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Aixtron purpose of this thread

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27.05.21 20:06

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1VCSEL based LiDAR

Taiwan III-V IC firms gearing up for car LiDAR demand
Julian Ho, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES
Thursday 27 May 2021

Taiwan's III-V semiconductor players including foundry Win Semiconductors and epi-wafer supplier Visual Photonics Epitaxy (VPEC) have cut into the supply chains of major carmakers and China's EV vendors by providing ToF-based LiDAR components, and are poised to enjoy strong demand for automotive LiDAR applications, according to industry sources.

Win Semi and VPEC have started shipments of VCSEL chips as light source for ToF LiDAR sensors to some of the world's top-10 automakers and China EV vendors, the sources said. VPEC reportedly has landed big orders for VCSEL epi-wafers for car-use LiDAR applications, with the order volumes equivalent to total annual amounts recorded in 2020, the sources added.

Taiwan III-V supply chain can now offer high-power VCSEL epi-wafers used in both transmitting and receiving ends of automotive LiDAR devices, allowing a light detection range of 200-300 meters, the sources said.

The sources continued there are at least 70-80 Taiwan makers engaged in the development of LiDAR systems seeking to explore immense business potentials, and they now adopt either edge or surface emitting laser as light source.

Leveraging CMOS image sensors alone can hardly materialize Level 5 fully autonomous driving, which can be achieved only through the collaboration of LiDAR, mmWave radar and traditional image sensors, the sources stressed.  

28.05.21 10:58

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216@CWL

Cwl, thanks alot for the interesting information above. How do you interpret the news, can you help me? Does this broaden the application areas of VCSEL from smartphones to cars as well? What does this mean with regards to demand for Aixtrons manufacturing equipment? Rising orders short-term or mid-term as well?


28.05.21 15:34

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1VPEC a customer of Aixtron

"...VPEC reportedly has landed big orders for VCSEL epi-wafers for car-use LiDAR applications, with the order volumes equivalent to total annual amounts recorded in 2020, the sources added..."

VPEC has 52 MOCVD's and announced in March that it would be buying 5-10 more this year.  A 6" GaAs wafer produces VCSELs that satisfy about 10,000 smartphones but only a few hundred car's LiDARs.  If the EPI wafers order volume for LiDAR equals VPEC's total production of 2020, then more would be needed.  

01.06.21 14:07

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1Vertilite

A customer of Aixtron and supplier of VCSEL to Huawei has a 600M Yuan expansion and probably adding 10 G4 to reach 20k 6" GaAs annual wafer capacity.  

01.06.21 14:13

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1correction

The company is WaferChina not Vertilite.    

01.06.21 22:33

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1Link on WaferChina Expansion News

You can see an Aixtron MOCVD in the picture.  

02.06.21 14:27

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumontCWL, many thanks

for your informations and for sharing it with us.

à la prochaine



02.06.21 15:12

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1AMS

that bought OSRAM and a major VCSEL producer is hiring a manger with Aixtron MOCVD experience:

Epi Operations Manager - Singapore
ams  Singapore, Singapore
14 hours ago   Be among the first 25 applicants

Your Tasks And Responsibilities
Lead and manage Epi Operations maintenance and process engineers
Drive Epi defect reduction and Yield-up initiatives to improve value
Collaborate with Production and Plan Equipment Maintenance schedule
Transfer existing Epi products and process to receiving plant
Work closely with Epi design house on RnD pilots to provide refinement on upcoming leading-edge Epi designs

Your Education And Experiences
Masters degree in Materials, Electrical/Electronics EngineeringBachelor degree for candidates with relevant extensive experience will be considered
Experience in Aixtron MOCVD tools


