HYON AS - Wasserstoff im maritimen Bereich

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18.02.22 14:09

4564 Postings, 2110 Tage franzelsepHYON AS - Wasserstoff im maritimen Bereich

Wasserstoff im maritimen Sektor - Ein blaue Zukunft oder doch nur eine Geld-Druckmaschine von den größten Anteilseigner?

Saga Pure - https://www.sagapure.com/about-us

Nel Asa - https://nelhydrogen.com/about/

Norwegian Hydrogen AS - https://nh2.no/about-us  
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07.03.23 19:03

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobaincompetition

if they want to use a fueling system with compressed hydrogen their will be nobody else out there in norway I guess.
Would be perfect to implement and gaining data for Hyon. And of course to earn money.


07.03.23 19:30

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobainTorghatten funded order of 552$ Million


"The contract, which Torghatten Nord won in fierce competition with three other bidders, was signed on 25 January 2022. It has a value of NOK 4.9 billion (about $552 million)."
"there is a requirement stipulating that minimum 85 percent of the two ferries’ energy consumption on an annual basis should be hydrogen."

Pretty big funded order if you ask me! Should be a good opportunity for Hyon, which probably is worth more than the actual market cap of Hyon :D
If you take a look to the road map of the company update  you can see Torghatten already mentioned with "a Star" in year 2025. This is exactly the year, which is mentioned in the article for building the ship. "From 1 October 2025, two new hydrogen-fuelled RoPaxes will be deployed on Norway’s most challenging ferry crossing."
Is it already communicated that Hyon will be in charge for the fueling system and just paper work left?

Company Update:

07.03.23 19:36

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobainCompany Update


wrong link before.... take a look at slide 10. You see Torghatten is already on Hyons Road Map.
Very Good that they will already use the high capacity version of 3.000kg H2/h. Very Good, because Hyon can charge a lot more for this one. Should be the biggest project until now.    

07.03.23 20:03

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobainPowercell, SEAM, HYON?

"The fuel cells will be supplied by PowerCell, which signed a letter of intent with SEAM in early February this year."

SEAM announced the news on the 2nd of march as you can see on their homepage on the link below:

So I guess Torghatten will announce the fueling partner soon. And as you said I do not know anybody else who is working on such a fueling system. Pretty good that it is about 2 ferries. So if Hyon gets this project it would be the third one this year. (Northern Xplorer LOI, contract pending)
Looks like we could get a little bit wind into the sails :)
And I guess Norwegian Hydrogen is willing to be connected to this project through Hyon as well, because it`s pretty big and the first of it`s kind in the maritime sector and they are calling themself as the number one on hydrogen within the maritime sector.


08.03.23 10:01

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON -

This was really interesting!

I have not seen this new presentation!

do you have more work from your investigation? :-)

ps! will give you a longer answer after below presentation

ps! there is a live presentation now in English Maritime Hydrogen 0930-1100

its not HYON, but it is is education!




08.03.23 10:03

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON-Maritime Hydrogen-Webinar-Live

There is currently a live webinar for Maritime hydrogen in general


0930-1100 now

Bocimar/CMB ets etc are presenting

good brainfood !




08.03.23 19:57

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobainEnova funding 14.9$ Million on Adger Hydrogen Hub

Just that the market is evolving. Five Days ago Everfuel and Greenstat signed a lease agreement with Elkem and this could be a possibility for Hyon as well to be elected as a subcrontacter for installing the high-capacity-fueling system. Pure speculation, but fingers crossed.
"According to the companies, the primary focus of the hub is to serve the shipping industry with renewable fuel (where Kristiansand is a major port for both Norwegian coastal traffic and marine traffic) to the rest of the European continent."



09.03.23 13:54

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Greenstat - Agder HUN


Then i suggest you also take a look at this Greenstat presentation video. This is a video they now use during their capital raise Roadshow:


check the part about the Agder HUB, 25:36.
As you can they use the containers in the port with HYON logo... Is that a coincidence ? for sure can be, But personally I will never use a random logo for my roadshow..

That combined with Bjørn Simonsen (board member in HYON) entered an agreement with Greenstat 8 days ago. Where he is engaged for Greenstat to stocklist their company + joingin the Greenstat HYdrogen + Greenstat Asia board.

This can as mentioned of course be pure coincidence..

