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Taiwan Semiconductor-gute Wachstumsaussichten

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22.12.09 13:44

26495 Postings, 4885 Tage brunnetaTaiwan Semiconductor-gute Wachstumsaussichten

Neben Infineon rechnen auch andere Halbleiterhersteller, etwa Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) mit einer positiven Entwicklung in 2010. Das asiatische Unternehmen gab bekannt, Prämien sowie das Gehalt von Mitarbeitern im kommenden Jahr steigern zu wollen. Grundlage seien gute Wachstumsaussichten besonders bei Chips für PCs und Produkte aus dem Bereich Unterhaltungselektronik. (kat/rem)
Wen nicht fähig ist, selber eine Meinung zu bilden und eine Entscheidung zu treffen, darf nicht zur Börse.

Keine Kauf Empfehlung!!
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23.04.21 09:47

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC board approves US$2.89 billion fund to expand

23.04.21 10:48

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyInvestitionen gegen Chip-Engpässe brauchen Jahre

23.04.21 11:43

2120 Postings, 3730 Tage PlattenulliTSMC erhöht die 5-nm-Chipleistung

Taiwan hat Vorsprung vor den USA und China: TSMC-Gründer

Höhepunkte des Tages: TSMC sieht eine starke Nachfrage nach 5-nm-Prozessen
TSMC erhöht die 5-nm-Chipleistung
TSMC wird seine 5-nm-Chip-Produktion steigern und sie laut Branchenangaben ab dem zweiten Quartal bis Ende dieses Jahres auf bis zu 150.000 Wafer pro Monat skalieren.

Höhepunkte des Tages: TSMC erweitert Kapazitäten in China
TSMC erweitert Kapazität für 28-nm-Prozess in China Fab : Der Verwaltungsrat von TSMC hat ein Budget von rund 2,89 Milliarden US-Dollar für die Installation ausgereifter Technologiekapazitäten genehmigt, teilte die reine Gießerei am 22. April mit.

Samsung bleibt ein hervorragender Konkurrent für TSMC, sagt Morris Chang

Intel Q1 2021-Ergebnis: Die Geschichte des Unternehmens über eine Trendwende scheint turbulent zu sein

24.04.21 01:10

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27.04.21 09:39

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC investiert 2,8 Milliarden f.Massenproduktion

von seltenen Autochips in China
The investment, TSMC's first in Mainland China since 2015, will install new production lines at the existing facility in Nanjing.
TSMC hopes to begin limited production with the new facilities by H2 2022. The 28nm lines are expected to begin mass production in 2023.
Nikkei Asian Review estimates that the new lines will have a monthly production capacity of 40,000 wafers....  

28.04.21 11:58

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyApple s M2 silicon reportedly enters mass producti
"Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) next-generation in-house silicon has reportedly entered mass production at foundry partner TSMC (NYSE:TSM) that could appear in MacBook laptops launching in the second half of the year. Nikkei Asia sources say the chipsets, tentatively named M2, could start shipping as early as July...."  

29.04.21 09:41

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC named a 'Titan' on Time's list of 100 Most

30.04.21 16:10

4822 Postings, 1290 Tage KörnigNun habe ich mir auch mal 18 Aktien gekauft

Mal sehen wo wir in 1 bis 3 Jahren stehen. Ich denke ein verdoppler  wird da wohl noch drin sein;)  

30.04.21 19:26

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyIntel will $10 Milliarden Subsidies f.Fabrik in EU

03.05.21 11:46

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyAMDs Epyc produzieren sich bei TSMC selbst

03.05.21 11:51

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC Kundennachfrage nach Chips wird im Juni

befriedigt werden können
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd
expects to meet the minimum semiconductor chip requirement of its clients before the end of June, the company?s CEO Mark Liu told CBS News on Sunday.
"....Mark Liu: We heard about this shortage in December timeframe. And in January, we tried to squeeze as more chip as possible to the car company. Today, we think we are two months ahead, that we can catch up the minimum requirement of our customers. Before the end of June.

Lesley Stahl: Are you saying that the shortage in chips for cars will end in two months?

Mark Liu: No. There's a time lag. In car chips particularly, the supply chain is long and complex. The supply takes about seven to eight months....."

04.05.21 10:46

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC will Fabrik in Arizona erweitern

TAIPEI, May 4 (Reuters) - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) is planning to build several more chipmaking factories in the U.S. state of Arizona beyond the one currently planned, three people familiar with the matter told Reuters.....Three sources familiar with the matter, speaking on condition of anonymity as they were not authorised to speak to the media, told Reuters that up to five additional fabs for Arizona are being planned.

The initial fab is relatively modest by industry standards, with a planned output of 20,000 wafers - each of which contains thousands of chips - every month using the company?s most sophisticated 5 nanometre semiconductor manufacturing technology.....
One person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters the expansion was in response to a request from the U.S., but declined to provide further details.

05.05.21 14:02

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyUS-China tech war: Beijing's secret chipmaking
China is primarily implementing secret strategies for chip independence. A case study of Yangtze Memory Technologies, one of China?s leading semiconductor companies, reveals Beijing?s determination to reduce its reliance on US suppliers.
Key Point: Once a month, senior executives from Yangtze Memory Technologies, also known as YMTC, fly to Beijing for a meeting with China?s top economic management agencies. Part of the focus is on programs aimed at separating Chinese companies from US technology.  