02.06.21 17:13

5124 Postings, 3069 Tage dlg.ams osram

CWL, that is indeed a very interesting topic that you raise. My understanding - based on some analyst reports - is that AMS is an Aixtron customer while Osram is using Veeco products. Following the ams osram merger one could see this as an opportunity for Aixtron (ams as the dominant partner trying to achieve synergies by streamlining suppliers/kicking osram suppliers) or as a threat if Aixtron?s ams business will be shifted to Veeco. Third option: it stays as is currently. Of course, I have no clue which scenario might be the most realistic - if you have any view on this, please let us know :-)  

03.06.21 06:07

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1dlg: Osram AMS

I don't have any real insight here.  It is very difficult to achieve high yields on VCSEL. Once a customer qualified it would be very hard to switch to  a different MOCVD tool.  Eventually better tool wins.  I know very little about OSRAM other than it was mainly a LED lighting company that tried to move into other areas relating to MOCVD.  

08.06.21 13:11

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1Innoscience Starts Mass Production on 6/5

"...According to the micro-net news, on June 5th, InnoSec (Suzhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. held a mass production and R&D building groundbreaking ceremony in Fenhu High-tech Zone. The first phase of Innosec Suzhou project is expected to invest 8 billion yuan, and the plant construction and equipment will be completed in 2020, and mass production will begin today, becoming the world's first company to achieve mass production of 8-inch silicon-based gallium nitride . Production capacity will gradually climb after the start of production. The production capacity will reach 6,000 pieces/month by the end of 2021. After the project is fully operational at the end of 2022, the Suzhou plant will achieve an annual production capacity of 780,000 pieces of 8-inch silicon-based gallium nitride wafers, with an estimated annual output value of 15 billion yuan. Profits and taxes exceed 1.5 billion yuan..."

Previously I posted in # 663 about Innoscience which is a customer of Aixtron:

6000 monthly 8" wafers need 40 Aixtron's G5 assuming one batch per day. If 780,000 annual wafers by the end of 2022 is realized, we are talking about 400 G5's!    

08.06.21 13:28

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1Aixtron was at the scene

"...InnoSec combines the AIXTRON MOCVD ( G5+ ) and 8 -inch CMOS compatible wafer manufacturing line to solve the industrial technology bottleneck of low yield, small capacity and unstable process of compound semiconductor wafer manufacturing, and successfully realized 8 -inch silicon-based For the mass production of gallium nitride devices..."

"Innosecco plans to reach a production capacity of 12,000 pieces per month in Suzhou (the world 's largest 8 -inch production capacity) and Zhuhai plant (the world's first 8 -inch) by the end of this year"

"In addition to international manufacturers such as ASML , AIXTRON , TEL, and South Korea?s SK Group, the scene also saw Chinese local equipment..."


08.06.21 14:02

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowBosch

nimmt in Dresden ein neues Wafer-Werk in Betrieb.
Könnte Aixtron davon auch etwas haben? Wer hat eine Meinung oder gar Informationen dazu?  

08.06.21 14:05

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1Perspectives

I wrote in #1011:
"6000 monthly 8" wafers need 40 Aixtron's G5 assuming one batch per day. If 780,000 annual wafers by the end of 2022 is realized, we are talking about 400 G5's! "

In #1012 the news says:
""Innosecco plans to reach a production capacity of 12,000 pieces per month in Suzhou (the world 's largest 8 -inch production capacity) and Zhuhai plant (the world's first 8 -inch) by the end of this year"

So the total Innoscience GaN-on-Si capacity will actually be 12,000 8" wafers by years end.  That would mean 80 G5's.  My assumption of run rate was one batch per day. The plant could make two runs a day or whatever depending how thick the GaN layer needs to be.

Even if only 200 G5's would be needed by 2022 by Innoscience alone, we are talking about the total 2022 projected revenue by the analysts already (397m euro).

The SEMI INDUSTRY NETWORK news mentioned contract signing ceremony at the scene.  Aixtron among the other equipment companies could be there to sign contracts.  Mr. Song the Aixtron China GM was there.


08.06.21 21:35

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216CWL

Excellent research as always, CWL! Do i read correctly ? 397m in potential orders from this single customer?

