COALCORP MINING - fantastisches Schnäppchen?

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13.08.09 22:27

1263 Postings, 5528 Tage nebnasmag sein

dass es peu a peu weiter rauf geht jetzt. Bei entsprechenden News auf jeden Fall!
Vielleicht leg ich morgen doch noch nen bißchen nach, mal sehen. Heut morgen über Pari gekauft zu haben ist zwar ärgerlich, allerdings würd ich mich nicht weiter ärgern - denke, dass zahlt sich aus.  

13.08.09 22:32

2337 Postings, 6046 Tage sekko19821-Jahres-Chart

Es ist nach oben noch Luft denke ich, da nun die Kohle-Produktion wieder jederzeit aufgenommen werden kann.


13.08.09 22:37

2337 Postings, 6046 Tage sekko1982Charttechnisch

sind die nächsten beiden Ziele nach oben: 0,485 CAD und wenn die geknackt werden ist Luft bis 0,60 CAD:;dy=0&i=t88712316362&r=3540


13.08.09 23:14

2645 Postings, 7497 Tage micha1Heute waren Inseiderkäufe. Morgen gehts weiter!!

14.08.09 08:32

2645 Postings, 7497 Tage micha1Gehen wir heute auf die 0,40 Euro ?!

14.08.09 08:47

2645 Postings, 7497 Tage micha1Berlin 0,291 € G +32,27%

14.08.09 09:09

2645 Postings, 7497 Tage micha1Wir sind gestartet



14.08.09  09:08:06

Diff. Vortag


14.08.09 09:49
If management gets CCJ back into production,  gets up to date at least with Q2 and Q3 financial results,  and announces that it has use of its railroad again and possibly port, then this stock will be back at $1-$1.50 in a flash!!   I noticed that this new mine agreement seems to indicate Pala intends to operate this mine themselves or it allows the potential new owners to operate it themselves
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14.08.09 15:09

1263 Postings, 5528 Tage nebnasabwarten

was die Cands heute draus machen. Gewinne mitnehmen oder hält sich der Kurs und geht evtl. sogar weiter nach oben? Ist aber auch nicht so wichtig, wie es heute läuft so ohne news. In einigen Wochen kommt der Kracher, denke ich!  

14.08.09 16:42

65 Postings, 5376 Tage _Trader_...

was spricht dafür, hier neue Aktien nachzulegen?  

14.08.09 17:12

1263 Postings, 5528 Tage nebnasCoalcorps Zukunft,

als ganz einfache Antwort.
Nach vielem Hin- und her, Managementfehlern, Gerichtsentscheidungen bzw. Anklagen etc. scheint Coalcorp Mining wieder auf den richtigen Weg zu kommen, Kohle abzubauen und diese zu verkaufen. Im Folgenden ein paar links zum Reinlesen. Ob und wann man hier investiert, muss natürlich jeder selber wissen.

26.01.2009  Coalcorp Mining Inc.: Glencore hält Vertrag nicht ein

07.03.2009 Coalcorp in messy situation

05.08.2009 UPDATE 1-Coalcorp explores strategic alternatives; shares rise

Light at end of Coalcorp tunnel

Barry Critchley, Financial Post  Published: Thursday, August 06, 2009

There may be some proverbial light for shareholders of Coalcorp Mining Inc., a company with interests in two coal operations in Colombia. After almost two years of board and management struggles, of lawsuits between the "new" group and the former group, of numerous delays in filing financial statements and after a number of operational challenges, the company has taken some steps to right the ship. The stock (CCJ/TSX) closed yesterday at 26.5¢, its highest level in two months. It still has a long way to go to hit the high ($7.21 a share) since Jan. 1, 2005.

Coalcorp's latest moves were announced earlier this week.

A couple of months after completing its operational restructuring plan, it has commenced "a strategic alternatives review process" with the objective being to realize value for the company and its stakeholders. "The Board of Directors of the Company and management firmly believe that the current market value of the Company does not reflect the value of the Company's assets," it said in a release.

The company has not yet hired a firm to help with the review process. "At the moment, we are taking it onboard ourselves," said Joseph Belan, the relatively new chief executive at Coalcorp. Belan's former employer, Swiss-based Pala Investments, has a 44% stake in Coalcorp.

As is the norm, Coalcorp has formed a special committee -- in this case three directors -- to review the alternatives. Normally a review of alternatives is code for putting all, or parts, of the company up for sale--an outcome that Coalcorp admitted may happen with its review. Coalcorp owns 100% of one mine in Colombia and 60% of another. (One week back, Coalcorp reported that Xira Investment, the owner of the other 40% "has failed to make payment of the US$7-million instalment payment that was due and payable on July 27, 2009.")

It has completed its so-called National Instrument 43-101 technical report. NI 43-101 is a mineral resource classification scheme used for the public disclosure of information relating to mineral properties in Canada.

Coalcorp has determined its two operations have more than 60 million tonnes of total reserves and about 145 million tonnes of total resources. Accordingly its mines could produce about three million tonnes for the next 20 years. "This is the optimized scenario for this company," said Belan, noting that producing more than three million tonnes a year is hampered by "significant up-front capital to source additional equipment and limited port availability."

