Aclaris Therapeutics - 9 Asse im Ärmel!

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03.05.19 12:25

374 Postings, 400 Tage moneywork4meAclaris Therapeutics - 9 Asse im Ärmel!

Interessanter Biotech-Wert mit einer prallen Pipeline

Kursziele bis 50 USD (Kurs aktuell: 6,06 USD)

April 26, 2019   Healthcare, Top Market News   0 Comments
Cantor Fitzgerald Remains a Buy on Aclaris Therapeutics Inc (ACRS)
By Carrie Williams

[Cantor Fitzgerald Remains a Buy on Aclaris Therapeutics Inc (ACRS)] In a report released today, Louise Chen from Cantor Fitzgerald maintained a Buy rating on Aclaris Therapeutics Inc (ACRS ? Research Report), with a price target of $50. The company?s shares closed yesterday at $6.83, close to its 52-week low of $5.04.

Chen commented:

   ?We expect upwards earnings revisions to levels not reflected in sell-side consensus expectations to drive shares higher. Valuation Summary We use a blend of DCF and multiples (EV/EBITDA) analysis to get to our 12-month price target of 50 USD.  
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08.11.19 18:55

5787 Postings, 4062 Tage Kleine_prinzWachstum des Marktes Behandlung von Rosacea

Dieser Markt wächst allmählich mit einer konstanten CAGR von 3,8% im Prognosezeitraum 2019-2026. Hier sind nur wenige Namen der führenden Unternehmen aufgeführt - Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Allergan, Bausch Health, Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd., Bayer AG , Nestlé, PRUGEN, Merck & Co., Inc., AbbVie Inc., Unilever, Croda International, Colorescience, Inc., Perrigo, Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc., Lupine Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., unter anderem Mylan NV.

Rosacea Treatment Market Growth Powered With Latest Development Scenario and Influencing Trends...


08.11.19 22:40

18243 Postings, 3712 Tage Balu4u1,95USD +0,26USD +15,38%

SK auf TH :)  

09.11.19 16:11

5787 Postings, 4062 Tage Kleine_prinzHier ist noch sehr viel Potenzial vorhanden..

Mein Tipp einfach komplett lesen.. Sehr Positiv..

Edited Transcript of ACRS earnings conference call or presentation 7-Nov-19 10:00pm GMT

Thomson Reuters StreetEventsNovember 9, 2019

Spring Forward With Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. (ACRS)

By Nicola Day

November 8, 2019


Most of the analysts surveyed by Thomson/First Call think quite highly of Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. — 4 analysts rate the stock as a buy with another 0 rating it strong buy. There are 1 analysts who maintain a hold rating for the stock, with 0 giving it a sell rating. Analysts arrived at a 12-month price target of $9 on shares of Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACRS), which corresponds to 383.87% upside potential than its current market price of $1.86 and implies potential despite the recent advance in the price. However, their current target price has fallen from $17.33 a month ago and is down handily from the consensus target of $17.33 a quarter ago.


03.12.19 19:35

1016 Postings, 1300 Tage dan66Habe mich hier auch mal

eingedeckt :-)  

09.12.19 17:25

5787 Postings, 4062 Tage Kleine_prinzKaum bewertet in dieses Aktie..

Aber viel potenzial..

Drug discovery

Exploring the kinome to unlock new possibilities

With our sights set on discovery, Aclaris is currently exploring the kinome, a subset of the human genome that consists of a collection of approximately 518 protein kinases, one of the largest of all human gene families, and a key control point in cell behavior.

Classified into eight major groups based on their structural similarity to each other, kinases are key regulators of cell function for many cell processes. By transferring phosphates to other molecules, kinases can induce a cellular response to environmental cues. Dysregulation and/or mutations in kinases can disrupt normal cell signaling and lead to diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer, making them important targets for drug development.

Currently, there are a number of approved kinase inhibitors on the market, such as Xeljanz® (tofacitinib citrate), Gleevec® (imatinib mesylate), and Tarceva® (erlotinib). However, these drugs only target a small fraction of the kinome, with many clinically relevant kinases lacking validated inhibitors.

We’re focused on the design and development of kinase inhibitors that target key enzymes involved in chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, or the regulation of cancer growth, survival and metastasis.

Kinase inhibitors in focus after Merck bid for ArQule

Dec. 9, 2019 10:40 AM ET|About: Pfizer Inc. (PFE)|By: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor

Merck's $2.7B bid for ArQule is yet another example of Big Biopharma's high regard for oral kinase inhibitors for treating cancer. ArQule's lead drug is ARQ 531, an oral inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK).


09.12.19 17:39

18243 Postings, 3712 Tage Balu4u@ Kleine_prinz Ja

bei der Pipeline kann auch mal das schnell passieren, was bei Xbit aktuell passiert ist!  

09.12.19 17:49

1016 Postings, 1300 Tage dan66Hoffen wur es :-)

10.12.19 08:30

3616 Postings, 723 Tage PhönixxHabe nach kleinem Anstieg mal verkauft..

Mache ich hier nicht wieder. News kommen oft Afterhour.
Die sind voll mit Cash und schmaler Freefloat.
Ich habe daraus gelernt, mache nicht jeden kleinen Hüpfer mit und bleibe über Nacht auf jeden Fall "drin"..

20.12.19 23:53

18243 Postings, 3712 Tage Balu4uMit über 700k an die 2 USD ran

Die Frage ist, wann knacken wir diese Marke? Dieses Jahr noch?  

08.01.20 14:05

3616 Postings, 723 Tage PhönixxEs wird Zeit..!

09.01.20 22:54

18243 Postings, 3712 Tage Balu4uAfter hours ging es bis auf 3 USD

...und das wegen einer Phase 1, das zeigt doch wie viel Potential hier drin steckt bei dem Portfolio. Wenn wir mal morgen über 2 USD bleiben könnte es endlich mal langsam aufwärts gehen  

10.01.20 16:22

5518 Postings, 1089 Tage VassagoACRS 2,08$ (+12%)

11.01.20 11:19

3616 Postings, 723 Tage PhönixxIch hoffe..

..die 1,xx $ sehen wir nie wieder!!  

29.01.20 19:00

18243 Postings, 3712 Tage Balu4uEcht traurig hier,

22.02.20 14:33

18243 Postings, 3712 Tage Balu4u1,45USD +0,11USD +8,21%

Wäre mal an der Zeit, dass es hier mal aufwärts geht.  

26.02.20 11:57

5518 Postings, 1089 Tage VassagoACRS 1.37$

Zahlen für 2019

  • Umsatz 4 Mio. $
  • Verlust 161 Mio. $
  • Cash 75 Mio. $
  • MK 57 Mio. $

   "Aclaris anticipates that its cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities as of December 31, 2019, will be sufficient to fund its operations into the third quarter of 2021, without giving effect to any potential business development transactions or financing activities."


26.02.20 12:13

270 Postings, 2987 Tage mirko75oje

ordentlicher Verlust, hmm  

26.02.20 14:50

141 Postings, 3441 Tage m4machoNasdaq Premarket +14% ;-)

26.02.20 14:51

141 Postings, 3441 Tage m4machoNadaq Pre Market + 14%

10.03.20 11:44

5518 Postings, 1089 Tage VassagoACRS 0.99$ (-11%)

MK 41 Mio. $  

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