EWSI...da geht ab heute was !

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1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005EWSI...da geht ab heute was !

06.02.14 18:29

1484 Postings, 2550 Tage Centimonochmal schön zurückgekommen

wird aber m.E. kurzfristig über 0,1 $ und mittelfristig über 0,3 $ steigen.


07.02.14 10:19

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Ein bißchen was Allgemeines

über E-Waste Systems inc.:

Business Description:

E-Waste Systems, Inc. has been established to create a market- leading, integrated business in the emerging waste electrical and electronics equipment ("WEEE") industry, targeting businesses facing regulatory or other mandates for handling ewaste. E-Waste Systems, Inc. plans to do so by acquiring a select number of high-quality companies with strong management teams that have a shared commitment to helping customers achieve cost effective and environmentally responsible compliance with e-waste recycling and disposal requirements. E-Waste Systems, Inc. will leverage and extend its acquisitions' established customer relationships by expanding the services offered to customers, applying best practices in professional management, and by investing in state-of-the-art recycling technology - creating a truly global service provider in the e-waste sector.

Contact Info:
CSJ Business Solutions, LLC
1350 E. Flamingo, #3101
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Website: http://www.ewastesystems.com

Phone: 650-283-2907
Email: ir@ewastesystems.com
General Enquiries: info@ewastesystems.com
Sales Enquiries: sales@ewastesystems.com
Business Development: bizdev@ewastesystems.com
Investor Relations: ir@ewastesystems.com
Human Resources: hr@ewastesystems.com

E-Waste Systems, Inc.
Office of the CEO
London, England

E-Waste Systems, Inc.
Office of the Secretary/Treasurer
Cincinnati, Ohio

E-Waste Systems, Inc.
China Office
Shanghai, China

E-Waste Systems, Inc. Blog:

E-Waste Systems, Inc. on Facebook:

E-Waste Systems, Inc. on Twitter:

E-Waste Systems, Inc. on LinkedIn:


E-Waste Systems (CA) (fka Surf Investments Ltd.)
dba CPU Computer Repair
17911 Skypark Circle Suite C
Irvine, California 92614

E-Waste Systems Cincinnati, Inc.
11093 Kenwood Road, Building 7
Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

Private Limited Company
Company number: 07490039

E Waste Systems Italy:
Private Limited Company
Company number: 08705399
40 Guinness Close,

E-Waste Mediterranean:
Private Limited Company
Company number: 08693558

Private Limited Company
Company number: 08854521

Network Locations:

A brief history:

In the 1st quarter of the year 2011, E-Waste Systems, Ltd. was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the public company, which was at that time a fully compliant, pristine shell entity. In the 2nd quarter, previous management resigned from the parent company and EWSI's current management began to assume control. The parent company name changed to E-Waste Systems and its new trading symbol became EWSI. In the 3rd quarter, the company's acquisition program was launched and resulted in EWSI's initial purchase of a young Ohio company, in the 4th quarter. The brief period from acquisition to year end resulted in $125K in sales at 56% gross margin, while the full year showed $575K in sales and was profitable on an operating basis. During the months of December 2011 through March 2012, EWSI largely halted operations to implement new production and accounting systems, to transition the operation to a new location, and to hire new staff. The company also executed a number of smaller financial transactions, including converting previous obligations to equity. In the second quarter, it retained Oracle Capital's cleantech team under the dual roles of M&A Advisor and exclusive Placement Agent. The losses incurred in its first fiscal year of operation and YTD 2012 are related to the costs associated with the start-up, including the hiring of professional advisors, board members and executives, which are key to implementing EWSI's strategy. The appointments include: Steve Hollinshead (CFO), Susan Johnson (Secretary, Treasurer and VP Admin); Paul Haft (COO, EWSO and VP Group Operations); Peter Munday, (NED); Larry Magor, (NED and Chair of the Comp. Committee and Nominating Committees); lawyers, auditors and other advisors in the U.K. and U.S.; and executive consultants Rick Fine and Ghassan Saade. All of these individuals possess significant industry experiences and you can read more about each of their backgrounds on the website. By completing the Ohio acquisition, EWSI converted from shell to trading status and attained DTC/DWAC eligibility. EWSI also agreed to buy out the earnout payment of the sellers of the Ohio acquisition. With the recent appointment of Oracle Capital the basis for building the business is in tact and management looks forward to bringing in the capital resources necessary to implement next key elements of the strategy. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/...in-strategy-158617195.html

