hier bald ein rebound?

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81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel2011hier bald ein rebound?

OXUS GOLD PLC (WKN: 662578)  

16.03.11 17:08

81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel2011...

sieht nicht schlecht aus oder was meint ihr?  

16.03.11 17:33

81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel201160 Zugriffe

und keiner hat ne Meinung?  

16.03.11 18:46

81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel2011leuts

was n los  

16.03.11 18:56

81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel2011wow

die 100 ist gegnackt

gehn heute noch 200? :D :D  

17.03.11 14:03

81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel2011vielleicht

will sich heute jmnd äusern?  

07.04.11 18:13

81 Postings, 4776 Tage daniel2011scheint

nachhaltig wieder aufwärtszugehen^^  

10.05.11 21:38

19 Postings, 4944 Tage RobertolinoOb die wieder,

nach oben gehen das ist hier die Frage, hab einiege davon liegen, da sie nichts gekostet haben, lass ich sie drinnen, wenn die nur " sagen wir auf " 0,4 rauf gehen dan gehe ich ab wie die Rakete :-)

Nun , wenn das wenn nicht wär. 


15.11.11 13:43

50 Postings, 4874 Tage ointtRestoration of Trading

Fairfax Marketing Report 9:47 am

Oxus Gold (LON:OXS) – Restoration of Trading

· Oxus which had been suspended has restored trading of its shares.

· This co-incided with the company releasing report and accounts for 12 months and interim results for the 6 months to 30 June 2011.

· The company remains in dispute with the Uzbek Government over its assets in Uzbekistan.

· Oxus is defending its interests and those of shareholders and served a Notice of Arbitration on Uzbekistan under the Investment Treaty between the UK and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

· The company is seeking full compensation for all losses related to assets at the Amantaytau Goldfields and the Khandiza base metal project amounting to $400m.

· The company continues to try to conserve cash and as at 21 October the group’s cash resources stood at approximately US$3.0m.



15.11.11 14:07

50 Postings, 4874 Tage ointt+228,57% in Fra

29.12.11 18:17

642 Postings, 4769 Tage chillaui240

% plus in frankfurt. da geht was. hab nicht mal reingeschaut und nur durch zufall die mail von denen bekommen, dass oxus selbst nicht weiß, womit der heutige kursverlauf zu tun hat.


29.12.11 18:21

642 Postings, 4769 Tage chillauidafür aber geringes volumen...

600 euro...mal sehen


29.12.11 20:48

3264 Postings, 5627 Tage Biggemann@:chillaui:geringes Volumen??


Ich finde 28Mill.nicht gerade wenig (In Engl.)
In Deutschl.bes.in Frankf.darfst du engl.Aktien eh nicht handeln.
In der Regel viel zu teuer.
Pass mal auf Morgen früh auf.
Könnte auch wieder stürzen weil die Firma selbst keine Ahnung für den Kursverlauf hat.
Wünsche dir trotzdem ein glückliches Händchen.

14.03.12 15:42

50 Postings, 4874 Tage ointtOxus Gold: Shares soar as it strengthens for legal

Oxus Gold (LON:OXS) has been one of the top performing stocks of 2012 so far, rising almost 400 per cent since the turn of the year.

The firm, effectively a shell company, is currently tied up in a  legal battle with the Uzbek government and it has been an extremely  bumpy ride for investors in recent years.

Oxus began international arbitration proceedings against the Uzbeks  back in August. At that time the firm estimated the value of its claim  at around US$400 million.

The problem Oxus faced was that its limited cash position meant it  was in a weak position to bargain for any kind of early cash settlement  and similarly the costs associated with mounting a potentially  protracted legal case would have been prohibitive.

However, an innovative funding deal earlier this month provided investors with a glimmer of hope. 

The deal with Calunius Capital, an investment group run by lawyers  and legal experts, gives Oxus sufficient financial backing to pursue its  case with increased optimism.

Basically, the arrangements see Calunius paying the costs related to  the legal battle in return for a material portion of any settlement. 

It is a non-recourse arrangement, or put simply a ‘no win, no fee’ deal.

Oxus shares were boosted significantly by the news of the deal, as it provides a number of benefits for the company.

First of all, it removed some of the risks associated with Oxus’ ability to support itself financially as the case progresses.

It means that Oxus can now preserve and budget its existing cash resources without worrying about monthly legal costs.

As such it has also strengthened the firm’s ability to negotiate a potential settlement.

Investors also took the deal as a significant endorsement in terms of the merits of the group’s legal case. 

While litigation funding deals are rare here in the UK, they are much  more commonplace in the US where they are frequently deployed as a  means of investment.

Essentially, from the fund’s point of view, any funding arrangement  is assessed as an investment proposition. As such any decision to invest  in a legal case would be subject to considerable due diligence. 

And a decision to invest shows a degree of confidence in the case.

