eSpeed sieht heute auch gut aus...vorbörslich

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1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoeSpeed sieht heute auch gut aus...vorbörslich

im Plus bei 29,5$ wg. News

eSpeed Powers Energy Trading Marketplace; Leading B2B Marketplace Technology Company Gives Life to Fully Comprehensive Electronic Trading Platform For Energy Industry

NEW YORK, Sep 25, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- eSpeed, Inc. (Nasdaq: ESPD), a leading
interactive business-to-business (B2B) marketplace technology company, today
announced that it will provide the technology for and become a partner in
TradeSpark, LP, a comprehensive energy marketplace featuring a consortia of the
leading energy companies in the United States.

Partners in TradeSpark include Coral Energy, Dominion (NYSE:D), Koch Energy
Trading, Inc., TXU Energy Trading, a subsidiary of TXU (NYSE: TXU), Williams
Energy Marketing and Trading Company, a subsidiary of Williams (NYSE: WMB), and
Cantor Fitzgerald, one of the world's leading voice brokerages. In addition,
Dynegy Inc. (NYSE:DYN) will be a future participant in the TradeSpark
partnership and will begin participating in the TradeSpark marketplace
immediately. Entergy (NYSE: ETR) also plans immediate participation in the
marketplace, and will become an investor in TradeSpark through Entergy-Koch LP,
upon close of that venture later this year.

"B2B marketplaces are incredibly large, they demand a trading platform that is
neutral, real-time, fast, scalable and based on the leading technology in the
industry. That's what eSpeed offers and we're excited about powering the world's
most comprehensive energy marketplace," said eSpeed president Frederick T.

TradeSpark will create electronic marketplaces for natural gas, electricity,
coal, weather derivatives, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emission credits.
It is anticipated that other major industry participants will join TradeSpark
shortly. Also today, TradeSpark issued a press release which can be found at

Howard W. Lutnick, chairman and CEO of eSpeed added, "TradeSpark launches our
technology into massive, non-financial marketplaces. Our business strategy is
simple - if it can be traded, it can be traded on eSpeed, if there isn't a
market for it, then we'll develop the marketplace for it. The possibilities are
endless and eSpeed is in a prime position to succeed in this exciting new area
of commerce."

eSpeed utilizes one of the most robust and scalable network distribution systems
available today. eSpeed's systems currently trade $150 billion per day in
transactions, using only 12% of system capacity. Its proven trading platform
provides 300 millisecond response time and is accessible over the Internet or
over eSpeed's private, global, instantaneous, electronic network. The
proprietary transaction processing software is fully scalable and extendable to
easily accommodate additional trading instruments and commodity products.

Varacchi added, "TradeSpark further demonstrates how the eSpeed system can power
the largest, fastest and most liquid marketplaces in the world. eSpeed's
unrivalled, proprietary, `built-and-paid-for' marketplace technology, combined
with a select group of the most advanced energy companies in the world, position
TradeSpark to lead the way in energy trading."

A recent Forrester Research study predicts that by 2004, online sales of natural
gas will reach $166 billion, representing 25 percent of all natural gas sales.
Forrester projects online sales of electricity reaching $101 billion by 2004, an
11 percent share of all electricity sales. During the last 12 months the
partners forming TradeSpark, together with Dynegy and Entergy, estimate that
they traded approximately 34.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day and 467
million megawatt hours of electricity. For the last quarter 2000, the TradeSpark
partners, together with Dynegy and Entergy, estimate they together traded
roughly 20% of all gas and power in North America.


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7885 Postings, 8831 Tage ReinyboyDrogo du alter Zocker !!


Mfg    Reinyboy  

25.09.00 15:11

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage Drogo:-) why not ... o.T.

