We feed the world

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19.04.24 02:46

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01We feed the world

Aus der beliebten Serie: "Trendwende nach oben"  ; )

Global X Agtech & Food Innovation ETF
WKN: A3E40S | Kürzel: KROP

Die Weltmarktführer der Ernährung in einem ETF. Nach 60% Wertverlust scheint der Boden nun gefunden und es geht langsam aber stetig ohne grosse Vola aufwärts. Der Haupthandel findet in USA statt aber der ETF kann jetzt auch auf Xetra und Direkt gehandelt werden.



Alles zum Thema Landtechnik, Ackerbau, Agrarhandel Bier und Nahrung bitte hier rein.

Danke und guten Appetit!

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19.04.24 02:57

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Die grössten Anteile:

Darunter Perlen wie AGCO (Fendt, Valtra, MF, Challenger) und CNH (Case, Ford-New Holland, Steyr)

Sowie Saatgut/Crop Science, Düngemittel, Pflanzenschutz u. Nudelbuden.  Alles was man halt so braucht. Vom Essen & Trinken hat sich schon so mancher ernährt.

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19.04.24 03:01

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Immer am Puls der Zeit

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19.04.24 03:18

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Quick Check

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21.04.24 06:52

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01North America sales picking up

For the second straight month, unit sales of 100+ horsepower ag tractors slightly increased in the U.S., according to data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). March sales jumped 3.2% compared to last year, following February’s increase of 2.8% compared to 2023.

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03.05.24 00:51

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Digital Services for Farming Operations

CNH introduces FieldOps

May 2, 2024

CNH is presenting FieldOps, a versatile and easy-to-use farm management web and mobile platform available for operators worldwide. It brings real-time monitoring, remote display viewing and intuitive user interface together into one comprehensive package to enhance how farming operations manage their data overall.
Agriculture is becoming increasingly digitalized with an exponential growth in cloud connected machines. This means farmers need to avoid having fragmented digital solutions and multiple apps or platforms. Instead, the industry would benefit from an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that unifies their core operational management needs into one place.

FieldOps is designed to simplify a customer’s entire workflow from the moment they connect to their machines all the way through to post-season analysis. Its all-new interface streamlines workflows, simplifies farm management, and makes data accessible from anywhere.

Instead of using multiple apps to manage their mixed fleet, customers will be able to view and monitor all their machines in one place, centralizing tools like New Holland PLM Connect and Case IH AFS into one platform. This gives customers easier access to their field and farm data and provides any connected operator the ability to manage their machines from anywhere at any time, via FieldOps’ mobile or web platform.

FieldOps’ key features include real-time machine monitoring including precise location and duty status, remote view of in-cab displays for improved operator support, visualization of agronomic data layers for a specific field over the course of the season and machine health and activity monitoring to quickly spot priority issues.

Bolstering the capabilities of FieldOps is the new collaboration with Intelsat, specialist in satellite communications for over 60 years. Hence, CNH will make connectivity accessible to more areas that do not have consistent internet access through conventional cellular or terrestrial networks. This collaboration solves a large customer challenge by providing industrial-grade connectivity that is built for farming. Having this level of connection increases the value and benefits of precision technology for farmers everywhere.

“FieldOps was created thanks to CNH customers’ feedback, prioritizing simplicity and intuitiveness for the interface. It enables farmers to improve their efficiency and profitability, whether they’re investing in a new fleet or adding automation to their existing machines.”  
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07.05.24 18:40

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Der KROP

legt heute 1,46% zu und macht ein neues Hoch.  
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08.05.24 08:16

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01FMC ein Index-Schwergewicht

macht gute Gewinne und steigt um 9,5%  
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09.05.24 01:28

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Nächster Inflationsschub?


Einbruch bei Getreideernte
Mai-Frost in Russland hat "katastrophale Folgen"  

09.05.24 01:38

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Traktorzulassungen gesamt

in 23 leicht gesunken.

Growth at the top of the range

Although tractor registrations were lower in 2023 than the year before, that wasn’t true for all power bands. The highest power bands, machines above 132kW (approximately 175hp) saw strong growth, with registrations of these larger tractors up by 12% year on year. In contrast, 13% fewer tractors were registered between 60kW and 132kW (80-175hp), although this range still made up almost half of the agricultural tractors registered in 2023. There was a small decline in the number of tractors  under 60kW registered in Europe, with some growth for the smallest machines.  
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20.05.24 12:57

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01Asian Agriculture

"Agritechnica Asia,  trade fair for crop production and smart farming, is about to take off. The event will he held in the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Thailand form 22-24 May. Organized by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and VNU Asia Pacific, offers visiting farming professionals access to this major hub of machinery innovation in Asia.
Attendees, which include large-scale farmers, cooperatives and dealers in the region, will be able to explore suitable equipment and solutions from the world’s leading agricultural manufacturers including AGCO with Massey Ferguson, as well as CNH, Changfa, CLAAS, Fliegl, John Deere, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Netafim. These offer technology solutions that address challenges in the Asian region, from increasing crop yields to optimizing water and resource management.

As the global agricultural sector addresses pressing challenges such as climate change, food scarcity, and environmental sustainability, the technical farm solutions presented at the show will become increasingly important."

Der KROP ist wieder am unteren Trendkanal und ein prozyklisches Abstauberlimit gesetzt.  

20.05.24 12:59

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01KROP Chart

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23.05.24 11:26

1094 Postings, 104 Tage Maverick01We feed the world..

UND sorgen mit Hanf für gute Laune. ; )

In der Tat, das erste gescheite Wort zur Landwirtschaft von dem Typen.


„Ob als Faserverbundstoff in der Automobilindustrie, Dämmstoff und Hanfbeton auf dem Bau oder biologisch abbaubares Plastik – die nachhaltigen Potenziale sind vielfältig.“  

   Antwort einfügen - nach oben