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13.04.16 14:52

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosArrowhead Pharmaceuticals

13.04.16 14:54

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosArc-520 Daten werden präsentiert

Apr 13, 2016

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Presents Promising ARC-520 Hepatitis B Data at The International Liver Congress? 2016  

19.04.16 17:33

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosnochmal im 10k geblättert

Intellectual Property

The Company controls approximately s306 issued patent (including 66 for DPCs; 25 for hydrodynamic gene delivery; 26 for pH labile molecules; 7 for polyampholyte; 5 for template polymerization; 12 for delivery polymers; 133 for RNAi trigger molecules; 1 for targeting molecules; 1 for liver expression vector; and 29 for Homing Peptides), including European validations, and 247 patent applications (108 applications in 13 families for DPCs; 140 applications in 23families for RNAi trigger targets; and 8 for Homing Peptides). The pending applications have been filed throughout the world, including, in the United States, Argentina, ARIPO (Africa Regional Intellectual Property Organization), Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Eurasian Patent Organization, Europe, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization), Peru, Philippines, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Venezuela, Vietnam, and South Africa.

können die jetzt so viele Kandidaten basteln?


24.04.16 19:47

9 Postings, 2722 Tage kaufie 123Novartis-Arwr

Novartis will für mehr als 13 Milliarden US-Dollar Anteile an Roche  verkaufen. Für was brauchen sie 13  Milliarden Dollar ?


28.04.16 15:59

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosNovartis hat am Vatertag

in 2004 eine fette Allianz mit Morphosys gemacht..

Nächste Woche ist Vatertag :-)))

und News

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Files for Regulatory Clearance to Begin Phase 1/2 Study of ARC-521  

28.04.16 16:08

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosRNAi hat wohl eine Zukunft

Alnylam investiert auch

Alnylam to Break Ground on New Manufacturing Facility in Norton, Massachusetts

? 200,000 Square Foot State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility Supports Expanding Development Pipeline and Transition Toward Commercial Stage ?

? Facility Expected to be Operational in 2018 ?  

02.05.16 16:49

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosArrowhead Pharmaceuticals - Rising Stars Stage

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals | Rising Stars Stage | Master Investor 2016  

07.05.16 11:20

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosPreclinical Candidate ARC-LPA Achieves 98% Knockdo

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals? Preclinical Candidate ARC-LPA Achieves 98% Knockdown and Long Duration of Effect after Subcutaneous Administration

Chris Anzalone, Ph.D., president and CEO of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, said: ?These data are exciting for several reasons. First, they represent continued progress in our SQ delivery platform, creating opportunities to address various diseases that require chronic treatment and where SQ administration may be preferable for patients and physicians. We are enabling very deep target gene knockdown with long duration of effect that may enable monthly, bi-monthly, or even less frequent administration. Second, reducing Lp(a), as we have seen now in multiple animal models, could represent an important leap forward in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. High levels of Lp(a) are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease independent of cholesterol and LDL, and there is currently no good way to deeply reduce circulating levels of Lp(a).?  

14.08.16 12:13

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosaus dem cc

Let's take a closer look at that concept. We have believed for some time that once we build out our discovery and development capabilities and gain clinical validation for our various technology platforms, we will enter a period marked by rapid pipeline expansion. We are in that period now. Because of the versatility of our technologies, there are substantially more opportunities than we can support independently. And this is a natural part of the growth process for a platform company.

We anticipated that this time would come. And over the last few quarters, we made a strategic shift to seek preclinical discovery-stage development partnerships that could expand the reach of our technologies in areas that are outside of our core focus or beyond our current capabilities and financial resources. In order to attract the highest quality partners, we have also selectively grown our headcount across key departments and will move to a larger research and development facility before year end that will allow us to grow rapidly. With our robust and versatile drug discovery and development engine, we now see Arrowhead as a partner of choice for companies interested in expanding into RNAi therapeutics.