I recommend this video!



09.03.23 16:26

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobainHyon Logo

Thank you! Yes there is a Hyon Logo on the port! So maybe we can expect something.

09.03.23 17:18

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - in several presentations


I can of course not guarantee anything, but I do  find it a bit odd that:

-Torghatten is mentioned in HYON's presentation update 4 weeks ago.

-HYON in mentioned in Greenstats presentation for Greenstat's roadshow for fundraising a few weeks ago

- at the same time as Bjørn Simonsen (board member in HYON) is joining Greenstat's as special council for the stock listing + joining their Hydrogen board etc

BUT of course, its could of course be wild speculations from my side....

People can do what they want, but I will continue to accumulate



10.03.23 18:16

391 Postings, 1033 Tage TailorCobainNorwegian Hydrogens plans

I don`t know if you are allowed to use company logos if it is not communicated...

To feed up the potential: Norwegian Hydrogens CEO Jens Berge is talking about a lot of projects in the pipeline and about the construction of the Hellesylt Hub, where Hyon is already involved. I really do like how motivated he is to bring Hydrogen on the map! Due to the offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland Hyon could establish international...


13.03.23 12:14

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Hydrogen

I agree with you,

in wait of communication from HYON i prefer following Jens Berge in Norwegian Hydrogen. After all he is the biggest owner in HYON, and he is a board member in HYON.
As well as they are dependandt on Norwegian Hydrogen's technology

As long as he is bull and hardworking I am confident

about 2 weeks until HYON's presentation, lets see what they will present here - fingers crossed:-)


14.03.23 13:56

25 Postings, 74 Tage SMISENHyon-monopol

14.03.23 14:04

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - WEBINAR - live now - Northern Explorer

ROlf Sandvik is hosting a webinar live now

HYON partner talking about the cruiseconcept

recomend to watch!




14.03.23 14:08

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - WEBINAR - live now - Northern Explorer

ps! one can ask questions live to the guys


14.03.23 14:38

25 Postings, 74 Tage SMISENHyon-monopol

If you see in right corner of photos there is a logo we all would like to see  

14.03.23 14:44

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - WEBINAR - live now - Northern Explorer

this one you mean :-) ?  
Angehängte Grafik:
hyon.jpeg (verkleinert auf 36%) vergrößern

14.03.23 20:19

25 Postings, 74 Tage SMISENHyon-monopol

Yes there it was, couldnt upload via the Phone?  

15.03.23 13:18

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - WEBINAR - live now - Northern Explorer

I saw it too

As far as I understood, they will also make the recording of the webinar public,

let me see what I can fix

even for the no-believers I would still recommend the presentation. if not for Hydrogen, at least it is competent people presenting the future of the cruise industry



16.03.23 11:10

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - First compressed Fuel ferry in USA

This article is a bit interesting,

This week the 70 feet long Compressed Hydrogen driven ferry was delivered in San Francisco, for testing of 90 days


Specs as far as I could read:

Length: 72 Feet
Testing: 90 Days
PAX: 75 people
Fueltanks: 10 of 246 KG Compressed Hydrogen each (250Bar Pressure) = 2460KG Capasity
Fuelcell Cap: 360 kW PEM
Battery Cap: 100kWh
Max Speed: 20 knots
Max Sailing time: As far as I can read the ferry can sail 16hrs per bunkering cycle

producer and source: Switch Maritime


Angehängte Grafik:
switch_-_hydrogen_ferry_sf.jpg (verkleinert auf 46%) vergrößern

16.03.23 15:45

25 Postings, 74 Tage SMISENNorwegian hydrogen

Norway and Germany are in the frontsett regarding Hydrogen transition.

16.03.23 16:41

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - Norwegian Hydrogen W/RWE

for sure, good post Smisen!

i saw this video in you artile just now as well, interesting

explained in video as per below




20.03.23 17:18

25 Postings, 74 Tage SMISENHyon / norwegian hydrogen

20.03.23 17:58

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - signs contract! - Hydrogen

Breaking news!

HYON signs contract for delivery of mobile hydrogen refueler with Norwegian Hydrogen!!!!


lets see how the market reacts to this one:-)



20.03.23 17:59

92 Postings, 79 Tage freddiemercuryHYON - contract

sorry Smisen,

i did not see your post first :-)


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