Although I remember from my discussions with the company very well that Asian customers tend to order in large badges (as in 2009/10) to achieve good pricing. So in a worst case scenario we might have to apply a 25% (?) haircut which would still leave it at an astonishing 300m? order potential.

Thanks alot for your fantastic work here.  

08.06.21 21:37

463 Postings, 5401 Tage fel216Bosch @Alexandrow

Hi Alex,

certainly! Bosch is a customer for Aixtron, running Beta tests on the new SIC machines.. I think they disclosed that in the last 3-4 conf calls.. so absolutely, this is positive for Aixtron.

More positive though is a recent interview with the CEO/CFO from Bosch in the Financial Times who said that Auto OEMs have to put "money on the table" to ensure better supply and a more stable Chip order situation in the future.

Clearly more capacity coming in the Chipsector in Europe!


09.06.21 17:30

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1who knows

The news referenced in post#1012 has been modified.  The latest version has taken out the section that has the names of the companies attended.  The latest version has gone through two revisions already and certain MOCVD information has now been deleted.  I guess someone is monitoring here and there and realized certain information should not be out there.  Aixtron should make a press release soon since Innoscience is already making news with Aixtron in there.  Look at the price today!


09.06.21 17:35

891 Postings, 1635 Tage CWL1After I just posted Aixtron raised

The company did the right thing.  

09.06.21 17:37

5124 Postings, 3069 Tage dlg.Text follows

Just to add that this adhoc represents a 36% increase in the EBIT guidance for this year. Doesn?t happen that often in mid June?  

09.06.21 21:36

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowTolle

adhoc! Darauf haben wir doch alle gewartet. Kam ziemlich überraschend jetzt.
Nun werden wir neue Kurse erleben - endlich !!!

10.06.21 08:19

5124 Postings, 3069 Tage dlg....

@Alex, agree, that is the news we have been waiting for?even though it has not been a complete surprise (ref. fel?s excellent postings following the latest quarterly results).

Thus, the real good news in my view is the timing (I would have expected such a news only in a month time or with the 2Q report) and in particular the magnitude of the guidance increase! It?s not just a 360 to 380ish increase, but rather an astonishing 360 to 420m! Following the 3Q20 result, the 2021 revenue consensus number stood at 290m, following the 4Q20 numbers it was 340m, following 1Q numbers it was 360m ? now we will probably end up at a consensus number of 420-430m. If you need a definition of an ?inflection point? going forward ? take Aixtron as an example.

As a quick side calculation:
360m revs = 18% EBIT margin
420m revs = 21% EBIT margin
=> incr. revs of 60m yield incremental 23m of EBIT, thus incremental business comes with an EBIT margin of approx. 40% (selective view, I know).

EBIT consensus as of yesterday (source: marketscreener) stood at 73.5m, the new Aixtron guidance is at 88.2m, i.e. some 20% above. Impressive.  

10.06.21 09:29

397 Postings, 1461 Tage AlexandrowUnd

heute geht es erst richtig los. Das macht echt Freude.

10.06.21 11:38

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumont@Alex, DLG und @all

Sehe ich auch so. CHAPEAU!

Wir sind heute erst in den Zug eingestiegen. Und dieser ist erst seit fünf Minuten auf Strecke Richtung Norden.

Und da warten auf uns noch ganz viele schöne Zwischenstopps mit tollen Aussichten.

Also ich habe bis Endhaltestelle gebucht und das ist der hohe Norden. So jetzt lasse ich mir erstmal einen 2009 Château Lafite bringen. Schön kühl, aber auch nicht zu kalt. à la votre....

Und weiter geht´s.... 

Das Warten hat sich gelohnt!

Allen Investierten eine schöne und spannende Reise

bon voyage


Eins noch: The best is yet to come! Wessen Credo war das doch gleich noch?


10.06.21 11:45

69 Postings, 675 Tage joss.beaumontDer Uwe von der DB erhöht schon mal...

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