Drug-Stocks im Aufwind

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15.02.13 18:47

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage Obelaxwollt ich auch grad posten :-)

15.02.13 18:49

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage Obelaxzwar kein Drug Stock aber auch sehr

15.02.13 20:23

101 Postings, 3926 Tage SherlockHolmesBMSN vs. ENTB

ENTB läuft heute besser als BMSN. Ich frage mich, was passieren wird, wenn die MK gleichzieht. Der Wert ist doch die Tochterfirma von BMSN und sollte eher gleichlaufen.  

15.02.13 20:38

11045 Postings, 4036 Tage wennichdaswuestebmsn....zieht aber jetzt schön...bin auf den SK

15.02.13 20:47

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage Obelaxhab heut den ganzen tag...

versucht ENTB zu 0,005 u. 0,006€ zu bekommen in berlin aber irgendwie hat der futzi gepennt?!


15.02.13 20:48

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage ObelaxRT ENTB 0,007$ BMSN 0,0146$

15.02.13 21:22

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage ObelaxENTB wird...

die 0,008$ nicht kommen weil die leute die bei 0,004+ shoppen waren gewinnmitnahme machen übers wochende

NUR eine vermutung


15.02.13 21:47

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage ObelaxRT 0,015$ BMSN is DA!

15.02.13 22:02

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage Obelaxnicht ganz gepackt...

aber gute 10% ins wochende is doch schon mal was feines.... RT 0,0144$  jetzt noch schöne news am dienstag und alles wird schön.


wünsch euch ein schönes wochende


15.02.13 22:51

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanDer Weg in den US$ Dollar Bereich.Kaufen & LONG

15.02.13 22:57

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaan1. Die Story stimmt.2.Short Squeeze:Naked Short

1. Die Story stimmt.2.Short Squeeze:Naked Short

Hier gibt es nur einen Wef: nach Norden undzaw steil nach Norden.
Und wenn auch einen News kommt, Dann kann BMSN nichts mehr aufhalten

2.Short Squeeze:Naked Short von über 640.000.000 Mio Stuecke in den vergangenen 13 Tagen.
Die mßssen erstmal verdaut und gecovert werden. Gleich = $$$$$$$$$$ für die Longis $  

15.02.13 22:59

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanSchoenes WE:Hier wird es richtig Kaboom machen $

The Big Run kommt demnächst $  

15.02.13 23:00

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanBMSN The Big Run kommt demnächst $

15.02.13 23:05

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanBMSN $ auf dem Weg in den US$ Dollar Bereich $ B

BMSN $ auf dem Weg in den US$ Dollar Bereich $

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. (BMSN)

0.0129+0.0015 (+13.16%)3:59P EST(OTHER OTC) - [After Hours: 0.0128-0.0001 (-0.78%) 4:00P EST]

Detailed Opinion as of Thursday, Feb 14th, 2013

Detailed Opinion
Show Signal Strength and Direction

Composite Indicators


Short Term Indicators

7 Day Average Directional Indicator


10 - 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel


20 Day Moving Average vs Price


20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator


20 Day Bollinger Bands


Short Term Indicators Average: 100% Buy

20-Day Average Volume - 105,246,344

Medium Term Indicators

40 Day Commodity Channel Index


50 Day Moving Average vs Price


20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator


50 Day Parabolic Time/Price


Medium Term Indicators Average: 100% Buy

50-Day Average Volume - 112,006,391

Long Term Indicators

60 Day Commodity Channel Index


100 Day Moving Average vs Price


50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator


Long Term Indicators Average: 100% Buy

100-Day Average Volume - 63,871,480

Overall Average: 100% Buy  

15.02.13 23:15

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanOn the contrary, if you believe that BMSN is going

On the contrary, if you believe that BMSN is going to capture far more than 1% of the $18 Billion market, then for every 1% that you believe it would obtain from the $18 Billion market… then you can ”fundamentally” add $1.19 per share for each 1% of expectation. Example below:

1% of $18 Billion Market = $1.19 per share for BMSN
2% of $18 Billion Market = $2.38 per share for BMSN
3% of $18 Billion Market = $3.57 per share for BMSN
4% of $18 Billion Market = $4.76 per share for BMSN
5% of $18 Billion Market = $5.95 per share for BMSN

