a0lc4k interessant!?

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24.03.10 16:48

609 Postings, 5277 Tage sakna0lc4k interessant!?

so, led-tiger oder bettvorleger?

26.03.10 16:54

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknso, so: finanzbericht 2009 & mehr

eMagin  Posts Record Revenues and Profits in 4Q09, Capping First Full   Year of Profitability-- Gross Profit Rises 69%  on Annual Revenue Gain of 27% -- -- Quarterly Net Income more than  Doubles to $1.3 million --BELLEVUE, Wash., Mar 25, 2010  (BUSINESS WIRE) -- eMagin Corporation (OTCBB:EMAN), the leader in OLED  technology for the        design and manufacture of OLED microdisplays for high resolution  imaging        products, issued financial results for its full year and fourth  quarter        ending December 31, 2009.

"I am very pleased to report that eMagin continued to gain momentum  and        deliver strong results in 2009, a year in which the Company was  able to        substantially improve its profitability and grow revenues. Our        performance was driven by higher customer demand for the Company's         proprietary OLED microdisplays, significant gains in operational        efficiency related to improved design and manufacturing processes,  and        prudent financial management. We concluded the year with no debt  and can        rely on higher cash flows from operations to fund our near-term  growth        in the military, industrial and consumer markets," commented  Andrew        Sculley, eMagin's president and chief executive officer (...).


mehr: http://www.emagin.com/index.php


31.03.10 23:59

202 Postings, 5233 Tage tigger0815...

mich wundert, dass dieses Papier noch nicht heiß diskutiert wird....  

06.04.10 00:49

202 Postings, 5233 Tage tigger0815...

 Hab das ganze mal 1:1 von sharewise / consors kopiert.

Der Wert hat heute in den USA erneut über 18% zugelegt!


Shining a Light on eMagin’s 3D Promise

Free Special Report: Top Value Stocks for Q2   2010

Shining a Light on eMagin’s 3D Promise

OVER THE PAST SIX MONTHS, eMagin Corporation   (OTC:EMAN) has seen its shares quietly double, as its underlying   business continues to grow and 3D technologies continue to soar in   popularity following the recent debut of James Cameron’s 3D film Avatar.

While most investors are playing the movie angle with companies like   IMAX Corporation (NASDAQ:IMAX), at-home 3D technologies are also  gaining  in popularity, drawing investors into more indirect plays like  Nintendo  Co., Ltd. (OTC:NTDOY) and eMagin Corporation.

The relatively unknown digital imaging technology company develops   products in the so-called personal viewer market. Its proprietary OLED   displays are used by consumers to immerse themselves in 3D environments,   as well as by the military for in-helmet technologies.

The personal viewer market is primarily powered by two technologies,   LCD and OLED, with the latter offering higher-quality images, greater   environmental ruggedness, reduced electronics cost and complexity, and   improved power efficiency advantages, according to eMagin.

The McLaughlin Group projects that this market will sell some 16   million units and generate more than $5.7 billion in revenues by 2012.   Last quarter, the company recorded record profits on revenues that   jumped more than 25% on increased consumer demand.

And after swinging to a profit of $0.17 per share on record revenues   of $23.8 million for the year, eMagin is finally starting to catch the   attention of mainstream investors. Meanwhile, its balance sheet also   remains healthy with over $5 million in cash and no long-term debt.

Traders and investors looking for an attractive entry point may want   to wait for a dip to purchase, as the stock has risen more than 65%  over  the past five trading days and trades near its 52-week high of  $4.34  per share. But believe it or not, this stock was trading at over  $200  ten years ago!


Written by Simon Monger


06.04.10 11:25

1606 Postings, 5502 Tage siachvervielfachungspotenzial

Milliardenmarkt und erst der Anfang hier, denn viele werden hier einsteigen  

06.04.10 23:13

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknuups,

hoffentlich geht unserem tiger jetzt nicht die puste aus ...

07.04.10 09:31

202 Postings, 5233 Tage tigger0815....

Da werden sich einige kurzerhand den Sommerurlaub finanziert haben am gestrigen Tag.   

