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14.02.24 12:19

22915 Postings, 1086 Tage Highländer49Ballard Power

Ist der Absturz des kanadischen Brennstoffzellenherstellers überhaupt noch zu stoppen?  

23.02.24 13:45

6954 Postings, 2929 Tage KautschukIst das alles nur laberei mit der Energiewende?

Weder Windkraft noch Solar noch Wasserstoff !

Überall geht es nur Bergab. Hat mir der Scheiss schon Kohle gekostet  

23.02.24 16:27

70 Postings, 1343 Tage opcpowerKautschuk, Energiewende

Sehe es genauso, bin seit ein paar Jahren bei mehreren Werten investiert. Hätte ich mal vor 2 Jahren verkauft, aber wer konnte schon sehen, was in der Welt so passiert. Jetzt sind sie viele Förderprogramme aufgelegt, das es endlich losgehen könnte mit der Energiewende, aber es gibt anscheinend sehr viele, die es nicht wollen, kaum zu glauben.  

26.02.24 10:26

85 Postings, 4637 Tage Kritsch@ Sven

Du schreibst u.a.:

... Der China-Effekt ist bei Ballard noch nicht ansatzweise von der Börse berücksichtigt im Kurs....kommt all das - in case - dann notiert Ballard wieder bei 10+ ...

JPMorgan und Blackrock ziehen rund 14 Billionen Dollar aus einer Klimaschutzinitiative

Na, was macht die BALLARD Stimmung? NEWS - Schweigen im Walde von dem Verein. Kurs demnächst < 2 €?

Wie sind Deine Prognosen für 2024?


26.02.24 16:23

84 Postings, 2383 Tage TeewasserBillionen sind Milliarden

Amerika sind die Billionen = Milliarden

Nur nicht verrückt machen lassen.  

29.02.24 09:38

84 Postings, 2383 Tage TeewasserNews von der homepage

29.02.24 18:52

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEaber auch so ist mit mehr h2 bussen zu rechnen

Wrightbus secures new European order for hydrogen buses
Press Release  26 February, 2024

Pioneering zero-emission bus manufacturer Wrightbus has secured another major European order for its hydrogen single deck bus.

German transport company Saarbahn GmbH has ordered 28 Kite Hydroliners with the first due to be delivered this year.

Together with Saarbahn Netz GmbH, Saarbahn GmbH employs around 580 people and transports around 43.7 million passengers by road and rail every year.

The order is another significant deal for Wrightbus in the European market, following orders in Germany from West Verkehr, which will receive 12 single-deck Kite Hydroliners, and Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK), which has signed a contract for up to 60 Kite Hydroliners.

Further contracts for 51 buses from two additional customers have already been signed in 2024.

Wrightbus offers a wide range of zero emission buses in Europe and the UK, including single and double deck hydrogen and battery electric buses.

The buses will be built at the Wrightbus factory in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, supporting hundreds of new high-skilled jobs to help level up and grow the economy.

Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive of Wrightbus, said: “This is a significant deal for Wrightbus, Saarbahn GmbH and the people of Saarland. We are delighted to deliver even more zero-emission buses in support of clear net zero targets

“Saarbahn is the largest public transport operator in Saarbrücken and the surrounding area. Therefore, adding hydrogen buses to the fleet will have a significant positive impact on the

region’s environment.”

Project manager Torsten Burgardt from Saarbahn said: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Wrightbus to bring zero-emission buses to the roads of Saarland. We take our

environmental responsibilities very seriously and this is the first step towards ensuring that half of our fleet is made up of zero-emission buses in the next three years.”


29.02.24 18:58

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEzu der wrightbus order

29.02.24 19:01

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEbilliger müssen sie werden

Wrightbus to launch a H2 coach in 2026

Jean-Marc Gales, Wrightbus CEO, is quoted by Bus & Coach Buyer as saying that "The concept is ready, the predevelopment work has been done, so we are confident we can launch it in 2026". It's not yet clear if the vehicles will be in-house built or realized in cooperation with bodybuilder partners.

Wrightbus is on track to develop a hydrogen-powered fuel cell coach with launch planned for 2026. The news is reported on UK trade media Bus & Coach Buyer.

The Northern Ireland-based manufacturer placed (surprisingly!) fourth in the European BEV bus market 2023, with 469 units registered.
Wrightbus hydrogen coach coming

Jean-Marc Gales, Wrightbus CEO, is quoted by Bus & Coach Buyer as saying that “The concept is ready, the predevelopment work has been done, so we are confident we can launch it in 2026“. It’s not yet clear if the vehicles will be in-house built or realized in cooperation with bodybuilder partners.