We have said on conference calls this year that we believe we have access to capital through a variety of sources. This continues to be true; and, in fact, we are in active discussions around preclinical discovery-stage collaborations. Of course we cannot predict or provide guidance on the timing or magnitude of these types of agreements or guarantee that they will come to fruition. But they are a focus for us and represent an important part of our ongoing financing strategy.  

14.08.16 12:25

2430 Postings, 4816 Tage macosCloses $45 Million Private Offering

Aug 12, 2016

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Closes $45 Million Private Offering

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ARWR) today announced that it closed a previously announced private offering with a select group of investors including Orbimed, RA Capital Management, Perceptive Advisors, RTW Investments and certain other institutional investors. Gross proceeds were $45 million. Approximately 7.63 million shares of common stock were issued at a price of $5.90 per share.

Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. acted as sole placement agent for the private offering. Trout Capital LLC and Chardan Capital Markets LLC acted as financial advisors.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy these securities, nor shall there be any offer, solicitation or sale of these securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful.

30.11.16 23:49

31878 Postings, 4258 Tage tbhomyWas haben wir denn hier ?

Die Pipeline ist doch offenbar noch intakt. Nur eben ein wenig ausgedünnt jetzt. ;-)


01.12.16 13:37

21490 Postings, 5324 Tage Chalifmann3nicht nur Arrowhead

auch die anderen "RNAI-Player" sind dramatisch abgeschmiert,allen voran Galena Biopharma,aber auch Arbutus und Alnylam,erweist sich hier eine einst hochgejubelte neue Technologie wieder mal als rohrkrepierer,so wie bei der warscheinlich auch nicht funkionierenden Stammzelltherapie ?

hm ??  

02.01.17 08:42

21490 Postings, 5324 Tage Chalifmann3pipeline ??

von wegen intakt,ich hab gehört komplett gecancelled ? Nur noch die Preclinicals sind da,hat der CEO 300k Shares bei 1,22 Dollar geschmissen ? Und Claas Actions ohne Ende,was ist da los ???  

02.01.17 08:53

31878 Postings, 4258 Tage tbhomyChalifmann3...#190

Hast du mal eine Quelle für "nur noch die Preclinicals sind da" ? Danke.  

02.01.17 13:07

21490 Postings, 5324 Tage Chalifmann3hi tommy

Habs im Yahoo board gelesen,der Wahrheitsgehalt muss noch geprüft werden:  

09.01.17 12:20

21380 Postings, 4257 Tage Balu4u2,23 EUR +0,75 EUR +50,67 %

Schöner Turnaround...bin leider nicht investiert. Glückwunsch wer hier rechtzeitig rein ist!  

10.01.17 11:20

6661 Postings, 2261 Tage AnonymusNo1von gestern (9.1.17)

"Rrowhead sagt, dass es keine Diskussionen über eine mögliche Transaktion gab. Vorstandsvorsitzender Chris Anzalone: ??"Wir konzentrieren uns weiterhin darauf, unsere Programme auf eine Weise zu maximieren, die den Aktionärswert maximiert." Während wir Silence als Aktionär begrüßen, ändert unsere kürzlich angekündigte Beteiligung an Arrowhead unsere Fokus- oder strategischen Pläne in keiner Weise. "

Also für mich klingt das weiter drin bleiben n.m.m :))  

11.01.17 19:31

6661 Postings, 2261 Tage AnonymusNo1die

Kann noch extremst interessant werden. Han hier gestern ne Posi angelegt und bin sehr gespannt wie weit die Reise hier geht :)  

11.01.17 22:06

6661 Postings, 2261 Tage AnonymusNo1Handelsschluss +10,4%

11.01.17 23:18

6661 Postings, 2261 Tage AnonymusNo1können lustige Tage werden :)

13.01.17 22:38

6661 Postings, 2261 Tage AnonymusNo1von heute, 13.1.17

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