07.02.14 10:27

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Aus dem Conference call vom 28.1.2014:

3. What do you expect or hope to see in 2014 in terms of revenues and going cash flow positive?

We expect significant growth quarter to quarter just like we did last year!
Our focus is on substantial growth and capturing market share - - it is all about economies of scale! And, each business unit is expected to be profitable at closing, or to be so within the first few quarters under
our control. We plan significant balance sheet improvement and we will keep very close control of cash flow. But in this growth mode, we will be investing in expansion and we do not expect to become cash-flow positive his fiscal year.

Agressives Wachstum ist angesagt für 2014 !


07.02.14 10:31

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Und der Hammer aus dem CC:

13. There are high expectations for 2014, including the completion of the first ePlant1000 and aggressive expansion across multiple continents. What do you foresee as being the major highlights for the year, and what do you think will steal the show?

The entire company will be focused on a single primary financial objective - - to qualify for an exchange listing by year-end. This will put more pressure on us to continue revenue acceleration and balance sheet improvement, for example. Our business plan will evolve, but our three objectives from 2013 of accelerating our revenues, building our global brand, and expanding our technologies will remain. To make this happen, our organization will be re-structured around three business units: eWaste; eManagement, and eIncubator. We will have key executives heading up each unit with their own teams to execute their part of the plan.
We expect to see one or more models of our ePlant technology solutions deployed; we expect to consider more acquisitions, and our operations in California, Ohio and New York should benefit from a full year of operation under our brand. Most importantly, we expect our people to demonstrate by their results that ?growth? is truly a core competency of our company.

Nach Aussage vom CEO wollen sie weg von der OTC und an eine höherwertige Börse - NASDAQ ?  

07.02.14 10:34

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Mitte April sollte das Jahresergebnis


4. Due to recently switching to a new auditor, will there be a delay in the filing of the 2013 10K?
We do not expect any delays!
In the last few weeks, we expanded our compliance and accounting teams to support our larger financial base and our tremendous growth. Our new auditors are working closely with our expanded team. And, we absolutely remain committed to on-time filing.  

07.02.14 10:37

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Aus dem offenen Brief des CEO vom 19.12.2013:

2013 has been an incredible year for EWSI.

With the help of our dedicated teams and the support from a passionate investment community, we have been able to ramp up revenues from $229 thousand in Q1, to $2.7 million in Q2, to $5.3 million in Q3, and to over $6 million projected for Q4.

It has been an incredible year for expansion, and we are just getting started.


07.02.14 11:02

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Tolle Modellberechnungen von PhredGarvin

Danke dafür ! Da kann dann mal jeder seine/ihre eigenen Parameter verwenden und schauen, was dann dabai rausschaut !

PPS $EWSI is massively undervalued.

Taking it back to the top.

I don't feel the need to post very often, but we?re due for a re-write on how EWSI trades vs. other OTC stocks, as well as take look at some 2014 projections. If you are investing, you should learn all you can about the company and read the EDGAR/SEC filings rather than rely on the opinions of those on a message board, my opinion included.

Information is KING in my book. I have done some simple due diligence by pulling out numbers from prior financial and making some mathematical implications. Real Information. The numbers will be audited, and they will come out on time. Read all the K's from last year, and all the statements from the CEO. Some like to bash the accountant, or the change of accountants or something of the like, but the reality is that this is a real company and they are filing numbers through the SEC in a timely manner.