According to the information reported on the media, the manufacturer’s CEO said that the “If you build a hydrogen coach, it’s a technical tour de force. Coach operators require six to ten cubic metres of luggage space. You need at least 50 to 60 seats and disability access and enough packaging space to put the tanks and the hydrogen cooling system and the fuel cells in. But we can do it, we have the technical expertise with fuel cells; we have the best engineers on the market for fuel cell buses. We have millions of miles with electrical and fuel cell vehicles in service since we launched them”.

29.02.24 19:12

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEBEV or FCEV? BEV or FCEV?The complementary role

05.03.24 16:52

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEFuel cell electric buses up 75% in transit fleets

last year

Battery-electric bus fleets also grew last year, but at a slower rate than in 2022, according to Calstart’s annual report on zero-emission buses.
Published March 4, 2024

More than 6,100 new full-size zero-emission transit buses were on the road, delivered, on order or funded in the U.S. in 2023, a 12% increase over the previous year, according to a Feb. 28 report from Calstart, a national clean transportation advocacy group.

The adoption rate of battery-electric buses slowed compared with 2022, Calstart said, while the number of fuel cell electric buses grew more than 75% as interest in that technology increased.

The number of small zero-emission buses — those shorter than 30 feet — in public transit and private fleets and at airports and universities also increased 15% year over year.

Dive Insight:

In 2023, the Federal Transit Administration awarded nearly $1.7 billion in grants to spur the adoption of low- and zero-emission buses in 46 states and territories. But bus manufacturers struggled to keep up with orders amid inflation, wage increases, production problems and financial challenges.

California, New York, Florida and Texas are home to the largest fleets of zero-emission buses, according to Calstart, while just three states — North Dakota, South Dakota and West Virginia — lack any ZEBs.

California, Delaware, Illinois and Nevada increased the number of fuel cell electric buses in their fleets. This technology uses hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors and recharge the vehicle’s batteries, providing longer range and improved energy recovery. “It is anticipated that interest in FCEBs will continue to grow, particularly as transit fleets move away from pilot projects and toward full-scale replacement of their internal combustion engine fleets,” the Calstart report states.

Calstart recommends transit agencies use statewide procurement contracts wherever possible. “The usage of statewide contracts can quicken the process of purchasing ZEBs, which can get more of these vehicles in service faster,” the report states.

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority leads the top five transit agencies in the number of full-size zero emission buses in its fleet, with 545 such vehicles as of September 2023. Other transit agencies in the top five include the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Miami-Dade Transit and Santa Monica, California’s Big Blue Bus service.

The Canadian government supports the move to zero-emission transit buses in Canada through its Zero Emission Transit Fund program. Beginning in 2021, the program is investing 2.75 billion Canadian dollars over five years to support the purchase of 5,000 zero-emission buses, along with charging and supporting infrastructure and facility upgrades.

“The United States and Canada continue to see positive growth in the total number of ZEBs because of increased funding, supportive policies, and available incentive opportunities,” said Mike Hynes, Calstart’s National Transit Bus Program manager. “The report’s findings prove that zero-emission transport continues to be a priority for transit agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect public health.”  

05.03.24 16:55

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEHydrogen bus hits all the right spots with enthusi


Local | Ayra Wang 26 Feb 2024

The first Citybus hydrogen fuel cell-powered double-decker made its debut yesterday, with most of the 100 passengers on the inaugural service praising the bus for being quiet and stable.

The zero-emissions bus, made by Wisdom (Fujian) Motor, has a 400-kilometer range after a 10-minute refueling spell.

The double-decker departed at 11 am yesterday from a bus station at Muk On Street in Kai Tak, traveled to Sham Shui Po, Yau Tsim Mong and Kowloon City before the trip ended at Hoi Tat in Cheung Sha Wan. The journey took about 40 minutes.

Hundreds of bus enthusiasts lined up to catch the first trip.
The Standard Channel

A student, Felix, was at the bus stop at

3 am to be the first one to set foot on it.

"This is a milestone for the development of green transportation and I wanted to get on the bus to commemorate this moment," he said

Another passenger said the bus was quiet and comfortable.

Yet another said it runs more smoothly than diesel-fueled buses and had cooler air-conditioning.

