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29.03.20 20:26

4260 Postings, 5564 Tage KeyKeyliner50: Re: Gov. Cuomo in an interview..

Thanks liner. However I have read the following:

Quotation:  ""  “New York is the financial sector. You geographically restrict a state, you would paralyze the financial sector,” Cuomo said. “You think the stock market has gone down -- it would drop like a stone.”  ""

So I understood, that if they would quarantine NYC, they would paralyze the financial sector and this could lead to it that it will drop like a stone.
But on the other side, if the won't do it and there is risk that more and more people will be infected, this could lead to big market drops as well in my opinion.
The question is which the better way is.

30.03.20 00:33

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50You're right KK

so that doesn`t truly move the needle…..

If you are scared of falling stock, the question is – keep your money „safe“ in a bank account, in a money belt or a nice diversified portfolio

…but if you think sky is falling down to earth and stock market never ever recover,
I would recommend investing in toilet paper! LoL


30.03.20 09:38

10651 Postings, 4568 Tage rübiWenn sie die US Börse

nicht mit virtuellen $ am Leben erhalten , wäre dies der größte Lapsus der
US Börsen . Der $ würde ins bodenlose fallen .

Damit verbunden würde sich ein Asiatisches Bankensystem entwickeln .
Die USA Hochfinanz würde auf dem Weltmarkt nur noch die 2. Geige spielen.

Soweit wird es  noch nicht kommen , aber nach der Corona Virus Zeitenrechnung
wird es im allgemeinen Kräfteverhältnis auf dem Planeten Erde große
Veränderungen geben .

So kann man z.B . den Zerfall der EU schon heute spüren .

Die USA wird sich noch intensiver mit " First Amerika " beschäftigen müssen
und somit weniger Dominanz  im Weltgeschehen haben.


03.04.20 17:39

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50Hi KK

How surprising that they don't seem to want to talk to you!  

03.04.20 18:00

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50- 32% that's a lot...


at the very end as Judge Mary Walrath concludes the agenda:
„I won`t say I am happy that I won`t be seeing you again“ !!!! said it all (i.e. bye, your a pain in the neck)

… eleven years more confusing… ?? NO… all is done.. !! kitchen closed..


03.04.20 18:44

4260 Postings, 5564 Tage KeyKeyliner: I'm surprised as well :-)

What does this mean ?
Are they overstrained with this question ?
Well, never mind. Let's see how everything proceeds.
I still hold my Cooper shares (the tell ? :-)) and I also still hold few shorts.
And not to fear any risks, I also bought some Realty Income shares once again.

26.04.20 11:26

1157278 Postings, 5274 Tage unionWieso schreibst Du auf Englisch?

liner50 war bis zum 30.08.2012 fleißiger Deutschschreiber ( https://www.ariva.de/forum/...s-wamu-wmih-461347?page=248#jumppos6203 )

Und ab dem nächsten Posting vom 7.9.2012 schreibt er nur noch Englisch ( https://www.ariva.de/forum/...s-wamu-wmih-461347?page=257#jumppos6440 )

Auch im Tippspiel machte er bis zum 09.10.2013 mit ( https://www.ariva.de/forum/...l-ehem-wmih-477194?page=300#jumppos7513 )... aber auf Englisch

liner versteht das sehr wohl... bleiben die Fragen, was da im Kopf falsch gelaufen ist... und wann?


26.04.20 20:47

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50Hi Zealot

To speak at least one foreign language is god given!
….but you don`t, do you?

...well, union talked us through this.

BTW - my doctor said I look perfectly fit !  

28.04.20 18:51

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50@union, the very stable genius..

…suggests application of chlorine dioxide to cure the covy

what the hell did you inhale    LoL



28.04.20 19:38

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50But let's be serious

04.10.20 21:14

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50there is an exciting time ahead

05.10.20 23:06

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50@kk: there is nothing else coming

....as bkshadow always says: false hope is very damaging….

it is what it is… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

all the best to you Sir

07.11.20 21:32

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50Oh my gosh

.... forgive me, my mouth hanging open…

later today corks will popped

10.01.21 09:57

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50The champagne remains on ice ?

- Do I pour it down the drain?
- Is my country committing suicide?

a lot of questions…..

12.01.21 21:24

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50Monday January/18/2021

12.01.21 23:30

4260 Postings, 5564 Tage KeyKeySettlement Date ?

16.01.21 22:10

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50I mean...

....part of me loves union….
not because I agree with him but because he’s like a living South Park character. LoL

16.01.21 22:24

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50So funny

how things work when reversed.
Let me say that – this is stark raving nuts !!
as I said last year, this thing is done......go home

17.01.21 08:10

1369 Postings, 4943 Tage sonifarisWhat do you want to communicate?

Hey Boy,
Why are you writing in the form of a REBUS?
Here it is useless and ineffective to indicate in subtext.
Or is it another matter?
What do you want to communicate?
Good Sunday  

17.01.21 10:52

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50@sonfaris

....because PP's data-crunching is likely to produce an ambiguous answer....LoL  

21.01.21 10:16

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50The pro's with deep knowledge of a subject

I am not here for camaraderie or to have my opinions justified or validated.
I just enjoy listening to self- proclaimed stock pickers who live with their mom…..

I do however think it's hilarious when people (i.g. PP or Union) with such deep inside knowledge of a company,  try to share factual information, and you humpers dismiss it because you are apparently brilliant and "in the know" (^_^)

The unfortunate part is that some poor newbie will make the mistake of listening to your dribble and all of this to feed your fragile ego.

LoL & GN

I love you all  

24.01.21 18:21

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50Great guy

....and an excellent expert. He is missed - my condolences  

24.01.21 18:37

1369 Postings, 4943 Tage sonifarisHey liner.....As you are right

Yes you hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what I think, maybe not everything you said matches my opinion, but 90% you are right.


28.03.21 22:19

1219 Postings, 5103 Tage liner50Alice

…so right away there is a question like - what the hell is Alice Griffin doing there?
this is so cringy!!

10.04.21 11:25

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