25.09.00 15:18

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoAnalyst Conference Call heute ! ..*GGGG*


On Monday, September 25th, at 8:45 a.m. Eastern Standard Time,
eSpeed (NASDAQ:ESPD) will hold a conference call with analysts to
discuss the formation of TradeSpark L.P., the new comprehensive energy
trading marketplace powered by eSpeed. To view the press release
discussing TradeSpark, visit the home page of
There will be a live audio webcast of the conference call at


25.09.00 15:34

2316 Postings, 8866 Tage furbyErhält espeed laufende Einahmen aus dem Energiehan

Energiehandel über tradespark oder verkauft espeed nur die Technologieplattform ohne weitere Beteiligungen? Die meisten B2B Player versuchen ja auch am Handelsumsatz zu partizipieren. Ist das bei espeed auch so?

Tradespark wird versuchen mit der sehr erfolgreichen B2B Plattform von enron in Wettbewerb zu treten. Enron wirbt damit, daß stets für Liqidität gesorgt ist, da Enron quasi als Vermittler immer Kurse stellt (vgl designated sponsors der NM-Unternehmen). Kann das espeed's tradespark Plattform auch?

Gruß furby


25.09.00 15:45

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoLaufende Einnahmen...

nehme ich an: " announced that it will provide the technology for and become a partner in TradeSpark"...scheint so. Bin noch am kucken.  

25.09.00 15:48

301 Postings, 9137 Tage BatpedeSpeed ist doch dem IZ sein Kind...

IZ was meinst Du denn dazu ?


25.09.00 15:50

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoIZ...sprich zu uns.... o.T.

25.09.00 20:58

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoSTRIKE: Prudential vergibt STRONG BUY um 20:30

auf Radio zum Glück bin ich dringeblieben!  

26.09.00 13:30

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoUnd es ist amtlich....Strong BUY...KZ65$

Sollte für die 30$ heute reichen (hoffentlich)

26.09. 12:34
ESpeed - Strong Buy
Das B2B Unternehmen eSpeed wurde erneut von Prudential Volpe Technology Group mit Strong Buy bewertet, das Kursziel von $68 wurde bestätigt.

© Bö


26.09.00 14:03

2316 Postings, 8866 Tage furbyDrogo hier etwas zu Enron und eine Analystenstimme

Ausschnitt von Yahoo News:

This potential has made online trade very attractive to many companies, but TradeSpark is the first transaction-based online trading operation, Varacchi said, adding that Enron Corp.(NYSE:ENE - news) which has a well-known online trading operation is not a competitor.

``Enron would be a market participant. Their operation is trying to broaden their system. It is their way to distribute their market. We are creating a neutral marketplace,'' Varacchi said.

But success will depend on the liquidity and volatility of the market TradeSpark creates, analysts said.

``The tech and trading platform is necessary but not sufficient,'' said Matthew Vetto, analyst with Salomon Smith Barney. ``They have to find a way to get the orders through.''

Drogo die letzten drei Sätze sind m.E. entscheident für den Erfolg und bislang offenbar von espeed unbeantwortet. Technologisch habe ich an espeed keine Zweifel. Ich habe auch das Gefühl, daß die Tatsache das espeed ein spin off des Brokers Cantor Fitgerald ist und dieser wesentliche Beteiligungen und damit Einflußnahmen an espeed hält, bzgl Anwednung bei anderen Finanzportalen eine Wachstumsbremse für espeed sein können, solange Cantor's Interesse an seinem Erfolg als Broker größer ist als der von espeed.

Gruß furby

26.09.00 15:25

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoEs gibt auch andere Meinungen.....hier:

But Wait! There's More! Another OnLine Exchange Launches - by Jon T. Brock Published / Released:


Today a new energy trading marketplace was formed when eSpeed, Inc. signed an agreement with Coral Energy, Dominion, Koch Energy Trading, TXU Energy Trading, Williams Energy Marketing and Trading, and Cantor Fitzgerald. Dynegy plans to be a future member as well as Entergy, who plans to invest through its Entergy-Koch venture once it is closed later this year.