However, its announcements weren't loud enough for those sitting at the back.

The bus will start servicing route 20 regularly between Kai Tak and Cheung Sha Wan in the coming month, making six to eight trips a day.

General manager (operations) Roger Ma Chim-wai said it would mainly run on routes in Kowloon, with 22M and 20A up next in the coming months, to examine its operational capabilities on a range of routes.

"We will gather further invaluable operational insights into real-world scenarios, including differing traffic conditions, weather factors and performance," he said, adding that the bus will also be used on Hong Kong Island routes in the future.

The bus company will also build a second refueling station at its Chong Fu Road depot on Hong Kong Island this year, with the city's first hydrogen refueling station in West Kowloon starting operation last year.

But Ma said fares will not be raised for the time being even though the cost of operations and research for hydrogen buses is higher.

"We only have one hydrogen bus in operation now and will adjust fares based on the cost of hydrogen buses after mass production in the future," he said.

"Once hydrogen buses become popular, I believe their prices will be lower and operational costs will in turn go down."

Ma said the company will purchase five more electric double-deckers and five hydrogen buses for parallel road tests and deployment.

He also urged the government to allow hydrogen buses to travel through cross-harbor tunnels as soon as possible so that they can operate on more routes.  

05.03.24 17:03

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEBallard announces 15 MW order for stationary power


Mar 05, 2024

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) today announced an order for 15 megawatts (MW) of fuel cell systems from a UK-based company specializing in renewable off-grid power generation. Ballard expects to deliver 150 x FCmove®-HD+ 100 kW systems beginning in late 2024 and continuing through 2025.

The current order of 15 MW of fuel cell systems follows prior cumulative orders for roughly 5 MW of fuel cell systems from this customer, illustrating substantial growth in Ballard’s supply relationship and the proven performance of Ballard’s fuel cell technology in stationary power applications. The purchase order is the first order under a new multi-year supply agreement. The agreement also provides the customer an option to purchase up to an additional 296 systems by March 2026, which, if fully exercised, would bring the total number of systems ordered to 446.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with this exciting customer and support them in the next phase of their growth as they scale deployments of their innovative hydrogen power units,” said David Mucciacciaro, Ballard’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We see growing demand to replace traditional diesel generators with fuel cell systems that can provide resilient, predictable, clean, and quiet solutions for onsite power generation in a variety of applications, including EV charging, filming, events and construction sites.”  

05.03.24 17:59

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEpotenzial bei H2 Bussen

Hyundai to supply 1,000 hydrogen buses to run in South Korean capital and surrounding area by 2027

Deal represents a fifth of bus operator KD Transportation’s nationwide fleet

29 February 2024 8:20 GMT Updated  29 February 2024 8:20 GMT
By Polly Martin

Korean automaker Hyundai has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with public transport company KD Transportation and industrial firm SK E&S to supply 1,000 hydrogen buses by 2027.

While it is unclear whether the deal is commercially binding, and if so, when final contracts will be signed, Hyundai has agreed to replace the first 100 buses with fuel-cell models this year

Given that KD Transportation operates around 5,000 buses nationwide, this plan would replace a fifth of its current fleet in three years.

The buses will run in Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi province, with SK responsible for building and supplying H2 to six liquid hydrogen refuelling sites throughout the area.

However, while a press release by Hyundai claims that liquid hydrogen filling stations are more efficient than those storing and distributing compressed gas, with shorter refuelling times, liquefaction requires hydrogen to be cooled to minus 253°C and uses more energy than compression.

Hyundai had previously announced it had signed an MOU with the Seoul city government and SK to supply 1,300 buses for its roads by 2026, as well as five liquid H2 refuelling sites.

The automaker was also one of the signatories of an agreement with the national government to put 2,000 H2 buses on the road by the same year.

However, it is unclear whether this latest deal with KD Transportation is separate, or an agreement that would help Hyundai fulfil these previous targets.

The South Korean government more widely aims for the country to have at least 21,200 hydrogen buses as part of a wider 300,000 fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) target and more than 660 H2 filling stations by 2030.

However, despite generous subsidies, the market for passenger FCEVs has slowed considerably, with only two units sold in South Korea in January.  

06.03.24 10:54

22915 Postings, 1086 Tage Highländer49Ballard Power

Das Papier des kanadischen Brennstoffzellenherstellers konnte sich in den letzten Tagen etwas stabilisieren. Wie stehen die Chancen der Wasserstoffaktie für einen Turnaround?  