This stock should shake loose of all the games and start to actually trade logically. I guess putting logic out instead of fear and disinformation might be helpful to potential investors.

I've been to EWSI facilities. I know Martie. Martie is ALL about measurables, which is why he continues to hit his goals as EWSI picks up its stride. There are those that like to give him a daily bash, but he's a good guy, and he has yet to sell any shares. You can feel free to look it up at EDGAR. All verifiable. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/ewsi/insider-trades/sells In fact NO insider has sold yet.

I'm excited for Malone Bailey, as they have way better experience truing up Chinese accounting with GAAP. This is an area of expertise that Sadler was lacking, and Martie corrected the deficency. Give Martie his props here. Good foresight as China is expanding fast, and it appears all the major accounting companies are challenged in the nuances of Chinese accounting.

IMO after reading all the K's, the re-audited 2Q and 3Q numbers are going to be BETTER than previously reported. There seems to be a $750,000 swing in EWSI favor. Look it up. It?s all in there.

There is SO much good news with $EWSI as Martie keeps hitting his numbers. PPS logically has to catch up, and it may happen explosively.

A major point of the otherwise lackluster conference call was the corporate wide push to uplist to another exchange. Martie can't go releasing actual numbers on a conference call, as the SEC would hammer him. Real numbers take real filings. I wasn't surprised by the lack of numbers because of that, but he did say that they will substantially beat projections. I guess when the audited numbers come out, we'll learn what "Substantially" means in Martiespeak.

Clearly Martie wants to escape the games of the OTC. When we hit $60m market value, $2+ a share and over 300 shareholders, we're Nasdaq bound IMO!

Its time to again revisit basic math on $EWSI. The longs know what they hold, and here's why we toss out the emotional games and look at the numbers.

Based on 250M shares.

Lets make some logical assumptions for Q4 and annualized 2014 numbers. Once Malone Bailey audits, my guess is that we have a revised Q3 adding $750K ($2,076,130 from PRODUCT sales & $3,254,310 from SERVICE revenues + wherever the $750K falls), pushing the pre Q4 (Q1+Q2+Q3) number from 8.429M to 9.179M.

Let?s put Q4 at around 10M with the addition of 2TRG numbers. That puts our annual revenue at an estimated $19.179M.
Awesome growth, and Martie has stated that he will continue to focus on his growth as a priority for 2014. Feel free to scale the Q4 up and down based on your own DD.

The next thing we have to discuss is a multiplier value. I?ve used all sorts of econometric modeling to test out different theories, but a good back of the envelope Market Cap multiplier should be about 5+ times a company's annual revenue. This multiplier adjusts up or down for profitability, growth, assets and other variables, but it is a good back of the envelope estimator. Feel free to use your own. I modeled everything from 2.25 to 7.75.

Q4: $10 mm
9.179 + 10 = $19.179 mm , making market cap 5x19.179=$95.895 Market Cap
@ 250,000,000 = $.38 PPS

So right now we not only have a PPS BELOW the annualize revenue, but we are trading substantially below a completely reasonable PPS estimate.

Lets roll into 2014 Numbers, and use Martie?s words on projections, and while doubling of Q?s has to slow down at some point, it will mostly hold in 2014 due to strong M&A, which is the core of the business expansion model. You can play with this as well, but thus far, one must take Martie at his word on his business plan for 2014.

At this point we should talk dilution and move the O/S to 300M. You can play with this number as well. As long as growth continues, I?m comfortable with controlled dilution. Got to keep enough shares in the middle for new investors to get in, as the float will get locked as insiders aren?t selling, and there has been a lot of accumulation into long hands. Lots of flippers get hung up on dilution, and there's been a huge amount specualted on this, but proper dilution helps spread out the stock to new investors, and the pool will have to increase if EWSI is going to uplist. It is a Nasdaq requirement. 300+ individual shareholders. These are my estimates and you can scale them at will.

