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19.02.03 09:50

95441 Postings, 7564 Tage Happy is back on the boards

FOUR months after being sent to the stockmarket sin-bin, erotic e-tailer returns to the boards today after reporting solid underlying earnings for the December half and promising better things to come.

Forced into suspension last October, a month after revealing that problems with credit-card billing would wipe out a projected $11.5 million profit for the half, AdultShop said yesterday it had bounded back into the black in November.

Revenues topped $56.4 million for the half, generating unaudited earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of almost $1.3 million, while cash reserves stood at $9.58 million at the end of the year, in line with its revised projections.

And while it suffered leaked cash of $5.85 million for the seven months to the end of January, AdultShop reported positive net cash flow of $857,000 for the month of January, boosting total cash reserves to $10.3 million.

AdultShop chairman Kim Heitman yesterday said the outlook for the group, led by its key online erotic entertainment division, was now "positive".

"The directors believe that the company is on track to generate a positive net operating cash flow and EBITDA for the current quarter," he said.  

01.03.03 17:46

95441 Postings, 7564 Tage Happy EndAdultShop woes burn $1.4m hole

ONLINE porn broker revealed yesterday that it is another $US500,000 ($825,000) out of pocket as a result of its failure to be paid for the blue internet services it supplies.

AdultShop said it had encountered a further round of problems with its credit card billing system and had not received the $US500,000 it was due to get last week.

Failure to get the money means AdultShop is now facing a shortfall of at least $US1.4 million on amounts supposedly paid by users of its sites but not forwarded to the company.

News of its latest credit card problems came just eight days after AdultShop shares resumed trading on the stock exchange after a four-month suspension.

The Perth company was yesterday forced to slice its expected net operating cash flow figure for February from between $1 million and $1.1 million to between $200,000 and $300,000 as a result of the latest unpaid bill.

The $US500,000 was meant to have been forwarded to the company by one of its credit card processors. The processor also owes AdultShop another $US1.5 million, This is not yet due to be paid, though the chances of it ever being handed to the company are unclear.

"The processor has since advised that the amounts due to the company will be released gradually over the next several months," AdultShop said.

"The company is seeking further clarification and is attempting to agree on a specific repayment schedule over a defined period."

News of the cash hole follows the company's revelation last week that $US1 million held in reserve by a former credit card processor had been reduced to just $US88,000 after being eroded by cancelled transactions - known as chargebacks - and processing fees.

AdultShop had expected to recoup the full $US1 million being held by next month.

Shares in the Perth-based company returned to the boards on February 18, four months after problems with credit card billing and a subsequent profit write-down forced a suspension of the stock.

At the time, AdultShop said changes to the business model meant the outlook for the key online erotic entertainment division was "positive".

AdultShop chief executive Malcolm Day yesterday refused to name the credit card processor involved in the latest incident, but said AdultShop had not had any previous problems with it. He would not comment on whether the debt related to charge-backs from AdultShop customers.

"Online adult entertainment and gambling have the highest level of charge-backs and refunds at the moment, they are the two riskiest transactions on the internet and as a result the industry is certainly under fire," he said.

Charge-backs have caused significant cash-flow problems for the online pornography industry in particular, with customers able to cancel credit card charges for viewing pornographic sites up to 180 days after the sites were accessed.

Without a signature confirming the card owner did authorise the charge, operators such as AdultShop have little recourse with no real ability to pursue customers scattered around the globe for payment.

27.01.04 11:35

16003 Postings, 7245 Tage NassieEine Leiche meldet sich zurück

heute mit 25% Kurssteigerung.  

27.01.04 11:55

182 Postings, 6513 Tage miwi666Ooooh Gott,hatte die FAKEaktie auch mal....

bitte nicht schon wieder... ja,ja sex sales...aber diese Aktie war der Topfake der letzten Jahre....  

27.01.04 12:14

16003 Postings, 7245 Tage NassieTrotzdem heute hohe Umsätze

und steigende Kurse.  

05.02.04 07:59

5698 Postings, 7013 Tage bilanzVor Neubewertung?

In 2 Wochen 75% gestiegen. Gestern 38 Millionen gehandelte Stücke, heute über 15 Millionen.
Schaut man Erotic Media an, so ist Adultshop völlig unterbewertet!  

05.02.04 08:31

182 Postings, 6513 Tage miwi666Fake bleibt Fake, kenne den Wert schon lange....

, es scheint wohl immer noch Leute zu geben die nicht kapiert haben das hinter diesem Wert nur heiße Luft steckt. Auch wenn man mal ein paar Euros damit zocken kann.  

07.07.04 09:11

13786 Postings, 8022 Tage Parocorpda geht doch noch was...

12.07.04 13:09

13786 Postings, 8022 Tage Parocorpkauf zu 0,044 ?

ich trau denen auf sicht von 12 monaten noch was zu.

die haben ein laufendes sextoy business, zahlen waren
gar nicht soo übel... in australien sollten sie weiter
boden gut machen, international wird es schwierig, aber ok...

laut CEO ist man nun ins online entertainment business eingestiegen.

was immer das auch bedeuten soll ;))

kleine position als spekulative depotbeimischung reingelegt.


12.07.04 13:11

13786 Postings, 8022 Tage Parocorpchart...


super spekulativ, aber wer mycasino oder adultshop schon
gezockt hat, der ist sich im klaren, was das für läden sind.


08.11.06 15:16

15524 Postings, 6013 Tage quantasja diese Leiche habe ich immer noch

im Keller.

Ist abgeschrieben und wird wohl in
nächster Zeit nichts passieren.

Wird langsam Zeit dieses Plunder raus zu schmeisen.


08.11.06 15:34

2234 Postings, 5579 Tage RubbelStar1hatte diese mist

betrüger papiere haben mich seinerzeit ca 80.000 DM gekostet . hätte das geld auch gleich anzünden können :-( also leute nur VORSICHT und finger weg
P.S. Meine nur meine Meinung  

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