11.03.24 20:00

22915 Postings, 1086 Tage Highländer49Ballard Power

Ballard Reports Q4 2023 Results
Alles andere als ein gutes Ergebnis oder wie ist Eure Einschätzung?  

16.03.24 10:46

370 Postings, 4512 Tage hurry_plotter.1983Reeder Future Proof Shipping und Ballard

Future Proof betreibt zweites H2-Binnenfrachtschiff
von Andreas Lohse | 12. März 2024 | Mobilität

(Rotterdam / Niederlande) – Der niederländische Reeder Future Proof Shipping (FPS) hat die „H2 Barge 2“ in Werkendam bei Rotterdam von der Holland Shipyards Group übernommen. Das wasserstoffbetriebene Schiff soll künftig Waren emissionsfrei auf dem Rhein zwischen Rotterdam und Duisburg transportieren.
Antrieb mit 1,2 Megawatt Leistung
Es ist das erste von zwei gleichartigen Wasserfahrzeugen im EU-finanzierten „Flagships“-Projekt und das zweite im Rahmen des „Zero Emission Ports North Sea“-Projekt (ZEM Ports NS). Das rund 110 Meter lange und 11 Meter breite Containerschiff wurde 1993 mit einer Kapazität von 190 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) gebaut. 2023 sind bei der Holland Shipyards Group (HSG) alle Verbrennungsmotoren und die Tanks für fossile Brennstoffe entfernt worden. Die nun eingebauten sechs jeweils 200 Kilowatt leistenden PEM-Brennstoffzellen des Typs „FC Wave“ stammen von Ballard Power Systems. Hinzu kamen Wasserstoffspeicher, Batteriepacks und ein elektrischer Antriebsstrang.
Die „H2 Barge 2“ soll unter anderem Erkenntnisse dafür liefern, wie Schiffe von der Dieselverbrennung auf emissionsfreie Alternativen nachgerüstet werden können, sagt Mirela Atanasiu, Interimsdirektorin der Clean Hydrogen Partnership. Die jährliche Einsparung an CO2-Emissionen wird auf 3.000 Tonnen prognostiziert. Das zweite Demonstrationsschiff, die „Zulu 06“, werde noch in diesem Jahr in Paris eingesetzt.
Zweites H2-Containerschiff für Binnenfracht
„Barge 2“ ist nach „Barge 1“ bereits das zweite wasserstoffbetriebene Binnenfrachtschiff von Future Proof Shipping. Der erste Lastkahn wurde im Mai 2023 zu Wasser gelassen und pendelt mehrere Male pro Woche für den Sportartikelhersteller Nike zwischen dem Hafen von Rotterdam und dem Inlandterminal von BCTN im belgischen Meerhout. FPS will in den nächsten fünf Jahren eine Flotte von zehn emissionsfreien Binnen- und Küstenseeschiffen bauen, betreiben und sie Logistikdienstleistern zum Chartern anbieten.


18.03.24 10:00

418 Postings, 1703 Tage WuchtigeBerthaZahlen 03/2024 für IV/2023

Die Zahlen sehen Bitter aus. 94,7Mio Umsatz und ein Nettogewinn(Verlust) von -133,4 Mio

Würde mich nicht wundern, wenn die Aktie auf 1,00-1,50 fällt. Wenn sie darunter fällt, fliegt sie aus dem NASDAQ.  

18.03.24 15:12

22915 Postings, 1086 Tage Highländer49Ballard Power

Der am vergangenen Montag gemeldete Rekord-Quartalsumsatz half wenig, weil ein in Schwierigkeit geratener Großkunde dem Wasserstoff-Player die übrige Bilanz verhagelt hat. Ein in der Branche seltener Faktor spricht jedoch nach wie vor für den kanadischen Small Cap.  

28.03.24 08:29

84 Postings, 2383 Tage TeewasserBosch stellt sich direkt neben Ballard auf.

01.04.24 20:28

32371 Postings, 7001 Tage Terminator100heute mal im Plus

Ballard Power Systems Inc. Registered Shares o.N.
+0,465  USD
+16,727 %
* an der Börse ist alles möglich,  auch das unmögliche !

02.04.24 16:39

1467 Postings, 1445 Tage KlimawandelStrohfeuer?

02.04.24 19:06

1625 Postings, 4270 Tage JAM_JOYCEDamit dürfte die Wende

eingeleitet sein  

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