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14.04.21 23:59

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowInvinity Energy Systems - Energiespeicher Lösung

Vanadium flow battery study for military microgrids enters second phase
Tidal, flow batteries and green hydrogen combined in world first £1.8m Orkney project

A World First: Combining Flow Batteries with Tidal Power to Create Hydrogen

Elsewhere, a study funded by the US Department of Defense which found vanadium redox flow batteries to be a potential way to reduce reliance on diesel engines for critical resiliency applications is entering a second phase.

The Department of Defense contracted energy solutions company Ameresco to conduct the study, the first phase of which looked at how flow batteries could be used in military microgrids, while the second phase will see flow battery systems deployed at the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado. Flow battery provider Invinity Energy Systems and engineering company S&C Electric are supporting the research.  
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11.05.21 21:00

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowInvinity shares jump on joint battery development

Invinity shares jump on joint battery development with Siemens Energy  

14.05.21 00:21

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowjoint venture

Invinity jumps 30% on Siemens joint venture

Invinity and Gamesa Electric additionally entered into an option agreement granting Gamesa Electric or its nominee an option for 9.99% of Invinity’s issued share capital, at £1.75 per share.  

20.05.21 18:37

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowLarge-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shap

Large-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shape in Australia  

21.05.21 18:28

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNow620 billion

Energy storageInvinity Energy Systems (AIM:IES) is a developer and manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries for large-scale energy storage requirements. The current Group was formed in April 2020 as a result of a merger between AIM listed redT energy PLC and Canada based Avalon Battery Corporation, two vanadium flow battery manufacturers.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts the energy storage sector will receive approximately US$620 billion in new investment by 2040 with the market projected to grow at nearly 900% between 2017 and 2022. Against this background, VFBs are expected to capture around 18% of a total addressable stationary energy storage market by 2027.  

21.06.21 08:42

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowGlobal Vanadium Flow Battery Market 2021

Global Vanadium Flow Battery Market 2021: Challenges, Drivers, Analysis, Industry Share and Forecast 2026

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25.06.21 08:26
Getting the UK's grid ready for net zero: The need for long-duration energy storage

Greenpeace, Green Alliance, ILI Group and [b]Invinity Energy Systems[/b] urge government to set the right regulatory framework to support rollout of long-duration energy storage systems  

30.06.21 10:39

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowVanadium flow batteries for a zero-emissions energ

Vanadium flow batteries for a zero-emissions energy system  

06.07.21 20:49

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowSolving the flow battery puzzle

Solving the flow battery puzzle: An interview with Matt Harper,
Chief Commercial Officer, Invinity Energy Systems  

07.07.21 06:38

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowPioneering Vanadium Flow Batteries

SunCast: Episode 376 – Pioneering Vanadium Flow Batteries with Matt Harper  

22.07.21 09:17

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowtake steps forward

Transmission-connected battery projects in UK from Pivot Power and Zenobe take steps forward  

22.07.21 17:17

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowSwitch on for grid-scale battery storage system

Switch on for grid-scale battery storage system

The second element of the project, the vanadium redox flow battery, supplied by Invinity Energy Systems, will come online later this year.  

26.07.21 21:58

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowSchroeder Fond stockt auf

28.07.21 17:07

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowrenewable energy stocks to buy right now

2 of the best renewable energy stocks to buy right now

Invinity Energy Systems (LSE: IES) isn’t involved in the business of producing green energy. But its role as a manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries still makes it an exciting renewable energy stock to buy.  

23.09.21 08:41

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14.10.21 12:48

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowilestone Achieved

Energy Superhub Oxford Flow Battery - First Phase Milestone Achieved

19.10.21 10:33

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowAuslieferung

Invinity Energy Systems PLC 0.8 MWh storage system delivered to Scottish Water  

05.11.21 23:03

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11.07.22 10:37

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNow2MW/5MWh vanadium flow battery

Commission Europe’s Most Powerful EV Charging Hub

What is in the hybrid energy storage system more specifically? Here are the deets: “It combines a 2MW/5MWh vanadium flow battery from energy storage leader Invinity Energy Systems with a 50MW/50MWh lithium-ion battery from global technology company Wärtsilä to deliver an innovative energy storage solution that can balance the intermittency of renewable energy. The system will be controlled and managed by Wärtsilä’s GEMS Digital Energy Platform and optimised by Habitat Energy’s AI-enabled battery trading system.”  

04.09.22 22:06

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowBritain Bets on Futuristic Batteries to Cut Depend

Britain Bets on Futuristic Batteries to Cut Dependence on Gas

London-listed company Invinity Energy Systems Plc has paired one of its vanadium flow batteries with a lithium-ion battery at the site. The flow battery, which can last for decades, will be used more heavily by Electricite de France SA’s Pivot Power unit, which offers the charging service to passing vehicles. This system preserves the lifetime of the lithium battery that is more prone to wearing down.  

30.11.22 23:16

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowInvinity sells low batteries to Taiwans Bei Ying

Invinity sells 2.2MWh of flow batteries to Taiwan’s Bei Ying International Corporation  

16.12.22 10:57

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNow$10m funding facility

$10m funding facility - initial draw of $2.5m

Invinity Energy Systems plc (AIM: IES) (AQSE: IES) (OTCQX: IESVF), a leading global manufacturer of utility-grade energy storage , is pleased to announce that it has agreed terms on a convertible loan facility for up to USD $10m (the "Facility") with Riverfort Global Opportunities and YA II PN Ltd. (together the "Noteholders"), with an initial drawn amount of USD $2.5m, expected to be received by the Company on 14 December 2022, net of associated costs.  

16.01.23 14:25

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowMoU with Dawsongroup for UK Battery Rentals

08.02.23 19:56

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowpicked

Invinity Energy Systems PLC (AIM:IES) and Corre Energy were also picked out for growth opportunities in battery and compressed air storage,  

14.02.23 08:53

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowU.S. energy storage market set for take off

Matt Harper, co-founder and chief commercial officer of UK-based vanadium redox battery supplier Invinity Energy Systems, says Tribal authorities can recover 50% to 70% of costs in some cases, with the storage ITC of 30% plus 10% adders for domestic battery content and labor, and the environmental justice adder. Hugh McDermott, senior VP for sales & business development at saltwater brine flow battery distributor ESS Inc, agreed with that estimate.

In November 2022, Invinity Energy and zinc-ion battery supplier Eos Energy Enterprises were selected to provide 3.75 MW/15 MWh and 8.75 MW/35 MWh, respectively, of battery systems for a solar-plus-storage microgrid developed by Indian Energy LLC, an energy company of the Viejas Tribe of Kumeyaay Native Americans from Southern California.  

26.09.23 12:13

620 Postings, 1785 Tage StockWatchNowInvinity selected for six US Department of Energy

Invinity selected for six US Department of Energy products  

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