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3620 Postings, 3167 Tage Xarope3I Group

Hab mir grad 3I Group geholt

Was ist 3I Group
aus https://www.3i.com/about-us/
As an international investor and manager, we focus on opportunities where our sector and investment expertise, combined with our international presence and strong capital position, can create material value for our stakeholders.

Our expertise and strong balance sheet differentiate our investment proposition and underpin our capability to deliver growth and returns to shareholders.

   Invest in opportunities
   Generate returns


24.07.21 19:16

3620 Postings, 3167 Tage XaropeIII: FY2022 Q1 performance update

FY2022 Q1 performance update


 · Increase in NAV per share to 1,063 pence (31 March 2021: 947 pence) and total return of 12.2% for the three months to 30 June 2021

· Another strong quarter from the Private Equity portfolio with notable contributions from Action, AES, Basic-Fit, BoConcept, GartenHaus, Luqom, Q Holding, Royal Sanders, SaniSure and Tato

· A powerful performance from Action in the quarter with very good sales and EBITDA growth. EBITDA for the quarter was €205 million, 107% above 2020 and 67% above 2019. Sales for the quarter were €1,688 million, 52% above 2020 and 39% above 2019

· Received £84 million of refinancing proceeds from Royal Sanders and completed one bolt-on acquisition for Luqom with no further investment from 3i

· 3i Infrastructure plc ("3iN") completed its investment in DNS:NET and a bolt-on acquisition for Joulz, an existing portfolio company

· Both investment divisions remain active with a healthy pipeline of new investment opportunities, bolt-ons and refinancing and realisation transactions


07.10.21 12:21

18 Postings, 1121 Tage RevoltecHi


habe erst gerade deine Post´s zu 3I entdeckt. Bin selblst seit dem Crash im März 2020 investiert und seither großer Fan der Aktie.

Sehe hier noch ordentlich Potential für die Aktie und würde mich über einen netten Austausch freuen.

Grüße Revoltec  

14.11.21 09:33

3620 Postings, 3167 Tage XaropeIII: Results for the six months to 30 Sep 2021

hi Revoltec


Results for the six months to 30 September 2021
High quality portfolio drives strong result



25.11.21 09:51

18 Postings, 1121 Tage RevoltecDanke

für den Bericht :)  

29.01.22 09:06

3620 Postings, 3167 Tage XaropeIII: FY2022 Q3 performance update

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