07.04.10 12:48

659 Postings, 5157 Tage hausi09was für ein anstieg

ich bin vor kuzem auf diese aktie aufmeksam geworden und habe einfach zu lange gewartet um einzusteigen. gestern nach dem wahnsinns anstieg bin ich bei einem peak dann eingestiegen...dass es ein peak war hab ich dann am abend gesehen. verammt.

ich hoff wir kommen in der nächsten zeit über die 4,40€ wieder drüber----  

07.04.10 13:16

609 Postings, 5277 Tage sakn...

nur die ruhe bewahren, alles (insb. emagin-kurs) wird "gut"!

interesse nimmt nicht ab (umsätze!)  ... hier werden alle investierten auf ihre kosten kommen ... 


07.04.10 13:40

202 Postings, 5233 Tage tigger0815...

 Das steigende Interesse wird mit Sicherheit weiterhin anhalten, wenn man die Umsatzentwicklung betrachtet.   

07.04.10 16:45

4 Postings, 5158 Tage dhjfrh:)

Ich sag ma abwarten und Tee trinken,wird schon werden :)

14.04.10 20:53

609 Postings, 5277 Tage sakngrübel ...

doch bettvorleger?  

15.04.10 14:11

202 Postings, 5233 Tage tigger0815...

Die, die früh genug drin waren, juckt das eigentlich nicht.  

17.04.10 19:23

168 Postings, 5001 Tage Stanley76NEWS !

Hier im Forum sollte doch so langsam etwas mehr Bewegung rein kommen !



MfG Stanley  

17.04.10 22:56

202 Postings, 5233 Tage tigger0815....

Vielleicht sollte jemand mal den thread "emagin" nennen?!  

20.04.10 03:22

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknso ...

ist braaaaaaav!

25.04.10 12:18

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknbodenbildung?

bb spanne 2,80-3,10 eur?

06.05.10 15:09

659 Postings, 5157 Tage hausi09Griechenland

die sorge steckt in den märkten!!! wenn diese angstmacherei endlich vorbei ist wird es hier wieder rauf gehen.
wenn griechenland pleite ist, sollen sie aus der EU austreten, den drachmen wieder einführen und schauen wie es weiter geht. auf jedenfall hat das mit emagin nichts zu tun. die kursabschläge der letzten tage waren nicht gerechtfertigt.

somit lasst uns die nerven behalten...ich schau erst in 4 wochen wieder rein in der hoffnung, dass bis dorthin wieder ruhe eingekehrt ist und wir etwas höher stehen.

liebe grüße  

14.05.10 13:00

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknzahlen 1q2010

eMagin  Posts Strong First Quarter Results-- Net  Income More than Doubles on Revenue and Margin Gains --

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 13, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --eMagin Corporation  (OTCBB: EMAN), the leader in OLED technology        for the design and manufacture of OLED microdisplays for high  resolution        imaging products, issued financial results for its first quarter  ending        March 31, 2010.

"eMagin continued to build momentum during the first quarter, hitting         its timelines in the development of two custom displays that will  enter        production this year, while achieving significant revenue growth  and        increasing margins in what has been historically a quarter of  lower        sales. Importantly, during the first quarter the Company was  awarded        additional funding for the development of night vision technology  with        the Army, and is on track in its development of an ultra-high        resolution, 3-D capable microdisplay for the U.S. Army's  Telemedicine        and Technology Research Center, which will contribute  significantly to        our revenue base in 2010 and 2011," commented Andrew Sculley,  eMagin's        president and chief executive officer.

"After successfully turning our business around, we now have been  able        to grow our R&D efforts though self-funded research and  contracts for        custom display development. In the first quarter, we completed the         design for one new microdisplay which will begin shipping in Q2  and        continued development of two others which contributed to the 83%        increase in contract revenues over the prior year. By dedicating  more        resources to our technical advancement, we are able to deliver  high        resolution OLED microdisplays that have broad military, industrial  and        commercial applications today while building a pipeline of new  products        and intellectual property that will serve as the engine of future        growth," concluded Mr. Sculley.

