Inca One Gold - Die neue Dynacor ?

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29.09.14 14:47

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuesteich kaufe mal ein paar ( auf glück) - s.g. Chart

29.09.14 15:12

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuesteeine Perle - NOCH unendeckt €€€€€€€€ !

29.09.14 15:48

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuesteASK nur 10000 - ein Witz - hier könnte es grün

werden , heute noch  - habe mir mal ein paar zugelegt  

29.09.14 16:23

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuesteSTARK - geht wohl weiter der starke Aufwärtstrend

29.09.14 16:27

1747 Postings, 5728 Tage BaseAlles richtig heute gemacht

Heute früh um halb acht saß ich schon vor dem Rechner und
hatte überlegt ob ich  schon einmal eine Order setze damit ich pünktlich
um acht kaufe.
Zum Glück habe ich das nicht gemacht.
Habe im laufe des Tages schön bei 0,123€ eingesammelt.
Ich werde wenn der Kurs die nächsten monate nicht deutlich über 0,15€
geht weiter einsammeln.
Dann allen viel spaß mit Inca und in 2-3 Jahren wird dann abgerechnet.  

29.09.14 16:54

143 Postings, 3107 Tage Pink PantherQuasi

anner "Base" gekauft - Glückwunsch! :)

Könnt was geben, solide rauf bisher in den letzten Wochen...  

29.09.14 16:58

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswueste@Base - richtig = TENBAGGER hier

......alles richtig gemacht ; bin auch rein ( Chart , Volumen , kommende News -alles spricht für fetten Anstieg )

29.09.14 17:11

2136 Postings, 3694 Tage Snowmanxy007der Sowy ist auch bereits an Bord

29.09.14 17:25

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswueste@Snow .....das ist gut so , wir werden uns noch

viel freuen hier    

29.09.14 17:54

722 Postings, 3460 Tage Denny MeanINCA

sieht sehr gut aus in Kanada  

29.09.14 17:57

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuestehast du RT von CAN ?

29.09.14 17:58

722 Postings, 3460 Tage Denny Meannein nur verspätet

170/ 175  

29.09.14 17:59

722 Postings, 3460 Tage Denny Meanist aber

nicht schlimm die wird nicht in kurzer zeit abstürzen  

29.09.14 18:57

347 Postings, 3113 Tage derLuxemburgergerHier kommt ja mal richtig Schwung rein

naja wen wunderts bei den Aussichten  

29.09.14 19:08

347 Postings, 3113 Tage derLuxemburgergerja genau deswegen und noch mehr

29.09.14 19:10

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuestestimmt - ich bin gut drin , sg. Vol hier und s.g.

Chart der nach oben zeigt -  

29.09.14 19:10

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuestedas läuft

29.09.14 21:13

11045 Postings, 3851 Tage wennichdaswuestemorgen gehts weiter

29.09.14 23:54

566 Postings, 3111 Tage ThomasP.Leute, wenn euch die Aktie gefällt

und auch dieser Thread, dann bewertet bitte den allerersten Beitrag.


30.09.14 00:06

566 Postings, 3111 Tage ThomasP.Inca One Gold Increases Plant Capacity by 400%

Peru Tames a $2 Billion Rogue Industry

September 26th, 2014 by resourcenewsreport

Inca One Gold Increases Plant Capacity by 400%

By Resource News Report

Peru"s Central Government has sent thousands of troops into the jungles of Madre de Dios to confiscate and destroy illegal mining equipment. With unregulated, untaxed gold mining operations estimated at $2 billion a year in Peru, the stakes are high.

The new mining legislation and the military muscle behind it – creates a significant opportunity for Inca One Gold (IO-TSX.V) – a Canadian-based gold manufacturing company operating in Peru.

"The rules in Peru create something of a captive market for Inca One," confirms Gold Newsletter Publisher Brien Lundin in the summer 2014 issue.

"My COO George Moen and I met Brien Lundin at a gold conference," recalls Edward Kelly, President and CEO of Inca One Gold, in an exclusive interview with Resource News Report, "I think he liked that we come from the business world and that we"re here to make a profit."

Inca One Gold buys raw materials (ore) and manufactures an end product (gold).

Inca One Gold is at the halfway point of an upgrade from a 25 tonne per day operation to 100 tonnes per day. This week a new ball mill is being delivered along with new crushers. The current permit allows Inca One Gold to expand to 100 tonnes per day.

"There"s a game changing shift in the gold business in Peru right now," stated Kelly, "The government is beginning to regulate a fractured multi-billion dollar industry that has been operating for centuries with no permits and paying no taxes."

Inca One Gold is playing a pivotal role in the "formalization process". The army has confiscated stockpiles of mercury destined for jungle streams. The government is determined to exert environmental and fiscal controls on the artisanal miners and Inca One Gold is backing the Peruvian government"s campaign 100%.

"Small family operations used to be able to just grab some unclaimed land and start digging it, milling the ore and spewing chemicals into the streams and rivers," stated Kelly, "But now the government is insisting on transparency in the way gold projects are engineered and operated, in addition SUNAT has taken control of permitting for explosives and cyanide, the only way to purchase these critical supplies is to be formalized."

Approximately 77,000 small scale mines have already applied for a formalization number and there are an estimated 200,000 that haven"t applied. Kelly declares that he will only buy ore that has the correct papers attached to it.

"We have a compliance committee on the ground in Peru," confirms Kelly, "We are forced to turn down ore, but it does help us identify opportunities, providing legal advice to small operators with high grade projects."

Kelly business is not sensitive to the spot price of gold. Inca One Gold pays fair market value for the ore and takes a cut to manufacture the bullion. If the spot price of gold is $1,900 the margins are higher than if the spot price is $1,200 – but the numbers are healthy in either scenario. Inca One Gold operates on manufacturing metrics, rather than those of a junior explorer.

Typically the miner delivers a truckload of ore to a receiving area. Inca One Gold extracts samples which are then crushed and assayed in an on-site chemical lab. The miner is invited to observe the process, which only takes a few hours. If the trucks or the chemical lab are backed up, overnight accommodations are provided on site for the miners.

Comparable operations by Dynacor Gold Mines (DNG-TSXv) generated about $9 million in net earnings in 2013. Kelly believe Inca One Gold will generate around $8 million in annual cash flow by expanding Chala One to a 100 tonnes per day operation and continuing to source high grade ore.

"We changed our name from Inca One to Inca One Gold because we do not want to mislead investors into thinking that we"re a resource company," explained Kelly, "We are not staking land, running airborne surveys, drilling or proving up a resource. We are making gold bars. With tens of thousands of miners looking for legal ways to process their ore – we are confident that we are on the leading edge of a big incoming wave."

Inca One is currently trading at .16 with a market cap of $10.5 million.

- See more at:  

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