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Aixtron purpose of this thread

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05.05.21 09:45

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216Europe also entering into Semi race?

Interesting article here from Bloomberg. Seems like EU also entering the Semi manufacturing race, just like China and the US. At least this might trigger the subsidies ST Micro has been waiting for to invest with PVA Tepla, but lets see if Aixtron can benefit as well.


Europe Looks to Secure Chip Supply After ?Naive? Past Approach
2021-05-05 04:00:00.11 GMT

By Natalia Drozdiak
(Bloomberg) -- Europe was naive to outsource so much of its
semiconductor design and manufacturing in recent decades, a top
government official said ahead of unveiling more details around
plans to double the region?s chip production by 2030.
European Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton said it was
possible to redress the imbalance, and the global chip shortage
hobbling automakers and electronics suppliers was evidence that
now is the time to act.
?We want to come back to our former market share of
production for the needs of our industry,? said Breton, the
former chief executive officer of French IT giant Atos SE and
France Telecom SA. Europe?s share of semiconductor manufacturing
has dropped over the years because the region has been ?too
naive, too open,? he added in an interview.
On Wednesday, the European Commission, the bloc?s executive
body, will unveil more details about a strategy announced in
March to double production to at least 20% of the world?s chips
by 2030. It will involve creating an industry alliance of
Europe?s leading semiconductor companies and research centers as
well as more than a dozen EU governments, Breton said. At least
22 countries have already signed a letter of intent.
Read More: How a Chip Shortage Snarled Everything From
Phones to Cars
The alliance of European players will have to decide how to
boost the design and production of 20-nanometer to 10-nanometer
chips, which are smaller and more powerful than most currently
manufactured in Europe, Breton said, without offering a
timeline. Advances in manufacturing are measured in nanometers,
or billionths of a meter, with smaller and smaller transistors
crammed onto silicon wafers with each new iteration.
In parallel, the EU will work on plans to produce the next
generation of leading edge chips by 2030. Officials are
targeting production below 5-nanometers down to 2-nanometers, an
ambitious goal not yet reached by industry leaders Taiwan
Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and South Korea?s Samsung
Electronics Co.
Read More: EU Kicks Off Race to Produce Advanced
Semiconductors by 2030
For years, Europe accounted for a major chunk of global
semiconductor manufacturing. In 1990, capacity reached about 44%
but it?s now closer to 10%. Taiwan, South Korea and Japan
account for about 60% of production, according to Boston
Consulting Group and the Semiconductor Industry Association.
European chip designers including NXP Semiconductors NV and
Infineon Technologies AG now outsource most production to TSMC
and other foundry operators.

Europe?s decline in consumer technology, such as the failure of
Nokia Corp. and Ericsson AB?s once-popular mobile phones, is
partly to blame for the supply chain shift, according to Jan-
Peter Kleinhans, head of technology and geopolitics at think
tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung.
While Europe?s auto industry is still strong, the sector
has been one of the hardest hit by the global chip shortage.
Ford Motor Co. said Monday it would halt production at its
German plants for several weeks due to a lack of semiconductors,
joining a growing list of manufacturers idling factories.
The crisis has underscored the region?s dependence on
foreign companies for critical supplies and is driving the EU?s
ambition to regain self-sufficiency in the area. But the EU?s
plan to go below 5-nanometer production is so ambitious that the
bloc will need help from overseas foreign players like TSMC,
which dedicated years of research and invested billions of
dollars to develop their production expertise.

?We know that to go there, it will be better to do this with
partners,? Breton said of the ambitious 2-nanometer goal,
referring to the strategy as ?going to the moon.?
Europe Is Trying to Reclaim Its Lost Chipmaking Glory
Intel Corp., the world?s largest chipmaker, has backed the
EU?s plans. It?s already expanding 7-nanometer production in
Europe and is also considering building a state-of-the-art
semiconductor foundry in the region. But the company has
struggled to advance its manufacturing in recent years. Intel
Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger last week also suggested
the company would likely need hefty financial support from
European governments to invest in the bloc?s strategy.
An Intel spokesman pointed to companies in Asia that get
roughly 40% of the costs of building a new factory subsidized by
the state. A new factory costs at least $10 billion and it would
take two of them in one location to take advantage of economies
of scale, the spokesman said.