Quarterly Results

eMagin Corporation generated revenue of $5.9 million for the first        quarter of 2010, a 16% increase as compared to 1Q09 primarily due  to an        83% increase in contract revenue. Gross margin was 56% of revenue  on        gross profit of $3.3 million for the quarter, compared to a gross  margin        of 48% on gross profit of $2.5 million in the same quarter last  year.        The 8 percentage point improvement in gross margin was significant  as        the Company continues its initiatives to reduce cost of goods.

R&D expenses increased 103% as the Company invested in the  development        of new display products to drive future revenues. Selling, general  and        administrative expenses increased 10%, better than the company's  goal of        maintaining S,G&A percentage increases inline or below revenue         percentage increases.

Operating income totaled $902,000 compared to $568,000 in the first        quarter of 2009. The improved performance was due to the gain in  gross        margin mentioned previously. Net income for the first quarter of  2010        more than doubled to $880,000 or $0.03 per diluted share versus  $394,000        or $0.02 per diluted share in the same period of the prior year.



  •         Industry-leading OLED microdisplays from eMagin were used in the           development of two new head mounted display products from Liteye           Systems, the LE-720A HMD, a rugged, high performance solution  for          situational awareness applications, and the LE-800, which is          configured to maximize peripheral vision for helmet-mount  applications.      
  •         eMagin showcased its high performance OLED-XL(TM) microdisplays  suited to          defense and industrial near-to-eye applications at the SPIE  Defense,          Security and Sensing 2010 Symposium in Orlando, FL in early  April.          eMagin exhibited the 1280 x 1024 pixel SXGA OLED-XM(TM) and the  SVGA+          Rev3 OLED-XL.      


Based on current market conditions as well as our expectations for a        solid second quarter due to scheduled deliveries under existing        contracts, we reiterate our guidance of $28M to $32M in total  revenue        during 2010 (...).

link: http://ir.emagin.com/...rol-newsArticle&ID=1426652&highlight=



14.05.10 13:03

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknwird "populärer" ...

eMagin's  Shares to be Listed on the NYSE Amex Stock Exchange

BELLEVUE,  Wash., May 13, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --eMagin Corporation (OTCBB: EMAN)  announced today that it has        received confirmation from the NYSE Amex Stock Exchange ("NYSE  Amex",        "Exchange") that eMagin has been approved to list its shares on  the        Exchange. The Company's shares will continue to trade under the  ticker        symbol, EMAN, and are expected to commence trading on the NYSE  Amex on        May 18, 2010. Prior to that date, eMagin's shares will continue to  trade        on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bulletin Board.

"We are pleased by the approval to list eMagin's shares on the NYSE  Amex        Stock Exchange, which will strengthen our relationship with  investors        and bring the Company greater visibility. Listing on the Amex is  the        latest in a series of initiatives taken during the last two years  which        have focused the Company on the design and manufacture of OLED        microdisplays, improved its financial results and positioned it  for        growth," commented Mr. Andrew Sculley, eMagin's president and  chief        executive officer.

"We are pleased to welcome eMagin Corporation, a pioneer in OLED        microdisplay technology, to list its shares on NYSE Amex. NYSE        Euronext's acquisition of the former Amex enables us to extend our         coverage to smaller, promising companies. We look forward to  partnering        with eMagin on NYSE Amex, the premier U.S. equities market for  listing        and trading small- and mid-cap growth companies,"said Scott         Cutler, NYSE Euronext EVP and Head of Listings, Americas (...).


link: http://ir.emagin.com/...rol-newsArticle&ID=1426650&highlight=


27.05.10 12:32

609 Postings, 5277 Tage saknstabil ...

auch in der korrekturphase ...

28.05.10 10:37

659 Postings, 5157 Tage hausi09guter tipp

sie hat eine gute relative marktstärke bewiesen. sobald der markt sich etwas beruhigt fängt sie wieder an zu klettern. hoffe das wir die höchststände von vor einem monat bald wieder sehen werdený vorausgesetzt es kommen nicht wieder gerüchte über insolvente staaten auf  

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