Belan said the current 43-101 differs from the former 43-101 in one key area. "The previous 43-101 was done for separate deposits. The current one is an integrated life-of-mine-plan for all of our reserves and deposits."

Belan said that "once we had the 43-101 results, it became very apparent to management and the board that we had to do something to try and realize value for shareholders. That was the reason for the announcement of the strategic review process."

He said Coalcorp is "finalizing the Q2 financials and expects to release those in the near term." Its Q2 financials relate to the period ended Dec. 31, 2008. Coalcorp's Q3 financials are also being prepared.

Belan said Coalcorp brought in its own auditor, Deloittes, to "do an actual review for the quarter. We wanted to make sure there was another set of eyes that was reviewing it and challenging management on disclosure."


14.08.09 17:13

1263 Postings, 5528 Tage nebnas12.08.2009

Coalcorp Announces Agreement with Mining Contractor for Resuming Operations at La Francia Mine

   TORONTO, Aug. 12 /CNW/ - Coalcorp Mining Inc. ("Coalcorp" or the
"Company") (TSX-CCJ) announced today that it executed an agreement with
Consorcio Minero del Cesar, its current mining contractor, which will allow
for the immediate commencement of operations at the La Francia mine.
   The agreement also includes certain key amendments to the current
agreement that governs the relationship between the Company and the mining

   1.  The Company is granted the option for an early termination of the
       mining contract upon completion of a buyout mechanism. This option
       may be exercised by providing notice to the contractor at any time
       after April 1, 2010, and will be effective three months following
       such notice.

   2.  The Company will have the option to assume the lease agreements in
       respect of, or to acquire, contractor equipment that is essential for
       the operation of the mine, upon termination of the mining contract.

   3.  The Company and the mining contractor have mutually waived and
       settled any actual, threatened or future claims in connection with
       the mining contract resulting from events occurring prior to the date

   4.  A management committee with senior representatives from the Company
       and the mining contractor has been established and is designed to
       improve communication between the Company and the mining contractor.

   The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) previously signed between the
Company and the mining contractor to regulate the incorporation of key
equipment into the operation of the La Francia mine has been superseded by
this new agreement and the mining contractor has agreed to maintain equipment
in the mine. The Company's obligation to assume the leases or acquire the
equipment under the terms of the MOU has thus ceased.

   Coalcorp is a coal mining, exploration and development company with
interests in the La Francia coal mine and related infrastructure projects and
a number of coal exploration properties, all located in Colombia. Coalcorp
also holds a 60% equity interest in CCC which owns the La Caypa coal mine in
Colombia. Further information can be obtained by visiting our at or under the Company's profile at

   Statements made in this news release may be forward-looking and therefore
subject to various risks and uncertainties. Certain material factors or
assumptions are applied in making forward-looking statements and actual
results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in such
statements. Coalcorp does not undertake to update any forward-looking
statements; such statements speak only as of the date made.


14.08.09 17:53

1263 Postings, 5528 Tage nebnasgeht es los? :)

Angehängte Grafik:
p.gif (verkleinert auf 85%) vergrößern

14.08.09 18:24

2337 Postings, 6046 Tage sekko1982Alle

die heute um die 0,28€ verkauft haben, werden sich nun bestimmt in den allerwertesten beissen.

Meine Positionen (10k zu 0,11€ und 5k zu 0,23€) bleiben weiterhin im Depot!

14.08.09 18:26

595 Postings, 5400 Tage dzi67sekko

haste mal einen RT - schaut ja nicht schlecht aus heute ;-)  

14.08.09 18:53

557 Postings, 5362 Tage KugelschreiberEy...kaum 2 Stunden weg

schon ist die Hölle los.....

Apropos kann abgehen !!!

...nur ein Spekulant ©

14.08.09 18:59

557 Postings, 5362 Tage KugelschreiberMolyMines-Feeling hier...

Die Leute decken sich jetzt am Freitag zu.... nächste Woche wirds spannend.
...nur ein Spekulant ©

14.08.09 19:29

2337 Postings, 6046 Tage sekko1982Gestern

abend hatte ich folgendes geschrieben:

"Nun erwarte ich die nächsten Tage weiter steigende Kurse. Fundamental positiv news sind immer der beste Antreiber eines Aktienkurses und die gab es heute von Coalcorp. Ich gehe sogar davon aus, dass von nun an in unregelmäßigen Abständen weitere positive news folgen werden. Dann ist es von Vorteil, wenn man bereits investiert ist und nicht wieder dem fahrende Zug hinterher rennen muss."


14.08.09 19:33

557 Postings, 5362 Tage KugelschreiberBekommst nochmal ein " gut analysiert "

...nur ein Spekulant ©

14.08.09 20:47

4487 Postings, 5363 Tage storm 300018Zu sekko

Ich gebe Dir da vollkommen recht !! Wie hoch liegt hier das Kursziel ?? 0,50 € ??    Bei Virgin blue (A0BKR3) sieht es genau so gut aus. Schaus dir mal an !! Na..?? :-) 


16.08.09 13:43

2645 Postings, 7497 Tage micha1Xetra steht bei 0,59!! Ist das die Richtung

wo wir bald stehen werden?!  

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