It remains unclear how much money Europe is willing to spend to
reclaim its chipmaking prowess. Still, around 19 member states
have already backed the commission?s plans and have agreed to
establish an investment instrument co-financed by the countries
and participating companies. At least 20% of the EU?s 672.5
billion-euro ($808 billion) recovery and resilience facility has
also been allocated for digital priorities, though it?s up to
individual countries to decide how much to spend specifically on
the semiconductor strategy.
?The EU has some semiconductor industry champions, but it
faces fierce competition from other countries that view chip
production as a national priority,? Gelsinger wrote in the
Financial Times last week, adding that those governments are
providing generous incentives to attract semiconductor
?Europe must match this to stand a chance of competing,? he

05.05.21 09:52

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216@CWL

Hey CWL,

very valid points. But dont you think pricing power is a question of size as well? You know the industry better than I do, but when I look at other, similarly sized and well positioned players, the gross margins are in a similar ballpark, e.g. PVA Tepla at 31%, Süss Microtec 33% and BESI being particularly strong at 60%.
What I heard from other industries is that Germany companies are more focussed on their engineering capabilities, e.g. overengineering everything, instead of streamlining and value added pricing. Maybe thats an explanation, but I dont know.

But I agree, on their automated and updated product lines they should be able to achieve better pricing and GM!



05.05.21 18:17

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1APPLE Funds IIVI

IIVI uses G4 for VCSEL
May 5, 2021
Apple awards an additional $410 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to II-VI
Apple and II-VI?s collaboration will support more than 700 manufacturing jobs across the US

The $410 million award to II-VI from Apple?s Advanced Manufacturing Fund will create additional capacity and accelerate production of future components for iPhone, supporting more than 700 jobs in Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today announced a new $410 million award from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund for II-VI, a leading manufacturer of optical technology. Today?s award builds on an initial $390 million awarded from Apple?s Advanced Manufacturing Fund in 2017. The expansion of the company?s long-standing relationship with II-VI will create additional capacity and accelerate delivery of future components for iPhone, with 700 jobs in Sherman, Texas; Warren, New Jersey; Easton, Pennsylvania; and Champaign, Illinois.

II-VI manufactures vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) that help power Face ID, Memoji, Animoji, and Portrait mode selfies. Apple also works with II-VI to manufacture lasers used in the LiDAR Scanner ? technology that helps deliver faster, more realistic augmented reality experiences and improves autofocus in low-light scenes in photos and videos.  

06.05.21 15:59

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowDas

ist doch schon arg, was da gerade kursmäßig so abgeht. So deutlich hätte ich nicht mehr damit gerechnet.
Aber es ist (abgesehen von OLED) kein spezielles Aixtronproblem.  

06.05.21 16:11

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216Stimme voll zu

Ich bin auch vollkommen überrascht davon, was hier für ein Kursabbruch stattfindet. Unglaublich.

Ich sehe es auch als Sektor bzw als "Outperformer" Problem, allerdings passiert das alles noch bei einem sehr stabilen Heimatmarkt (DAX). Wenn der jetzt auch noch abschmiert müsste es bei AIX Theoretisch noch weiter runter gehen.

Vor dem Hintergrund der sehr starken Messages von Q1 und 2021 Ausblick bin ich hier wirklich zutiefst überrascht.

Ich bin allerdings auch unverändert sehr davon überzeugt, dass es spätestens mit Q3 hier wiederkommt.

Lets see.

06.05.21 16:16

76 Postings, 824 Tage BigGeldParty erst mal vorbei

06.05.21 16:22

76 Postings, 824 Tage BigGeldDer ganze Sektor......

schiert ab. Das kurz vor der Hauptversammlung mit einer Dividendenausschüttung. Ich habe eine leichte Schockstarre.  

07.05.21 16:50

3361 Postings, 1410 Tage Der ParetoBigGeld 11 Cent Divi

was soll man damit? Kann man sich auch sparen.

Heute geht es ja wieder ganz gut  up ... Die Party ist erst vorbei, wenn der letzte Gast
sich ein Taxi bestellt...  

07.05.21 21:45

108 Postings, 2309 Tage tabsi123@der Pareto

bei einer Aktie im Bestand sind 11 Cent den Buchungsaufwand nicht wert.

09.05.21 00:23

1401 Postings, 5438 Tage rosskataGaN hat viel Potenzial

11.05.21 12:41

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowKurs

frown  Zur Zeit kennt der Kurs offenbar nur ein einzige Richtung, nämlich die in den Keller.