STRONG LONG - LONGTERM : 2,00 - 3,00 + USD$ Dollars  

16.02.13 11:16

10959 Postings, 7093 Tage klarakarohier ist echt was los!

bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht!  :-O  

16.02.13 11:44

10959 Postings, 7093 Tage klarakarobarchart - strong buy!

16.02.13 14:03

11045 Postings, 4036 Tage wennichdaswuestesuper infos und arbeit hier für BMSN im thread,

....super infos und arbeit hier für BMSN im thread,  dafür danke an euch BMSN investierten und intressenten  

16.02.13 20:00

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanHier sehen wir auf Lontermsicht 2,00-3,00 + US$


Month 1-2: Assembly of Team. Regen intends to assemble a team of world-class leaders in the spheres of Technology, Intellectual Property assessment, valuation and Clinical development. Regen will seek to compile a team of Physician-Scientists with experience in the area of clinical trials for regenerative medicine/stem cell products, Regulatory experts who have successfully taken products through the FDA and corresponding agencies internationally, and Biotech Entrepreneurs who have track records of excellence in business formation and value optimization. -DONE
Month 1-4: In-licensing of Intellectual Property. The Company having already assessed over 20,000 issued patents and having compiled a shortlist of 30 targets; Regen will seek to execute licensing deals on an initial core of 3 technologies. Regen focuses on issued patents that have already passed preclinical studies but are not under clinical development. -DONE
Month 3-6: Interaction with Regulatory Agencies. Regen intends to develop data packages for each of the technologies and initiate interaction with Regulatory Agencies such as the FDA for initiation of trials.-DONE (CLINARTIS)
Month 6-18: Clinical Implementation. Regen intends to launch clinical trials with world-leading institutions to obtain human safety data and "signal" of therapeutic efficacy. NEXT UP
Month 18-24: Exit. It is intended that technologies "incubated" by Regen will be spun off either as separate companies, or sold to Large Pharma companies seeking to enhance their therapeutic pipeline.
"At present there exists a wealth of intellectual property that is 'collecting dust' in the corridors of Academia. Given the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is so young, and the business models are fuzzy at best in terms of valuation, we see this space as a unique opportunity for acceleration of clinical development/value optimization," said Bio-Matrix Chairman & CEO David Koos about its Regen BioPharma. "Valuations for stem cell companies that have passed the threshold of clinical safety, with signals of efficacy are astronomical. The $1.8 billion Mesoblast-Cephalon deal, as well as recent financings of private companies with as little as 3 patient data such as Promethera ($31 million) or Allocure with 16 patients ($23 million), is testimony to the extremely high valuations that are characteristic of this space."

David R. Koos, PhD, DBA
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
David Koos is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Entest BioMedical Inc. Dr. Koos has over 26 years of investment banking and venture capital experience with a primary focus on fully reporting medical and biotechnology ventures. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Sociology and a Doctor of Business Administration in Finance. Additionally, he has authored or co-authored several peer reviewed journal articles primarily on biotechnology related subjects.
J. Christopher Mizer
President and Chief Operating Officer
Christopher Mizer is the founder of Vivaris, Ltd. and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Vivaris invests in and acquires middle-market businesses that are leaders in their market niches. Mr. Mizer serves as a director of each of the portfolio companies and guides key strategic decisions and their execution. He also serves as the operating president on an interim basis when companies are going through periods of ownership succession and new management team members are being assembled.
Mr. Mizer is a former Vice President and Officer of the investment banking division of Key Capital Markets, where he focused on merger, acquisition, and financing projects for Fortune 500 clients, private companies, and successful entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Key Corp., he was a consultant and certified public accountant with Ernst & Young. He earned the B.S. and M.S. degrees (biology) and B.A. (economics) and MBA (finance and accounting) degrees from Case Western Reserve University.

Thomas E. Ichim, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Research

Dr. Ichim is one of the leading authorities in the world on stem cell biology. To date, he has published 82 peer-reviewed articles and is co-editor of the textbook RNA Interference: From Bench to Clinical Translation. He is also inventor on over 30 patents and patent applications. He currently serves as the CEO of Medistem, Inc., was formerly chief of scientific development, and is the scientific founder / co-founder of Medvax Pharma, ToleroTech, bioRASI, and OncoMune.  

16.02.13 20:02

16 Postings, 3879 Tage jhaaanBMSN: Target: LONGTERM: 2,00-3,00 US$ + Dollars

17.02.13 15:24

3186 Postings, 3914 Tage ObelaxKönnte man hier bitte

sachlich weiterposten und nicht die pusher mails von ihub die nicht untermauert sind mit fakten  

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