According to Rachel Rothwell, writing in the Law Society Gazette last  month, litigation funding groups are remarkably cautious. And most  firms will not touch a case unless it is deemed to have a 70 per cent  chance of success, she says.

Under the terms of the funding agreement Oxus will still retain  complete control over the arbitration proceedings, insofar as the  proceedings relate to the company's claims. 

The group will also have the right to settle with the Uzbeks,  discontinue proceedings, proceed to trial or take any action it  considers appropriate to enforce judgement.

The arbitration claim centres on what Oxus says was effectively the  expropriation of its stake in the Amantaytau Goldfields (AGF) mining  operation in Uzbekistan. 

Last year, Oxus agreed to sell its 50 per cent stake in the AGF business, which operated the mines.

The deal was with two state-backed mining companies, which already owned the other 50 per cent stake in the AGF venture.

The transaction value was not agreed at that time. And subsequently  the state-backed buyers initiated an audit to determine a value for the  deal.


However, Oxus later declared ‘force majeure’ over the assets.

Oxus says the audit was not evaluating the assets of AGF in good  faith and instead it appeared to be using the process to find reasons to  justify putting AGF into liquidation. 

The company made attempts to negotiate an amicable resolution to the  dispute but, Oxus says, the government did not make itself available to  discuss the issue.

As a result Oxus revealed that the attempted negotiations had failed  and it began international arbitration proceedings in August.

The arbitration requests that damages be proven and quantified  through the proceedings. At that time Oxus estimated the figure would be  in the order of US$400 million.

At the time of writing, Oxus shares stood at 3.55p a share.

This represents a 380 per cent gain in the year to date, and a 135 per cent rise since the funding deal was agreed.




15.03.12 11:10

50 Postings, 4874 Tage ointtsind 1000 Prozent möglich ?

15.03.12 11:34

5 Postings, 4856 Tage nobody99Jaja, die lieben Tenbagger

Das hängt wohl davon ab, wann Du einsteigst. Wenn Du zwischen Weihnachten 2011 und Januar 2012 gekauft hast, ist Dein Ziel schon übererfüllt.  

15.03.12 13:12

50 Postings, 4874 Tage ointtHast du gekauft nobody?

16.03.12 09:12

7755 Postings, 4817 Tage D2ChrisSeit Tagen wird hier in London gekauft was

das Zeug hält.
Bei uns wird die Aktie komischer weise kaum beachtet!
FFM wenig Umsatz!
Habe mir denoch mal eine Position in FFM gegönnt!
Charttechnik schaut super aus.
Könnte recht schnell auf 10 GBp laufen  

19.03.12 12:21

7755 Postings, 4817 Tage D2ChrisSchöne Bodenbildung in den letzten Std

bei 3,75 GBp. Jetzt wieder starke Käufe! Hier könnte es weiter nach oben gehen!  

27.07.12 14:58

50 Postings, 4874 Tage ointtRNS

RNS Number : 7049I

Oxus Gold PLC

27 July 2012

Oxus Gold plc

("Oxus Gold" or the "Company")

Director's Dealings, Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights

Oxus Gold announces that on 27 July 2012, 140,911 new ordinary shares of 1p each in the Company were issued and allotted to certain directors, employees and advisers in lieu of certain fees. The shares due to directors and employees were issued at the average mid-market closing price for the period for which the fees were due, calculated quarterly. Where the issue relates to fees due to advisers, these were issued at the mid-market closing price on 29 June 2012.

The new ordinary shares rank pari passu with the existing ordinary shares.

Following this issue of new ordinary shares, the Company's issued share capital now consists of 419,722,329 ordinary shares of 1p each, none of which are held in treasury. Therefore, the total number of voting rights in the Company is 419,722,329.

The above figure of 419,722,329 may be used by shareholders in the Company as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change in their interest in, the share capital of the Company under the FSA's Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Application has been made for admission of the newly issued shares to trading on AIM which is expected to occur on or around 2 August 2012.

The following shares, included in the total of 140,911 above, have been issued to Oliver Prior, Non-Executive Director of the Company, at the average mid-market price for the quarter period ending 30 June 2012:

Number of Shares

Issue Price



Following this allotment described above, Mr. Prior is now interested in a total of 987,036 ordinary shares in the Company which represents 0.24% of the issued share capital of the Company.

Contact details:

Oxus Gold Plc

Richard Shead, Chairman

Tel: +44 (0) 207 907 2000

Fairfax I.S. PLC

Ewan Leggat

Tel: +44 (0) 207 7460 4389  

05.02.15 19:48

103 Postings, 6818 Tage eifel77Kursexplosion in GB, aber....

.....offenbar keine News. Hat einer Hintergrundinfos?  

05.02.15 19:54

103 Postings, 6818 Tage eifel77Steht in London aktuell auf 3,87 GBp = 0,051 €

   Antwort einfügen - nach oben