Vertrauen in dieser Situation entsteht, wenn maßgebliche Unternehmsvertreter gerade dann in ihr eigenes Unternehmen investieren. Dies haben in den letzten Tagen immerhin Schindelhauer und gestern noch Dr. Danninger durch deutliche Nachkäufe getan.

Sie sind also von der Zukunft ihres Unternehmens überzeugt - ich übrigens auch!


11.05.21 15:54

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216Kurs II

Hi Alex,

stimme Dir voll zu. Ich würde hier sehr stark auf den Tech Sektor (siehe Nasdaq oder Semiconductor SOX Index) verweisen. Die Aussichten für Aix sind stark, das wurde im Q1 call und mit dem AE noch bewiesen. Der Markt will nur zzt nicht. Ist m.E. (hoffentlich!) aber nur eine Frage der Zeit (war sein letztes Wort).

Ich sehe hier klar Kurse zwischen 18 und 24?, basierend auf meinen Schätzungen von 69m und 87m EBIT in 2021 und 22. Wenn es so kommt gebe ich hier gerne digital (als NFT!) einen aus.

Grüße und stark bleiben,

12.05.21 11:40

5124 Postings, 3069 Tage dlg....

Falls nicht gesehen, das waren die Veeco Ergebnisse letzte Woche:

Fast 30% yoy Wachstum im ersten Quartal, dafür aber nur eine "flat" Umsatzguidance für das zweite Quartal. Das sieht bei Aixtron zum Glück besser aus.

Der CC befindet sich hier, den bin ich aber noch nicht durch:  

14.05.21 15:47

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowBARCLAYS belässt AIXTRON auf 'Overweight' - 24 ?

Nachrichtenquelle: dpa-AFX Analysen
13.05.2021, 15:43  

18.05.21 10:47

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowOb

in der  HV morgen wohl gute Nachrichten geliefert werden und der Kurs erneut Fahrt nach oben nehmen wird?
Wer wagt eine Aussage?  

19.05.21 17:42

397 Postings, 1461 Tage Alexandrow@Baggo,

warst du auch online dabei?  

19.05.21 17:49

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumont@Alex,

ggf. könnte CWL1 auch online teilgenommen haben....

CWL, weisst du hier mehr?


20.05.21 09:17

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216HV

Hier die Rede der HV vom CEO, abzurufen auf der Aixtron website.

20.05.21 12:40

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumontDanke fel. Perfekt!

20.05.21 13:08

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1joss

I did not attend since I don't speak German.  BTW, only  ~20% of the shareholders are German according to the 2020 annual report.    

21.05.21 19:20

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumontCWL, thanks a lot

for this information. Excuse me, but my english is not so good.

Have a nice wekend




21.05.21 19:27

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumontPersönliche Eindrücke des CEO

aus dessen Skript zur HV:

Zwei Sätze v. Dr. Felix Grawert haben mich doch sehr hoffnungsfroh gestimmt und lassen mich ruhig schlafen::

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, sie sehen: AIXTRON ist heute in einer so starken Position wie seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr....

Bleiben Sie uns gewogen ? das Zeitalter der Verbindungshalbleiter hat gerade erst begonnen und wir haben damit das nächste spannende Wachstumskapitel von AIXTRON aufgeschlagen

Da bleibe ich doch tiefenentspannt dabei und warte zudem ganz in Ruhe ab. 

Allen Investirenten schöne Pfingsten

à la prochaine



25.05.21 12:13

5124 Postings, 3069 Tage dlg....

Hi CWL and others, do we have any evidence whether II-VI is an Aixtron customer with respect to VCSEL (your post, CWL, on May 4th) and/or to SiC?

?The facility is part of II-VI's already announced plan to ramp its SiC substrate manufacturing capacity by five to ten times over five years, including with 200 mm diameter substrates. ?

II-VI?s homepage is mentioning Aixtron at least for GaAs:

25.05.21 15:41

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1dl: IIVI and New US Chip investments

IIVI's VCSEL is GaAs based so it uses the G4.  IIVI bought Ascatron last year to expand into SiC epi wafer business. The 5-10 times expansion is on the SiC substrates but certainly some of those will be epi wafters.  Ascatron has Aixtron's old SiC multi wafer epi machines VP2400.

US may invest 52B $ for 7-10 chip plants:

Question is will there be any compound semiconductor in them.


25.05.21 18:25

5124 Postings, 3069 Tage dlg....

Many thanks, CWL, very helpful and much appreciated!!  

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