Q4 -13 ~10M

Q1 -14 ~15M
Q2 -14 ~25M
Q3 -14 ~40M
Q4 -14 ~65M
2014 TOTAL: $145M

Market cap: depends on multiplier.
At 2.25 = $326M or $1.08 PPS @ 300M Shares
At 5.0 = $725M or $2.41 PPS @ 300M Shares

Feel free to mod the math with your own projections. Do your own DD on this one. It is my only OTC stock that I trade, as it operates with the clarity and filing of a big board company. The CEO actively pursues the goals and transparency of a Nasdaq company.

While there are constant games with the stock of the company, separating that out, there is little doubt that the core of the company is a well managed company that is doing what 99.99% of companies on the OTC cannot. It posts auditable revenues and is breaking ground in a previously untapped market for a public company.

07.02.14 11:12

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Nochmal zur HAMMER-NEWS von gestern:

Die Kern-Aussage ist doch folgende von Martin Nielson:

"Tanke was instrumental to helping us launch our China business last year and with their help we are now dramatically expanding our joint commitment to the EWSI strategy for this new year," said Martin Nielson, Founder and CEO of E-Waste Systems, Inc. "Conservatively, we expect this will add $30 million or more to EWSI's 2014 revenues, and we see significant additional opportunities for growth beyond that."

Und wenn Martin Nielson von konservativ, also ehr zurückhaltend, spricht, dann spricht das nach bisheriger Erfahrung Bände !

EWSI hat bislang noch immer die eigenen Erwartungen übertroffen und das derzeitige Wachstum ist exponential.

Das Problem E-Waste ist ja ein globales Problem und E-Waste mit Martin Nielson an der Spitze denkt und handelt global.

Und allein China ist ein Wahnsinnsmarkt...wobei sie ja beispielsweise auch gerade in Indien extrem schnell wachsen werden.

DAS wird ein dramatisch spannendes Jahr für EWSI, an dessen Ende ein Uplisting stehen können...dann aber bitte mit einem Dollar Minimum VOR dem Komma !!!  

07.02.14 11:14

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Und ja - das Thema Verwässerung wird

ja als Damokles-Schwert immer gerne angeführt.

Natürlich gibt es aktuell Verwässerung, aber in einem gewissen Umfang wird man bei einer jungen Firma da immer mit leben müssen. HALLO...bei DEN Aussichten ?

Da sollten wir jetzt eigentlich schon deutlich höher stehen - und das werden wir auch sehr bald meiner Meinung nach.

08.02.14 08:08

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Der Kurs wird

im Moment echt nach belieben manipuliert mMn.
Egal, auf lange Sicht mit dem geplanten Uplisting sollte das dann auch vorbei sein.
OTC ist wirklich nichts für schwache Nerven...  

08.02.14 15:24

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Wer es schafft,

sich nicht über kurzfristige Kursschwankungen Sorgen zu machen, kann hier mittelfristig richtig fette Gewinne einfahren mMn.  

14.02.14 14:03

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Gestern gabs gleich zwei

großartige Neuigkeiten:


On February 6, 2014 E-Waste Systems, Inc. (?EWSI?) or (?the Company?) entered into a final version of a Binding Letter of Intent (?BLOI?) on which negotiations had begun in November,  2013. Simultaneous to the signing of the BLOI, the Company issued a Press Release announcing the signing of this agreement as well.  The Press Release is attached hereto as Exhibit 99.1, and made a part hereof.

The agreement entered into between EWSI and Tanke is binding by nature and Tanke is to secure for EWSI a minimum commitment in the form of a Revenue Commitment of $30M dollars (the ?Revenue Commitment?) to be delivered to EWSI within a period of 365 days from the signing of the BLOI.  The commitments will be bonafied contracts, supporting documentation and revenues for the Revenue Commitment, and TANKE will take full responsibility at its own cost to source, develop, negotiate, close and secure the Revenue Commitment.  