Analysis: OK, maybe I am exaggerating by calling this another "exchange". Let me clarify the exchange arena. First, we have supply chain exchanges, of which there are several going. Pantellos is the best known while Enporion recently joined the fray, and smaller which is also worth noting here. These supply chain exchanges focus on matching the buyers and sellers of equipment, mainly large ticket items such as wire, transformers, etc.

Another type of exchange in the energy marketplace is a recently announced exchange for transmission, founded by American Electric Power, Carolina Power & Light, Duke Energy, and Unicom. The four plan to launch an independent, Internet-based electric transmission business-to-business exchange that offers a single gateway, or portal, for arranging transmission capacity.

And finally, we have our trading exchanges. Last year, Enron began the frenzy by launching EnronOnline. In less than one year, EnronOnline has logged transactions in excess of $100 billion. On April 13, 2000, six of the largest gas and electricity marketers in the U.S. announced they have formed a new independent energy trading consortium, which will own and operate an Internet-based, business-to-business, over-the-counter energy trading platform. The new trading platform, which is expected to be in operation by the end of the year, will be open to all wholesale energy industry participants and is known as the Intercontinental Exchange. The consortium's members are American Electric Power, Aquila Energy, a subsidiary of UtiliCorp United, Duke Energy, El Paso Energy, Reliant Energy, and Southern Company Energy Marketing, a unit of Southern Company. And now we have TradeSpark.

TradeSpark plans to create electronic marketplaces for natural gas, electricity, coal, weather derivatives, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide emission credits. What makes TradeSpark different? I attended an analyst conference call this morning to learn more. Here's what I discovered. TradeSpark is actually a venture that plans to utilize the infrastructure and capabilities of eSpeed, Inc. eSpeed claims several differentiating factors. First, it is in place. Most earlier announcements speak of a launch date some time in the future. TradeSpark will open for business next Monday, October 2. Secondly, TradeSpark is creating one large liquidity pool by bringing together several mediums, the Internet, voice brokering, and eSpeed's 300 millisecond private global network. eSpeed made it clear that it is different from the Intercontinental Exchange, which appears to be Internet-based and has yet to launch. And finally, TradeSpark appears to have some attractive financial incentives in place to encourage its use.

eSpeed announced a $2 million investment in TradeSpark for a 5% equity stake. That would give TradeSpark a pre-launch market valuation of $40 million. Should TradeSpark hit $250 million in revenue by year five, eSpeed would make available 8 million warrants at a strike price of $27.94. TradeSpark has no infrastructure expenses. It is based solely on revenues. eSpeed collects all revenues and pays TradeSpark 35% of them, consistent with its financial market arrangements.

eSpeed estimates the market size to be somewhere between $750 million to $1.250 billion. These are "real" revenue numbers, and I commend eSpeed for using them. Most companies "blur" the numbers by reporting notional numbers (please note EnronOnline's $100+ billion). eSpeed did make reference to moving over $10 trillion notional value last year.

Prior to this announcement, Dynegy and Williams agreed to invest $25 million each in eSpeed to develop at least four new commodity specific electronic spot and futures trading marketplaces. Such products included natural gas, electricity, natural gas liquids, petrochemicals, crude oil, and bandwidth.

So where does this leave us? It appears that three different business models are appearing on the energy trading front. EnronOnline's model has had early success for moving Enron-trader product only. The Intercontinental Exchange is made up of some heavy-hitters but appears to be Internet-only and has yet to launch. And now we have TradeSpark, which also has some heavy-hitters and appears to be leveraging the experience of a seasoned player and "enabler" in eSpeed. Each has its merits. Can all three survive in the long run? Will we be trading air in the near future? Stay tuned…

..ich setzte auf espeed...we will see...

26.09.00 15:26

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoESpeed + Singapore Stock Exchange in talks!

Singapore Exchange and ESPD in Talks...