06.05.21 10:55

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTaiwan verbietet chinesische Anwerber

"The Labor Ministry of Taiwan has told local recruiters to remove all listings for jobs in China, especially those in critical industries such as semiconductors, Nikkei Asia reported on Friday.
The labor ministry banned recruitment platforms and headhunters from helping or representing any company hire individuals for work in mainland China,

Why it matters: The island is a hot destination for Chinese firms to hire chip talent. Taiwan is home to companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world?s largest contract chipmaker; and smartphone chip designer MediaTek, a major rival to Qualcomm.
The China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), an industry body backed by China?s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, estimated that the industry faces a shortfall of around 220,000 skilled workers as of the end of 2020."  

08.05.21 12:20

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC Nanjing Plant Heightens Tension between China

and Taiwan
"....TSMC plans to invest an additional US$2,887 million in its Nanjing plant to expand its 28-nm semiconductor production lines and increase the supply of automotive semiconductors.
However, neither China nor Taiwan is welcoming the move. Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that TSMC's investment plan is ratcheting up tension between the two sides.
"TSMC is going to dump 28-nm process semiconductor products in China," a Chinese IT expert said. "This will pose a threat to Chinese semiconductor companies."  

10.05.21 12:47

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyThe New IBM Chip
IBM (NYSE:IBM) announced a milestone in semiconductor manufacturing yesterday. Now, the company is able to produce chips that are just 2 nanometers thick.  

10.05.21 17:49

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyRevenue Report TSMC heute
May 10, 2021 ? TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced its net revenue for April 2021: On a consolidated basis, revenue for April 2021 was approximately NT$111.32 billion, a decrease of 13.8 percent from March 2021 and an increase of 16.0 percent from April 2020. Revenue for January through April 2021 totaled NT$473.73 billion, an increase of 16.5 percent compared to the same period in 2020......


12.05.21 12:02

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC April sales down over 13% from March

13.05.21 10:25

2120 Postings, 3730 Tage PlattenulliTech-Krieg zwischen den USA und China

Eine Analyse warum TSMC in Taiwan gestern stark gefallen ist.
JETZT? Tech-Aktien kaufen?

Taiwan Semiconductor Stock erhält Key Rating Upgrade, nachdem es kürzlich ein Allzeithoch erreicht hat

Tech-Krieg zwischen den USA und China: Taiwans TSMC schließt sich der amerikanischen Chip-Koalition an, um Chinas Selbstversorgung weiter zu beeinträchtigen  

13.05.21 11:44

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyChipmangel zeigt die Abhängigkeit der USA

Pat Geisinger mit CBS Lesley Stahl in der Fabrik
da könnnen auch die 50 Milliarden Subsidies so schnell nix dran ändern .Geisinger gibt zu sie brauchen mehrere Jahre
"...Pat Gelsinger: Well, they're pretty happy to buy from some of the Asian suppliers.
Actually, they don't always have a choice. For chips with the tiniest transistors ? there is no "made in the U.S." option. Intel currently doesn't have the know-how to manufacture the most advanced chips that Apple and the others need. ...
Lesley Stahl: They're ahead of you on the manufacturing side.
Pat Gelsinger: Yeah.
Lesley Stahl: Considerably ahead of you.
Pat Gelsinger: We believe it's gonna take us a couple of years and we will be caught up. ...
Gelsinger is making big bets: breaking ground on two new giant fabs in Arizona, costing $20 billion; Intel's largest investment ever. And he'll announce this week a three and a half billion dollar upgrade of this fab in New Mexico.
But TSMC is a manufacturing juggernaut worth over a half a trillion dollars. ..."  

13.05.21 23:31

2120 Postings, 3730 Tage PlattenulliNach Stromausfall in Taiwan

Die Stromversorgung in Taiwan wird nach einem Ausfall wieder aufgenommen. TSMC wurde von einem kurzen Einbruch getroffen  

14.05.21 09:44

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyTSMC will Produktion in USA verdoppeln
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (2330.TW) is weighing plans to pump tens of billions of dollars more into cutting-edge chip factories in the U.S. state of Arizona than it had previously disclosed, but is cool on prospects for an advanced European plant, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
TSMC is the world's most advanced chip-maker, and its investment plans are being closely watched amid a global chip shortage and new initiatives in the U.S. and Europe to subsidize semiconductor production.....Now, company officials are debating whether the next plant should be a more advanced facility that can make chips with so-called 3-nanometer chipmaking technology compared to the slower, less-efficient 5-nanometer technology used for the first factory.The more advanced 3-nanometer plant could cost $23 billion to $25 billion,...Officials have also sketched out plans for TSMC to make next-generation 2-nanometer and smaller chips as the Phoenix campus is built out the next 10 to 15 years, the person said...."  

14.05.21 09:50

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyMangel an Fachkräften in USA Fortbildung in Taiwan

"...TSMC this year hired Benjamin Miller, a 25-year Intel veteran, as its head of human resources in Arizona. The company says that it has hired 250 engineers there and that about 100 of them, along with their families, have been sent to Tainan, Taiwan, where they will complete a 12- to 18-month training program before returning to Arizona.TSMC chairman and founder Morris Chang, warned last month of higher operating costs and a thin talent pool for the U.S. plans in a rare public speech attended by Wei and chairman Mark Liu."In the United States, the level of professional dedication is no match to that in Taiwan, at least for engineers," Chang said. He warned that "short-term subsidy can't make up for long-term operational disadvantage."
.....TSMC's first Arizona factory will be relatively small, with a projected output of 20,000 wafers - 12-inch silicon discs that can each contain thousands of chips - per month. By contrast, TSMC's "gigafabs" in Taiwan can produce 100,000 wafers per month."  

18.05.21 10:44

67228 Postings, 7873 Tage KickyCorona in Taiwan TSMC
auch draussen müssen jetzt Masken getragen werden alle bars geschlossen...

geradezu lachhaft geringe Zahl an Neuinfektionen 335  und 14 Tote insgesamt  

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