SILVERGATE CAP. (WKN: A2PCBX) Seriöse Krypto Bank

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03.02.23 17:03

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate Betrugsverfahren

Silvergate könnte sich schon bald mit einem Betrugsverfahren konfrontiert sehen.
Silvergate faces U.S. fraud probe  

03.02.23 17:03

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawWho will be the bag holders?

Policy advocates question brokered deposit role in Silvergate run

Who will be the empty bag holders? Thus, if Silvergate were to join the spate of major crypto industry entities that filed bankruptcy recently, it could leave the FDIC holding the (empty) bag, responsible for paying out deposit insurance on Silvergate’s FDIC insured accounts while the FHLB is first in line for any assets remaining.
Crypto isn't the biggest worry in the Silvergate-Home Loan bank story ...  What is more, because Home Loan bank advances get repaid before Federal Deposit Insurance claims in a resolution, the FDIC could potentially take losses were the bank to fail.  

03.02.23 17:15

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawCrypto market risks bleed into financial system

“By using the FHLB as its functional ‘lender of last resort,’ Silvergate has further introduced crypto market risk into the traditional banking system. A publicly traded company, Silvergate’s 52-week range of a $162 high compared to its $10 low shows just how severely the lender’s entanglement in the crypto sector has affected investor confidence.  

04.02.23 18:07

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate's Use of Brokered Deposits

Silvergate's Use of Brokered Deposits. Were (Formerly) Brokered Deposits a Problem at Silvergate?  

04.02.23 18:08

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate Worst Performing Crypto Stock YTD

13.02.23 23:02

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate Bank Becomes Second Most-Shorted Stock

Silvergate Bank Becomes Second Most-Shorted Stock in U.S. Moody’s Investors Service recently said the outlook for Silvergate was negative and labeled Silvergate Bank a “junk” investment.  

13.02.23 23:12

2460 Postings, 912 Tage nicco_traderSolide?

Wie in jeder Branche gibt es erfolgreiche Unternehmen und nicht so erfolgreiche.....

14.02.23 21:09

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawMost Shorted Stock

Iconic Hedge Funds Amassing Big Positions In Most Shorted Stock  

14.02.23 21:56

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawBanken steigen ein

Citadel Securities, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank invest millions in crypto infrastructure projects  

17.02.23 17:19

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawWhy Silvergate Capital Stock Shriveled by 22%

Why Silvergate Capital Stock Shriveled by 22%: The article focused on transfers made from the Silvergate account of a crypto exchange to an apparently related entity. According to the article, bank records show that in the first quarter of 2021, more than $400 million in total was transferred from the account to Merit Peak, a trading firm whose manager is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.
Binance's U.S. partner confirms firm run by CEO Zhao operated on exchange: Binance transferred over $400 million from the account at California-based Silvergate Bank
Binance considers pulling back from U.S. partners: Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance is considering ending relationships with U.S. business partners  

17.02.23 18:58

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawNew Lawsuit Accuses Silvergate of Assisting Fraud

Silvergate Bank And Its CEO Accused Of Aiding And Abetting Fraud
SBF and FTX fraud ‘aided and abetted’ by Silvergate Bank, alleges lawsuit: The filing is the latest proposed class action in a string of lawsuits aimed at Silvergate over the last two months about its links with Sam Bankman-Fried and defunct crypto exchange FTX.  

17.02.23 18:59

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawImmer Silvergate

Binance Had Secret Access to Silvergate Bank Account of US Partner: shuffling funds between entities and accounts echoes concerns about what happened with FTX. The now-bankrupt exchange was involved in shifting and interchanging funds across accounts managed by a single entity.  

22.02.23 17:59

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawtraders are betting Silvergate will go down

Crypto-Friendly Bank Silvergate Is Most Shorted Stock: Amid a regulatory crackdown on crypto, more traders are betting Silvergate’s stock will go down.  