14.02.14 14:07

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Und dann noch das hier:


E-Waste Systems, Inc. Announces Opening of New Plant in Ohio

New Facility to Be Showpiece Operation

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2014) -  E-Waste Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: EWSI) ('EWSI' or the "Company"), an electronic waste management, reverse logistics, environmentally focused services and technology company and the first pure play public e-waste operator, announced today the Grand Opening of its new eWaste recycling and reverse logistics operation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"We are pleased to announce the opening of our new facility in Cincinnati and the Grand Opening on the 20th of March," said Martin Nielson, Founder and CEO of E-Waste Systems, Inc. "This facility is strategically located in the logistics golden triangle of the Eastern US and will combine to offer all the services available under our brand."

The facility has been selected and planned to have the capacity to process as much as 75Million pounds of ewaste annually. The new building will serve as the headquarters of the operating unit EWS Cincinnati, which will also provide oversight of the recently acquired facility in New York state. The Cincinnati unit will become a strategic operational hub for the Midwest and the New York location will provide the basis for further expansion in the Northeast. The initial occupation is over 50,000 square feet with the possibility for further expansion. All of the assets recently acquired, including the shredding and separation and CRT processing lines are being installed into the new facility. Simultaneously, the asset recovery, data destruction, and repair and refurbishment functionality, much of which was acquired with the 2013 acquisition in California is also being installed. Planning is underway for this location to be a constantly upgraded operation to ultimately showcase EWSI's ePlant offering and the future developments which are being considered as part of that operation.

"Our new location opens extensive business opportunities and enables us to provide the region with a comprehensive solution to a global problem," said Julie Peterson, president of EWS Cincinnati. "We are already operating in the new facility and have just received record receipts of new waste streams from key customers."

"In late 2013 EWS Cincinnati acquired equipment for operations in Ohio and New York and this is the next step in the implementation of that transaction. Our teams in both locations are doing a great job." Added Martin Nielson. "This facility is a very important part of our Eastern US operations."

Details about the Grand Opening will be made available through EWSI's social media sources.

About E-Waste Systems, Inc.
E-Waste Systems, Inc. is the first pure play public company in the emerging waste electrical and electronics equipment ("WEEE") industry. EWSI targets companies facing regulations, corporate social responsibility pressures or other mandates for handling e-waste. EWSI operates and assists its large geographical network of affiliates, applying best practices in professional management, offering state-of-the-art engineering, and providing a truly global e-waste solution. Additional information, including the business plan summary, photos and descriptions of the company's facilities and personnel, and overall progress of the Company is available on the official website and social media sites: www.ewastesystems.com, www.facebook.com/ewastesystems, @ewastesystems.com (Twitter), and LinkedIn: E-Waste Systems, Inc. Or contact: Investor Relations at: ir@ewastesystems.com

Safe Harbor Statement: Certain statements and information in this release constitute "forward-looking statements" as defined in the Federal Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied in such statements. Additional discussion of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from management's projections, estimates and expectations is contained in the Company's SEC filings. The Company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or developments, except as required by federal securities laws

E-Waste Systems, Inc.
Investor Relations

14.02.14 14:09

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Ich bin schon mal sehr gespannt

auf die veränderten Prognosen für das Gesamtjahr 2014, an dessen Ende ja vielleicht ein Uplisting stehen könnte...

Eigentlich Wahnsinn, wo EWSI heute steht, aber so ist die OTC eben.

Alles, was nix mit Marjuana und Co. zu tun hat, kommt im Moment eben nicht wirklich zur Geltung. Das wird sich über kurz oder lang aber ändern.

Erstmal Mitte April mit dem Jahresbericht für 2013 abwarten !  

18.02.14 11:39

1577 Postings, 3705 Tage Tuedi2005Aktueller Artikel in der Fachpresse

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