SGX, Espeed in Talks to Start Online Bond Trading,
Paper Says
By Michele Batchelor

Singapore's stock exchange and Nasdaq-listed ESpeed Inc., the largest inter-dealer broker of U.S. Treasury bonds, are in talks to start trading bonds quoted on the bourse online, the Business Times reported, citing Lee Amaitis, executive managing director of Espeed.

The Singapore Exchange, known as SGX, said an alliance will generate more
trading of listed securities and allow investors across the world to trade bonds
quoted on the Asian exchange.

``As an electronic delivery platform, eSpeed will link SGX products to our
over-the-counter products,'' Amaitis was quoted saying. ``For SGX, it should
create interest in SGX products outside of Singapore.''

Stock markets throughout the world are busy forming alliances. The Singapore
exchange in June signed an agreement with the American Stock Exchange to
trade funds linked to U.S. stock indexes and one with Australia's exchange
allowing investors in both countries to trade shares on the two bourses.

26.09.00 15:45

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage DrogoESPD +5%...nice to see.. o.T.

26.09.00 15:53

1995 Postings, 8816 Tage IZHi drogo und furby!

eSpeed verscherbelt "nur" an die enrgietrader -
das meine ich zumindest aus den news herauszulesen.
das es generell im b2b-breich viele mitbewerber bzgl.
energymarket gibt, ist klar - allerdings hat es espeed
nun endgültig geschafft in diesen markt im großen stil
einzusteigen. eSpeed sähe ich gerne bei $40+ und mehr heute,
aber bei dem Umfeld warten ALLE großen investoren
(so wie ich (hahaha)) darauf, daß sich der markt beruhigt -
noch ist NICHT abzusehen, wann wir das untere ende der fahnen-
stange erreicht haben. espeed wird sich NICHT im großen stil gegen
ein unsicheres schlechtes umfeld durchsetzen können, die +5% -
die ich eher als +4% bezeichnen würde, werden weiter bröckeln,
wenn die nasdaq bröckelt -natürlich sind kurse von espeed
unter $30 absolut geschenkt - für längerfristigdenkende als z.b. mich.


26.09.00 16:08

1945 Postings, 8913 Tage Drogo@ IZ....hmmm..

ich glaub ich bin dann mal draußen, weil ebenso kurzfristig angelegt.
Die 4% heute nehm ich noch mit.

26.09.00 16:13

1995 Postings, 8816 Tage IZIch war gar nicht drin,

wenn ich drin gewesen wäre, wäre ich drin geblieben,
aber mußt du selbst wissen...
jetzt stets auch wieder bei +5% und nasdaq +1,x%,
aber so sind halt die zeiten - unsicher...  

26.09.00 17:05

1995 Postings, 8816 Tage IZNEWS: Tja, jetzt auch in Japan!

das IZ-Trading habe ich übrigens eingestellt - wegen sinn-
und zeitmangels. jetzt bin ich übrigens wieder in eSpeed investiert ;-)
tja, wenn ich nach meinem kopf handeln würde, und nicht nach meinem
gefühl, könnte auch ich mich besser verstehen....

Tuesday September 26, 10:45 am Eastern Time

eSpeed launches electronic JGB trading

LONDON, Sept 26 (Reuters) - eSpeed Inc (NasdaqNM:ESPD - news), which operates electronic marketplaces,
said on Tuesday it launched to the wholesale market fully interactive trade in Japanese Government Bonds

eSpeed said in a statement the technology platform for the JGB marketplace had been adopted by a number of
Japanese wholesale banks and was being rolled out to financial institutions across Japan.

eSpeed said it provides the infrastructure over which more than $150 billion of financial instruments are traded daily.

The company, headquartered in New York, was spun off fron interdealer broker Cantor Fitzgerald in 1999. Its members include more than
600 wholesale banks and financial institutions.

27.09.00 16:05

1995 Postings, 8816 Tage IZeSpeed wieder über $30. Ein Anfang,

dann und nur dann, wenn die Nasdaq sich entscheiden kann.

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