22.02.23 17:59

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawtraders are betting Silvergate will go down

22.02.23 19:53

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate as examples of crypto-related risks

The FDIC’s recent Office of Inspector General Report singles out Silvergate and Moonstone as examples of crypto-related risks: "For example, it was reported that 90 percent of Silvergate Bank’s deposit base (approximately $11.9 billion) were accounts for crypto asset customers.34 In the 4th quarter of 2022, Silvergate Bank crypto asset customers withdrew funds causing total bank deposits to fall to $3.8 billion—a 68-percent deposit reduction from $11.9 billion in the 3rd quarter.35 As a result, the bank was forced to quickly raise funds to satisfy customer withdrawals. The bank sold $5.2 billion in debt securities at a loss of $718 million, which is greater than the bank’s total profits since about 2013."

22.02.23 20:00

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawMoody's downgrades Silvergate

Moody’s downgraded the ratings of Silvergate Capital and its bank subsidiary Silvergate Bank following the downgrade of the bank’s standalone Baseline Credit Assessment to b2 from ba3.  

23.02.23 19:10

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawErhöhte Liquiditätsrisiken

"Recent events in the crypto–asset sector have underscored the potential heightened liquidity risks presented by certain sources of funding from crypto–asset–related entities."
Fed, FDIC und OCC geben gemeinsame Erklärung zu Liquiditätsrisiken für Bankenorganisationen heraus, die sich aus Schwachstellen auf dem Krypto-Asset-Markt ergeben. Es hebt die wichtigsten Liquiditätsrisiken hervor, die mit dem Halten von Krypto-Assets verbunden sind. Die Erklärung erinnert Bankorganisationen daran, bestehende Risikomanagementprinzipien anzuwenden.

23.02.23 21:52

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawMore fraud - Is Silvergate Bank-1?

Sam Bankman-Fried charged with more fraud  - Is Silvergate ‘Bank-1’?

SBF allegedly engaged in other frau schemes, including setting up an entity called North Dimension at ‘Bank-1’ that he told the bank was a trading account for Alameda but was actually being used by FTX. Users sending money to North Dimension reportedly engaged with Silvergate Bank, suggesting that it’s likely ‘Bank-1.’  

25.02.23 15:03

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawBhatia v. Silvergate Bank et al

27.02.23 18:50

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawUS Senatoren befragen Silvergate

Jüngsten Berichten zufolge haben mehrere US-Senatoren einen Brief an Silvergate Capital, die Muttergesellschaft der Silvergate Bank, geschrieben, in dem sie Informationen verlangen, die die Institution über den Niedergang der Krypto-Börse FTX „zurückhält“.  

01.03.23 14:52

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawCrypto firm no longer using Silvergate

Crypto Firm Ledger Tells Clients to Send Funds to Signature Bank, Not Silvergate
Crypto firm no longer using bank for domestic wire transfers  

01.03.23 14:53

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawCrypto firm no longer using Silvergate

01.03.23 14:53

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate Loses a Bull

Silvergate Loses a Bull as KBW Analyst Downgrades on Limited Visibility
The investment bank's analyst slashed the price target of the crypto bank's shares by about 36% to $16.  

02.03.23 08:44

11759 Postings, 2599 Tage VassagoSI 9.24$ (vorbörslich -32%)

  • Einreichung des Geschäftsberichtes bei der SEC soll sich verzögern
  • Silvergate benötigt zusätzliche Zeit für Analysen und Bewertungen
  • Silvergate erwartet nicht den GB bis zum 16. März einreichen zu können


02.03.23 10:47

5068 Postings, 699 Tage JohnLawSilvergate: Das klingt richtig übel

Krypto-Bank Silvergate Capital: Das klingt richtig übel
Silvergate slumps after delaying annual report, warning about viability
Crypto bank Silvergate evaluating ability to survive as going concern
Silvergate Stock Plunges as Bank Says It May Face DOJ, Congressional and Bank Regulator Inquiries  

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