drilling program. Africa Oil is
Range's joint venture partner and operator on the project, earning an 80%
interest in the Nogal and Dharoor Blocks in Puntland, through spending US$45m
on 4 wells. Africa Oil is currently finalising the drilling contract for a rig
capable of drilling the deep holes (4-5,000metres), that may be required to
reach the potential reservoirs in Jurassic formations in the Nogal Basin. It is
also envisaged that reservoirs will be found in Cretaecous sandstones, given
that in Yemen, oil has been found in both horizons.

Currently Africa Oil has purchased wellheads and tubulars required for all 4
wells. It is anticipated that the drill rig will be mobilised in March 2008
spudding the first of the two back-to-back wells in Nogal soon thereafter.

In addition, contract quotes have been obtained for a 2,600km seismic
acquisition programme in the Dharoor Valley. It is anticipated that this work
will begin by late March 2008. A 2 well drilling program is also being planned
for the Dharoor Block to follow the drilling campaign at Nogal.

Mr Paul Colyer strengthens the project's technical team by joining Africa Oil
as Drilling Manager. Considered one of the top Drilling Managers in the
industry, he brings 35 years of experience to the Company. Mr Colyer has spent
the greater part of his career at Occidental Petroleum and has drilled and
managed drilling programs in both Yemen and Somalia.

Range is also in the process of finalising the commencement of up to 15,000km
of 2D seismic for offshore Puntland (100% Range) with a proposed start date of
April 2008.


During the quarter both the previous Prime Minister and Energy Minister of the
Transitional Federal Government ("TFG") of Somalia resigned their posts with
one contributing factor being the proposed introduction of a TFG National Oil
Law which was contradictory to the existing regime in Puntland.

The Puntland Government is in negotiations with the TFG President, the new
Prime Minister and new Energy Minister with regards to a joint Puntland/TFG
development agreement of natural resources which ultimately preserves Range's
(and Africa Oil's) current agreements with the Puntland Government and
Parliament. Range is confident that a formal agreement will be reached in
February 2008.


During the quarter the Company completed a placement to holders of listed
options (as at 1 August 2007) of one new option (unlisted $1.00, 1 October
2008) at a subscription price of 1 cent. Simultaneously a 1 for 8 issue to
existing shareholders of 1 option ($1.00, 1 October 2010) for every 8 shares
held at a subscription price of 1 cent was offered. The funds raised being
$736,224.39 will be used for the Puntland project.


The Company held its Annual General Meeting on 2 November 2007 whereby all
resolutions set out in the Notice of Meeting were passed on a show of hands.

Michael Povey
Managing Director
31 January 2008

05.02.08 16:40

61 Postings, 5980 Tage MaxxPowerso kann es weiter gehen... ;)

05.02.08 17:51

1280 Postings, 5913 Tage MikrokosmosSauber,

für Insider-Infos zu wenig Umsatz, oder?
Vielleicht ein kleiner Börsenbrief. Mal schaun.  

29.05.08 11:41

61 Postings, 5980 Tage MaxxPowerna dann...

27 May 2008

                    Positive Start to Seismic Operations                      

Range Resources Limited (ASX: RRS, AIM: RRL) ("Range" or "the Company") the oil
and gas explorer with assets in Puntland, is pleased to announce that it and
its joint venture partner Africa Oil Corporation have made a positive start to
the commencement of seismic operations in the Dharoor Valley (northern
Puntland). Approximately 2,600km of high quality 2D vibroseis will be acquired
as part of a comprehensive programme of exploration work in the region.

Key milestones achieved to date include:

a. Establishment of onsite camp and operational facilities;
b. Successful liaison and communication initiatives with local communities and
   clans; and
c. Successful arrival of seismic equipment at Bossaso Port.
Various photos of the seismic mobilisation are shown in a formatted version of
this announcement available on the Company's website. Shareholders should also
note that selected media reports of equipment under attack and the use of a
private militia are grossly inaccurate.

also see( www.puntlandgovt.com )

For further information please contact:

Range Resources Ltd.          RFC Corporate Finance    Fox-Davies Capital      
                             (Nominated Adviser)      (Broker)                
Mike Povey                    Stuart Laing             Daniel Fox-Davies
+ 61 8 9488 5200              +61 8 9480 2500          +44 (0)207 936 5200  

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