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mal wieder was neues CALYX BIO-VENTURE (A0RB5T)

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01.12.17 12:25

2076 Postings, 5710 Tage Gadricmal wieder was neues CALYX BIO-VENTURE (A0RB5T)

Habe mal wieder eine Aktie entdeckt. Natürlich wieder aus Canada. Was haltet ihr davon?

Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc., A Technology Company?

Calyx Creates, Develops, & Deploys software technology into new and strategic markets...

In addition to owning a portfolio of proprietary intellectual property with applications in crop enhancement, Calyx?s wholly-owned subsidiary, Cannigistics Agri-Solutions Corp, has created a software platform designed that connects businesses to their industry. The Cannigistics technology platform is designed to enhance the communication and effectiveness of any businesses operation, not only agricultural. With the backing of Calyx, Cannigistics is well positioned to become a leader in integrated mass collaboration technology solutions.


12.12.17 12:32

6 Postings, 1252 Tage Waren.BuffetBlockchain Kryptowährung Mining...

...hat wie ich finde ernomes Potenzial. Sodass diese unerkannte Blockchain Aktie sollte bald aller voraussicht nach steil nach oben gehen.  

12.12.17 12:35

6 Postings, 1252 Tage Waren.BuffetDer Umsatz der Aktie...

... an den deutschen Börsen nimmt von Tag zu Tag ordentlich zu.  

12.12.17 12:56

6 Postings, 1252 Tage Waren.BuffetHotstock Krypto Mining Perle

Ich denke bald, spätestens nach der HauptVersammlung,werden erstmal die ganz heißen News rausgehauen.  

12.12.17 12:59

6 Postings, 1252 Tage Waren.BuffetAbwarten und entspannen...

Bin investiert und gespannt wo die Reise hingeht.  

13.12.17 12:47

6 Postings, 1252 Tage Waren.BuffetBlockchain Mining Rakete zündet

heute wieder. Schöne Geschichte.  

13.12.17 12:49

6 Postings, 1252 Tage Waren.BuffetUmsatz dieser Kryptowährung s Perle

steigt wieder an den Börsen  

23.01.18 20:04

2076 Postings, 5710 Tage Gadricso wie war 2017 nun?

Letter vom letzten Jahr, mal schauen, was in 2017 erreicht wurde.

January, 30th, 2017 Calyx Shareholders, I?m pleased and excited to report that as Calyx continues to execute on its current market strategy, we are both on schedule and on track to achieve our current corporate initiatives. These initiatives include enhancing our ?Mass Communication\Collaboration? Software, extending the footprint of our national hosting infrastructure, expanding our development teams (by hiring additional staff), and acquiring additional technology to enhance our existing platforms and business units. These initiatives will allow us to deliver new, exciting, and innovative products to the market in 2017. Some key highlights of the Company?s recent achievements: ? Generated approximately $100,000 in revenue in the twelve months ending December 31, 2016, an increase of several hundred percent when compared to revenues during the same period in 2015. ? Acquired a ?message queuing system? which provided additional functionality to the Company?s existing software framework. ? Raised a total of $650,000 through equity financing. ? Current growth rates suggest that the Company could achieve positive monthly cash flow by the end of 2017. ? Created ?LEAFHub Technologies Inc.?, to focus and further expand our presence in the Canadian Cannabis market. Our recently launched LEAFHub Canada website and LEAFHub Canada ?Mass Collaboration Platform?, uniquely positions us to make the LEAFHub brand a popular destination for participants to ?Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate? in real time. Additionally, eight states representing 22% of the United States population voted to legalize the production and sale of medical or recreational cannabis. This potentially opens up another new market for our LEAFHub brand with an estimated 10 million regular cannabis consumers. Given this opportunity, Calyx is well positioned to deploy the LEAFHub Brand into this market as it emerges from its nascent stage to full maturity. Through the LEAFHub brand, we anticipate building a truly innovative ?Global Collaboration Network? of cannabis producers and consumers that will allow any participant to immediately have their voice be heard. Also through our wholly owned subsidiary, Cannigistics Agri-Solutions Inc., we have built an ?Industry Class?, Mass Collaboration platform that allows a whole industry or a company the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate (in real time) with a targeted audience. In conclusion, I am very pleased with the recent achievements and growth trajectory that Calyx is currently experiencing. This is why I believe that now is the perfect time to proactively communicate our strategic direction and business model with our shareholders and the investment community. Going forward, we are committed to executing on our strategy and with our rapidly evolving technology platforms, we believe that we will continue to achieve our primary goal of delivering world class applications that will meet the needs of the market and that we will continue to provide value to the shareholders.? Regards Roger H. Forde President-CEO Calyx Bio Ventures?


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