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Central European Distribution

72.86 -1.29 (-1.74%)

After Hours: 74.15 +1.29 (1.77%)


CEDC produces over 9 million 9-litre cases of vodka annually in the four principal segments of the vodka market in Poland: top premium, premium, mainstream and economy. In the Bols distillery we produce the Bols and Soplica vodka brands, among others. Our Polmos Białystok distillery produces the best-selling vodka in Poland -Absolwent. In addition to Absolwent, Polmos Białystok produces Żubrówka, which is also exported out of Poland to many markets including the United States, England, Japan and France. CEDC has continued the expansion of its production operations in 2008 with the acquisition of the Russian vodka brand Parliament.

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29.12.11 11:54

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smSo, habe nochmals nachgelegt!

20.01.12 19:12

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smdümpelt wieder vor sich hin unsere CEDC

01.02.12 19:25

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smendlich bewegt sich wieder was...

16.01.13 15:35

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smNews

CEDC Appoints Vladimir Filiptsev as CEO of Russian Alcohol Group14:35 16.01.13

PR Newswire

MT. LAUREL, N.J., Jan. 16, 2013

MT. LAUREL, N.J., Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Central European Distribution Corporation (NASDAQ: CEDC) announced today that it has appointed Vladimir Filiptsev as CEO of Russian Alcohol Group, a CEDC subsidiary.

Mr. Filiptsev, a seasoned FMCG professional, has joined Russian Alcohol from Roust Inc., the Russian spirits distribution company of Russian Standard, where he had been CEO since 2011. Prior to Roust Inc., Mr. Filiptsev held senior marketing and sales positions in Russia at SABMiller, Progress and Wrigley. Mr. Filiptsev began his career at Coca-Cola, where he worked from 1992-1999.

Grant Winterton, CEO of CEDC, commented, "Vladimir's global and local brand expertise in Russia's competitive consumer sector will be a tremendous asset to Russian Alcohol Group, as the company charts an exciting new path of growth. Vladimir has six years' experience in the vodka and alcohol segment, strong knowledge of sales and marketing and a proven ability to build premium alcohol brands. In addition, Vladimir's experience at Roust Inc. will be beneficial to CEDC in light of the strategic alliance with Russian Standard, the owner of Roust Inc."

About Central European Distribution Corporation

CEDC is one of the largest producers of vodka in the world and Central and Eastern Europe's largest integrated spirit beverage business. CEDC produces the Green Mark, Absolwent, Zubrowka, Bols, Parliament, Zhuravli, Royal and Soplica brands, among others. CEDC currently exports its products to many markets around the world, including the United States, England, France and Japan.

CEDC also is a leading importer of alcoholic beverages in Poland, Russia and Hungary. In Poland, CEDC imports many of the world's leading brands, including Carlo Rossi Wines, Concha y Toro wines, Metaxa Liqueur, Remy Martin Cognac, Sutter Home wines, Grant's Whisky, Jagermeister, E&J Gallo, Jim Beam Bourbon, Sierra Tequila, Teacher's Whisky, Campari, Cinzano and Old Smuggler. CEDC is also a leading importer of premium spirits and wines in Russia with such brands as Concha y Toro, among others.

About Russian Standard Corporation

Russian Standard Corporation is one of Russia's most successful private companies with business interests in premium vodka, spirits distribution, banking and insurance. Russian Standard Vodka is the global leader in authentic Russian premium vodka and the only Russian global brand with sales in over 75 markets around the world. Its 2012 sales exceeded 2.9 million 9-liter cases. Roust Inc. is one of Russia's leading premium spirits distributors, representing such well-known brands as Gancia, Remy Martin, Metaxa, St Remy, Cointreau, Jagermeister, Molinari, Whyte & Mackay, and Dalmore.  In 2011, Russian Standard acquired a 70% stake in Gancia SPA, the legendary Italian wine-making company that created the first Italian sparkling wine. With 2000 hectares of vineyards, 5 million kilograms of grapes vinified, Gancia produces around 25 million bottles of sparkling wine, wines and aperitifs each year. Russian Standard Bank is the largest privately owned financial institution in Russia and is a leader in the Russian consumer finance market, including consumer loans and credit cards. Since 1999 the Bank has been setting new standards in consumer banking, with over 25 million clients, over US$45 billion in loans granted and 35 million credit cards issued. Russian Standard Bank is the exclusive issuer and service provider for American Express and Diners Club International cards in Russia.

Russian Standard Corporation has over 19,000 employees working in offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, New York, Paris, London and Kiev. The total assets of Russian Standard Corporation exceed US$5 billion.

Cautionary Statement about Forward-Looking Information

This press release contains forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including, without limitation, statements about the expected effects of CEDC management changes announced. Forward looking statements are based on our knowledge of facts as of the date hereof and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of CEDC to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by our forward looking statements.

Investors are cautioned that forward looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and that undue reliance should not be placed on such statements. CEDC undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward looking statements or to make any other forward looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, unless required to do so by securities laws. Investors are referred to the full discussion of risks and uncertainties included in CEDC's Form 10-K/A for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011, filed with the SEC on October 5, 2012, including statements made under the caption "Item 1A. Risks Relating to Our Business," and in other documents filed by CEDC with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.


Anna Załuska

Corporate PR Manager

Central European Distribution Corporation


Oleg Yegorov

Russian Standard Corporation


SOURCE Central European Distribution Corporation  

31.01.13 22:18

7990 Postings, 3758 Tage Resol_ida gings

ja zur sache feinnnnnnnnnnnnn  

11.03.13 09:57

781 Postings, 3449 Tage bernie55rebound ?

in fra wird gesammelt...und das über pari !  

11.03.13 13:56

781 Postings, 3449 Tage bernie55sieht gut aus

nasdaq pre-market +12,5  

11.03.13 19:32

781 Postings, 3449 Tage bernie55gleich

wirds spannend  

16.03.13 12:35

2072 Postings, 4802 Tage Joschi307CEDC

warum ist die aktie so massiv eingebrochen?  

20.03.13 09:10

21075 Postings, 3635 Tage wes_hat ganz schön geräumt...

"Investoren Gelder"  
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28.03.13 16:55

4521 Postings, 4512 Tage heisanLOL

"...STRONG BUY STRONG LONG $$$ TARGET: 80,00 - 100,00 Euro+ $$$$ ..."

wiedermal in den meisten deutschen foren am pushen!

wirste nach "copy and paste"-wortanzahl entlöhnt?
Good Night White Pride! - Let´s Fight White Pride!

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09.04.13 11:38

21075 Postings, 3635 Tage wes_Kurs

war ein Vorläufer für den Bankrott


09.04.13 11:41

21075 Postings, 3635 Tage wes_#23

"Vodka producer Central European Distribution Corp. is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to cut more than $665 million of its debt."

Q: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/...bankruptcy-protection-172228012.html

fein fein...  

10.04.13 16:03

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smHier steht noch mal ein kräftiger Rebound an!

10.04.13 20:43

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smBin gespannt wann es losgeht

11.04.13 18:58

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smEhrlich gesagt glaube ich noch nicht daran, dass

es das mit CEDC schon gewesen ist!
Gibt es Meinungen von Euch dazu?  

12.04.13 18:31

1243 Postings, 3071 Tage onkel jamesläuft momentan aber ganz fett nach oben...

12.04.13 20:22

4231 Postings, 5623 Tage martin30smNeu jetzt CEDCQ?

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